Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 22nd May 2017 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 22nd May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Dev walks out of Ishwari’s room reminiscing GKB brainwashing Ishwari. Sona asks if he got car keys. He says no, they will go bike. Dev drives bike with Sona as a pillion. Half way, Sona asks him to stop bike and says he looks very tensed. He asks how does she know, if she helps her other friends same way. She says what happened to him. He stops her and says she saved his mother and he is very thankful to her as he loves his mother most in this world. She says she can understand aunty’s condition as she is also a mother now, aunty wants to prot4ect Dev like any other mother. He says mom drank that medicine. She says it is okay, doctor must have ordered her. He says doctor did not. She says that means she did not drink medicine because she had forced her..that is okay she

must have felt awkward taking medicine from her ex-bahu…even her baba is not accepting their friendship, they can understand their feeling and not force them. They both try to get on bike. Sona’s dress gets caught in bike. Dev frees it. They both look at each other. A romantic song plays in the background.

They both reach Sona’s home. Sona asks to come in. He says he will leave, then says he can have tea. She says baba. He says he is sure Mr. Bose will not tolerate him even for 30 seconds. She says they both are too much. He says actually Mr. Bose and he are same, they both are a girl’s daughter and share same feeling. They both walk into house. Asha says good they came, they can relax for sometime here. Sona asks to get some tea. Dev greets Bejoy. Bejoy asks wy did he come here, he should be with his mother and should go soon, leaves to his room. Dev jokes, Sona and Asha laugh. Sona says she will go and change and Dev can freshen up. Dev nods okay. He walks to kitchen behind Asha and says let him prepare tea, he learnt at least that in 7 years. He then flirts with her. She asks if there is something serious. He says yes and says Sona helped maa so much, but maa did not thank Sona properly. Asha says Ishwari ji is in hospital, she must have not thought all this, even Sona must not have done for thanks. He says yes but…She asks him to go and call Sona while she prepares tea. He goes to Sona’s room and gets mesmerized with her beauty, delivers lengthy dialogues and says she is so much perfect, he looks at her hiding near door. Asha calls Sona. Sona says she is coming..

Dev takes Ishwari home. Ishwari gets happy seein Kajal and her mother. She hugs them and thanks for forgiving her. Kajol thanks Dev for giving her a job. Dev says HR did and she deserves it, she should work hard. Mother says she did not know Ishwari and her son are so good. Vicky and GKB discuss this house is becoming dharamshala. Dev asks Vicky to drop them. Vicky says he become driver from side hero. Mother says not to trouble Vicky, they will go. Ishwari insists and sends them with Vicky. Ishwari then goes to her room and sees her room decorated with balloons. Dev says Soha and Golu decorated it. They both enter. She hugs them. They insist to sleep with her. She agrees. GKB enters and says jiji just came from hospital and they should not trouble her.

Dev says Ishwari she should do something. Ishwari says he already did by giving job to Kajol. He says he means she should thank Sona. Ishwari asks what he wants to do, he can get jewelry. GKB comments he can give gold plated jewelry. Dev says he does not want to insult them by giving any gift. Ishwari asks what he wants to do then. He says why don’t they call Son and her family for dinner. GKB yells that bengali baba troubles so much if he come here. Ishwari asks Dev if he was waiting for her approval. Dev says yes and asks her to call them. Ishwari nods yes. Dev calls landline. Bejoy picks call. Ishwari says it is her. Bejoy asks how is she now. Ishwari says she is fine, came back home, wants to talk to Sona. Bejoy calls Sona. Sona asks if she is fine, not feeling tired. Ishwari says she is fine and could not thank her well in hospital, so she wants to invite her and her family for dinner. Sona says no need for that. Ishwari insists her to come with her family. Sona says okay, she will.

Precap: Sona asks Dev to select a dress for her. He says she can wear anything. She asks why is he so happy. He says whole Bose family is coming home, she can wear anything, it is not their marriage.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. todays episode <3

  2. Modeste

    I just like dev and sona’s friendship

  3. Boring ,it’s becoming a little bit boring

  4. Dev sona ena panalum cute ah irukanga?

    1. yaa absolutely ethu pannalum avanga cute. ….
      anyways I am also from TN yaaa??

      1. They both are too cute.. I m too frm TN

    2. Kesav sivakumar

      Aama …avanga screen la therinjale cute thaan

    3. Kesavsivakumar

      Aama screen le therinjale cute thaan

    4. Hey I too from TN…

    5. yes very nice avanga scenes yellame awesome

    6. Neejam than

    7. Ithana tamil fans aa

  5. Neha1

    Dev and Sonakshi Scenes were Superb… and specially when Dev intentionally enters Bose house to judge Mr.Bijoy Bose Angry reaction…was Cute and Funny…????

    Precap is very nice now eagerly waiting for today’s episode… as Bose family will come to dinner with Dixit’s but I just hope that Vicky and Radharani will not create any scene infront of both the families….!

  6. Akanksha bhardwaj

    Kajal: thankyou dev bhaiya
    Nd this was like music to my ears…such a relief that its not kajal…koi aur ldki laygi gkb..bt thats okk…devakshi close hi aaynge usse..

    Both the scenes of devakshi were perfect just perfect….they are coming closer…they share very thing with each other…specially dev….he shared ishwari’s views with sona…

    I heard in spoilers that: as gkb is not happy with this dinner idea so she will invite the girl she has selected for dev at the same time…to spoil the dinner and to embarrass bose family.

    1. Devga

      Haha yar even I was relieved by tht word one single word …. Thank u dev bhaiya. .

    2. Really hearing bhai….. my heart started to dance

  7. Priya9876

    Kajal tussi na great ho, Matlab FANDOM ki sari tension hi dur kar di……

    Dev Bhaiya ????????????

    #BeyondOurThinking ???

  8. Priya9876

    Saal guzar gye, waqt badal gya, hum v badal gye fir v tumhe dekhta hu to aisa lagta h ki kuch nhi badla.? Waqt ruk jata hai. ❤ Ki dhadkan tham jati hai..” thodi der k liye mera dimaag v kaam nai karta ???” ( OH! PLZ! MR.GOAT only thodi der ? )

    KYU KYU KYU..!! Why r u so perfect Ms.B² ( Beautiful Bose)

    Hayeeeee #Dilogues

  9. Priya9876

    30 sec nd ???????

  10. I think makers should bring some girl in Dev life it will get more interesting in this show it will spicy in krpkab

  11. Finally sona is become lik typical bahu in serials
    ..After doing so much bad to her still she is good to ishwari.
    Had a livechat with Prerna(elena) and gkb and in real life prerna is very fond of her.

  12. Lizaa

    devakhi scenes toh bahat he achha tha…
    specially dev ki dialogues…
    kajal ne kya kaha yaar “dev bhaiya”
    Hamari sare pblm ek he word main khatam ho gya…

    precap aur v achha h

    sare aache dialogues cvs walon ne dev ke liye he rakha h

  13. Ngkrishnakumari

    Ma what a late update? Seriously koi itna late update karta hai kya?
    Ye tumse umid nahi thi
    Epi started with bang devakshi bike ride after a long time
    Dev secretly stare sona naughtily was awesome

  14. Asmita...

    Ab to Sona mujhe typical star bahu serials ki bahuon ki yaad dila rahi hai… had hoti hai yaar… Ab to Dev ne bhi ye accept kar liya ki tht potty lady will never ever accept Sona… thn y the hell Sona still behaving so nicely with tht dayan… achcha hone ki bhi had hoti hai… par Dev ke bewkuf hone ki koi had nahi hai…

  15. hmmm maine vi spoiler me ye news dekhi!!! ab GKB uss ladki ki family ko vi lekar ayegi usi dinner party me! uss girl ki name hogi Arti!! boss family bohot insulted feel karengi!! dev aur sona shocked ho jayenge!! Iswari vi GKB pe gussa ho jayegi!! per spoiler ne kaha hain ki iss ladki ki bohot chotisi role hogi!! shayed shirf ek hi episode me wo ane wali hogi!!! per dekhne ki bat ye honewali hain ki dev aur iswari ye sab kaise handle kerne wale hain!!

  16. Prads

    Yesterday’s episode was just OK for me as this was the aftermath scenes of last week episode. Dev’s concern about his mothers insecurity towards Sona due to GKB but the joyful mode was that he have shared his feeling with both the perfect Bose Girls (Sonakshi & Asha). Although, Ishwari was hesitated to call Bose family for the dinner but I think it may be as GKB was there & she feels uncomfortable between GKB & Dev as she doesn’t want to hurt both of them. So, she talked to Bijoy & Sonakshi in a firm way for Dev & also shown some hesitation in her words for GKB. But, the beautiful part is that she called Sonakshi as “Beta / Beti ???” wherein she always called with her name only until now. (I think so….. except during the fake pregnancy scenes)…..

    I also heard about the entry of new girl in Dev’s life….. But I think it is necessary for atleast Bijoy…. as now, Ishwari has understood about Dev’s emotions towards Sonakshi but now it is necessary for Bijoy to understand about Sonakshi’s feeling towards Dev which she is hiding among herself & other family members.

  17. Lo bhai isne to sari imaginations pr pani pher dia hmne kya socha tha kya hoga dev ko bhaiya bana daala…chlo achi baat h…
    Ar dev babu k vo dialogues ar expressions…. it was jst killin me.??
    Yesterday’s episode ws perfect…just perfect??

  18. Oh!!! Ab me samjhoo muj to laga tha ki ishwari ne apni marzi se bose family ko dinner per kese bula lia…so it was our dev’s plan….precap is just????waiting fr the video call sequence

  19. Lagta h krpkab fandom bhi ishwari k ghar jane ki taiyari kar ri h taki uska tasty tasty halwa?? kha sake….tabhi itne kam comments aare h ?

  20. Ngkrishnakumari

    Kajal call dev bhaiya
    That mean now confusion is solved in yesterday epi as they are brother sister not future husband and wife thanks maker for it

    Less comments

  21. Varalakshmi

    fantastic episode devakshi conversation, bike ride pe unn dono bahut acha laga, jab dev chup chup ke sona ko dekh raha tha wo dialogues lovely

    i am eagerly waiting for today’s episode the video call sequence & dinner scene kya hoga more exiting about today episode

  22. Yesterday episode was very nice….

    ..I really liked dev sharing abt ish insecurity to sona and Asha…

    Dev challenge to sona abt bijoy

    Dev admiring sona secretly (this he has not done on S1 also)…he is naughty now….

    Dev indirectly insulting GKB by telling”Maa tu bola na”perfect….

    And pre cap….bus mardala mujhe

  23. Varalakshmi

    Dev & sonakshi to play hide & seek game & share some romantic moments


  24. Varalakshmi

    Dev accepts his mistake
    new promo

    1. Ngkrishnakumari

      Supersss dp varalaxmi devakshi bike ride

      Atlast dev going to accept his mistake that he done 7yr before

  25. yes!!! good days come!! re bhai ab to ye iswari bhi achi kaam karegi!! iswari uss family jise GKB lanewali hain unki samne sonakshi ki bohot tarif karegi!! aur dev apni sari galatia man legi!! dev bolegi unki separetion ki wajah wo hi hain!! aur dev iss bar sona aur iswari ki patch up karwana chahti hain!!! aur hero ne agar ye than liya hain tab to wo ye jarur karega!!! jald hi reunion honewali hain!! aur uski pehele ki episodes vi bohot acche anewale hain!!Bijoy ko Asha aur sona milke samhal lenge.

  26. Ngkrishnakumari

    Only 35minute for our favourite show
    Today epi going to rocksss that mean our most perfect jodi i.e devakshi will have video call chatting
    After a long time we would be seen another video call last time they had on marriage day before where buwadadi declare both devakshi not to meet before marriage as a rituals

    Hope sona must wear beautiful dress in order to fall dev in her beauty

  27. Hey guys i too from TN nice to see Tamil comments

  28. Smreetikhatri

    M.A can you please update it little faster?

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