Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 20th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 20th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Kichu prepares coffee for Dev when Sona insists and takes cup. Radha stops her and taunts it is good she is doing some household chores than just ordering Kichu. Ishwari passes by next and sees her holding coffee mug, calls Kichu and scolds him to do his work and not dump it on Sona. He tries to speak that Sona insisted, but stops seeing Sona’s face. Ishwari asks her to teach her knee exercise again and takes her along.

At office, employees wait for Dev for an important meeting. Tina says Dev has not returned office and they should postpone meeting for tomorrow. Employees say their project will be postponed then and leave Tina’s cabin. Ria asks if bhaiya is really not in office. Tina says yes, don’t know what is happening with him now a days, mut be

busy in love. Ria says no.. Tina says Dev went home for lunch and did not return yet, even Ranveer had come and went back without meeting Dev.

Kichu takes coffee to Dev’s room. Dev thinks Sona came and says she does not have to take permission to enter his room. Kichu thanks him and keeps coffee. Dev gets angry on him and scolds to wear ironed shirt and sends him out. He takes out gift and thinks when will Sona come. Sona enters and starts chatting. He asks her to go hall while he brings her gift. She goes and sits in hall. Dev’s uncle comes and starts chatting with Sona and thanks her for taking care of Ishwari and blesses her hapiness and a competent life partner. Dev waits near door until uncle leaves.

Sona’s family plays murder drama for Asha’s novel. Their nok jhok continues….

In the evening, Sona picks her bags to leave for home and thinks Dev must have left for office and will not drop her today. Dev comes and holds her hand from behind, takes her aside and opens his gift box. Ria enters and he tensely drops gift box. Ria picks it and gets very happy seeing ear rings in it and thanks Dev for buying her birthday gift beforehand, asks how did he nkow she needed earring. He says he searched net what girls need and found it. She thanks him and leaves saying she will make Neha and Nikki jealous. Dev sadly looks at Sona.

Ishwari’s brother comes to her room and says he found some special thing and shows her thermometer. She reminisces falling ill when Dev was a boy and Dev stays at home to take care of her instead of going to school. He checks her temperature repeatedly with thermometr, so she gives it to her brother and asks him to hide it before Dev comes. Out of flashback, brother says Dev was very responsible since childhood.

Sona tells Dev that she is getting late and will take her gift some other time. Dev gets Tina’s call who says employees are waiting for conference meeting. He cancels meeting and asks her to send employees home. Sona asks why did he do that. He says he will compensate her gift by dropping her home. She says he changed so soon. He says whatever he is, is because of her. She smiles. They both get into car and he stares at her. She says he should look front while driving. Tu mujhme mujhse zyada hai…song…plays in the backgroun. Dev keeps his hand on her hand..

Precap: Dev comes to talk to Sona. Something falls in her eyes, he blows her eyes. Ishwari is seeing coming towards them.

Update Credit to: MA


  1. Ankita thakur

    Truly nice episode…….waiting fr the sari as gift…….yrr…seriously what a sweet chemistry of devakshi…….now a days single insano wala show….no mellow drama…….bhutt…sas bhau fights like other serials…….keep it up both #shaheer nd #Erica…big big fan of shaheer till childhood when saw him in kya mast hai life as veer mehra…everyone must watch it



    |Registered Member

    Offffo 1 position I m glad yaar I m soo happy finally all fans r happy to see first position of krpkab yeah dev is sooo changed yaar I like new avatar of dev but I think it will be end soon because of ishwari look ahead let’s enjoy wat is now I means let’s enjoy present moment I m in love with this show??????

    • shaheer

      caught u ……..this person is using multiple names such as
      john smith
      pretty banu
      to create disturbances on tu various aritcles…….i request tellyupdates to ban this person

  3. subhashini

    Dev is so cute, love can change dev this much wow ?but i pray no problem can happen to his business life also due to this,dev is so lovely ,he is best

  4. Ngkrishnakumari

    Dev had change a lot of change unfortunately he forgot to work for the sack of sona
    Its will hurts ishwari & became new villain in devakshi life thanks a lots for fast update

  5. Raj

    Sona is in love but she should be smart enough to advise Dev not to neglect the business.

    Dev is s smart business man, he must realise that he is neglecting business but he is vey much in love. Suddenly he must realise the importance of love and the future hence should start balancing both and approach his mother for solution. Sona should stand solid behind him in whatever the decision he takes and should try to win Dev’s Family.

  6. Dibya


    |Registered Member

    Soooo romantic episode again , n now double celebration because krpeb position no.1 n full on colourful romantic episodes r going on ❤❤❤
    Guys any one noticed ? dev called her sona today wow that’s so sweet ?.
    Agar krpeb Sony channel ke alawa star plus ya colors mai ata toh I think abb tak har serial ki chhutti kar deta but no problem Sony also best. Yhm,dehleez,swaragini ,kkb all r romantic serial but now full on bakwaas track going on. Yeh sab serials dekhne se face se smile chale jate hen but kuch rang pyar ke ese bhi face par smile apne aap le ati hai so sweet simple romance ???……………

    • Dibya


      |Registered Member

      Guys I’m sorry if i hurt anyone because I know yhm ,kkb,swaragini,dehleez also amazing show n good trp also but krpeb jese magic kiya he fan’s ke saath again sorry if I hurt anyone ❤❤❤ …

      • priya

        No not at all…..
        Meri halat to aisi ho chuki h. Koi v serial ya movie dekhti too dev ar sona ko hi imagine krti Hu….
        Aisa ar Kisi k sath v ho rha h????? Plz share ur feelings ?

    • priya

      Sach kha dibya….very true
      Not only smile Mai to khusi se crazy ho jati Hu…..Ji Karta hai episode dekhte dekhte hi sb k saamne dance karne lagu, bt nhi Kr pati bcz sb log hote hai ghr pe….bt koi nhi wapas apne room me aakar dance krti Hu……??

      • Dibya


        |Registered Member

        Priya your family members also watch with u ,awwww u know im watching it lonly because I can’t control my smile n mom dad ke samne serial dekh kar blushing wale smile little embarrassing na
        So , u know yesterday jab dev sona gift scene chal rahi thi tab meri mom agaye n mujhe blushing smile face se direct statue face pai aagayi??? n now holidays going on na so repeat telecast bhi 10.am n 1.pm dekhti hun………

  7. Mahi

    nic episode
    thnks MA 4 d update
    hey shayad kal ya parsoo rain dance Hoga DEVAKSHI k beech

    eagerly waiting 4 it

  8. Nishi

    Hey guys I’m back in singapore and that means I’m back to writing my ff,there is a small request in my ff(you can read it when it is uploaded)..thanks!!and about the few episodes of Krpkab Omg u can’t even believe me, I have fallen ill because I got to excited,and I accidentally put the plastic cap In my mouth while drinking water,and I choked on it,(ya quite dumb u can say)☹?…so basically i can’t speak for a few days cuz I lost my voice!!but don’t worry I will still comment and write!!!and about this episode,it was just fantabulous!!!!precap is scary but okay I think dev will just say something went into her eye so I’m just Helping her(when he is in fact very very worried that something went to her eye and was concerned)to ishwari!!!Gosh I’m so excited!!!!what about you guys!!???are you like going mad like me????ishhh!!sorry if I sound irritating?

    • RANdomfANCreationz


      |Registered Member

      OMG u accidentally swallowed a plastic cap while drinking water :O r u okay now dear? I remember once when I was in grade 5 I accidentally swallowed a stone while playing with it 😛 luckily it was small 😛 i m also excited too nowadays my fav show is KRPKAB one of the only 3 shows which all my friends love

      • Nishi

        Oh my a stone???did you cut any part of your body?like you throat or stomach?if u did did you do operation?lol sorry I get worried..even if it’s like many years ago..yes I’m getting better now..di is making me haldi ka dood Everyday!!!

  9. trisha

    the track is gng awosome…jst loving there chemistry…keep it up shaheer and erica…
    the way dev looks into sonas eyes…uff!!!…killer….guys just going mad seeing this serial cuz is ne meri raaton ki neende uda di….from my desktop image to my ringtone there is kuch rang pyaar ke….luv krpkab!!!!

    • priya

      Same here Trisha…
      Shaheer is in my phone, watsapp background, in my laptop, my ringtone even is tarh se tu mujhme aaya hai….
      Crazy naaa
      Shaheer u always In my heart ♥ love u sooo much??

  10. trisha

    bt ya dev must realize his duty nd shld nt neglect his work!!!….nd so does sona…kuch samjhayo yaar…..too much of love….

    • priya

      Yaa neglecting work…..
      But koi sb kuch thik Ho jaye ga…..After all dev n sona ko pehli baar pyar Hua hai….
      Ar avi to 2nd hi yaar let them enjoy….?

  11. Pallavi

    Can’t believe k ye vahi dev h jise starting main itna serious dikhaya gya tha……. n now he has got so romantic ek dam se …….
    Kabhi kabhi lagta h k ya toh sona sapna dekh rhi h ya toh main……
    Couldn’t believe it…..
    Uff kitna time lgati h ye agli raat aane main….
    Luv u krpkab….
    Waiting for d nxt show

  12. priya

    Little bit scary precap, bt m sure dev koi na koi banana bana hi dega…hahah haha
    As sona say aap pehle se banana banane me ache the ya pyar me reh Kr ho gye ho???

  13. Savi

    Hey what happens to the rains scene? Has it been deleted thought would show today dancing in the rain…….

  14. Juli

    The way dev looks sona in car is just soooooo romantic??.precap indicates soon going to end hide n seek….

  15. priyanka

    Really this serial is so much practical and thanks god not of that sas bahu types that’s why I like it so much. …. dev and sonakshi are superb and sooooo romantic…..

  16. eshani

    Hi guys….I actually comment very less here but from now on will try to comment more and get to know u guys

    I was actually expecting d rain dance scene may be it is today am eagerly waiting for it…..

  17. eshani

    Dev has changed a lot n ignoring office so much I jus hope he doesn’t get into trouble anyways for now let’s enjoy devakshi scenes now

  18. guddy

    Waiting for the rain and saree episode .i have read somewhere that dev will die please dont do that type its my request to director not to bring such twist in kprb .we all are so enjoying in the right track .dont make judaai to true lovers .

  19. prit

    Guys episode was awsm. Pr dev sona ko gift hi nhi de paaya. Uski choice bhi bht achi h earrings were vry pretty. Now rain dance. I want to see It. vry romantic. Aww. Dev kaam me dhyaan lagaao. Vrna bht loss ho jaaega. Sona ne kaha tha ki its not school or clg to bunk. So dev u should not bunk ur office or work. Precap is scary. But lovely To see devakshi together. Laughing part jab sona dev se milna chahti h pr koi na koi bich me aa hi jaata h.eagerly waiting for the next episode.

  20. mohan

    Very good serial but all fans are much more excited i think all the fans should go episode to episode

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