Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 22nd June 2016 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 22nd June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Dev blows Sona’s eyes and she looks at his face. Ishwari enters calling Kichu. They both part ways nervously and acts as working. Dev says he came to ask Kichu to bring coffee. Sona starts rubbing her eyes. Ishwari asks her what happened. Sona says something fell in her eyes. Ishwari cleans her eyes.

At Sona’s home, Bejoy is still angry on Asha over novel’s character issue. Asha tries to cheer him up and says she is writing a different story and is her life’s most beautiful story.

Dev tells Sona about getting a job for Ranveer on Neha’s request and Ranveer rejecting it. Sona asks how can he do this. He says Neha has seen a lot of poverty in life and does not want to go back to poor life, so she requested him to help Ranveer and

what is wrong in this. Sona says only money is not everything in life, if he thinks middle class people cannot live happily and is shy of Ranveer’s middle class life, then even she is a middle glass girl. He says her case is different. She says it is same and explains that money cannot bring happiness in relationship, but compatibilty and trust and says it is more than balance sheet and business.

Ishwari is busy enjoy tea with her brother, Radha, Nikki, and Ria. They all joke and laugh on Radha’s witty talks. Neha comes crying and Ishwari asks what happened. Neha says Ranveer… Radha says she knew Ranveer is not a good boy. Ishwari gets him water and asks what happened. She tells Ranveer did not accept Dev’s job and instead got offended, she will not meet him again. Ishwari says it is her anger speaking more.

Sona reaches home and hears Elena and Sourav talking about relationships and says now relationship are made looking at status.

Dev goes to Ishwari’s room and Ishwari scolds him that he and Neha did a big mistake by hurting Ranveer’s dignity and continues taking Ranveer’s side. Dev’ says they both speak same, reminiscing Sona’s words. She asks who both. He changes topic and says if Ranveer loves Neha, then why did he make her cry. She says Neha made a mistake and now she has to speak to him, even her and Dev should apologize Ranveer.

Nikki tells Neha that Ranveer and she look good together, why did she broke up for silly reason. Radha comes and sends Nikki out and tries to brainwash Neha that Ranveer is greedy and wants share in Dev’s wealth, since he got just a job offer, he got angry. Neha says Ranveer is not greedy and does not value anything, she is worried just for this nature.

Precap: Sona sees Dev’s 29 message and Dev waiting for her since 2 hours in rain. She rushes out with umbrella and sees him sitting on car’s bonnet drenched completely. She asks what happened.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Yes priya i think that dav and sona are on first position.

  2. Awsm episode really i loved it. Precap bht hi acha h. DeV waits 5 hours in the rain only for sona or usne ek baar bhi gussa nhi kiya. Us coffee incident me bhi i thoght dev would be angry. Sona ne itna late kiya toh bhi dev ne ek word tak nhi kaha and now also he waited for sona. Agar meri life me aisa koi raha jo mere liye itna wait krre. Me toh marr jaau. Use kabhi nhi chodungi. Dev too good awsm love u dev. Expressions are awsm. dev ko dekh kr hi face pr smile aa jaati h really yaar. He is too good

    1. i agree prit

  3. same here @Sona……
    Mai v rain dance k baad yahi soch rahi thi Ki sona k neighbour ar family Kisi KO pata nhi chalta….
    Not a single person sona k ghar k pas nhi hote….devna raat ko coffee pi lete hai, dance krte hai, car me hug karte hai, ar avi 2hr se barish me dev wait Kr tha hai…..omg….
    Bt devna fans k liye to acha hi hai Ki unhe koi disturb nhi krta warna itni achi scenes dekhne ko kaiae milta…..??

    1. priya ye reality ki duniya hai yaha kuch bhi ho sakta hai agree na

  4. Kisi ne masup song of Tu Mujhme Mujhse Jyada hai,,… Rain dance k time Jo play Hua tha,,,, Kisi ne download Kara hai……
    Plz send me link na…..
    Plzplz plz

    1. Devga

      Voh mash up mujhe bhi nahi patah sry
      . …

  5. Devga

    Awesome poor dev help kiya aur fass gaya…. But he shld also hv tried to advice neha….

    Hi frnds hw r u all….. Missed u all a lot…. Really happy tht i returned here…. Now i wil b commenting and commenting…. Dnt mind ok….

    1. Very happy to see you devga

  6. Right priya no disturbance btwn devakshi. I loved it. akele time bhi spend krte h saath me wow so romantic lol….

  7. Ur wlcm devga

  8. Devga

    God i cant b watching today… No current…. Wil b waiting eagerly for wu and asmita’s analysis…..

  9. maithali crazy fr krpkab

    Awesome epi of krpkab

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