Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 20th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 20th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Suhana while talking with Jatin sees Dev standing outside window and says he came even here. Jatin asks what did she say. She says nothing.

Elena gets ready and nervously thinks how will she react when she meets her family after 7 years and how will they react. GKB stops her and asks where is she going. She says to meet her family. GKB starts shouting how can she break her promise. Elena says Dev bhai permitted her to meet her family. Ishwari calls Dev and asks why did he permit Elena to meet her family. Dev says Elena stayed away from her family for 7 years because of promise made to them, why should she further. Sourav is marrying and he felt to let her met her family at least now. Ishwari asks how does he know about it, where is he. He says he standing outside

Sona’s house and is waiting for Elena. Ishwari is shocked. Dev disconnects call. GKB with Vicky continue arguing with Elena in broken English. Ishwari says let her go, they should not stop her further. GKB says Elena is her bahu and promised her. Ishwari says Elena kept her promise and now they should not stop her and asks her to go. She walks out. Elena follows her and thanks her. Ishwari says Dev is standing outside Sona’s house and she should go and find out why did he go there. GKB’s maid DK hears their conversation. GKB and Vicky fume that their plan will ruin now. DK informs them that Ishwari sent Elena there as Dev has gone there. GKB and Vicky get more tensed.

Suhana sees Dev and signals him. Sona comes and Suhana says Golu’s big cha is even here. Sona asks where is he. Dev hides. Sona says looks like she needs to wait next time until big cha comes and meet him.

Jatin sees Sourav in kitchen overpouring in glass water due to nervousness and jokes that he will flood whole kitchen, asks if he is nervous. Sourav says no..then says very nervous. Jatin encourages him and says he will inform Ronita that he is nervous. Sourav says no..Jatin says Ronita is waiting for him and takes him out.

Dev eagerly waits for Elena and once she comes he asks her who is Suhanan. She asks how does she know. He says there is a girl of Golu’s age and she needs to go in and find out who she is. Elena walks into home.

Rontia’s mother suggests Asha that they should let Rontia and Sourav meet first and not be in a hurry to fix alliance soon. Sona says she is right and asks Dev to take Ronita on a date. Jatin asks Sourav and Ronita and takes them towards door. Elena enters. Ronita’s father asks who is she. Sourav emotional says his sister. Whole family gets happy and hugs Elena. Elena asks Sourav to go on his date. Sourav says it is okay. Elena says she will call him later for sure and sends him. Ronita says they can to later if he wants. Sourav says it is okay. Elena tells Sona that she could not control herself hearing about Sourav’s engagement, so she came. Elena asks how does she know about it. Elena gets nervous.

Bejoy goes to Suhana’s room and asks her if she wants to meet guests. She says no. He says let us play hide and seek and asks her to hide. She hides. He calls maid and warns her not to let Suhana out, else he will throw her form Howrah bridge. She asks reason. He says he does not want Elena know that Suhana is Sona and Dev’s daughter.

Dev waits for Elena till late and enters Sona’s room via window. He sees Suhana and Sona’s photos on wall and a file.

Recap: Dev finds Suhana’s delivery file, Sona’s pic with baby Suhana and is shocked to find out that Suhana is Sona’s daughter.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Saw on YouTube
    Very disappointed with Dev. He is no different from her mother in thought process. Looking at file by entering the house for the up coming episode just narrates the fact that he is stupid…Also asking Elena to do it for his bem6efit and not because of upcoming wedding is appauling

  2. Rekhadhir

    Yaar ye pehle ish gkb or Vicky kam the Jo ab ye bijoy bhi cheap harkto pe as gya????

    1. Neha1

      I think, Bijoy ko lga k Elena ko Sounita k relationship k baarey pata kaise chala….or agr pata chala hai….toh bijoy nhi chahte k Suhana k baarey me kisi ko pata chale….isliye woh Soha ko chupa dete hai…
      But sach toh samne ayega hi….!

  3. PALLAVI2017

    Now Dev is confirmed that sonakshi is soha’s mother. Now please don’t get confused about her father.
    I think Dev’s character changed after leap because he thinks now he has nothing to lose. The most important person in his lyf separated from him. Due to this all his actions are mindless, stupid like. I can understand what happens to a person when his most beloved one is separated.
    I hope suhana will bring the stability and calmness again in Dev’s lyf.

  4. Devga

    What a precap …. !?!?!?!? Oooommmggg

  5. Neha1

    Good Morning to everyone…Have gr8 day…!

  6. Sonadi

    There is this Elena. They showed her charecter as carefree and outspoken. Now she is afraid of Mamaji and Vicky.what could have happened for her to promise that she will not have any relationship with Bose family. She was shown as independent . I remember in episode she goes to meet Dev to scold Dev for Sona.That was the first meeting between Elena and Dev.
    Now they have completely changed. The writers just right scenes according to their thoughts. I think there is some kind of block in their brain to write scenes like this.

  7. Mere anusar toh sbse pehle ish gkb and Vicky ki poll khulni chahye most of the problems apne aap hi short out ho jayenge. Yeh dono ko nikalo pehle toh Dixit house se. This time Sona should not tolerate any nonsense of Dev and his family. She must answer for everything boldly after all she is an independent women. Makers please don’t frame our krpkab as other shows do. Let it be as it was earlier .

  8. Day by day, I am getting even more irritated of Dev’s foolishness, honestly. Why can’t he simply understand the truth when it is kept right in front of him? Is this what ‘The Businessman Of The Year’ is capable of? If he thought it was him who ought to have gotten the award, then why doesn’t he prove that he really has the brains to deserve the award? ‘Miss Bose, Miss Bose, Miss Bose, Miss Bose’ is what he hears Suhana being addressed by. Then, why, I’m the name of heaven, is he taking no notice of this major fact at all? ‘Miss Bose’ is a term which has been used by both Sonakshi as well as Suhana. Isn’t it more than obvious for the two to be related with blood if even their names are the same? Moreover, I have to say that even when def discovers the truth today, it will not be because of his brain but mere luck! Luck that allowed him to enter Sonakshi’s room without being spotted by anyone. He has proved of not being capable of solving the smallest of issues. Come to think of it, now I think that Ishwari wasn’t the only reason behind Dev and Sonakshi’s separation: Dev too had been ‘equally’ involved in this. Ever since his relationship with Sonakshi had started, he has never been able to spot any such clear thing that wants to destroy him and Sonakshi. He is literally a man whose brains have failed him!

    1. Swarna494

      Good dp,that portrays the mother and daughter bonding.. I really like your dp,anshi ??????

      1. Thank you for the sweet compliment, Swarna di! I too love this image?
        And, the link of the image shared by me above had indeed been my profile picture a few days back. I think we can consider it, if the remaining people are fine with it…

  9. Good Morning KRPKABians and DevAkshians!!! Hope you all have a Terrific Tuesday ahead!?

  10. Coming to Elena’s part, I hadn’t expected much from her. The new writers clearly possess flaws which is effecting the story. As Sonadi di has mentioned in a comment above, Elena was once a bold and outspoken girl who is now living under the threat of Vicky and Mamiji. Both of them have been keeping her under control ever since the past seven years. When they thought that she was an ace down their sleeves, she proved them wrong by refusing to speak to Sonakshi, thus making GKB get a wrong impression of her. For a girl who was once so confident and outspoken, the current character of Elena is not match! Gone are the days when Elena would scold Dev for hurting her sister. Now, the very same Elena lives under the roof of the man who destroyed her sister’s life. She herself knows only too well that the Dixit family is simply using her, but never has actually tried to voice her thoughts and opinions in the open, has she? Perhaps she has simply accepted life for the way it is, I like her sister Sonakshi, who would go on fighting until provided with justice, just the way an ideal woman should behave. Elena’s love life has clearly overshadowed her view towards life and has brought a drastic change in her character. Had she been having a bit of her sister’s brain, I suppose things wouldn’t be the way they are!

    1. *unlike her sister Sonakshi

    2. This is what I feel…. When Elena got married to Vicky I thought that she can put Vicky to the right track but the way her character is going down and down each day is immensely hurting… I never wanted that just because her sister was getting divorced she would also do the same but when Dev slapped Bijoy even if it was an accident she should have at least gone out of with them… Everyone knows that the Bose family was thrown out of their house then also Elena didn’t stood by them … The Bose family is too great to accept Elena but after Ronita’s family leaves at least Asha should say that when u didn’t stood for us in our bad times who gave u the right to celebrate with us in our good time..

      1. I too had such similar expectations from Elena when she had gotten married to Vicky. But looking at her lifestyle in the Dixit family, I soon realised I had been indeed very wrong in having such expectations. Indeed, the Bose family is only too kind to behave so nicely with Elena, despite all the times she had left them alone. Similar to you, I also wish Asha speaks to Elena at least once..

  11. I Just hope Sonakshi ish baar mum Na Ho wo btaye Dev ko ki wo aayi thi Suhana ko leke ushke birth ke baad but it was he who refused to meet them. Jo Sonakshi ko pata hai Wahi bataye Dev ko wo kuch toh find out karega. Nd how can his love is so immature ushe bus pyar Karna aata hai Aur mamma’s boy bnna but trust Karna kyn nai aata. Sonakshi deserves his trust. Please please please cvs we want a positive ray from Dev side. Sonakshi ne bht effort daala hai ab Dev ki turn hai. Elena should support Sonakshi now. She is the one who can do something to make Dev realise his fault.

  12. Neha1

    Good News: Suhana, Golu and Jatin’s TRIO-Team to UNITE DEVAKSHI in KRPKAB.


    1. Neha1

      Oh..God I just hope that this twist will be true not a rumour….!
      If it’s going to happen, then it will be very very interesting and BEST twist ever in the Show….!????????????????

      1. Ganga

        Hmm…. hope for d best ….??

        But aaj kal ae makers bi na give all fake news to us…?

      2. Ganga


    2. Neha1

      I Really want This to HAPPEN…! What you say guys..??

  13. This serial seems like Phir Bhi Na Maane…Badtameez Dil

  14. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    When Iswari will stop spaying she is playing wamp. Aggerly waiting for next episode.

  15. guys calm down……there will be no misunderstandings at least to dev..i m gonna do which most of u may not like…..prediction/ my wish/imagination……Bejoy made a smart move by hiding Suha from Elena to keep it as a secret from dev’s family esp Dev but no use dev came to know….dev should keep this as secret too that he knows Suha s their daughter for a while….i wish Suha should bring changes in dev n bring the old dev back along with his better IQ…..now the cure to ishwari madness is suha…i wish they better use father daughter bond to sow some sense into ishwari brain…..i m really excited to see how elena characater s gonna be shaped….Erica’s acting s superb today(god her make up could have been better)eyes spoke a lot than words….no comments about vicky n GKB they became typical villians of the show….

  16. when i heard the news that dev will find a clue about Suha in her room…i imagined a scene, i don’t now why n how,that he would see photo of Sona holding a new born baby in hospital bed…but makers made the scene more logical they showed report file, but along with photo?????lets see how he finds the file….can’t wait…

  17. the best part in Elena n dev conversation s they showed much sensitive n bit logical dev, he doen’t want to have any false hope which he learnt from his past…..he wants to be certain…..

  18. PALLAVI2017

    This tym Sonakshi should not tolerate any nonsense from Dixit family. She has tolerated a lot.Every time Dev had pushed away her in case of a very difficult situation.
    1st – When his mother took sleeping pills. He broke up with sona and then started following her everywhere, broke her engagement
    2nd – When sonakshi returned the money to ishwari for the sake of her father’s respect; again Dev told ‘u r insulting my mother. Just go away.’

    Hamesha Sonakshi ko apne se door karne ke bad Dev tadpata hai. To aisa decision kyun lete ho???Now its time for Dev to differentiate between wrong & right thing. He should show some guts to tell her mother that i need sonakshi more than you in my life.

    1. ???Vey true!

      1. Nice dp…Anshita (Di?)..??????
        Cho chweet…

      2. Thank you Juhi di!! And, I’m not your di, I suppose. I’m just 12.

  19. Dev shud now sing..O meri Sona re sona r sona re de dunga jaan juda mat hona re…maine tujhe BADI der me jaana..hua kusoor khafa mat hona re….o meri Sona aur soha re….aaja re…?????
    Literally instead of using such cheap tricks use BOSE Family Sona aur Soha se mafi mang leni chahiye…theyR soooo… BADE DIL VALE dat vo maf kr denge….
    Cz is tarah tum baar baar apni identity sho kr rhe ho…ki tum kis bakwas family se belong krte ho…containing Pisswari Vicks ki goli and Garib ki Hai hai…Seriously…
    Pr Mom’s boy apni girl ke bare me MUMMA ko to bolega hi.. then vo apne hath jode aayegi…bolegi..EK ABLA BOODHI (BURI) DADI BANNE KI ICHHA RAKHNE VALI APKE AAGE APNI AABCHAL BICHAYE BHEEK MANG RHI HAI?????… jst like she did when Dev Ke Liye Sona ka hath mangne aayi thi….GIRGIT KAHIN KI…???
    Pr then Sona ko bhi weak na hote hue khna chahiye…JST GO TO HELL..OO…MIL(mother in law)…JST GO TO HELL……????????
    Seriously like??LOLZ…

  20. sushmita naik

    I thought they may show fit her that golu is the son of dev and sona while choosing legal heir

  21. Hey can any of u pls tell me ki kya Kalpi Di ( Kalpana) ne apna ff Piya ke rang Dheeni Odhni (something like that only) band kr diya hai ky?..
    Maine bahut khoja pr cudn’t get so pls tell me cz i liked it sooooo…. much…
    When Devakshi went 4 Honeymoon to Paris until then I cud find it but uske baad ke episodes meko ni mile…so pls tell me if anyone can find my Kalpi Di…

    1. Kalpana di had been really stuck up in her office work and hasn’t been spotted on TU since ages. She’s probably not had the time to post anything after the honeymoon episode(s)…

  22. Ganga

    Hurry up….

    RBI has allowed deposit of old notes of 500 and 1000 in any bank for 3 days from 29th to 31st of this month. Please inform your friends and family….

    Last chance….??

    1. 29th ko? Abhi to 3 saal wait karna padega!??

      1. Ganga

        Ha ha. …29th ke liye 3 sal….Nd 30 & 31 ke liye kya karogi you???

  23. Devga

    Check out off screen moment from set india


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