Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 23rd August 2016 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 23rd August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Elena sees Sona sad and says let us go out. They both leave. Bejoy tells he will speak to boy’s family and fix Sona’s marriage soon. Sona and Elena reach restaurant. Elena sees ID card in Sona’s neck and says now a days she looks lost, good she is wearing ID card, someone will drop her home. She asks why did she agree to marry so soon. Sona sits silently. She gets her boss’s call and leaves with Elena, leaving ID card on table. Dev who is waiting in his car enters and asks waiter which table those girls were sitting on. Waiter points at table. Dev picks ID card.

Dev reaches Sona’s boss’s office and says he needs nutrionists for his staff and asks him to not trouble Sona much as she is his friend. Boss says he will take care of Sona.

Dev leaves asking him to send his proposal, his HR will look at it. Sona enters and Boss asks if she is having any difficulty working in his firm. She says no. He says he did not know she has such a big man as friend. She asks who. He says Mr. Dev Dixit. Sona angrily goes to Dev’s office and starts scolding him. Dev just looks at her face. She tries to leave. He stops her and asks how are her parents. She asks if he is serious, she was shouting on him and did not utter a word and now he is asking about her parents. She tries to walk out. He says he misses her. She stops a bit and then walks out. He cries.. Ishwari calls him and asks to come home early as she wants whole family to have dinner together. He says okay.

Ishwari prepares dishes in kitchen. Mamaji enters silently and peeps into bowls. Ishwari says his childhood habit has not gone yet. He says he asks her to prepare chole puri, but she does not. She says she will tomororw, today she is preparing kadi pakoda for Dev as she has planned to have dinner with whole family. Mama takes topic of Sona and says Dev broke up with her because of Ishwari’s demands. Ishwari nervously says she did not tell him or Sona to break up, though she was not okay with their relationship. Mamaji says Dev is a very nice boy and hope he is fine.

Bejoy and family invites boy/Rithik’s family. They come and get well with Bejoy’s family. Daadi and Rithik share jokes. Bejoy says Sona does not know to cook and is commited to her work. Rithik says as a doctor, he can understand Sona’s situation, even he does not know anything, they both will learn something. Sona comes and Bejoy introduces her to Rithik’s family. Rithik and Sona smile at each other.

Precap: Dev waits for Sona in rain hiding behind wall. Sona comes and Rithik comes and holds umbrella. They both smile. Dev gets disheartened.

Update Credit to: MA


  1. Blink

    Dev should give Ishwari a jolt finally!!That will be reality!
    This female Ishwari , abhi bhi Sona ke naam sun ne se ankhe phadtee hey! Such a defiant woman! Aise Ma kisi ko nahi milna chahiye!
    Get lost Ishwari!!!

  2. anika

    im a silent reader …but today I want to tell something. ..I feel very bad for dev…and happy to see sona..with other guy

  3. Saranya

    OMG……. wat an acting man. I melted like ice wen I saw d scene dev seeing his sona with lots of love. Killing scene yaar. I never commented for krpkab but today I can’t able to control myself. I love u dev. Precap was best bestest. Wat to say I don’t know. I have no words to express my feelings about the show.

    • Beeee

      Ik man this show depicts such a realistic story and acting
      And shaheer toh… slayed it. …. and let me tell you even I used to not comment but couldn’t control myself. ……

  4. Lakshree

    In the coming episode, Ritwik has started liking Sonakshi and both are spending quality time with each other by dating. However, Dev will get to know about Sonakshi’s new relationship. Soon in the coming episodes, viewers will witness a new psycho Dev and he will be seen following Sonakshi everywhere! Well, we hope Dev 007 able to get his Sonakshi back!

  5. Aditi

    Please, Dev and Sona should get married in the serial,This is the only serial which I watch after whole day work but if it is also becoming a crying series, better I shift to Ishqbaaz on Star Tv

    • Beeee

      Aditi. .. Don’t do this YAAAAAR. … Don’t stop watching it please. …
      and ya you can watch ishqbaaz….IT is also nice and fantastic. ….

  6. Priya9876


    |Registered Member

    Shaheer itni achchi acting karna jaruri hai kya?????
    Mai marr jaungi aapko itne pain me dekh dekh kar…..
    I mean kaise aap aisa kar sakte ho???
    Itne ache expression,,, itna real koi kaise portray kar sakta hai…. Hats off to u..

    • Priya9876


      |Registered Member

      Pata hai Asmita maine aaj neighbour k ghar jakar dekha serial…😞 soo embarrassing but miss v too nhi kar sakti thi…. Puri raat maine kaise nikala hai wo mai hi janti hu….
      MA k update ka too koi benefit hi nhi h….

  7. DevSona


    |Registered Member

    Hey all….I’ve started a new ff “Living A Lie” based on high school life…Dev is schools bad boy and Sonakshi is a simple girl…Sonakshi’s bff Alyssa gave her the most difficult dare while playing S-T-D…n it’s related to bad boy “DEV” ….Click the link to know more-


    I’ve posted 3 chapters….Thank you.

  8. sona

    Hope makers are not planning to drag this seperation track for tooo long…seeing devakshi seperated breaks our heart also…irrespective rithvik is HW good…dev sona are meant to b together…this track ends our days with heavy heart…nt lking it

  9. Ngkrishnakumari

    Yesterday epi was best epi ever after break up devakshi meet with each other
    The family that belongs to rhitwik is crore better than dev
    Rhitwik father tell that even his daughter only know how to make tea so he we had no problem with sona about house work
    Eagerly waiting to watch dev jealousy track
    He deserve pain

  10. shalini

    arey yaar the song isn’t tht bad yaar….
    i agree tht the male voice is not good but still if you go through the lyrics you will find dev’s point of view in it….KRPKAB is known for its songs and i think they again proved it tht they r the best with this song…

  11. Ngkrishnakumari

    The nok jok between ritwik & sona granny is supers
    Best part when sona tell to dev that u had no right to interfere in her life because they are strangers to each other
    How mean ishwari making all favourite dish of dev after stealing best thing from dev
    When mamaji told him about devakshi she became b*t*h
    I hope kisiko bhi ishwari jaisa ma naseep na ho

  12. shalini

    listen guys….i have a bad news….
    our sweet tina is going to be replaced by ekroop bedi…
    so stupid of krpkab….
    first kichu left and now tina….

  13. Lakshree

    anyone watched 2day sbs segment ???
    because they mentioned sharica went indonesia tour together something like that….
    if that news is true, then sharica is real!!!!!!

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