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Hi guys…. i seriously feel that this detailed update is not doing goid, thatsy i don’t get comments on this. And without a good amount of comments i dont feel writing at all. I neither beg for your comments nor force you. But my write ups Compltly depend upon it.

Now here is the detailed update for today’s episode –

Dev & sona in car –
S- mr. Dixit, mujhe pata nai tha ki aap old fashioned hain.
D- old fashioned ?
S- Haan, gift dene ke liye aap earings lekar aaye the.
D-haan, pehle maine socha ki kuch esa gife karu jo aapke kaam aa sake, mixer grinder ya weighing machine phir socha old fashioned hi thik hai. (Stupid dev?)
S?- thank god aap old fashioned hain.
D- wo kya hai na, apko dekhta hoon humesha jhumke bdlti rehti hain, wahi earings jhumke, to mujhe laga aapko achche lagte pasand aate.
S- wow, aap mere earings bhi notice karte ho.
D?- aapke bare mein to main sab kuch notice karta hoon.
Both smile.
S- mr. Dixit, achcha hua aap jewelry laye the…. tarika purana hai but kaam aaj bhi karta hai.
D- to aap maan gayi.
S- aapne ita effort dala hai, yahi kafi hai.
D- to matlb ab aapko gift nahi chahiye.
S- i don’t know. Pehli baar boyfriend bana hai na to Jab gift milta hai to pata nahi kesa lagta hai, i can just imagine.
D- here you go again kar fi typical ladkiyon wali baat. Abhi kaha ki gift nahi chahiye phir keh rahi ho ki pata nahi shayad chahiye.
S- mr. Dixit, aapko to har baat samjh mein aati hai to bataiye ki mujhe kya chahiye?
Dev thinks.
D- umm… pata nahi, aapko jhumke diye the to phir jhumke la dunga.
S- kar di aapne typical ladko wali baat. Aapko to har cheez ek problem lagti hai na, jiska aap solution dhundhna chahte ho. Mr. Dixit, har problem ka solution aapke paas nahi hota. Ok ?
D- dekhiye aapko jhumke pasand hain to main aapko jhumke hi le dunga.
S- ese to mujhe chand, tare, badal, barish dab pasand hai to wo bhi le denge ?
D – Haan
S?- mr. Dixi, deb bas aapka naam hai, aap koi real god nahi hain. Pata hai main jab chhoti thi aur kabhi bhi barish hoti thi to main barish me jakar naachti thi. Esa kiye pata nahi kitne saal ho gaye.
Dev looks into his phone and they comt to sona’s house.
D- aapka ghar aa gaya.
S- wow aapne notice kiya. Mujhe to laga ki aap apne phone me itne busy ho ki aapne realize hi nahi kiya.
D- wo main….
S- tumi ekdum impossible.
D- kya hua?
S- aap meri baat se pareshan lag rahe ho, mr. Dixit, mujhe sach me wo gift bahot achcha laga.
D- ok
S- abhi aapne mujhe gift na dene mi bharpaai kar di. Main chalti hu.
They get out of the car. Sona moves and suddenly it starts raining.
Is tarah se tu aaya hai mujhme song plays. They both enjoy rain and dance too.
Dev laughs a lot while enjoying and dancing.

Dixit house –
All 3 sisters talk about the changed behavior of dev and laugh. Bhabhi comes and as always poke her nose into the matter and starts thinking that something is fishy. ( ?james bond mami)

Dev & sona on video call –
S- aap lucky hain, aapki pehli gift to barish ke ropp me ho gayi, Ab dekhte hain ki baki ki 2 gifts kese honge.
D- ye aur 2 gifts kisliye?
S- umm… jese jinny hota hai na 3 wish grant karta hai wese hi sorry ke 3 gifts.
D- esa thodi na hota hai.
S- iska mtlb aap gift nahi dena chahte.
D- maine esa kab kaha.
S- to done.
D- kya?
S- aapne video call ke liye trim kiya hai?
D- nahi, main kyun trim karunga ?
S- jhooth.
D- nahi.
S- to wo trimmer kya aapke bed par so raha hai??
Dev is caught and feels shy, spna laughs. Dev finds someone hiding behind sona.
D- aap mujhe ese kyun dekh rahe ho?
D- aapke peeche koi hai.
Its none other than our Elena.
Dev hesitates and disconnects the video call.?
Elena teases sona.
Dev texts sona that he will leave office tomorrow early so he will meet her in the evening.

Next day –
Dev’s offlice –
Ranveer comes angrily and argues with dev about the job offer. Dev tells him that he is just trying to help. Dev tries to explain but ranveer does not listen and leaves angrily.

Dixit house –
All are sitting on dining table and talking. And the talk ends on dev’s marriage. Ishwari feels uncomfortable and asks them to end the topic.
Sona comes and gives her tablet and food. Ishwari considets sona as a family member but mami refuses.

Bose house –
Asha & bejoy’s argument regarding novel’s story.

Neha & ranveer in park –
They both argue about dev’s officer. They botj stick on their views. They both are stubborn. Nobody tries to understand. Again ranveer leaves.

Dixit house –
In the evening dev comes and wants to talk to sona about something. Suddenly something goes in sona’s eye. She panics and more than her dev panics.
D- aankhe kholo.
S-kese kholu
D- mujhe dekho
Sona opens her eyes and starts at dev. Dev cups her fave and blows in her eyes.

Ishwari is about to come in kitchen.

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