Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 20th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 20th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

At school, while giving exam ,Golu signals Suhana to say she has stomachache. Suhana does same. Teacher takes her away and informs Sona over phone. Sona over phone informs client that her daughter is unwell at school and is going to pick her, so she will postpone their meeting. He says okay and walks out of restaurant. Dev sees him and thinks where is he going without finishing meeting. He sees Sona moving on tracker and follows tracker. He finds Jassi in market and asks what is he doing with Sona’s phone. Jassi says madam gave him phone and asked to take leave today and if needed, she will call him on phone. Dev angrily returns home and asks Ishwari where is Sona. Ishwari says children had stomachache, so Sona took them to park.

Mamaji passes by Vicky’s room and

hears him talking to Dev. He enters room and does not fid Dev. Vicky hurriedly shuts laptop. Mamaji asks where is Dev and why e shut laptop like that. Vicky says he was working on voice software and that is the way laptop is shut. Mamaji asks not to teach him and asks what he is doing. Vicky yells he cannot talk to his son like this.

Sona returns home with children. Children happily greet Ishwari. Ishwari asks if their stomachache is gone. GKB scolds not to eat chocs much. Sona asks them to prepare for exam. Golu asks why should they give exam daily. GKB yells he acts like his grandpa. Sona tells Ishwari that Dev is following and tracking her. Ishwari says Dev loves her and it is his way, she knows well Sona says tracking is not good. Ishwari says girls want their husbands love them, but she wants her husband not to, she is mad…it is normal, says Dev is waiting for her in room.

Sona goes to room and asks Dev why he was tracking her, if he is a stalker. He says she is his wife and he is worried about her and nobody can stop him from worrying for her. She says last time it was a mistake that she did not inform him and went to meet client. He says similar situation may occur. She says she told she will be careful. Dev angrily walks away. She tries to speak, but he does not speak. She messages, but he smiles and does not reply. She goes to kitchen and sees Ishwari preparing coffee. Ishwari says she was learning laptop and asks why is she awake still. Sona says she is not getting sleep. Ishwari asks to tell exactly what is the issue. Sona tells whole incident. Ishwari says it is obvious for Dev to worry for her, his way of loving is different and he will not stop worrying for her. Sona thanks her for explaining and walks back.

Next morning, Sona wakes up and sees Dev fixing nail on wall and hurting his finger. She runs to Dev and asks if he is hurt. She bandages his finger and scolds why he does which he cannot instead of asking servant. Dev says if they are hurt, it pains, but if their loved one is hurt, it hurts in heart. He gives a photoframe and leaves. She sees her and Souraav’s childhood pic with her parents and fixes it on wall. She calls Asha who says Dev insisted to give that pic and says he loves her so much, she is lucky. Sona says yes. Asha says even her husband is good. Sona says not more than Dev. Asha says their husbands are good to them and they will not argue now. Bejoy asks whom she was talking to. Asha says Sona, Sona was praising Dev and she was complaining about Bejoy. Bejoy gets angry.

Dev plays football with children. Sona tries to speak to him, but he does not respond.

Precap: Sona says Dev is very possessive and it may be not good for her, it is not healthy for their relationship. Elena signals her and she sees Dev behind who looks angry.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Sona please don’t over react!!!! U already told ma. Then again y repeating with elina.. don’t show DEV in poor light always.. infact elina is better than u.. even after getting a monster husband like Vicky.. she once didn’t come to u and pitch bad about him.

  2. i dont know why but for todays epi i felt so sorry for dev.i think he is not possesive but over protective.
    these days sona looking better.she is getting nice dresses.

  3. Chanpreet0815

    Wowwwwwwwww. Toooooo Gud. No comments at all. ????

    Those who r New cummers. Plzz Try to comment.

    Kyu ki mujhe nhi lagta ki ab koi bhi old member comment krega.

    SSo it’s my request to all Silent readers and new members plzzz try to comment.


    1. I am already in….???

    2. Devga

      hey preet how are u ??? long since v both saw each other here ….

      its really amuzing ang shocking on wat happned to all r krpkab family ,…. y did they stop commenting ?

      i was not here for past 2 months and to my shock now no one is here

  4. Hii all,
    Yesterday on TU I saw someone comment that the fan following of KRPKAB is reduced.
    Only in TU the comments are less.
    I follow the show in,
    I agree that the TU followers are quite busy and don’t comment regularly.
    But in the other platforms the fans are commenting and are very regular.
    Coming to the GOLD AWARDS,
    the right name to be given was SOLD AWARDS.
    The 90 percent awards were all given to EK shows.
    The voting was done loyally by our fans,but still KRPKAB didn’t get any awards.Fans were really very upset about that biased AWARDS.
    So chill!!!
    KRPKAB’S fan following is still strong.

  5. Love Entire Epi ..?? Love so much Sons di

  6. Nice but today it was like again their going to creat a problem in sona n dev’s life. I wish it should not creat a problem

  7. Devga

    wow we dint even yet experience their togetherness … but soon there is one twist in the tale … now again this chupan chupayi started ….. hiding things from each other was the main reason of their seperation ….

    god plz no more seperation …. fandom of devakshi cant handle another heart break……..

    1. Chanpreet0815

      Devga I just hope u Will comment regularly from now. Becoz our TU page is blank. Not a single old fan is commenting on this page.

      Priya Asmita Shalini Ganga Ayushi Shubhashini Erina Esme Ngkrishnakumari Junee Riti nd all fans.

      Leaving Neha she comment whenever she gets time

      1. Ganga


        How r u….nd all my lovely KRPKAB family members……I think all r very busy like me ??

        Am really very very veryyy sorry for not commenting regular here……I wish all my friends r Good….

        DEVAKSHI’s new colour of love ?? but plsssss don’t put any little bit of negativity on dem……plsssss

      2. hey preet i too wish to b here … but bcz i lost my phone … till i get one i will not b regular ….

  8. Watching recent episodes only shows that Ishwari is getting more sensible n Sona is getting dumber day by day ! I agree with the help above that their getting bck together has only begun n already these issues cropping up betn them. Moreover Sona shud hve understood by nw that Dev is concerned n protective abt her n there’s nothing in being possessive, it’s human tendency…, come on … so much any man or a woman wl get it !
    Sona shud be able to tell everythng 2 Dev n vice versa or else problems can sink in. Vicky is getting awfully nasty with his plan now, Elena shud follow what she has threatened him alwys that she wl leave him. She leaves with golu probably Vicky might rethink like the time she ignored his calls b4 marriage whn Sona warned her against him !! Vicky had gone crazy whn Elena din pick his calls or text bck 2 his msgs… anyway in all this am noticing Ishwari has changed for better.
    What’s with Dev’s hairstyle ?? Not cool at all !! And they shud definitely change Sona’s wardrobe !! Please it’s hideous…..dressing sense of nikki also gone bad, for her body structure they shud go for dresses with spaghetti straps or similar kind… all in all unnecessary changes in this show wl spoil the essence of the show’s name which is Love !!

  9. Varalakshmi

    Again started argument between devakshi omg can’t to see them like this please don’t do this makers they have to sort out their problems & misunderstanding there is no mistake of devakshi they both are loves each other please make hem understand each other

    Precap was scary my god i can’t imagine again devakshi separation

  10. Varalakshmi

    Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi new promo is out

    Is this the beginning of a new rift between Dev and Sonakshi?

  11. Chanpreet0815

    Dev Pagal ho chuka h. I know ki Dev sona ko khona nhi chahta but mobile me Tracker kon lagaata h. stalk kon krta h apni wife ko. Yeah toh galat h.

  12. Hi all, from a year I have been reading comments, After watching the episode I use to read comments and always enjoyed it, missing the FUN.
    Well, rather than fighting on such petty issues, Devakshi should try to see Vicky’s evil deed and come together to solve it.
    No more problems, if Ishwari can change so can Dev and Sona. After the bus incident Dev has become more protective and possessive towards her, Sona should understand that. Every man will behave like that.. be it a brother, father or a husband of any female.

  13. epi was good
    waiting for the twist……

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