Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 21st March 2016 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 21st March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Dev scolds Sona for allowing Ishwari to eat spicy food. She says aunty did not listen to her. He shouts she failed as a doc and if she would have shown this adamancy to mom, she would not have eaten spicy food and gotten ill. Dr. Saxena told she is best doc, but he is wrong. Sona says he offered her this job and she did not request him, so he can hire another doc if he likes. She leaves from there sadly while continues fuming.

Sona’s guests get tired of waiting for her for a long time and leave commenting Sona’s family that when Sona is so busy in her job, how will she handle family, they will have to wait for her endlessly. Sona reaches home late murmuring Dev did wrong. Mom says she did wrong by making guests wait and says because of her, they were insulted.

Dad silently sits on sofa without reacting. Mom asks him to scold Sona. He mimics. Mom smiles and asks him not to make her smile. She continues scolding Sona. Dad consoles Sona and says she was scolded even earlier, but today she looks more sad, what is the reason. Sona tells hiim how Dev scolded her.

Dev tells mom that he is angry on Sona as she let her eat spicy food and get ill. Mom after a bit of reminsicing old days tells it is her mistake and not Sona. He says he does not know if Sona will come back tomorrow or not. Mom says it is good if she does not come back, he will save his hard earned money. He says she fed everyone, even sona, but not him. She takes him to dining table and feed him from her hands. She asks him to get holi shaguns for his sisters. Dev reminisces his childhood says when his friends throw holi on him and taunt that he always wears uniform. Dev goes and complains his mom. Mom says she will wash his uniform like and new one.

In the morning, Ria and Anjali ask Dev to give their gifts. He gives them gifts and then goes to Neha’s room to give gift. She gets angry seeing him. He gives her gift and sees English tution pamphlet in her hand. Ria and Anjali come and insist to go out and play holi. Mom does not permit them, but Dev permits saying his friend will be with them. They ask him if he will not play holi. He says no and he is going to club for a business lunch with foreign clients. Once he leaves, mom feels sad that she did not let Dev play holi since 26 years.

Sona starts playing holi and throws color on mom via window. Mom scolds and Daadi taunts with a song. Sona enters kitchen, picks chilli powder bottle and asks mom to smile, else she wll not give bottle. Mom says she has many other bottle. Sona trying to cheer up mom burns her hand by holding hot kadai. Mom gets worried and applies ice. Sona says it is on opposite side. Mom smiles finally.

Precap: Dev gets stuck in traffic jam where Saurab and Sona are playing holi with their friends. Dev comes out of car. Sona comes running to throw holi on him thinking he is someone else, but stops seeing his face.

Update Credit to: MA

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