Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 21st October 2016 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 21st October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ishwari with family eagerlys wait for Dev and Saona. Nikki says bhabhi/Sona messaged that their car broke down and they will come only in the morning. She jokes it is like 2 hearts are meeting silently hiding. Ishwari gets very jealous.

Sona and Dev’s romance continues. Sona leans on Dev’s shoulder and says I love you Dev. He says I love too Sonakshi. He lifts her and takes to a special tent made for them and drops her on bed. He draws all curtains and looks at her romantically. Kuch rang pyar ke aishe bhi……song..plays in the background. Sona hugs him and moves. He hugs her from behind. They both sit on bed and look into each other’s eyes. Their romance continues. They consummate. Song continues in the background.


comes out of her room at midnight and sees Ishwari sitting on dining chair. She asks Ishwari to go and sleep and stop waiting for bhaiya and bhabhi. Ishwari says she is not getting sleep and asks her to and sleep instead.

In the morning, Sona opens eyes and sees Dev setting in front of her. He says good morning Mrs. Dixit. She says good morning and asks if he woke up so early. He says he felt as if he was sleeping for ages and woke up just now and thanks her. She says no need for thanks, she did it even for her. They both smile.

Ishwari serves breaskfast to family. Vicky asks her to prepare food as Sona does not prepare food well. Mamaji asks what….Dev and Sona come and tell their car broke down. Rhea smiles and asks Sona to come and sit. Ishwari says Dev he should have phoned and informed her. He says she is worrying unnecessarily. Dev and Sona sit for breakfast. Dev says they are going for honeymoon to Pari. Family gets happy hearing that. Radha says it must be in Gujrath. Mamaji laughs and says it is in France. Ishwari asks for how many days. Dev says 15 days. Mamaji says it is good, he will get free from his work for some days and asks to bring pics, he will see Paris via pics. Sona Neha gets jealous and gets up. Ishwari asks to sit. Neha says she is not hungry nd says Dev she is happy for him. Dev says he will bring gifts for everyone. Nikki gets excited. Neha asks not to bring anything for her and leaves. Radha asks to bring sari for her. Rhea says they won’t get saris in Paris, she should order some western outfit. Ishwari gets jealous. Dev touches her and Radha’s feet.

At night, Sonna sees Ishwari waiting for Dev. She asks her to go and sleep. Ishwari says she should go and sleep as she must be tired after traveling. Sona says she likes waiting for her husband. Ishwari says she is habituated to wait for her son. Dev comes and smiles at Sona. He asks Ishwari if she did not sleep yet. Ishwari says she will go and rest now. Dev holds Sona and she says arey….Dev… Ishwari gets jealous seeing this and walks towards her room sadly.

Ishwari in her dark room thinks Dev cannot stay without her, she knows him, he does not like staying away from her. She reminisces Dev’s childhood when he goes for school competition and says he cannot even stay away from her for 6 hours, how will he stay away from her for 48 hours, this time he is going, next time, he will take her along. She comes out of flashback and thinks when he could not go away for 2 days, how will he go away from her for 15 days. Dev comes and asks if she did not sleep yet. She says she was about to sleep. He asks her to sleep and leaves.

Dev goes to his room next and gets romantic with Sona. Sona runs and says he cannot catch her. He corners her towards wall and says with love anything can happen. Their romance continues.

Precap: Ishwari scolds Dev that he is looking only at Sona and his happiness, he did not think once before discuss about his honeymoon plan to Neha and did not think that even she has a dream of going on a honeymoon.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Priya9876

    OMG! ‘Divorce’ drama

    Well…well… folks…hold on to your horses. Don’t read too much into the headline.
    We are not talking about your favourite jodi Dev and Sonakshi’s divorce.
    So relax guys!!
    The makers of KRPKAB has something exciting coming up for its viewers.
    Audience is already aware that Neha is upset with her in-laws and is back in the Dixit house. The girl is facing some tough time in her marriage with Ranveer.
    In the upcoming episode, fans will witness divorce drama of Neha and Ranveer. Amidst Diwali celebration, Neha will realise that she can’t continue with the conjugal and would want to move ahead in life. Hence, she will decide to seek divorce from Ranveer. After learning about Neha’s decision, the entire family will get shocked.
    How Dev will manage to save her sister’s wedding is what
    viewers will have to watch.

    1. Devga

      Bakwaas twist ….I miss ranveer bfr marriage he had a gud role …nwa days y he is nt shown …..

      1. Priya9876

        but atleast kuch time k liye too Devakshi k upar Talvaar to nhi latak rahi hogi naa……..
        Bhagwaan kare divorce naa ho ar ye apne ghar wapas chale jaye… Bcz isk BATMEEZI wale words mujhse bilkul bardast nhi hote….

        muhh kholti h to mann karta h 2 chapet laga du….RUDE kahin ki…..

  2. Junee

    Typo: hesitate and not gesitate

  3. Wow supr dev and sona……ishwari hate the name

  4. Asmita...

    What happened to MA ?????

    MA is writing such detailed update…. ????????

    Is MA alright ????? Or suffering ftom KRPKAB FEVER like us ?????


    1. Priya9876

      looks like she is also more n more excited…???

    2. Junee

      Good one Asmita!???

    3. Junee

      Asmita ek cheez batao! Woh private msg option mey click karne par bhi msg kyu nahee khol rahe hey????? Any idea???

      1. Asmita...

        May b some prblm in TU… Try aftr some tym… Or…. Once log out thn agn log in….

  5. Wow!dev and sona r finally made forever ✌✌✌????❤???????….

  6. Priya9876

    My god!!!!!!! kitne sare krpkabins missing hai????????

  7. Aila

    hi guys…. m angel…. can someone tell me what happened to neha and ranveer’s relation??

  8. Priya9876

    Dont u think Guys,,, Ria ko hum sab ki tarf se lots of gifts milne chaiye??????

  9. Priya9876

    @ Manya bachaaa!!!!!

    Teri to loterry lag gyi,,,,,, sare shows pe Ranbir hi Ranbir n Kapil show pe 2 din,, sat sun both…not bad..ha??????

    Mazze h yaaar tere too……But m happy 4 u…..Enjoy ur Ranbir weekend………

    1. Manya

      Sorry for not commenting before and thanks and yeah I am enjoying my Ranbir weekend Main saare dekhna chahti thi but kuch miss Ho gye bcoz timings clash Ho Rahi hain but koi Na I will watch them online

      1. Priya9876

        yup. youtube baba is allways 4 us…….

  10. Priya9876

    weekend pg pe BURI NAZAR lag gyi h yaar last week se comment hi nhi aate…… what happn????????

    Diwali safai me busy????????

    1. Junee

      Priya meree favourite scene is when Sona says Dadibua kitnee funny way mey bolti hey ” Bahuriya”” aur Dev says funny kyu cute hey” Bahuriya Lalee””! Superb throw of dialogues! I keep watching it from time to time!???

      1. Priya9876

        ohh yeah woo bohot acha tha..:) 🙂

  11. Junee

    Good morning All! ????☀️☀️Have a great Sunday KRPKAB ians!!!????

    1. Neha1

      Good morning to all my friends and all Devakshi fan’s..

    2. NagaraniPandiyan

      Good Morning Junee dear

  12. Neha1

    I like yesterday episode… finally Devakshi spend some quality time without any disturbance…. lovely episode….??????
    Don’t wanna say about Pisswari…. She will never change and she’s ready to cancelled Devakshi honeymoon…. cheap lady Pisswari..

  13. https://youtu.be/uRT7i6wNnwg
    Diwali celebration in KRPKAB

  14. Priya9876

    Dev takes care of Sonakshi in diwali….


    hey shaheer ne wo purple wali serwani pehen rakhi hai,,,,jise sangeet pe chng kara diya tha……..

    And sona Again in pink color

  15. Priya9876

    @ preet,,
    here is d link of BIKE RIDE clip——


  16. Manya

    Sorry for not commenting before was busy I had to complete all my homework and Diwali is coming so safaai and phir raat Ko saare shows dekhne hote hai bcoz Ranbir aa raha hain Na and phir jo miss Ho jaaye the bcoz of clash in timings use online dekhna hota tha and Padhai bhi Karbi hoti thi?
    DEVAKSHI scenes bahut mast the❤️?????????????????
    But Ishwari Kya chahti hai ki devakshi use honeymoon pe bhi le jaaye apne aap hi dimaag mein Khiyali pulav bana rahi hai ki Dev uske Bina nhi reh paayega??

  17. Bachra Dev Honeymoon cancel kr damn GA Neha or ama ki vaja sa

  18. Neha1

    Good morning to all…
    Nobody is missing me…?

    1. Hii Neha…. Very good mrng dear

      How r u feeling now…..
      Don’t say dat dear…… We r ll missing u dear………

    2. NagaraniPandiyan

      We really really missed u……..

  19. Hiii friends very Sweet morning ??????

    Asmitha.. Priya…. Neha…. Devga…. Chanpreet…. Manya….. Subhashini…. Nagarani….. Shalini…. Junee….. Latha…. Sneha….. ND all

    1. Sneha1

      Good morning Ganga and to all my KRPKABian friends….

    2. NagaraniPandiyan

      Happy Morning Ganga…..

  20. Sneha1

    Hi all.. Hope u all missed me during weekend… I miss u all like anything…. I became Bua this week.. My brother is blessed with a baby girl so was enjoying the new member’s entry in our family….

    1. OHHHH….. It’s really good…… Congrats Sneha “BUA”???

      1. Thanks dear 🙂

    2. NagaraniPandiyan

      Wow…. Good news……

  21. Sneha1

    Coming back to the last episode…
    episode was fantastic… SR was restricted to very limited scenes…I felt like i m seeing some romantic movie scenes back of 80s…
    I just wish to see some heart to heart convo between the couple.. If Dev shows how important Sona is for him…
    Some more heart touching scenes… May be a longer hug.. a forehead kiss.. a cheek kiss… Sona losing herself in Dev’s arms… Dev snuggling himself in Sona’s nape…
    A bear hug… Sona shying away from proximity… Dev holding her hand firmly and Sona comes crashing to Dev’s chest….
    But chalo jitna dikhaya.. Utna hi achha tha….
    Hum to thehre true Devakshi Fan… jo CVs dikhaye.. utne mein hi khush…..

    1. Priya9876

      yeahh u r right….

  22. Shared by our Lovable hero ?

    पति: मैच वाला चैनल लगाओ।
    पत्नी: नहीं लगाउंगी।
    पति:??? देख लूंगा।
    पत्नी: ??? क्या देख लोगे??
    पति: ???यही चैनल जो तुम देख रही हो???

  23. Sneha1

    But precap… Horrible…
    Jaan le le ishwari.. bechare Dev ki… Use khush mat hone dena…
    Mujhe to lagta hai ki dev ko guilty feel krwa kr ishwari ko saddistic pleasure milta hai… terrible woman…
    Koi apne bete ko aise torture karta hai kya….

    Koi dev ki aankhen kholo.. use sachhai dikhao.. so that wo ishwari ka asli chehra pehchan jaye…

  24. Sneha1

    I just want to have some more memorable dialouges like…
    Confession. … which holds an all time favourite and bestest dialogue… ” I love you as a man loves a woman”.

    neha’s marriage scene – iss chehre pr mera sab kuch hai…

    Their rock on chemistry – Pyar haq deta hai Sonakshi.. aur mein tumse bahut pyar krta hu…

    1. Awesome chemistry between both of dem……

      Car driving wala scene…..

      Dev mirchi khane wala scene…..

      After Neha marriage Sona Dev ko Dev ND Neha ka collage gift karne wala scene…..

      Dev said to Sona :Aap ko apne pass rakhne ke liye Aap ke saath rahne ke liye mujhe jo karna padega vo karunga……. Superb haina

      Sona said to Dev :Aap mere liye ithne important Ho chuki Ho Aap ki alawa mujhe aur koyi hurt nahi karenge…

      Ritwick ND Sona ki sagai me :Aap Ms.Bose…. Bahuth strong Ho…. Mei ithana strong nahi hu isliye inki (alcohol) Sahara leke aagaya…

      Ritwick ne Dev se kaha ki kuch chhaiye kya….. Thab Dev ne mujhe chhaiye tho vo sirf Aap hi dhe sakthe… Dev ND Sona ka expression killing

      Harey yaar ithni saare killing… Loving. . Romantic…. Dialogues hei yaar……. Mad mad mad mad mad mad maddddddddddd about them reallllllyyyyyyy ??????

      1. seriously yaar

      2. Priya9876

        congratulatios Sneha……

  25. Gud evng Darlings ??

  26. https://youtu.be/y1kN3_Ih69Q

    Good news for us……take a look in it ?

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