Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 20th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 20th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode begins with Sona asking Dev to attent to his guest she was capable of taking care of herself

As she is leaving she realizes her mistake, she returns back to do bandaging of her injured bleeding hand .She hunts for first aid box in kitchen .
Kichu bhaiya helps her with first aid . He fumbles , Sona is scared of the burning pain of antibiotic
He remarks about how the docs did this bandaging with ease

Ishwari enters and does the bandaging for her .
She diverts Sona’s attention by telling a story anout her eatng heavy snacks , when Sona is scared of the pain .Sona gets engrossed in her story
Ishwari completes the bandaging
She notices sona’s murjhaya huva chehra. Gueses she was affected by Dev’s rudeness, she apologises

for her son’s rudeness
Sona states she loved her son very much !!
Ishwari agrees
Sona says dev was such a nice guy that all fell for him ( she feels sad )

Ishwari narrates to Sona how she suffered loss when her husband died
Neha just felt the loss of her dad but dev felt that loss along with the responsibility of the family , of handling business at tender age .
Thats why he was rude .
Asks Sona to patch up with Dev .

Elena is sitting at the restaurant and receives a message from her friend that he was unable to come
That guy secretly watches her from the bar and smirks as she leaves disappointed n angry .

Sona wonders how to apologise to dev but stops in her tracks as she watches him with Nats

Natasha and Dev are discussing marketing and business
Nats offers Dev a biscuit , he accepts it Allows er to feed him . Sona is hurt watching theor closeness

Elena returns hom and she is furious
Sourabh explains To her about notorious /fake fellows
Her dad is annoyed too but for totaly dif reason …over the bad condition of traffic in Delhi . The Odd even rule etc .. Comical father daughter moment

Elena and Sona have sisterly nok jhok, they are in night suits in their room .Elena tries to make Sona smile , noticing her long face .
Sona tells elena that if at the time of the accident Dev was not there …then …
Elena gets emotional on being reminded of the accident , sona realises and stops talking about it .
Sona says she always dreamt of her love story ,that she was a princess in love but never wished for any prince charming
So who should she blame for her non happening love story ?? Dev, God… Herself. …
Elena is silent

Next scene
Nats is sleeping on sofa. Dev wakes her up
She apologises for falling asleep on sofa
Natasha notices Neha standing at the door looking at them both
Nats asks Neha to come in , Neha says she was going to remain in this house, although she did not wish to interfare But they will have to get used to her being present in this house as she was going to be here for a long time , she states that it was strange her mother was going to get a daughter into the house even before missing her eldest one .
Natasha does not know what to reply , dev is surprised at neha’s words .

At Bose house Sona shares with Elena how she was suffering the pain of love, she is happy to fall in love and she is thankful she suffers this pain and fell for Mr Dev,

Ishwari and maami discuss Neha’s outdoor visits with her teacher ,Ishwari is impressed how Neha is speaking fluent Eng . mami ji is skeptical about neha going out with masterji .theunshould worry about society and samaaj. About people talking about them .
Ishwari laughs it off

Next day Sona apologises to Mr Dixit , he forgives her. She asks did he remember what for he was forgiving her ?? He says for her shouting at him yesterday ??
Sona says he did great favour by remembering
She again says sorry !!
He says she was apologising as if she was scolding him !!

He asks why were all girls confused ??
They say something, they mean something else and they expect the other should understand them completely
Sona Dev nok jhok
He asks her why was she so confused
She retorts why was he asking her , he should ask this to his girl friend !!

Dev asks GF ?? who ?
Sona says Natasha , !!
Dev is confused ..Natasha ? Where did she come from here ??
Sona says that… He meant to ask her that Nats said something to him. while she meant something else and that he did not understamd what she meant. Whether she meant what he wanted to hear ??

Dev is taken aback
He asks her to calm down and states she had suffered accident and he read on the net that post traumatic stress did affect people , she should take treatment .
Sona retorts back at him for thinking she needed psychiatrist ??
She states she did not need any Psy.
Dev calms her by saying… Bose
Sona retorts .. I am just Doc Bose for you !!
Dev accepts it .

He asks her not to be annoyed with him Sona states she was not annoyed with him any more
He is pleased to hear that. He says he did not like it when she was annoyed with him . Devakshi eye lock
Dev leaves after few mins of eyelock
Later Sona is very happy to know he did not like it when she was annoyed with him .she smiles to herself

Precap for Monday
Sona over hears Dev telling Ishwari that… mother I have decided …
Sona is very happy and leaves the place
She is seen dancing in the kitchen with two laukis ( white gourd) using them as dandiya

Update Credit to: Sutapasima


  1. Sandy

    I don’t know but I didn’t enjoy so much this week. It was a drag. But hope things get better now, since dev will say no to Natasha. Thank God sonas crying will stop. Sona n devs fighting scene are really sweet.

    But now I don’t understand what’s the point in entering a new character, udit, for sona. Aren’t we already sick n tired of the ‘third’ character?

    And even if DeV has said no to Natasha, how will he fall for sona being so dumb.

  2. Tanya

    @author thanks for update…as now a days I have to manage with repeat telly cast…..and at this time these updates r very imp for me…once again thanks..

  3. Tanya

    @ameesha ur right our results r on 24…….waiting…. …..it’s personal but which stream ur choosing???Anyways best of luck..

  4. OMG!!I have read in tellynews that in upcoming episode dev will hold sonas hand and will tell her to listen his hartbit.then sona will compare love with meleria disease.after that a medical conversation about love will be held.so finaly dev will also fall in love…..but if it does not happen I am not responsible for this.I have just informed you that i have read.OKAY NA.

  5. Devna

    M very happy to know that Dev didn’t lik it when see was annoyed with him….
    Sona are u happy now bcz dev rejected Natasha….

  6. Devna

    Agar dev reject Karta h Natasha Ko to fir date pe kaise jata hai orange shirt pehen kar…dis iz confusing….
    Kisi k pass koi news h to plz batao…

  7. Dais

    Nice episode… Anyways guys did u saw the new krpkab promo in which dev asks sona which color shirt n she replies orange n then when he is with Natasha he says now orange is his favorite color … It’s so cute ?????

  8. Partho

    DevAkshi fight scene was best but really liked the fact that finally Dev will fall for Sona and refuse Natasha

  9. Moon

    Nice episode. Ishwari’s acting was too good in this one! For once Radharani kept a low profile and that was good. Fail to understand what kind of business deal is on with most of the work being done from home specially with the business partner at his residence. Quite impractical.
    As per the telly chakkar news Dev will ultimately marry Natasha for the deal to happen. So all that is being shown meanwhile is to ‘feel love ‘and ofcourse keep the serial going as Dev still remains dumb about it!

  10. Kin

    Hi m new to dis.. But m huge fan of sona n Dev… Just waiting to see when they romance will start…

  11. Ru Bhattacharya

    Wht an episode!
    thre s a popular love song(Rabindrasangeet) in Bengal which absolutly matches with Sona’s current situation….

    Jagorone jay bivabori
    Ankhi hote ghum nilo hori ke nilo hori
    mori mori…

    Guys bye bye for sum days…m going 2 Switzerland with my family during the summer vacation….i can’t comment bcs i’ll be busy there as i love 2 take photos nd selfies….bt i’ll try 2 comment…

      • tara

        In my sleepless nights
        Who is it that keeps me awake?
        She who remains lost to me
        I yearn to find in my solitude
        Her flute resounding in my heart

        Speechless is the somber night
        Yet I heed silent, secret messages
        In my heart filled with pain
        And in my eyes brimmed with tears
        It is her shadow that trembles
        Now and again
        here is the full english translation of the whole song…i hope it will help u all

  12. Vaishu

    If Dev will marry Natasha then how will sona and dev story will go.. I guess he will say yes at first and sona will listen this but later he wont marry Natasha and will make Natasha understand the fact that he can’t marry her…
    But Sona will only know that he has agreed to marry Natasha and so she will agree on to marry a guy her parents have found for her… But when dev will come to know about this he will be ??? herat broken… And I want that scene jisme dev puts sona’s hand on her heart and ask her to feel his heart beat to come at that time…
    How is it??

  13. Aarti

    Plzz plzz Dev refuse Natasha..n I think udit’s entry will make Dev either realise or confess his love

  14. Sandy

    Omg is it true that sona heard wrongly n reacted when dev actually said yes to Natasha….. I hope n wish that’s not true, fed up of this track. Hope some change starts from Monday. Eagerly waiting for next epi

  15. saurav mohapatra

    I am expexting tht dev will say that he wont b gettng married until his elder sister is settled so i think thts y sona will b happy … This is just my guess

  16. Devna

    Hey guys plz koi to batao Ki dev ne kya kha natsaha se shadi k liye,, yes or no????
    Ar sona kya sunkar itni khus Ho rhi h

  17. Renu

    Dev will refuse to marry natasha!!! Hearing that sona will b happy… Dev will think of neha’s words and will refuse to marry natasha!!! Then dev and sona will start searching groom for neha!!!! In the mean time dev and sona will fall in love with each other… Natasha will b waiting for neha’s marriage to get over so that she can marry dev… After neha’s marriage, nataasha will ask for dev’s approval, by which dev will declare that he is in love with sona, ishwari will not b happy with dev sona’s relationship….
    I wish the plot goes like this with more romantic scenes btw dev and sona….

  18. Renu

    Guys!! I saw the spoiler!!!! Dev will say that he will think of marriage after getting neha married… Dev and sona will start searching a groom for neha and in the mean time dev will fall in love with sona!!!! The good news is we wll get to c more of dev sona scenes and natasha will not b seen in the upcoming few episodes… But v have to bear with radha rani…..

  19. Tanya

    Hii all, I already know that you all knew this lyrics but still I want to share…… So here we go…. Female version – Jal rahi hun yeh kaise rang mein
    Main nahi hun khud apne hi bas mein

    Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi (x2)

    Badle se din hai
    Meri badli si raatein
    Kahi dino se meri
    Mehki hai saansein

    Pehli dafa hai
    Ki mujhme tu jhalka hai
    Pehli dafa hai
    Ki mujhme tu chhalka hai
    Mere rangon me kuch dhang hai
    Tere jaise bhi

    Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi
    Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi (x2)

    Anchhuye thhe sapne mere tune chhu liye
    Chupke chupke dil me aaya to jaan do liye

    Teri ho gayi hun
    Tujhko pata bhi to ho
    Mere pyar mein
    Teri raza bhi toh ho.. (x2)

    Pehli dafa hai
    Ki mujhme tu jhalka hai
    Pehli dafa hai
    Ki mujhme tu chhalka hai
    Mere rangon me kuch dhang hai
    Tere jaise bhi

    Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi
    Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi (x2).

  20. Tanya

    Title song……………Yeh lamhein hazar se hote hain
    Rang pyaar ke
    Laakhon phool bahaar ke
    Hote hai rang pyaar ke

    Dekhe hai phool jo khil ke kabhi na khile
    Dekhe hai dil jo mil ke kabhi na mile

    Kuch rang pyaar ke hai aise bhi
    Kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi

    Chulhe pe phulke sa phulhe
    Yaadein jaise hawa mein jhoole
    Raat ko lori ban
    Chupke se maathe ko chhule

    Taanke hue shirt ke button sa
    Godh rakh soye bachpan sa
    Haath ki laali sa
    Kabhi laage dhaga resham sa

    Pyaar mein lipte kitne rang mile
    Dekhe kabhi woh rang jo
    Kabhi na mile

    Kuch rang pyaar ke hai aise bhi
    Kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi
    Kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi

  21. Sandy

    Oh my god…….thanks so much tanya???
    U don’t know I have been looking for these lyrics forever. Lovely songs both of them.

    Did u find this somewhere or did u write it itself??

  22. Sandy

    Thanks renu for the spoiler, hope things go as u said. Hope dev falls in luv with sona soon.

  23. simran

    thanks i m so hpy to see this i am thankful of u for this thats why i tell u that u r my best friend

  24. priya

    I m new in krpkab fan page…
    N I m also commenting first time….
    M big big big fan of saheer sheikh / Dev / Mr. Obhodro / Nd super cute boy….

  25. priya

    I think now a days KRPKAB iz d fabulous show on TV….
    My favourite….
    What you guys think????

  26. prit

    Loved the episode and thanks renu completing story becoz it was vry jumbling. And tanya bst of luck dear for the result. I know how much nervousness is there when result time comes closer. I had also gone frm that stage 1year ago. And Ru enjoy ur trip to Switzerland. Eagerly waiting for next episode Of KRPKAB.

  27. Renu

    I saw this spolier in you tube but i dont know hw to share the link… Dev Natasha love story will come to a halt for some time. And dev and sona’s togetherness and friendship will b blossoming…. That is wen v people will get to c dev making sona feel his heart beat… Ishwari and sona will b the most happiest person on hearing dev’s decision of nt willing to marry natasha….
    By the way Natasha’s acting is artificial… I couldn’t c her artificial smile….hope her chapter ends soon….

    • Tanya

      Renu 1st copy the link… And then paste it in this comment box… Hope this will help you…

    • Ameesha

      You have to use the ctrl+v in the comment box.. beacause right click doesnt work on this comment box!!

  28. prit

    Ohh thanks renu. But renu can u tell the title. I will find it out. What is the link. So plzzz tell me the title

  29. Ameesha

    @tanya.. There is nothing personal in asking about stream but yeah if u had askd about my crush it wud hav been prsnl but i know u will not ask ?? I am taking science- maths.. What about you??

  30. Kavya

    Hello Guys!!!!
    I’m new here.I’m a huge fan of DevAkshi and just love them…………………

    • Tanya

      Me too waiting for tommorow…. Now this weekends r little boring for me due to absence of devakshi……. And do u all know what’s the meaning of “Devakshi” it means ” dev- god,akshi-eye”….devakshi=EYE OF GOD……and hey all fans forgive me if I’m wrong….I have just tried it….

  31. Renu

    Hi frnds!!! Good news guys!!!!
    In the upcoming episode, dev will realize that he is giving more attention and importance to sona than Natasha…. He starts thinking y???? It is said that dev will start realizing his love towards sona!!!

  32. Renu

    Abhi tho love story shuru hua hai??? Aur sharadha anth ke baare mein poochthi hai… Yeh tho krpkab ki shuruaath hai…. And i wud like to know who knows hindi in this fan club!!!! I don’t know bengali… So pls translate if written in bengali!!! Kind request…

  33. Kavya

    hi tara….i’ve also a great relation with Kolkata as my Mom is a bengali nd from Kolkata….so that i love Kolkata….i also know bengali language vry well as i learned it from my Mom……

  34. prit

    Is fan club me sab bengali persons h. Its good to see that how much perfect u r in ur Language. And welcome kavya. Tara, kavya u r one year younger than me. And tanya 2. I like that u r my friends. And simran u too dear.

    • tara

      haha..u r right..btw no problem even if we r younger than u…coz m not gonna call u di.. 😀 😀 😛 😛 lollzzz btw hope u dont mind.. 🙂

  35. Tanya

    hey frnds today we crossed 100!!!!isn’t that great?????and i think this is first time…am i right?????

  36. Ireena

    I m finding some shramanians here…i have lodged a missing report in police station…that many friends t missing in edkv site…i think i have found some of them here??..tara,ameesha,tanya,…do visit there as well,it is sleeping(as per abhi)??

  37. Devakshi

    Guy’s ,do u all know that sona is going to introduce her bf(not in reality) to dev & Natasha?

    • Tanya

      hi sana, most welcome to our krpkab fan club….u r from where and in which std ur studying???

  38. prit

    I actually don’t like if someone calls me di even my sisters also don’t call me di. So i will like much if u will call me prit istead of di.

  39. Devakshi

    Loyal viewers of Sony Entertainment Television’s Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi (Beyond Dreams) are already aware about a new guy entering Sonakshi’s (Erica Fernandes) life.
    Now, in the upcoming episode, Sonakshi will introduce Neel (Udit Gaur) as her boyfriend to Dev (Shaheer Sheikh).
    As per a reliable source, “Dev-Natasha (Roop Durgapal) will be going for a date. Natasha will ask Sonakshi that does she have a boyfriend and Sonahshi will agree. Natasha will tell Sonakshi to come along with her boyfriend and join them on their date.”
    Furthermore, Sonakshi will get worried as she would have to arrange a boyfriend. She will share her problems with Elena (Prerna Panwar). Soon Elena will arrange a guy named Neel from a dating app for Sonakshi.
    Sonakshi, Dev and Natasha will reach the spot and would be waiting for Neel. Sonakshi will be tensed as she wouldn’t have even seen the guy. Neel will reach the spot and they will have their normal conversations.
    Dev will doubt Sonakshi being in a relationship with Neel but the date will go on smooth.
    Audience will definitely witness some hilarious moments during the date.

  40. Sandy

    Wow 130 comments!! Krpkab fans R increasing day by day. It’s good how ppl have shifted from other shows to this one. Krpkab is becoming interesting now. Thanks everyone for the updates, hope the new actor is good n has funny character.

    N congrats to everyone for crossing 100!

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