Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 22nd August 2016 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 22nd August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Dev goes to his office. Tina brings him new phone. He asks if she recovered audio clip. She says she could not. He scolds her. She says she is going home as her mom is ill, she has taught everything to other employee. He nods yes. She says Ms. Bose’s cheque is still with her. He says to deposit in the account. She says sir.. He shouts to do as he says.

Sona’s family tries to cheer her up and celebrate her birthday. She feels heart broken without Dev and reminisces their meetings. Dev also gets heartbroken and cries looking at orange shirt, etc. He goes to the places where they used to meet and spend time and cries..

Ishwari is in kitchen. Radha comes to kitchen and brainwashes Ishwari that until Dev gets married, Sona will haunt them as nobody

forgets first love easily. Dev comes and Ishwari asks him to have breakfast. He says he has important work and will have breakfast at office. Radha continues brainwashing Ishwari. On the other side, Bejoy asks Sona if she is readyy for marriage. Sona says yes, she failed when she tried to find a life partner for her, so she will trust her parents now. Bejoy tells Ashaa that he told Sona will not resist.

Ishwari calls marriage broker who tells he has rich family girls for Dev. She says she needs a groo, not bride. He says he has even good boys for Ria. She says she needs a bengali boy. He shows pics. She shows Sona’s pic and says boy should match Sona and should be well cultured and educated. He says he has many more. She asks him to go to Sona’s house somehow and convince her parents. He agrees and goes to Sona’s house where Bejoy introduces him to family and he shows pics. They like Ishwari’s selected boy. Elena asks Sona if she is ready for marriage immediately after breakup. Sona says she will go on her parent’s choice. Ishwari calls broker and asks if he did his work. He says yes, Sona’s family liked boy and may call him soon.

Dev goes to Sona’s area and waits outside his car to have a glimpse of her. A flower selling girl insists him to buy flowers. He reminisces dorning flowers on Sona’s hair, says girl that he does not have anyone to dorn flowers and gives 500 rs to her. She thanks him and leaves. He cries that he wants to see Sona.

Ishwari promotes Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman’s new chapters.

Precap: Dev waits for Sona in car outside. Sona and Elena go to restaurant and Elena tells Sona it is good she is wearing ID card, if she is lost, someone will drop her home. Sona leaves ID card on table. Dev picks it.

Update Credit to: MA


  1. Ibtesam ^_^

    but wats there in ID crd …that dev pickd it…

    well …..sad for devakshi !!!

    hope they unite sooonn

  2. Manya


    |Registered Member

    My poor devakshiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii but they both do awesome acting i really feel like crying do u guys also feel like crying or am i the only stupid one ??????????

  3. Pradishma

    chee of ishwari..i never expected that she will stooop this lowww….she is yuck…i wish to address her as old bi***, really sorry to use this word,but i never thought this disgusting , low-life piss-wari will send alliance for sona through agent.How cheap she is…It clearly shows she doesnt want dev to get married….Hey oldie piss-wari crap , then will u urself marry dev.. wish mamaji gives u a very tight slap…
    U r shame to any mother….

    Read that mamaji will ask dev to get back sona ,when dev informs him about sona’s engagement…
    Wish neha supports Dev..
    Piss-wari is getting me on my nerves.

    • Sweety

      Feeling bad for devakshi…you are right Prads, This ishwari is getting low day by day.She is a disgusting mother.I too felt shocked when i got to know she got alliance for Sona..
      You gave her good name,Piss-wari..haha.

      • shan

        Well said dear prads, this piss-wari is cheapest of the cheapest. Hate her to the core. Scumbag.
        You gave her a gud name, for her dirty acts.

  4. Varsha

    Felt bad for Dev more than Sona today.. I mean I know everything happened due to his decision…but yes Sona has her family around to cheer up and Dev s all alone.. I’m really scared whether there will b even two to 3 scenes of Devakshi in a week.. I mean how r v supposed to c the couple alone.. It kills our own heart.. I don’t know how the people feel in their state.. Feeling bad for DEVAKSHI.. I wish they get together soon….πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡

  5. Neha

    Finally there’s some hope see Devakshi together coz Neha trying to help her brother dev for getting sonakshi back in his(dev) life…

    Dev has broken up with sonakshi but he’s not ready to forget her as he feels that sonakshi is still loves only him and cannot be happy with anyone.. Thinking about sonakshi, dev breaks glass in anger as he betrayed her while she loves him truely.
    Mamaji is shocked seeing dev’s injured hand and bandages it while he also understands that he’s in trauma bcoz of sonakshi. Mamaji tells him that he must parted ways from sonakshi for Ishwari but he himself is not happy.
    Dev tells mamaji that sonakshi is happy with new guy but mamaji tells dev that sonakshi is happy only with him. Mamaji tells that sort out all the problems between him and sonakshi before Rithwik and sonakshi get married.
    What will be Dev’s decision bcoz he himself loves sonakshi and can’t live without her…

    So, its clear now that soon we all going to see Mamaji and dev’s sisters (neha, riya n nikki) will going to support Devakshi…
    So, I’m very glad and excited to see Devakshi reunion….

  6. Aaru


    |Registered Member

    Arey yaar, aaj ka episode shuru hua to main emotional thi..baad mein Ishwari ki nautanki dekh k mera khoon khaul gya..abbe o!! Pagal aurat!! Dev 27 yrs ka ho gya h, ab bhi uski shaadi ki umar nhi hui!! To kya uski shaadi 72 ki age mein karogi..I bet, ye sanki aurat is zindagi mein Dev ki shaadi nhi hone degi.. ek to Devakshi ka breakup ho gya, Ishwari ki wajah se..upar se BESHARAM aurat, Sonakshi k liye rishte dhoondh rhi h!! Aaj Radha Rani ne uske muh pe bol diya,”ab aap Dev ki shaadi to karwaengi nhi, to bangalan ke liye ladka dhoondh rhi h”..aur Ishwari ye bhi kehti h ki ladka aisa waisa nhi hona chahiye. Sundar, padha-likha hona chahiye. Sonakshi bohot acchhi ladki h..matlab Sona acchhi h, but mujhe nhi pasand wo alag baat h..N ek tarah se dekha jaye to kyu nhi dhoondhe accha ladka, Sonakshi ne Dev ko pasand kiya tha..matlab uski choice bohot acchhi h!! But Dev high level ka h, Sona ko Dev nhi milega..yehi sochti h na aap, aunty ji!!

    Aaj ke baad, ek baat to clear h, Dev kabhi bhi Santara nhi khaega πŸ˜‚

    Guys, maine kahin pe padha h, ki Dev Sona aur ritwik ja rishta tudwane ki koshish krega. Agar aisa hua to bohot maza ayega. Yaad hai, kaise usne Sona n Kushal ka rishta tudwaya tha!! Kya kya jhoot nhi bola tha Dev ne!! Is baar bhi agar waisa hua to bohot maza ayega!!

  7. Chanpreet0815


    |Registered Member

    Really emotional episode. Mujhe toh dev ki glti bilkul bhi nhi lgti becoz he us in so much pain. Or kya uss faisle se dev khush tha. Bilkul nhi. Saari galti ishwari ki h. I just hate ishwari

  8. Aaru


    |Registered Member

    Neha will support Dev n Sona n will try to convince Ishwari, but Ishwari will ask her to stay out of d matters of HER HOUSE!!wat d hell does she mean by her house??

    Atlast mamaji muh kholenge, n Ishwari ko samjhaenge. Mamaji jab bhi bolte h, Devakshi ki duniya badal jati h.. jab hospital mein bole, ki Ishwari ko Sonakshi, as bahu, pasand nhi h, to Devakshi Dev aur Sonakshi ban gye. N I’m sure ki aage bhi mamaji hi bolenge, n Dev aur Sonakshi ko phir se Devakshi bana denge. I jst hope aisa hi ho.

  9. Erina

    I missed today epi but really thanks ma for update. Feeling bad for devakshi pta nhi ur kya kya dekhna baki h inke vapas ek hone tk. But seriously guzz i think krpkab and edkv follow each other in both show same track is going on. In edkv separation, then new guz enter in suman life then sharavan try to commit suicide and finally That guz set his mind to reunite them. So what u think same will happen in krpkab. I think its going to be same but note that its my personal feeling nd thinking. What u all think?????

    • Neha

      Well Erina, I don’t watch EDKV but yeah I know the current story of EDKV coz I always watch SBS on ABP and SBAS on INDIA TV…..So, I also Think that there’s a similarity between both the show…but villains are different in EDKV Ramnath father of shravan and in KRPKAB Ishwari mother of Dev….Story is similar…

  10. Priya9876


    |Registered Member

    Aansu to tabhi aa chuke the aanko me jab dev ko recording data nhi mila,,,, aur fir aaya ye sad song tab tak too eyes red v ho chuke the but jb dev ne orange shirt nikalaaaaaaaaa………….. Aansu bas girte chale gaye……bas girte chale gaye……..bas girte chale gaye….. Today m
    Speachless to share my feelings…. Its really tough for me…..

  11. Sonal


    |Registered Member

    Yaar break up karwane tak to sahi tha..But searching a groom for Sona, Ishwari is playing cheap tricks now.She is getting cheaper than GKB and Vicky.
    Jab bhi Ishwari ki shakal apne TV p dekhti hun to man karta hai ki TV ko phod du..She is too much.
    I so hope ki Dev ko sab pata chal jaaye apni is so-called ISHWAR rupi Ishwari Maa k baare me.
    She is spoiling the show,mujhe laga tha break up baad wo shaant bath jaayegi but she is not willing to stop..I hope she gets lost somewhere.

  12. Shalini

    Arey baaprey baap……ishwariji is playing safe ha…πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    Like kisi ko pata na chale k yeh rishta mene bhijwaya h….😠
    Bhai aunty tu aisa kar k tere bete ko kaat ke kha jaa….😠😠
    Jinda lash to bana di h tune uski….dhorr kahi ki….😑😑
    Like i actually cried today looking at dev when he wore orange shirt…..😒😒
    Dev must have never felt tht helpless…..😒😒😣
    POOR BABY….😣😣
    Now the show should be named as KUCH RANG HELPLESSNESS KE AISE BHI…πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    • Lakshree

      ha ha ha πŸ™‚
      your title is superb shalini!!!!
      this is the most suitable title in the current track

  13. Shalini

    Bhai radharani tu kitna legi inki jindagi se bahar jaane ka….bata de tu mujhe to mein chanda ikkatha karna shuru karu tujhe dene k liye…. sab lele tu aur chalija behen inko chhod k….mat aag laga bai….mat kar…πŸ™πŸ™πŸ˜–

    • Priya9876


      |Registered Member

      Mai v hu contribution k liye….

      But aaj Gkb be bahut sahi chiz keh di ishwari k muh pe— aap too dev ki shadi kavi karengi nhi… Cheap ish ki sakal dekha,,, use litterally koi sharam nahi hai iss baat ki… Shameless

  14. dhanu

    I hate to c ishji even for 1sec. Though I knew it is serial but I’m crying seeing Dev&sona pain. Hope reunion happen too soon. Can’t c them separated. Hate Ish&gkb to the core.

  15. Lakshree

    Dear angel mama!!!!
    along with neha and her sisters please reunite devakshi as soon as possible….
    i can’t tolerate their pain anymore!!!
    this is my humble request….

  16. Devga


    |Registered Member

    Chk out the spoiler of 23rd…

    Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi:

    After Dev and Sonakshi’s breakup, Rithvik asks Sonakshi not to hurry up for marriage. He advises her to take some time off from her routine, and then take the big decision of her life. Rithvik tells her that he has no problem if she needs time, he will support her in whatever she decided. But Sonakshi is firm on her decision to go ahead with marriage.

    πŸ™ nothng to typ… If i typ thn my fingers wil ache as i hv tht much anger to ish….

  17. vini

    How cheap ishwari….hate from the core …. Felling for dev and sonakshi hope they will unite soon…

  18. anj

    hahha…….ishvari se achi muje radharani lag rahi hey……… wo ithne bhi chalaak nahi hey…….
    koyi competition chal rahi hey kya………?!!😁

  19. HarSHaN


    |Registered Member

    Frndzz!!ystrd 2nd time of chance for seeing Dev’s Sandwich preparation for Sona…n the 1st dream of DevShi..n also chance of seeing the original epi too..Old is Gold..Wish the track again..

  20. Ganga

    Directors khelenge…….. Audience Dheke….. 😞 😞 kounu Jan serial me kya ho…… 😑😱

  21. Beth

    Please change the latest track…….. lyrics is ok but the tune and the singer is very bad.How can the makers do this ………after such good songs (that too original) how they torture us with such bacd song.My whole mood was spoilt …..even changed the channel till the song was over.Dont you agree guys .

  22. Chanpreet0815


    |Registered Member

    Priya u r right. That orange shirt part was vry much emotional. i hope so that ritvik will understand dev and sona’s relation and easily leaves sona. I know it will hurt him. But afterall devakshi are made for each other.

  23. Chanpreet0815


    |Registered Member

    Guys do u have new sad song of krpkab. Jo abhi thode dino se serial me chl raha h. Guy if u have then plzz send me the link. This song is vry beautiful

    • Bhoomi


      |Registered Member

      OMGGGG!!!!! Dev to commit suicide…
      Hey bhagwan ye kya ho raha hai… Pehle Ishwari ab Dev 😨…. Jaisi ma waisa beta… Pehle mane suicide attempt kiya aur ab bete ki bari πŸ˜₯

      • Sneha

        Sach mein yaar… Dev mein itne guts to hai nahi ki apni maa ko jakar samjhaye ki wo kya chahta h apni jindgi mein….
        Suicide attempt krke bechari sona ko aur dukhi karega…

    • Shalini

      Aae bhai dusre bohot saare options h… ye kya kar ra h tu… 😒😒

      Maa k kadamo ko follow mat kar dada…

  24. Blink

    Yessss! Dev becomes a detective following Sona everywhere! Very interesting track! Should be good! Waiting for that! Bechara” Dumbo” ! Feeling bad to see that the fellow is in pain! But Ritwik seems to be a positive nice character too!Going to get Very interesting!!!!!

  25. Bhoomi


    |Registered Member

    Hello everyone….
    Saw todays SBS ???? Dev to become a jasus….. He will follow Sona everywhere….. Sona also feels that Dev is near but ignors because of ritwik…

  26. Sneha

    Yaar its so difficult to see Dev crying …. I m feeling like.. to go and console him that everything will be OK.
    & now Dev is going to hurt himself by breaking a glass in his hand .. n this suicide thing…
    too difficult to see our love birds in this pain….
    Koi samjhaye ishwari ko ki pyar baantne se badta hai…

  27. Neha

    Dev to rethink about his breakup decision with sonakshi :
    In the coming episode of krpkab, Dev will be really upset with Rithwik and sonakshi marriage and mamaji will console him. Mamaji’s words will apperently works and dev starts to rethink about his breakup decision with sonakshi before its too late…

    On the other hand, dev will be restless and he really wants to help sonakshi and meet her.. However sonakshi wants to move on,dev’s interference in her life will irritate her. Hence, she warns dev to stay away from her, at that time dev’s eyes full of tears…

    And the other twist is Rithwik starts liking sonakshi…. In the coming episode, Rithwik- sonakshi’s alliance is arranged marriage. Rithwik starts liking sonakshi from first few meetups ! Well, dev watch Rithwik- sonakshi together and he will turn furious. Let’s see what dev will do other than crying…….

  28. Blink

    Mr Diksheeet, jis bande se itna jalan ho raha hein , woh apki ma great Ishwariji ki contribution hey! Ab yeh raaz apke samne ana chahiye! Sona ke liye Ritwik babu!!! Kya GKB thru Neha yeh raaz Dev taak pouchaigee??? Kya kehte hey saab?

    • Priya9876


      |Registered Member

      Mujhe to nhi lagta ki dev itni jaldi pata chal payega… Aur suppose pata chal v gya too idont think ki Dev mahaan aatma maa ko kuch bhi kahega ya use bura feel hoga
      … Dev – meri maa ne kiya hoga to kuch soch kar hi kiya hoga…
      Jb galat chiz ko support krte hue dekhti hu too lagta hai dev sare baal noch lu….
      Socho takla shaheer kaisa dikhega….

  29. Priya9876


    |Registered Member

    Soo many girls here jo keh rahi thi, badaa maja aaye ga break up track dekh kar…… Too kaun h jo sachhi enjoy kar raha h**** aur kaun h jo actually roye 😭 ja raha hai?????
    Share ur feelings frnds…..

    • Neha

      Hi Priya, even I dot want to see Devakshi breakup but when it happened I thought that may be after the seperation Dev’s restlessness and his jealousy will make him to patchp with sonakshi but after knowing about upcoming twist I think the makers are dragging this track too long….bcoz when I saw 1st promo (when show wasn’t started) its seems that their love life will not be so easy as we thought….but now I realise that Rithwik character will go for long…its not in our hand, so let’s see what happens next may be I was wrong but its my opinion…..like other fan’s I want Devakshi back…

    • Shalini

      I thought k maza aayega but eventually rona hi aa raha h….koi maje ni aaye…khatam karo ye sab fatafat….aur priya takla karogi tum dev ko ha..???πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
      All the female fans of shaheer will come to beat you after tht including me…πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  30. Blink

    Mujhe to bilkul achha nahi laga break up and Ishwari’s rubbish! Par jaab Dev andha hoke Ma Ma kar raha tha tab mujhe laga breakup ho jaye! Dev ka innocent looks fir jaadu kar deta hey!! Bechara lagta hey. I hate Ishwari ! GKB and Ishwari dono iss ladke ka zindagi haram karke choda!
    Priya , abhi nahee lekin kabhi na kabhi yeh GKB yeh astra use karegi situation dekh ke! Shayed baad mein becoz she is the only one who knows about Ishwari fixing up a match for Sona.
    Anyways yeh Ritwik to cute laag raha hey udhar book ke peeche muh chupake Dumbo ban gaya detective

  31. Blink

    Iss site pe kisi ne mujhe ” Dada” bola! Mein ” Female” hoon for your kind information!! Dev ko leke jo marzi karo bhai par please meri gender mat chedo yeh request hey!!!!

      • Pooja

        You said you know Hindi??? you dont know English neither……bcz you said I am chennai……you south indian should learn our national language Hindi so someone comes from north india for visit dont have to phase this language barrier..

  32. Shalini

    What i think is tht k they should not show this suicide attempt of dev…bcoz by this sequence they will lose the dignity of the character and the show too…😐
    It will look like he’s so weak tht he could not handle the situation and thus tried to quit…..
    Instead they should make him more and more obodhro and thoda maar peet batana chahiye dev aur rithwik ki…πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  33. Blink

    Dont worry be haapy!!!!
    Maar peet shayed hoga Ritwik ke saath ekbaar ! Meine kahin pada yah to youtube mein dekha!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  34. Blink

    I think the serial has gone into Suicide mode by every character taking turns! First Ishwari. Now we hear Dev! Next Neha??? When is Sona’s turn I wonder??πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”
    They are taking turns!!!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    • Shalini

      Sona’s turn will never come..she is the strongest….wo ro legi, lad legi… par yeh bakwass kaam kabhi nhi karegi….
      I want to be like “SONA”…
      #LOVE YOU SONA…😍😚😚

      • Priya9876


        |Registered Member

        haa sona isliye strong h bcz uski family uske support me hai…. but dev k sath koi v nhi h not a single person jisse wo ek v feelings share kar sake….

      • Shalini

        Not a single person kahan yaar priya…??
        the great MAMAJI he na…wo help karenge humare poor cry baby ki…πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  35. dhanu

    Dev will not commit suicide. He will break glass in anger. It will cut his hand.no suicide. Dev is not coward.

  36. Blink

    Ishwaris nonsense should stop! Stretching it too much! Either make her character positive again or send her on a vacation! She needs a break! May be to Indonesia as Devakshi was there! She should take time off from being nasty!!!!πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”
    Fanclub what do u say ????

  37. Esme


    |Registered Member

    Whott writers made sona celebrate her 27 th birthday without Dev not good….very bad….now protagonists are 27 years old.

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