Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 22nd February 2017 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 22nd February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Bejoy tells Asha that he is sure Dev sent Elena, he saw Dev’s message on Elena’s mobile. Asha says he must have mistaken. Bejoy says he is not, else why she ran away after he confronted her. Sona reminisces Suhana telling about Golu’s big cha repeatedly and thinks if Dev sent someone to spy on them.

Ishwari gets very excited hearing about Suhana and tells Dev that sshe wants to meet her granddaughter right now. Dev says he not know if she knows about him, he will meet her tomorrow and find out first. His new life will start from tomorrow and he wants to live with her daughter. Ishwari says yes.

Next morning, Dev reaches Suhana’s class. Suhana sees him and thinks if he is really in front of her again. Teacher asks her what she is looking at. Dev hides.

Suhana turns and does not find him. Dev comes again and clicks her pic. She smiles. He waves and leaves. During lunch break, Suhana sits on a bench for lunch. Dev reaches and emotionally touches her. She holds his hand says she is checking if he is really there. He says even he did not know until yesterday that she is really there. She asks if he came to her house yesterday. He nods yes. She asks if he brought lunch. He nods no. She says she will share her lunch and asks if he washed her hand. He nods no. She feeds him. He asks to tell about her family. She says her daadu, daadu, Sourav mamu, mama. He asks whom she loves most. She says mama. He asks what about her papa. She says she has not seen her papa, but her mama told he is a good man, he is a good brother, good son, but was not a good husband though. H asks is it. She says her mamma does not lie. Her father’s name is Dev Dixit. He asks if she does not want to meet him. She says she promised mamma that she will not meet her papa. He asks what is his name. She says his name is Dev Dixit. He says her papa is right in front of her, he is Dev Dixit. He continues expressing his emotions. She reminisces promising Sona that she will never meet her papa and runs from there. Dev runs behind her. She stops reminiscing incident again. A speeding car speeds towards her and she closes her eyes.

Ishwari eagerly waits for Dev to return with Suha. Mamaji asks her to have food. She says she is not hungry and is eager to meet her grandaugter, says let us go out and wait. GKB gets tensed that Ishwari is back in form and out of her room.

Dev rescues Suha on time and asks why did she do this, what if something had happened to her. She silently looks at him. He hugs her emotionally. Suha is back home. Asha goes to her room and asks why she is so silent today. Suha says she met her father Dev Dixit today.

Dev reaches home on his bike. Ishwari excitedly asks where is Suha, if she is coming in a car. Dev says she looks very cute. Ishwari asks like him or her. Dev says she is Sona’s replica. Ishwari gets disheartened hearing this. Mamaji says it is common for children to look like their mother. Ishwari asks where is Suhana. Dev says she did not come.

Sona reaches home hurriedly and asks Asha why did she call her so urgently. Asha says Suhana met Dev Dixit today, he is Golu’s big cha. Bejoy says he knew Elena came to know Suha’s secret yesterday. Sona reminisces Suhana tells repeatedly that Dev is around.

Precap: Asha tells Sona that they need to talk to Suha and need to know what is running in her mind. Sona says she needs to meet Dev first. She calls Dev and says she wants to meet him. He says even he wants to meet her, their relationship is more stronger now, she needs to come wherever he calls her.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Dev should not have told Suha that he is her papa, he should have just waited and understood Suha and later he could have disclosed it.

    The showmakers seems to have short term memory loss. Vicky attacked Dev, he did illegal business, he was the reason for Sona and Dev separation but no truth seems to come out. all the truth about Vicky should be shown and he should be punished.

  2. PALLAVI2017

    Very emotional episode. Soha’s acting was very good. When she fed Dev sandwiches I got very emotional. Soha showed how good upbringing her mother did. Dev should now realise that what he said in past is totally wrong. Sonakshi prove him wrong. This tym dev should stand with sona and soha.He should be like a shield to them against ishwari’s bullshit plots.

  3. PALLAVI2017

    That moment when sona said ” sunflower ko apne sun se koi door nahi kar sakta. I promise you soha. ” I was very happy. Sonakshi is headstrong that she will never ever leave suhana with dixits.

    1. Exactly! For some reason, which I am completely clueless about, I felt very proud to see Sonakshi’s boldness and confidence even after knowing that her Daughter has probably just faced the biggest truth of her life! Perhaps the role of Sonakshi shall be very beneficial and help to make the girls of our nations strong, bold and confident too!

  4. PALLAVI2017

    Mujhe lagta hai ki ye Ishwari Marne tak nahi badlegi. Apni galtiyon ko koi sudharta hai. Lekin yeh hai ki apni galtiyon me hi khus hai. Ye jab tak job jinda hai dev, soha and sona kaise khus rahenge??!!

  5. Neha1

    Good morning to my friends and all DEVAKSHIan’s…waiting4 today’s episode…

    1. Ganga

      Gud mrng neha

  6. Can anyone describe dev SUHANA conversation in English ..

    1. Asmita...

      i have done this… plz scroll down…

      1. Asmita just check the comment i have written for you…?

  7. Sonadi

    Today’s episode really sucks on one thing . Such a6 year old kid suddenly how she could take this jolt from Dev. Dev is Dumbo .He should realize now that what Soha thinks.
    Dev and Soha ‘S conversation was heart touching. Dev asks her to tell him about her from 0 to 6 years. Soha tells him that she was a toddler and does not remember anything.Then Dev asks her who are all living with her.Soha tells him that she has Dada,Dadi mama and momma.
    Dev asks Soha who she loves most.She answers she loves her mummy the most.Then Dev asks her does she knows about her Dad.Then she tells him that her dad is a good man ,good son,good brother but not a good husband .and tells him if dad can not keep her mom happy how can he Keri happy.Then she tells him that she has not seen her dad and had promised her mummy that she will not see her dad when her mummy asked her whether she wanted her to see her dad.Dev feels happy that Sona told her that he is a good man. Then Dev asks Soha what is her dad ‘S name .dSoha tells him Mr Dev Dixit.
    Then dDev tells her your Dad is in front of you . Soha tells him that you are my friend .Then Dev tells her that he is Dev Dixit. Soha goes in to a shock and thinks about what she promised to her mom.And runs away.
    I have written most of the conversations between Dev and Soha. I hope this will help my fans who do not understand Hindi.
    As for the episode most of the boys family always wants the kids to be like their family.This is always the problem. Iswari is not an exception to it.

    1. Thank you dude

  8. Asmita...

    Dev & Soha conversation in english –

    Dev taps on Soha’s shoulder… Soha looks at him and is happy… Soha holds Dev’s hand
    Soha – Friend… you cmoe and go all the time… that is why… i am holding your hand to know whether you are in real or not…
    D – till now… i was also thinking whether you exist or not… but now… you came in real so i also came…
    S – you came to my home yesterday ?
    D – yes..
    S – and my mom was thinking that i was dreaming… but y u came to my home that too without permission…
    D – i wanted to talk to you… wanted to see you… wanted to tell you a lot… sorry for not taking the permission…
    Soha – its ok… what did you want to tell me ?
    D – you are 6 years old.. i want to know everything about you… 0-6 years whatever happend, everything i want to know…
    S – i dont remember 0-2 years, how can i tell you thn… i remember a bit…
    D – ok.. how much you remember tell me that only…
    S – ok… but i am feeling hungry and i have to finish my lunch too… you did not bring your lunch ?
    Dev says no…
    D – we will have it(lunch) here only…
    S – ok… one minute… you have not washed your hands… no problem… i will feed you… just like my mother feeds me…
    Dev getsz emotional and tears roll out from his eyes… he wipes tears… Soha makes him eat and he eats…
    D – tell me about your family…
    Soha – my family is the world’s best family…
    D – who is in your family…
    S – grand pa, grand maa, mumma and Saurabh mamu (uncle)… he is going to get married…
    D – to whom u love the most ?
    S – mumma… family story finished…
    D – but u did not tell anything about your father… where is he ?
    S – i dont where he is… my parents live separately…
    D – did you mother not tell you about your father ?
    S – yes, she told me… he is a good man… he is a good son… he is a good brother… he is a good friend… but he was not good with my mother… that is why they both got separated… but he is a good man…
    D(surprised) – you mumma told you that he is a good man…
    S – yes… and my mother never lies…
    D – do you know his name ?
    S – of course… his name is Dev Dixit…
    Dev again gets emotional…

    1. Asmita di i guess u can start a new page for written updates…..u r always there to surprise us with ur translation on request…superb n thnk u

    2. Asmita...

      Dev again gets emotional…
      D – don’t you want to meet your father ?
      S – my mother asked me whether I want to meet my father… thn I thought he could not keep my mumma happy, how can he keep me happy thn ?
      D – may be.. he will keep you happy..
      S – may be..
      D – do you really not want to meet your papa ?
      S – how will I meet him?
      D –it is very easy..
      S –do you know my father?
      D –yes… i can ask him to meet you..
      S – Mr. Dev?
      Dev nods
      D – yes… he is right before you.
      S – but you are here..
      D –yes… I am you papa… my name is Dev Dixit… I am your papa…
      Soha is hell shocked…
      D – you are shocked to know that I am father… even I also did not know that you are my daughter… infact I did not know that I have a daughter too… you know… when I saw you first time… you were reciting a poem… about baby girl and her father… when I heard your voice… I stopped there and were staring at you… thn you gave me the pen… and thn your favorite candy… I always felt that there is some connection between us…
      Suhana continuously staring at Dev.
      D – Suhana… don’t you like your father ?
      S – no reply
      D – o ho… I am talking a lot… so many questions I am asking to you… but I met you after such a long time… if you want to ask me anything, you can ask… Suhana… don’t afraid of me… I am not bad… if you don’t want to talk to me… I will not force you… I wish you were here before with me… thn you could know how I am… if I would have known that you even exist… I would have been with you always… I would have never left you… don’t you get angry that everyone’s father is with them but your father is not with you… again I started asking question… sorry… sorry… this one is the last one… thn I will not asking any question (with teary eyes)… but Suhana… now… I know that you are my daughter… so now I will never leave you… I will be always with you… ok…
      S uhana still in shocked reminds the promise she made to her mom ( that she does not want to meet her father)… And she runs from there on the road…
      Dev runs behind her… and saves her form an accident…

      1. Wow.. U r so sweet and fantastic… Thank you dude

      2. Latha

        Thank you so much Asmita…….

      3. Thanks a lot ji ur translation is very helpful for ppl who doesn’t understand Hindi and esply for me thank u once again

      4. Sonadi

        You did a great job of translating which I could not do that much. Thanks for doing this and help the fans who could not understand Hindi.Thanks again.

    3. Thank you so much asmita

    4. Ganga

      Asmita…U r tooo good…

      Multi talented girl ???

    5. Priya9876


    6. Bravo!??????

    7. Amazing !! Seriously come up with ur own written updates .. So good Asmita di !! U captured all the emotions so so well

  9. So the scene is setting for Devakshi reunion but i dnt want it to be so easy … Dev should now become more sensible & stand up for his family or else he should be running after Sona singing amaro porano jaha chaii tumi tai tumi tai (Arijit’s version)

    1. Sonadi

      I want Sona not to agree immediately.

  10. Very good morning Neha ☺☺☺☺☺

  11. i m speechless guys…..such an emotional n passionate conversation btwn father n daughter omg Shaheer u killed me yarr…..Suhana woow…what an expression!!!!!such a matured expression from 7 yrs old girl…..hats off i m going crazy over “devana”‘…..
    dev s always been emotional person that’s what they showed today he knows he s talking to 6 yrs old child but he never imagined he could have a daughter he can’t hold himself anymore na…….still he s trying to hold himself……it was so natural….dialogues were superb….bgm was heart touching.i was barely holding myself from crying…..
    that accident scene was little dramatic……
    convo btwn Dev, Ishwari n mamji was natura too…. all of a sudden he forget all that hatred towards ishwari for a while well it happens in real life…..
    i m waiting for confrontation btwn dev n sona

  12. story s really shaping up well…..barring one or two scenes makers are doing amazing…..
    sometimes i totally forget that sona s a fictional character i can’t see her an actor she has become a part of real life for me..her boldness, smartness, courage….the best female lead in family drama…..
    someone asked about him wearing watch?i didn’t notice earlier….u guys always good in that u know ,good observer….i guess it plays role here….it s sign that he wants live again after spending 7years without feeling anything not even cares about the time passing thru….now he wants to live each n every second r waiting for the moment to see his daughter…it s my take
    and about that room…yes i too noticed that her room s in upstairs how could he enter her room i know he s tall but then i thought they renovated their house so they might have shifted her room to somewhere else but today the room s in upstairs only…hahaha

    1. I too forget about all this being a simple fictional story at times, which has absolutely nothing to do with my life. Yet, I can’t live without the show. This explains the greatness of the makers; being able to keep your loyal viewers so close to you and pleasing them from time to time is indeed a very appreciative quality! Out of all roles, Sonakshi is the one I most think about. Her boldness, firmness, confidence and everything else makes me think of her as though she was real!

  13. Neha1

    Heartbreaking News for Dev and Sonakshi Fan’s in KRPKAB..

    1. Sonadi

      This can not happen. Jatin knows that Sona still loves Dev.

  14. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Nice episode! Hope we well see Dev and sonakshi love story,and reunited again.

  15. @ASMITA….Girl you are too good…!!
    I know it must pe quite painful to write this much…and you do it just for others sake and just on one request….none of us take . initiative to translate full scene but you did…hats off to you…i respect you for that…????

    Thank you for the translation….?

    And yup i’m replying in a different comment and not in the reply of your comment so…sorry for that…?

  16. Ganga

    Hudiiii babaaaa…..Ae ISHWARI phir se halweswari bangayi…..??? Vo bi hamari pyari CHOTI SONAKSHI (Tiny KARGHOSH) ke liye……. ISHWARI ko bi na halwa ki alawa kuch atha hi nahi na ?????


    1. Oooiiiiyyyyoooo…..
      How cute……..??????
      Shah is enjoying ALOT with the kids offscreen…and his offscreen bonding is clearly visible on screen….

      And how nice it is to see that dev said no to bring soha in ishwari niwaas….woowwwww…..
      This show is truely a bliss dude…

      Thank you soooo much ganga for sharing this…??

    2. Priya9876


      Not againnnn!!!! Halwaaaa…..!!!!
      Ye halwa shop close karo koi …..huhhh!!!!

      Bdw sab ko pata hoga na ….. jab sona ne dev ko hospital le jane k liye car chalayi thi aur last me ek diwar se takkar hone wali hoti hai…..wo wahi area hai jaha pe Shaheer avi khade hokar reporter se baat kar rahe the…….

      Nd kal v soha ko road pe dikha rahe the….
      Wo area v set ka hi hai….jaha pe avi golu n soha bike ride k maje le rahe the….dashing super man k sath….haye kitna maja aa rha hoga na….
      Soha kitna cutely shaheer ko pakad k bathi thi???

    3. Halwa, halwa, halwa! That’s the only thing that exists in Ishwari’s menu! Ugh! How about she tries to come up with some new dish while Suhana spends some good time with Dev!

    4. PALLAVI2017

      Are wah.. Soha in dixit house

    5. Sonadi

      It looks like Sona ‘S first meeting with Iswari on the road where she saves her.

      1. Ganga


  17. Ganga

    U me AUR TV segment….
    Tears in my eyes… but it’s good DEV thinking about SONA ND SUHANA….1000℅ correct…..


    1. Yeeeaaahhhhh!!!! Yieppiieee….!!!!
      Devvvvvvvv….this was unexpected from you….i am sooo happy….cant tell you guys…???

      Thank you again ganga…?

    2. Aastha1704

      Ishse toh lag raha ki Dev ko feeling hai ki waise halat mai ek baby girl ke sath akele face Karna Sonakshi ke liye kitna difficult hua hoga ishke liye wo Sona ko Aur v jada pyar Karne lgega. But now I really want Sonakshi to ask just one question what if Suha nai hoti?? Is that not injustice with her that dixit family won’t allowed her to meet Dev ?? I really want makers to bring this segment in krpkab. What if agar Sona 7yrs baad akele aati without his daughter??

    3. Indeed, this was so unexpected, but if this is true, then I simply can’t express my happiness at this news! Astonished as I might be, my joy covers it up all!

    4. Devga

      Thank u ganga dear
      . Such an awesome news

  18. Neha1

    Dev regrets his decision and stops family to meet Soha in KRPKAB.

  19. Neha1

    Again New dp….Upcoming Scene
    Where Soha comes to Dixit house….!?

  20. Priya9876

    Ye chudail bahar kyi jati hai jab use pata hai ki kahin v jayegi aur teyyyyyy behoshh ho jaye gi…….

    Jab dekho girte rehti hai….
    Plz plz!! Soha ki frndship us. Bhotni se na ho…..

    1. Bohot GIRI HUI AURAT HAI WO…?????

      1. Priya9876

        Sahi pakde hai….???

  21. Neha1

    Suhana comes at Dev’s house, meets Ishwari and Ishwari feeds Halwa to Soha…

  22. 44444444 or whatever…!!!????
    Kuch naam toh rakhle bhai….
    Yeh jo bhi hai…har ek din chhodke aake yahan pe bakwaass karne waala hai toh please next time se agar koi bhi comment mile 444444 ka toh kripya reply karne ka kasht naa uthaae…

    Aur nhi toh priya ne kiyaaa tha jaisa waisa reply kijiye..??????


    1. Priya9876


  23. Neha1

    Ishwari ko HALWA banane k alawa kuch nhi aata…jab bhi kuch MEETHA banta hai Dixit House mei…to One and Only HALWA…!
    Or Ishwari jab bhi HALWA ka naam leti hai….Toh meri mon bht Hasti hai….My mom said :
    Arey Ishwari..! Kabhi Kuch or bhi bana liya kr HALWA k alava…!??? Teri Poti ( Granddaughter) aayi hai…!
    But Jokes apart, I really wish ki Soha or Sonakshi dono ko sath aana chahiye tha Dixit house mei…
    Right now, Suhana comes alone, but if Sonakshi will come with Suhana, Ishwari would not be HAPPY as she’s Happy to see Suhana in her house…! But I really want that Whenever, Suhana comes to stay with Dev and Dixit family, Sonakshi should be with Suhana that time for sure…! Let’s hope 4 the best..!

    1. Dekhna ekdin koi iss halwe mein hi gobar milaake iss ishwari ko khila dega..i swear…


  24. Aastha1704

    What the hell is this? Abhi pata chala kisi ne tweet Kara hai ki krpkab replace Ho raha kisi Aur serial se. Please I really don’t want this to happen. Abhi kaam se km ek Aur anniversary celebrate Karna tha humlogo ko.

    1. Neha1

      Yes Aastha, Me too heard the same news on SBS….but they told that there’s nothing confirmed about this news…coz the upcoming show Behene have Same Production house, it’s a Beyond dreamz Production…. So, nothing is final… let’s hope KRPKAB will not going off-air anytime soon..!

      1. Aastha1704

        Kisi ne tweet Kara that Assistant Production head has confirmed that krpkab is in safe zone. It’s not going to end soon. Finally I am happy. This is the only show yaar which I never miss even after my hectic schedule. After returning back from work I only watch this show that’s it . Ishke baad honestly Bahut achcha lgta hai. Yeh to daily routine mai aagya hai.

    2. Sonadi

      I think they finish this.There is nothing left. Do you guys want custody drama or Sona getting married to Jatin instead of reuniting with Dev.

    1. Neha1

      Yet there’s no confirmation about this News..!

    2. No way! The channel can’t simply do that! KRPKAB is the reason behind the channel’s fame, if you exclude shows like The Kapil Sharma Show and Indian Idol. Replacing a show which has such a strong story with a new story which doesn’t even have a firm base is utterly foolish! I hope this news just isn’t true!

    3. Riti1107

      even I saw that …
      its not fair there are silly serials going on & on for years and here we have this one amazing completely real serial which they choose to shut down .. Sony Tv needs some sense !!! They should make ek rishta saanjhedaari ka go off air …

    4. Areyyy nothing will happen….on twitter the fandom spammed @sonytv and mamta mam…and one person from the production house cleared that it is a rumour and krpkab is not gonna end….

      So guys just CHILLAX…!!???

      1. Aastha1704

        Hey Shalini Aastha here. U there on twitter? If u don’t mind can we join there too.

    5. PALLAVI2017


    6. PALLAVI2017

      They should complete the story. Vicky and gkb are not punished yet. Ishwari to change her nature. All misunderstandings should be cleared. And i have hopes to again witness so many romantic scenes of DEVAKSHI.
      Please serial band mat karo. I m scared. How i m gonna live without KRPKAB.
      Everyday i m watching single episode thrice. Once on prime time, second time on youtube after 10.30 pm. Third time: next morning again on youtube.

  25. Oooooo bhaiii saaab….

    So stay happy and talk about the new segment …which is coming up..??

    1. Aastha1704

      Kisi ne tweet Kara that Assistant Production head has confirmed that krpkab is in safe zone. It’s not going to end soon. Finally I am happy. This is the only show yaar which I never miss even after my hectic schedule. After returning back from work I only watch this show that’s it . Ishke baad honestly Bahut achcha lgta hai. Yeh to daily routine mai aagya hai.

    2. Priya9876

      Ummmmm….. Using Shah’s takiyakalaam….
      ” O bhai sahab ” ????

      Bhai ye sbs wale pagal h kya unko chodd k aur kisi pe believe nhi karti aur aaj unhone v rumour faila di……aaahhh!!!!!
      Aisa na kiya karo bhai heart attack aa jayega…….

      Thanx shalini ye confirm Karne k liye….

  26. This is the blo*dy reason why SONY TV is always at the back when compared to star or zee or colours…

    It just ends any show like this without thinking about the viewers…if you see the history you will come across this fact that most of the serial of sony have a perfect story with the best plot nice actors perfect team..a big fan following of all age groups but yet…all of their fate is to end abruptly…..WHY SO…????

    It would be better if sony become biased towards #KRPKAB or else the results wont be good…and i can bet on that….

    I am pretty sure that if GOPI BAHU kind of serials would have aired on sony….they would have ended within 2-3 months but since its star and zee and coloura they keeps on running them for pretty 8-10 years…just because of trps…i mean like seriously..?? Are you kidding me…!!!!


  27. I wish ke soha ekdin ishwari se bolde ke…


  28. Neha1

    Guys Chill….Our favourite show KRPKAB is not going off-air…!

  29. And I wish dev would say this to ishwari. You snached and didn’t let me live my childhood. u didn’t let me live my daughter’s child hood with her..

  30. Ganga

    Don’t worry guy’s…… relax ❄⛄

    It’s guessing of d channel…. Not confirm by d production Nd channel….


  31. Sneha1

    Yaar pr ye dev n ishwari ke logic ajeeb hai.. ishu will be feeling guilty kyunki usne sona ko tab lauta diya jab ishu ki waaris uske sath thi… matlab sona ki apni koi identity .. apni koi respect nahi hai… ye double standard dixits sirf apne bare mein sochte hai… agar sona ki beti na hoti to as per ishwari sona ko wapas bhejna valid tha.. such a creep….

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