Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 21st July 2017 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 21st July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Dev plays football with Golu and Soha. Sona comes. Golu asks him to pass ball to big chi. Dev leaves. Golu asks Sona why did Big cha leave, if he hurt her. Sona says no, he loves us all and cannot hurt anyone. Golu asks her to play with them. Vicky gets Thakkar’s message if he is afraid of his elder brother and is hiding. Sona tells Elena that she cannot understand Dev, he follows her everywhere, till she is at home he is fine, once she steps out, he follows her. Elena says she asked Vicky to follow her facebook page, but he did not tell now. Vicky hears their conversation and thinks it is good if Dev is behind bengalan, he can do his work peacefully.

Dev wakes up in the morning and looking at Sona’s note smiles and says I love you too. He sees it is already 12

noon and runs calling her. Vicky sees him and scolds driver why did he give brakeless car to Sona. Dev hears that and rushes in his bike. He sees a scooty girl fallen on road and Sona helping her. He worriedly asks Sona if she is fine, how did she apply brakes. Sona says brakes her fine and girl slipped and fell, so she was helping him. Girl’s boyfriend thanks Sona for help. Dev scolds Sona that she will not go out without informing him.

Vicky speaks to hacker and asks if he does not crack Dev’s laptop password, he will hire someone else. Hacker says Dev himself has designed security system, but he has created temporary password for 1 hour. Vicky copes Dev’s software from laptop on a pendrive.

Dev walks home with Sona and goes to his room. Elena asks Sona if she returned because of Dev. Sona says Dev is becoming problem for her and his over possessiveness will create a problem for her, it is not healthy for their relationship. Dev returns and hears that. Elena sees him and leaves. Dev angrily leaves and Sona walks behind him. Dev reaches Ishwari’s room and leaning on her lap asks. Ishwari says she knows what is happening between him and Sona and says Sona’s love is like a lake, constant and stable; his love is like a river, it is immense and cannot be held.

Vicky boasts that Dev does not have anything left now and his idea is stolen now. He hears Dev’s employees walking in and hides behind table. They keep important file and walk out..

Sourav forces Ronita to drink lots of water so that she can test home pregnancy kit. Ronita runs to washroom. Sourav nervously waits and says he is feeling weird. Bejoy asks what weird and scolds that he forced Ronita to drink so much water. Ronita returns and says pregnancy test is positive. They all jump in excitement and group hug.

Sona tries to speak Dev. Dev say he does not want to, he does not know if she really loves him or not. She says she does. He says he loves her without any expectations and loves 24 x 7, but she thinks by brain and not heart, for her it is just a business, what if he is in trouble. She says she will. He says she will first analyze situation and then will think what to do next. He walks out angrily while she stands silently.

Next morning, Elena cleans Vicky’s cupboard and finds pen drive in an envelope. Dev in sleeps keeps his hand on Sona. Sona smiles. Dev wakes up and seeing her smiling angrily walks out. He does exercise with Vicky and says he is unable to concentrate on work nowadays. Vicky says he can understand he is worried about bhabhi, don’t know why she is going out and working so much. Dev says he is thinking of fixing a meeting with department HODs as he does not want them to relax, he feels someone is stealing data from office and if he finds him, he will not spare him, asks Vicky to keep an eye. Vicky thinks whatever Dev tries, he will steal data. They both sit fo breakfast. Sona serves them breakfast. Elena comes and asks Vicky what is in pendrive. He angrily scolds her and leaves snatching pendrive. Elena says what wrong she did. Dev comments that sometimes we kind of overreact and expect a lot from others, which they should not, asks Sona if he is right and walks away.

Precap: Sona says without asking her, he raised so many questions on her love. He says she forced him. She says there is nothing to prove in love. Dev says what he can do, why she cannot do it. She says she has to hold emotions for him and if she has to 1000 times she will do even that.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Yesterday’s epi was very emotional.
    Dev’s way of confessing his love for Sona was weird,but it was the words from his heart.
    I remember the first promo of KRPKAB “kya pate hain aur kya khote hain jab dilon ke faisle bhi dimag se hote hain”
    Sona has become more mature in these 7 years,else she would have cried yesterday hearing Dev’s words.
    Weekends are really boring without KRPKAB?

  2. Dear KRPKABians, whatever happens or whatever twists they r showing, I love each and every episode.Everybody has their own ways to deal the matter.our thinkings,opinion may differ for the same matter.sometimes it seems right or wrong
    to others but at the same time we thought that we r doing it in the right way.we cant blame others for their perspectives.am l right or not? Our show is like that.It is dealing with different shades of love.We can see each characters from the show around us, like lovable over possessive parents-they interfere in each and everything in their children’s life whether they are young or grownup,married or not.Parents like ExGKB, who are not able to handle their children ,not giving good upbringing,believing blindly in their children’s attitude and behaviour.People like Mamaji, right person who can
    understand everybody’s feelings but keeping mum as they thought that it is good for all,or he is trying to give space to everybody’s views.Like Sona ,try to suppress feelings and move according to
    the brain,always try to think before
    leap.Like Asha ,Sourav, Dadi, Ronita as they support others, try to understand the situations and others feelings.Like helpless Eleena ,regretting lifelong for taking such a foolish decision to marry Vickey and adjust
    her life according to the situation.Like Vickey to whom money is the God and try all possible ways to snatch it from others instead of earning from hisown hardwork
    and truthfulness.Like Neha peeping into
    others life always instead of being happy with what actually she have, blaming others for whatever happening in her life.Like riya easily catchup things according to the situation.Like Nikki the most pampered child live according to her emotions.Bijoy baba short tempered, loving, caring ,possessive ,try to sort out problems in a quite different way.Dev struggling between his heart and brain, giving his 100% in all activities, whether it is business, family, love or hatred.Ranbeer, Bunty , Khatri,Malati and Kajal, Kushal roy and fmly,Ritwick and family,Nisha and fmlyand a lot of people with different shades or a miniature of our society are showing in our krpkab.I learned a lot from this show about the people, theirdifferent approaches in the same matter like that.This show is so close to the life nowadays.I love KRPKAB always whether I comment or not.

    1. Well said, every characters are different. Good and evil are part of a coin.

    2. what u said was really true…
      everybody has their own way.

  3. Neha1

    Dev loves Sona a lot but the way he loves her and cares for her is completely different…. and Sonakshi is mature and understanding but she must handle Dev quite differently…
    Good News, Ronita is pregnant….I love that part when Bijoy scolding Sourav for Ronita’s drinking lots of water..????

    Precap was interesting… waiting 4 Monday’s episode..!

    1. Ganga

      Helloo Neha….kaisi hi tum….

      I really love d bose family …..sourav nd ronita bi parents banne wali….nice to hear nd little funny bi….aur ek little bose ko dekhne ko milegi humsab ko…..

      1. Hiii Ganga, I’m good…How r u?? Good to see you back here…plz keep commenting yar…!

      2. Ganga

        Am good yaar….???

  4. Ganga

    Nice nd emotional episode…..

    Am waiting here my KRPKAB friends….plsss come back all……

  5. Ganga

    Dev Tumi ek dum IMPOSSIBLE…..

    PLSSSS Devakshi jaldi iss issue ko sortout karlo na…..

    Vicky ko hosh hudgaya….Dev ne kaamchori (kaam me chori) ke bare me bt ki na….Eleena bi na pendrive mili tho vnki 1 % bi doubt nahi aya na Vicky pe….Come-on elee keep it 2 eye’s on vicky……?

    Dev nd Ishwari ka convo first time mujhe achi lagi…..

    Emotional hei but at a same time realistic bi hei…..keep it up Total KRPKAB team

    1. Chanpreet0815

      Hii Ganga welcome back. And plzz Try to comment. sabko mai yahi keh tho hu.

      Hii Neha how r u?

      I m missing to all.

      Plzzz Guys comment kro.

      Priya bhi gaayab h.

      I don’t know sab kaha busy h.
      Ek toh comment kro.



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      Plzz COMMENT Kro Sab.

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      Bhoomi… Bala Chitra S… Bunny… Beth…Bipasha Bhattacharya…Bb…Biby…
      Chandra… Chari…Chinnu
      Devga… Dhanu… Dibya… Dolly… DevSona… Dhira…
      Esme… Erina… Erika…
      Ibtesam… Ishita… Iswarya… Indradev… Imran Shah Jillani… Iswarya Santosh… Ishram…
      Junee… Juhi…
      Kitty… Kaarnuha… Kiran Kumari… Kaya… Karnika… Kalpana… Kittu…
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      Sab is page pr aa jaao plzz

      1. Ganga

        Sorry yaar….ab se mei regularly comments karungi……

        Bdw kaisi ho….????

  6. Wassup guyssss!!!long time no see
    howzz everybody?

    1. Chanpreet0815

      Piya koi comment hi nhi krta h ab iss page pr.

      Tum hi bulaa lo sab ko shaayad sab aa jaae waapis

      1. Don’t worrryy preet we need team work n consistency only then we’ll be able to call all our frndss…n btw krpkab can neverrr ever lose its charm its just that its so peaceful that sometimes we like to sit back n enjoy…krpkab had diff. phases n i am damn sure that there had to be atleast one phase with which we could totally relate to.for eg-the oldest krpkabians r the sensitive,choosey viewers who liked diff. approach to a love story.
        2)then came the hopless romantic ppl were in love with the pair
        3)then that family drama-ishwari-faint-blackmail(surprisingly trp used to be highest at that time n am talking about tv’s trp,online toh always high)
        4)feminist-strong female lead-that track actually brought a lots n lots of new viewers(after leap)
        5)possessive-emotional male lead-n i totally loved this phase bcoz i have seen good freaking couples dealing with this issue.

        But but some ppl saying they don’t like this phase seriously?when it was about ur phase u never said anything n were in praise all the time but when its for others then its boring…this show is sooo good
        N haan preet kuch zayda hi lamba hogya na..oops

    2. Shahina

      Hii Piya.
      As u said , there are different set of viewers of KRPKAB.
      I started to watch KRPKAB only from the separation track(after seven years leap-epi 230). Before that I was watching the disgusting beyhadh(it was quite watchable in the beginning)

      But ,I was not able to completely connect with season 2as most of the episodes were connected with season 1.

      I used to regularly come to TU to see ur comments.Remember,that office scene where dev stretches his arms and says “Welcome to the office”.One of you told that ,that Dev’s gesture was similar to that of the proposal scene.(very famous epi 76-with 5M+ views)
      I was quite interested to watch that epi and totally fell in love with that scene.
      From that on, I started to watch from epi 1-229 in just 10 days.
      Thanku guys,for making me watch such a wonderful show, otherwise I would have missed it.
      Believe it or not, the first 100 episodes are the best. Now, in my playlist , I have almost 160 epis of KRPKAB

      1. oh godd!!229 episodes in just 10 days.greatt.
        actually i might have missed the serial but because shaheer i couldnt.from the starting i am mad with this serial.
        coming to starting 100 episodes they were awesome.

  7. Chanpreet0815

    Dev Dixit aapki Nazar chaaron taraf h.

    Sona ko agar nhi pasand h aapka stalk krna. Tho kyu krre ho. Mujhe samaj me nhi aa raha h.

    Bose family always awesome.

    Actually thoda bor ho raha h. AB.
    Kuch new bataana chahiye kuch fresh.

    Jisse sab comment krne lag jaae firr se.

  8. i dont know who was wrong this time.both are correct at their aspects.but i feel sona should handle very carefully as she know the behaviour of dev..sona should know how dev feel this .dev was right as he saw a such a big incident.he needs some time to recover.i wish sona undestands it.

    1. Yup i agree
      i don’t think its about trust issues n all coz dev trust sona more than anybody but the thing is that he does not trust this duniyawale n he is too uncertain about his destiny.he is being over cautious n wants to protect her from every problem.even i don’t have any idea like what r we supposed to do in this situation

      1. yess!!we dont know how to react.

  9. yaahh!! got an confirmed news.devakshi patch up upto wednesday.dev comes to know stealing of software.he releases it by his name keeping vicky frustated.
    this week we got 2 good news.

    1. Shahina

      That’s a great news indeed

  10. Varalakshmi

    Dev loves sonakshi immensely that’s why he is behaving like this,
    Dev said those words full of feelings & emotions melted my heart,
    Don’t fight devakshi it hurts more
    Please don’t drag this track jaldi devakshi problem sort out karo can’t see them like this

    Any one noticed or not jab raste main sonakshi did wear mangal sutra & ghar ane ke baad mangalsutra gale main nahi hai, room conversation main fhir dekha

  11. Guys mene login kiya phir bhi registered member nhi show ho rha…? what happened.??

  12. Subhashini

    Hi ….
    How r u all???
    Deeply missing u all yaar…

    Hi Neha,Ganga,preet,piya….ab tum logo ki saath ek aur old wala frd join karthiya…ho tho mae hue…
    Baaki sab bhi jaldi aavo yaar….

    1. Chanpreet0815

      wlcm Subhashini. Plzz Try to comment regularly.

      Piya Subhashini Ganga Neha Chinnu plzzz try to comment daily so that our all old members would be back.

      It’s my request to all. Plzz Do comment on this page. If u r reading my comments

    2. Neha1

      We are fine….How r you Subhashini..??? So long time…. plz dear if possible, plz comment daily…Only 26 comments….
      Shocking news was that PPK TU comments are above 100 daily…!
      Missing old days when here we crossed 100 comments very easily now not even crossed 50 comments…

    3. Ganga

      Hii Subhashini….how r u

  13. Hey i m back…..nice to see 25 comments….sorru fr nt able to comment regularly…the show is as usual going awesome?? u know guys shah is in indonesia i hope he comes back soon….

  14. Chanpreet0815

    Wlcm back khushi plzz try to comment regularly.

    Agar hame apne comment badaane h. Tho sab ka comment krna jaruri h.

    So plzz all of u comment regularly.

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    Asmita bhi.
    Manya bhi.
    means these all people used to comment daily.

    What they r doing nd where they r busy God knows.

    Plzzz Waapas aa jaao guys.

    1. Shahina

      Very often, I’ve seen junee and Asmita di commenting in fuze.
      Hope, they come back to this page also.

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    GUD MORNING Everyone


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      All d KRPKAB friends

    3. good morning preet and all krpkabians.

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        Actually Chinnu my birth date is 8 Feb.

        Jab mai register kr rhi thi toh vo mera name chanpreet accept nhi krra tha so I wrote 0815 after my name.

      2. hoo okk!!

    5. good morning

  18. good episode . I am seeing this show not from the first episode. but from the 13 episode. from 2days after den and sonakshi marriage to their divorce I did not see any of episode. but now the story become so good .

    1. sry the name will be “DEV”.

  19. yeh kya hai sari villans ka nam aisa kaun raktha.i mean khatri ,new entry ka nam takkar(vicky’s partner).i think their parents thought before his birth that they will become the villans…
    vaise bhi koi villan itna bhi kare hamare writers tho isko kuch dinoo hi dethe hai.ek din dekhte hai aur dusre din gayab.

    1. Shahina

      Villains(so called) of KRPKAB are not big enough to win over dev.
      I think dev, has come to know about Vicky’s secret.
      The way he talked to him shows that.

      1. Ganga

        Hii Shahina…..I think Dev already knows about Vicky’s evil plan…..???

  20. Shahina

    Erica and shaheer have got back their top 1 and 2 positions in fuze celebrity ranking this week.
    Yippee I’m celebrating????

    1. Ganga

      It’s really Sweet news for us ?????

  21. Chanpreet myself is Bb and Biby.I commented already.I am suffering from viral fever for last 20 days.so i couldnt comment regularly.but when i feel better i gave such long comment.now also i have dizziness,cough,temperature, i think to search about ishwaris kaada recipe, if she done it on youtube,it would have been better for me…hahahaha……..

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      Ooh. Get well soon Biby

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  25. Varalakshmi

    OMg Sonakshi is Stressed Not Eating Ishwari Praised Her KRPKAB tellyTop 24th July Video WU


  26. yahh!!got an another update.frnds all come back please its a high time because sona learns the 7yrs truth.she overhears vicky takkar conversation.iam so excited finally sona knows it.
    but i think than sona ishu might have listened it,it would be more dangerous.anyways we are happy that truth has revealed.

    1. Shahina

      That’s a grt news.
      I read about the same in Twitter.
      Hope the spoilers turn true

  27. preet you have completed ur target.it crossed 55 comments

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    1. Ganga

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  29. Varalakshmi

    i am more exited about sonakshi’s new outlook waiting for that episodes

  30. Wow loved to see 64 comments????

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    Becoz itne time baad hamne 63 comments complete kiye h. ❤❤

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  32. writers ne hamare sari excitement ko floop kar diyaa..i mean truth is revealed only to sona not dev or ishu..if dev or ishu would have listened then comes the real excitement.
    but its okk.atleast sona knows it.i wish sona should say immediately to dev as in future it may not get reversed.

    1. Ganga

      Don’t worry chinnu…..makers ne hamare liye kuch aur acha nd positive socha hoga… let’s wait nd watch….???

    2. Chanpreet0815

      Yes u r right writers ne excitement flop kr di.
      Sona ko pata Chal ne se kya hoga.

      Dev or ishu trust krenge uspr. yaa pehele ki Tarah hi react krenge.

      And is comment ke saath 70 comments complete ho gaye h

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    hello guys neha ganga preet varalaksmi subhashini piya …. welcome back ….

    sorry even i was not here so long … and frm noe i wil try to the core to comment here regularly ….

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