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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 20th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 20th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dev rushes towards hospital in his car and shouts at people coming on the way. Sona in a waiting area writhes in pain and tells Ishwari she cannot tolerate pain. Ishwari consoles her. Dev calls her and asks how is Sona. Someone shouts at Dev to drive carefully. Khushi panics that Sona exposed them. Ayan asks her to calm down and scolds that because of her foolishness, Sona captured video. He calls Riya and tries to speak. Riya scolds him and asks to never call him. Khushi asks what they will do now. Ayan says he wil do something, Sonakshi started this game and he will end it on her. She asks what he will do. He says he does not know and leaves.

Two goons start yelling at Dev for ramming car on to their jeep. Dev says accident happened by mistake and

he will pay for it. They yell he is showing his money power. Dev holds collar and warns they don’t know who he is and what he can do, so they should take money and get lost. He then gets into car, but car does not start. He starts runnning. Doc checks Sona. Ishwari asks if everything is fine. Doc asks Ishwari to go out and let her check. Ishwari asks Sona not to worry and leaves. Doc checks Sona’s tummy for baby’s heart beat. Sona asks if everything is fine. Doc asks her to relax and goes out.

Ayan reaches hospital and tells Ishwari that he made a big mistake, but Sona has mistaken him. Ishwari warns him if anything happens to Sona or her child, Dev will not spare him. He hears Dev’s voice and hides. He thinks if something happens, Dev will really not spare him. He goes to doc and tells he is with Sona and asks if she is fine. Doc turns and identifies him as her friend. Ayan says it has been a long time since they met and asks how is baby. Doc says baby… Dev tells nurse that he needs to talk to doc. Nurse says doc is busy reading reports. Ishwari asks Dev what did doc say. Dev says doc is checking reports. Ishwari says they will go to their regular doc from there. Dev says there is no need for that. Ishwari says for a mother, child is most important and he cannot understand mother’s feelings. Ayan hears their conversation and smirks.

Elena looks at bangle designs on laptop. Vicky comes and gets romantic. GKB enters without knocking and tells Sona exposed Ayan’s lie. Vicky scolds to knock door before entering. Elena asks him why did not he lock door. GKB tells again Sona did a sting operation on Ayan and exposed him. Elena walks out. Vicky scolds her she should keep her mouth shut and not pester them like this.

Dev walks towards doc’s room when Ayan stops him and calls Dev bhaiya. Dev warns not to call him that. Ayan mimics Ishwari and says she is worried about Dev’s child which is not present at all and tells him what doc told. Dev angrily holds his collar. Ayan says like Sona exposed him, he will expose this truth to Ishwari. Dev asks what he wants. Ayan says he wants to marry Riya. Dev warns not to take his sister’s name from his dirty tongue and says he will protect his family from evils like him. He walks towards Ishwari and Sona thinking of telling them truth, but stops seeing a man happily holding newborn baby. Ishwari says this happiness is world’s best happiness and when Sona will give her grandson, she does not know how will she react, even Dev will be very happy. Sona says she will let Ishwari pamper and spoil child. Dev feels shattered.

Sona sees Dev and asks why is he looking stressed, if he spoke to doc, is there any problem. Doc comes and says Sona that she read her report, there is nothing to worry, her baby is normal and she can go home. Ayan standing behind smirks and reminisces asking doc a favor. Dev looks at him. Ishwari tells Dev that she has broken Ayan and Riya’s alliance, rest she will speak at home. Ayan messages Dev that he fulfilled his promise and it is his turn now.

Precap: Dev asks Sona if she trusts him. Sona says more than herself. Dev asks to go to mom and convince her for Ayan and Riya’s marriage. Sona asks what….

Update Credit to: MA

  1. Asmita...

    It should be declared WORLD WIDE OFFICIALLY that Dev Dixit has gone fully mad…

    And what kind of doctor is that lady… She easily agree for telling lie… Dev should have consulted this doctor for Sona’s IVF…

    This serial is going nonsense now …

    Sab pagal ho gaye hain…

  2. Aarti32

    Pehle hi Neha, Ishwari aur Radha Rani kam the, jo ab ye mahashay ayan bhi..aa gye Devakshi ko pareshan krne.. Vicky n Elena ke part bohot funny tha..Baki aaj ka episode thoda melodramatic tha..but sabhi actors ki acting bohot acchi h..
    Guys, is fasad ki jad bhi Ishwari hi h..πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  3. n once agai mr dev dixit ne baghwanji ko looks diye.ab toh shivji and ganeshji ko bhi dev ka chehra yaad hogya hoga.sai mein dev aise looks dete hai jaise baghwaanji ne koi ghor zulm kiya ho uspe

    1. Sneha1

      sach mein… ajkal dev ko jahan bhi shiv ji dikh jate hai.. bus aise looks deta hai… bechare mahadev bhi darr jate honge !!!!!

  4. woh sab theek hai but koi mujhe btaoo ayan ko kAISE PATA CHALA KI DEV NE HI JHOOTH BOla HAI?ho sakta tha ki sona ne yeh baat chupai ho ya phir yeh bhi ho ki usse pata chale ki sabko misunderstanding hui ho but nhii usse kaise pata ki yeh sachai dev ko hi pata hai n woh sabse jhooth bol raha hai.WRITER so gya tha n jab utha toh usse yaad nhi aaya ki kahani usne kaha chodi thi how sensless

    1. Super point raised u r πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘… Ye kya Ho ra ha….. Serial ka beautiful charm chal gay… Plssssssss is charm ko wapas Lao director ji

    2. Priya9876

      Wo isliye pata Chala my dear piya coz dr. K batane k Baad ki reports normal h ,,, ishwari Nd Sona bilkul normal behave kr rhe the bt dev k expression Nd dar ko dekh kr to koi v guess krega ki kuch to locha hai….

      1. still yaar ayan tih mujhe waise hi itna annoying lagta hai upar se chii gandi acting.phir itni bakwaas i can’t accept this fact dev ne itni achi acting ki hi thi toh uska raaz ayan ko pata chalna zaroori tha kya?lik aise show kardete ki ayan ne dev ko reports ki baat karte hue sun liya but nhiii out of the scene jana zaroori tha

  5. Shalinibose

    I was worried for dev. Aj jo hua ki ayan ne dev ko black mail korna suru kor diya. Main ne sbs pe dekha ki dev ko Ishwari ne ghar se bhar kar diya kyunki dev ne Ria or Ayan ki shadhi accept korne ke liye bol raha tha. πŸ™

  6. I agree with you asmitha

  7. aagey kuch comment karne ka mann hi nhi hai actually kuch yaad hi nhi aaraha ki episode mein aaj kya hua i was so lost in sharica ka interview ki yeh zeher maine absent minded hokar piliya

    1. Priya9876

      Too finally dekha ya nhi???

      1. haan chahe bekaar se bekaar radhee se redhee episode bhi ho dekhna mere duty hai.
        but just imagine agar koi mujhe yeh dare dede ki dev sona ke grahpravesh se leke pregnancy track tak saare episodes dobara dekh thn i m telling u main wahi mar jaongi

  8. aaj ishhu ki possessivepanti thodi kum thi n infact ayan ko dev jaise looks bhi nhi diye aur dev ke naam se dhamkaya.chalo its ok hum apne aap ko jhootha dilasa hi de dete hai
    i think iss thursday tak ayan jail chala jayega n friday tak sachai saamne aajayegi pregnancy wali aur monday tak ka hum wait karke tadpe ge.
    but sabse phle sona ek aur punya ka kaam karde neha ko wapas bhej de uske ghar coz mujhe actually hum sab devakshi ke fans ko usse allergy hai.waise bhi i hate aadhi adhuuri kahaniya

  9. Dev Dixith se Aise koyi chillathe I Mena in dat car accident…… Vaise bi Dev Dixith ithana baga business man Ho…..

    Last week se dekh raha hu ki Devakshi ND ishwari eki costume me the… Kyo producer ke pass money nahi hai is Demonstration ki wajah se…. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

    Ayaan ithni gatiya insaan…… Dev vsi idiot se bit dartha hei kya….. Director shayad Aap bulgay Ho gi KRPKAB ka main male lead SHAHEER…… Plssssssss ab tho vnka character ko thoda strong banalo ji….. I hope thoda dare ND dynamic wala angle Dev ko dejiyena…… Plssssssss(like Maaya in Beyhadh….)…….. Maaya sirf vnki papa se dar jathi thi…….. Lekin Dev.. πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”

    Ishwari ND Sona dono Dev ki face dekh kar ki patha chal jathe the na vnki Mann me kya hua….. Vnki dimakh per kya chalu ra tha….. Ab vn dono ki kya hogayi….. Dev kush nahi but tum dono ko dikay nahi de raha…..

    Director ji ye sare galthiyo na sirf aur sirf Aap ki….. Not hamare actors ko….. Shaheer already said it Ye Sas bahu drama kar raha tha….. ND supriya ji also not satisfied at present track….. Erica bi live chat pe yahi bola jo director bold tha mei kar rahi hu….. Lead actors satisfied nahi bcoz dey know about fans feelings….. Ab tho change karlo na isi track ko…… PlssssssssπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

    Sorry friend meine zyadha likhdiya….I

  10. Sonadi

    This episode is one of the worst one I had seen. It had exceeded the illogical situations the makers have created before.No doctor will agree to tell alie like this.They should have done differently than asking a doctor to lie.
    Dev’ S character is not that selfish that he would sacrifice his sister’s life for Sona and Mom’s happiness for few days.
    Eli is keeping GKB busy.
    So the next episode is that Iswari throw Dev out of his house and this makes Dev think that the bond between his Mom and Sona is strong ,he would call the police to arrest Ayan.
    All this actions by Dev are due t Iswari . only If she had accepted Sona as her daughter before this pregnancy drama these would not have happened.
    Hope the makers correct them self and concentrate on doing the right thing not illogical ones.

  11. Sonadi

    Ayan’s dad and mom keep saying that they are respected family but they should be ashamed of raising a son like Ayan.unless they are also involved in this scam . How long is this going to last? He does not know whom he is black mailing.
    He is digging his own grave.

  12. Sneha1

    Blooper of the day… dev is phone car mein gir gaya tha.. then the small fight with 2 ppl.. dev tried to start the car but couldn’t so he ran ran and ran… nowhere he has picked his phone
    But when ayaan sent him a blackmail message.. phone came back to his pocket…
    N still we are complaint dev magic is not there these days….

    1. Hmm Sneha….. So many stupid things Happens…..

      I don’t know director ko kya enmity with us (KRPKAB ka fans ke saath)……. We all r watch ND notice each ND every small scene in our favourite show…..

      I don’t want to see DEV like dis…… πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜žπŸ˜žπŸ˜ž

    2. Asmita...


      You r ryt Sneha… I also noticed the same thing…

    3. Priya9876

      That was a super magic…no….πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
      HahahhΓ a

    4. Sonadi

      We have to assume that Dev picked up the phone. There is no significant in that. His phone drops because of the accident and they do not have to show that he picked up the phone.
      There are so many other illogical and unreal things they show like today’s episode . No dr will tell the personal info to anybody just because she knew the guy 10 years back especially this is a very big thing. And also as a Dr Sona does not ask the dr why she got the pain and does not ask to see the reports.This can never happen. Even a common person will ask question. As a Dr you just accept without asking why especially Sona ‘S charecter is that she is inquisitive.
      Unbelievable.This serial again started following the other serials. Just because they want to show Ayan blackmailing Dev this is created which will never happen. And the Dr telling a lie.

    5. kya baat hai main episode aur ek din phle wala promo me dev ka mobile girta hua aise dikhaya tha jaise uska koi sinificance ho but us scene ki zaroorat bhi kya thi n upar se lol mobile wapas aagya lol its magic as priya said

      1. Sonadi

        They can not show each and every small details. The phone dropping was shown that the conversation between Iswari and Dev getting disconnected ..Nothing significant in that.
        I do not feel anything wrong in that not showing about the phone . When it got dropped I also thought that it may be found by Ayan which may have something to do with blackmailing.But it did not happen that way. But it happened in a stupid way.

  13. I can’t understand dev’s attitude…. How can he spoil his own sister’s life…πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’….serial becoming so dull and unacceptable

  14. Priya9876

    Full on Filmy episode……
    Traffic me Bhag na….
    Darr …
    Ja kar Sach batana …Ar batate batate ruk Jana….o god…..
    God ko angry look Dena……
    Future plannings– dadi bigadegi n mΓ a sudharegi 😣

    Mast dialogues—–
    * Tu janta nhi Tu kisse deal kr rha h….Chal apne paise le Ar nikal….πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
    * Dev Dixit wo deewar h Jo apne Ghar ki tarf aate hue Tufaan ko aasani se rok sakta hπŸ‘πŸ‘( smthng like that)

    Hona chaiye guyzz kavi kavi dramatic episode v hona chaiye. To sab log gussa mat Karo Apne pyare show pe πŸ’•πŸ’–πŸ’—πŸ’ŸπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’™πŸ’šπŸ’›πŸ’“β€

    1. Sneha1

      yaar main lead k dresses k liye to paise nahi hai…. different set ki cost kaise bear karenge to usi room ko change krke kabhi sona ka cabin bana dete hai.. kabhi hospital…..

      1. Priya9876

        Yeah….Sahi hai….
        Demonstration ka asar hai….
        Modi Ji ki jay ho…..
        Paise ki kami ki wajh se dekh na lol type actress liya h For khusi’s role…..
        Lol type acting karti hai….

    2. Areyyyy priya…… Hamari pyari show pe gussa nahi ye….. Chintha hei ye…..

      Agar gussa is show ki director ND producers pe hona chahiye na bcoz of d track (mujhe patha tha Story writer pe bi gussa hona chahiye but director nahi mana kara)…..
      Producers bi na main characters ko single costumes diya tha na…… Last week se ab thak same costume….. 😞😞😞😞

      1. Priya9876

        Arey….same dress isliye h bcz ek hi Din ka dikha rhe h naa….. Day chng Hoga tavi too dress v chng Hoga….
        Tum akdoom boka πŸ˜‡

      2. Hmm…. But I don’t ND never want to see DEV like dis priya……

        Kuch bi teek nahi lagra mujhe…. Kya karu but Still
        Β₯Β₯Β₯ I LOVE KRPKAB 😍😍😍😍

    3. waise toh obviously we also repeat our clothes aam life mein but just bcoz hume dev sona humee itne pasand hai ki hum unhe hamesha sundar aur stylish aur different dekhna chahte hai
      2nd reason shaadi se phle sona hamesha bright aur na ke barabar kapde repeat karti thi isliye usse expected nhi hai
      3dev dixit jab itna ameer hai hi toh kuch tuk nhi banta coz woh toh sabse zada kapde repeat karta hai
      4th reason mujhe neha se jealousy hoti hai kyunki woh khud itne kapde repeat nhi karti jitna hamari sona karne lag gyi hai
      abhi interview mein bhi sona ne woh dress pehni hui hai phle bhi mujhe toh phle laga ki koi bhot dino phle ka interview hai

  15. Priya9876

    Similar things/place
    — sona’s cabin….. sona’s Dr’s cabin….. Yesterday ayaan n Khush jis room me the…. Same room…

    — ishwari k room ka statue of Shiva Nd Kal jise dev road pe look de Rahe the….. Same statue

    — ishwari ne jab suicide attempt Kiya Tha uss time pe jis hospital me wo thi,, usi same hospital Me Kal sona v thi…bcz sabko yaad Hoga breakup k Baad 1st day jb Sona jati h ishwari ko last time reports dene….
    Waha se nikalte waqt reception pe dev sona aas pass se Gujar jate h bt dekhte nhi…… That time dev was in brown colour shirt…..Nd Sona in light blue kurti….
    Soo same reception that time also….

    1. Asmita...

      he bhagwan… tumhara kya hoga Priya ?

      tum to puri tarah pagal ho chuki ho re babaaaaaaa…

      kitna involvment ke sath har ek cheez notice karti ho tum…

      ek kaam karo… KRPKAB & Shaheer par Ph.D. kar lo… khatrnak research krogi tum… isi bahane tumhe Shaheer ke sath spend karne ka bhi chance milega, qki research to usi par hogi na… aur tum 5 years ki Ph. D. puri life kahtm nahi krogi…


      1. Priya9876

        Good idea…πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
        Bass Mera ek kaam kar Doo SHAHEER ko mana lo uspe research Karne k liye….πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‰

    2. waah priyaa waah!!!
      tumne to eagle-vultures ko bhi peeche chod diyaa (eyes ke reference mein)

      1. Priya9876

        Thanku Ji Thanku…..😊

  16. Sneha1

    Yaar after seeing the segment I am just realising …. Shaheer is a super rich guy… have a convertible mercedez.. a black BMW.. and may be a white tooo..
    see the bunglows he is owning… a big villa with swimming pool.. water bodies.. garden.. beautiful interior in Indonesia… then a masterpiece white flat in Mumbai.. then a big size bunglow in Jammu….


    1. Priya9876

      N the special things his bathrooms in both house Indonesia & white House Mumbai….haha….

    2. Priya9876

      Watch this sneha his 1st car:—
      Dhullo RaniπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    3. hmmm rich toh hai but hardworking usse bhi zada .shaheer ne hi bola tha ki apne dreams pure karne ke liye extra efforts karne padte hai jo actually usse zada koi nhi karta hoga.yaar itnaa workholic india to indonesia n indonesia to india kitna tiring hoga but since he enjoys his work toh kum difficult hoga

  17. I don’t agree with dev because he ready ruin his own sister’s life

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