Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 1st September 2016 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 1st September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Mamaji calls Ishwari and asks if she reached home. She says Dev did not come yet. He had infored Dev and will call him again. She says it is okay, Nikki called taxi, they will meet at home then. They get into taxi and leave. Mamaji calls Dev and asks if he is busy. Dev says no. Mamaji says Ishwari was waiting for him in temple till now and just left in taxi. Dev feels guilty.

Bejoy, Sen and Asha discuss about Sona and Rithvik’s engagement. Sen says he wants Sona at his home soon. Bejoy says not so soon. Sona enters and asks if they are ready, then they can fix engagement date.

Ishwari limps with leg pain. Mamaji gets hot water tub for her and immerses her legs in water. She asks why did he trouble himself. He says it is okay and says Dev is an

obedient son and he would have forgotten to pick her by mistake.

Sona and Rithvik chat. Rithvik discusses about his first love when he was 19 and he was in 3 years relationship and took 3 years to forget his love. Their discussion continues.

Dev rushes home and apologizes Ishwari for nothing pick her up from temple and asks if she is fine. She says syes and he need not worrry. Dev goes to his room and at night cries that Sona cannot be someone else’s. Mamaji comes and says even he used to love a girl when he was 20 and his family did not agree, he could not marry the girl and is repenting his whole life. He suggests not to lose Sona and repent his whole life, he is troubling himself, Sona, and even the boy who is marrying Sona. Dev says Sona is already marrying. He says she loves only him even now. Dev gets very happy.

Rithvik comes from shopping with Sona and Elena. Elena says she did a lot of shopping. Rithvik says thhere are 3 kind of people, one who shop, one who carry their bags, and one who does not like Sona. Bejoy scolds Elena for shopping on Rithvik’s money. Rithvik jokes he will send bill to Bejoy. Family gets busy in chatting. Dev calls Sona’s number repeatedly, but she does not look at it. Rithvik notices it. While dropping Rithvik out, Bejoy tells him that he has made his dad’s favorite director’s movies. He sees Rithvik sad and asks if he should speak to Sona. Rithvik says he did not see such a wonderful girl like Sona in his life, but he is worried that Sona’s ex-love is troubling him even now and was calling on her mobile repeatedly today.

Precap: Bejoy confronts Ishwari to keep her son under control, why did Dev call Sona 11 times. Ishwari asks Dev why does not he forget Sona and why did call her repeatedly.

Update Credit to: MA


  1. Asmita...

    |Registered Member

    Tussi chha gye mamaji… Aapke πŸ‘£kahan hain… Unhi πŸ‘£se Dev ko bhi lga do ek… Is gdhe ko kuch samjh hi nahi aa rha…

    Dev sb kuch ulta hi kat raha hai

  2. Asmita...

    |Registered Member

    I will not say whether sona is doing right or wrong by getting engaged with Ritwik…. But I must say that so many things are beyond being right or wrong…

    Sometimes it is important to do what is needed more than being right or wrong…

  3. Shalini

    The episode was so so …😴
    Bechare mamaji…😒😒😒😒😒😒
    Un par bhi same beeti hui h….so sad…😒😒😒😯😯😯😯
    He got radharani…😱😱😱😱
    What if dev also get some radharani kind of girl….???πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    Ishwari aunty will enjoy it….πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  4. Shalini

    He was calling sona again and again…😞😞
    I was like really???πŸ˜’πŸ˜’
    Is it a matter to be resolved on phone…??dumbo…πŸ˜‘πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’

  5. Neha

    I Like when Ishwari realise, that dev never forget his mother no matter if he’s busy in work, and atleast he’ld informed her…..Good Ishwari You Deserves this pain….
    OMG.! Rithwik checked Sonakshi’s call list in her cell phone…. Don’t know what to say about it but It’s all for the best.!! That led to Ishwari- Bijoy confrontation and Ishwari- Dev talks.! Good move I would say…
    Sonakshi is taking a Hasty decision with both their lives now…and its good for him to be watchful now ( than hurt later)… Invading other person’s privacy is not good, but it’s all for the best in this situation…
    Waiting for 2mrrow episode…!!

  6. kitty

    wah dev babu show your mummy that u love sona and she is equally important……mamaji thoda brains pls auntyji ko bhi deji yeh grt8

  7. Priya9876

    |Registered Member

    u r absolutely correct sona jiska dil tuta ho wahi samjh sakta hai dusre ka dard!!!!
    ## Tavi to Mama ji ne dev ke dard ko samjh liya… ohoo mama ji aapki v gf thi…. wahhh!! m impressed…. kaha aap GKB k chakkar me fass gaye…
    Dev kuch nhi to mama ji ko dekh kar to kuch sikho… example dekh rahe ho, agar apne pyar se sadi nhi kiya to GKB jaisi ladki se sadi ho jayegi…… hahahahhaa πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  8. Priya9876

    |Registered Member

    ##### DEV—– Maa Maa Maa Maa Maa Maa Maa Maa Maa Maa Maa Maa Maa
    ab bas v karo yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!
    Sir fodddd dungi ab Maa Maa kiya toooooo……..

  9. Manya

    |Registered Member

    It will be interesting to watch how Dev will win his love after so many problems
    Sona’s parents
    Sona (of course she is so hurt😊)
    So let’s see what will he do πŸ˜‹πŸ˜œπŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜β€οΈπŸ’˜πŸ˜˜πŸ’•πŸ˜πŸ˜‚and today’s epi was like okay okay I liked Dev’s realization but not the Pisswari part😑and feeling sorry for rithwik bcoz his heat is gonna break again as DEVAKSHI are made for each other πŸ˜œπŸ˜‚and the precap just can’t say anything it is a Lili scary also bcoz Dev can change his mind again 😭😰let’s see tomorrow’s epi 😊

  10. Priya9876

    |Registered Member

    AAj ek chiz mujhe wiered lagi,, have any 1 notice that aaj sona k baba jb rikthik se puch rahe the tumhare baba kaise h?? i mean rithik k father thodi der pehle hi mil kar gaye the, fir ye Q. tha.. makers v naa mistake kar dete h choti choti chize……

    Avi koi Rituals v nhi hui h ar avi se Elena gifts le rahi h Rithik se ..strange…

  11. Saamii

    |Registered Member

    Nice episode Ritik is also heart broken . Who is that girl . Is she from Devs family hmmm suspense . Now Ishwari came to know of Dev calling Sona 11 times what will he tell her. Nice drama will be there cant wait 4 tomorrows ep. Now Ishwari will think bcoz of Sona he didnt pick her from temple. I think Dev will take step for Sona to win her back as Mamaji suggested. But y he is thinking she still loves him as she already said she loves him n he cant take alone decision of breaking relation .first Mamaji told him about Ishwari doesnt like Sona . Now he is convincing Dev. Dev doesnt have his own mind to take decisions . I know Sona wont accept Dev easily soon . As her family n Ritik matter her on priority now. If some negativity come about Ritik then story will take a turn again .

  12. nahs

    Arrey dev if u have guts , be a man and marry sona else shut the f**k up and be a mumma boy as usual , eating hand -made halwa made by ur mom amd silently crying and breaking laptop and glasses….why are you torturing sona when u throwed her out of ur life for pisswari junk.. Even when lady came with proposal for dev pisswari smilingly avoided,,,pisswari better marry ur son idiot..

    • Archi

      I agree with you. Sona didn’t break up with Dev. It was Dev who decided to break the relation without discussing it with Sona first. How can he be mad at Sona for trying to move on? Either you yourself marry her or let her marry someone else. She has a life of her own. Let her live. If you are missing her so much then confront your mom, tell her how much Sona means to you, and how you want to spend rest of your life with her. If you can not do that then simply marry your mother (She has been acting like your wife anyway).

      • Pradishma

        yes nahs and archi….this oldie lady is too toooo much…Dev he himslef broke the relation and way he talked to sona while break up still echoes in my ear..Sona’s voice was trembling when he spoke so at hospital..But now he is stalking sona and disturbing her…As Archi said he should confront pisswari , but what he is doing is disgusting..Sona has a life and why dont Dev realise it..Hope he get some brains after talking with mamaji..

  13. Aaru

    |Registered Member

    Guys, I’ve read somewhere ki Dev will warn sona of ritwik’s real intentions..matlab kya, ritwik negative niklega..ab to mujhe bhi doubt hota h..ritwik ki pehle ek gf thi, usne bataya kyu nhi..Sona ne to Dev k bare mein sab bataya tha..aur phir bolta h ki tum nhi poochti to bhi main batata, arey kab batate tum!! Shaadi ke baad?? Aur iske ye do tarah ke log, jinko ye hamesha teen tarah ke bana deta h..ufff!! I hate it..N dekha, aaj bhi Ishwari ko episode ki starting mein bhej diya, shuruwat mein hi mood ki band Baja deti h..but aaj mamaji ne mood bohot accha jr diya..kitne acche se Dev ko samjhaya.. WOW!!

  14. sona

    Mamaji thoda gyan pyari behna ko dijiye unko jyada jaroorat…sick minded lady…plz unite devakshi soon…ab jhel nahi pa rahe.
    Kab tak purane episodes ke videos dekhen..
    Unke cute se romance ke liye

    • Priya9876

      |Registered Member

      bilkul sahi mai too 3-4 episodes dekh leti hu… avi recently mai epi – 28 download kara h… maja aa ya uss epi ko dekh kar… πŸ™‚

      • Shalini

        Aaahhhh their dance with yeh lamhein hazar se as BGM….they were looking the most adorable tht day….😍😍😍😚😚😚😚

      • Shalini

        I have wayched that episode fo more than 20 times….mad about tht…πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜šπŸ˜š

      • Neha

        Yes Priya, eve I also watched old episodes, specially first dream sequence where dev said .I love you sonakshi, I really do….
        and Sonakshi said I love you too Mr. Obhodro..I mean dev…..and their flying hug…..love that Bg song….
        Unchuye the sapne mere tune chu liye.
        Chupke chupke dil me aya tu jaan do liye
        teri ho gayi hu tujhko pata bhi toh ho
        mere pyar me teri raza bhi toh ho
        pehli dafa hai k mujhme tu jhalka hai
        pehli dafa hai k mujhme tu chalka hai
        mere rango me kuch dhang hai tere jaise bhi
        kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi….πŸ’πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜

      • Neha

        Infact, all Devakshi love moments….. watching on YouTube…
        Its a request if anyone know the link to download this song
        Dhal rahi hu ye kaise rang me
        me nhi hu khud apne hi bas me
        kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi
        want this song…..plz share the link ….i wanna download this song….

    • Sneha

      Same with me.. their first dance together.. as they looked in each other eyes… that episode was amazing… i dont know how many times i have seen that episode..
      that 14 June.. proposal day ..
      than Dev & Sonakshi.. toghether at home when all went for Neha’s alliance… those moments when they danced together.. smiled together… ” Unchuye the sapne mere tune chu liya and they touched each other hand through window glass….
      than 14th July.. Mr. Dev Dixit changing Shirt and Ms. Bose entered and Mr. Dixit… “Ap galti se uss time aati hai jab mein shirt change kr raha hota hai.. mere paas aane se kuch hota hai… awwww amazing !!!
      those were golden episode…

      • Manya

        |Registered Member

        I also love the epi in which they both dance together in rain😘😘😍and when Dev waits for Sona in rain and they both catch cold β€οΈβ€οΈπŸ’•πŸ’•

  15. Neha

    Dev Get Happy as Rithwik and Sonakshi marriage breaks in KRPKAB :

    Ishwari is insecured bcoz she does not wants Sonakshi returns in Dev’s life. In upcoming episode, the show witness a high voltage drama as Rithwik’s evil intentions exposed by dev…
    Bijoy breaks Sonakshi- Rithwik marriage, He thanks dev for exposing Rithwikand saved sona’s life from getting spoiled.
    On the other hand, Ishwari get shocked to know that sona and Rithwik marriage had got broken so she’s insecured. Dev is happy that finally Rithwik- sona marriage breaks.
    Ishwari is scared that Sona will returns in dev’s life again as she doesn’t wants this to happen in any case.
    Ishwari is become restless and does not understand that what should she do now?
    Dev gets happy as Sona- Rithwik marriage breaks..
    Will dev convince Sona to come back in his life.? Will dev be able to convince Ishwari about Sonakshi.?
    Stay tuned for the upcoming twist…!

    • Priya9876

      |Registered Member

      happy wala news….. yeeeeeeeee….
      Mata ji aapko samjh nhi aa rha na ki ab kya kare,, too aap ek kaam karo fir se slipping pills le lo,, aur iss baar 1 bottle 2 bottle lena… me curior kar dungi… bt pl hospital se wapas nhi aana…

    • Shalini

      Donno about ishwari but OFFCOURSE HE WILL CONVIENCE SONA for coming back in his life….😍😍😍
      And yeeeeeee bejoy uncle will thank him….πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  16. Ibtesam ^_^

    O MY GOD …really neha ..hope it hppns so…hate ritwik in serial..
    even I thought that ritwik wil be negative…hope it hppns …

  17. Priya9876

    |Registered Member

    i mean kaisi h ye ishwari… kaise puchti h, Bhaiya dev pakka kisi baat ko lekar paresaan h… arey vamp aunty aap to kehti thi ki aap apne bete ki har mann ki baat samjh leti hai… too ab kya hua??????
    aapki gussenig power v gajar k khet me chali gyi hai?????
    Fake lady… Fake baatey….

  18. Erina

    Aaj ka episode so so hi tha but best part tha jb mamaji dev ko samjha rhe the but friends mujhe acha nhi laga jab mamaji dev ko samjha rhe ty mtlb seriously mamaji aap dev ko samjhane se acha hota apni behan ko samjhaiye jiske saamne apka bhi jawab dev ki tarah badal jata hai. Mujhe to seriously samajh hi nhi aa rhi h ki dev ko samjhane se kya hoga matlab mamaji aap hi vo insaan ho dev ke baad iss dixit family m jo jante ho ki dev ne sona s break up kyu kiya.
    So aap dev se jyada ishwari ko samjhaiye to behtaar hoga. Main to paak gyi is rithik se. Plzzz jaldi s kiska chapter close ho ab yhi mana rhi hu mai to. Mujhe to yakin hi nhi hota hai ki koi aisa bhi ho sakta hai jo bhi ho rithik se acha apna dev hai bus bande ke paas thora guts aa jaye ur samjhane ki power tb to sab set ho jaiyega. Mai nhi chahti ki dev ko sona abhi hi mil jaye par mai dekhne chahti hu dev kaise sona ko manata hai kaise situation se deal krta hai. Sona k lye dev ko pehle ishwari ko samjhane hoga pr iss rithik ko story se hatao. Jaisa Promo tha i want thik vaisa hi. Promo m break up k baad bhi dev sona k bech koi nhi aaya tha to ab kyu. I don’t want any one between devakshi. Hope y rithik ka chapter jaldi close ho jaye. I can’t c them like this. I want exactly like promo in which sona dev ko phone krti hai ur use ishwari ka news puchti hai ur vo last m jab puchta h ki kya vo abhi use naraz h to vo haas k jo rply deti hai i want that track not this rithik vala track. I just hate this rithik extra sugar cotted man

    • Shalini

      Me too….
      I also want tht promo to be showed in the show…..
      And all should first convience ishwari and then sona….becoz even if they convience sona the things will remain the same bcoz tht creepy lady will still be there as a wall between both of them….😊

  19. Anita

    Dev total confused personality. If he cannot take any decision without his mother, he should leave the idea of getting married. He caanot flirt with Sona if has no courage

    • Akanksha

      You nailed it. Dev hasn’t any right to spoil Sona’s life. He should be brave and convince that Pisshwari to accept his and Sona’s relation. Sona also has her feelings and self-respect.

  20. Blink

    This week so far it has been the same thing with a confused upset Dev who doesnt have a mind of his own. Either Mamaji advices or dances to the whims and mercies of his wicked mother. No interesting turn so far! Ritvik dislogue of ” dunita me do tara ke log.,,.” And then ends up with a third is too repetitive.
    Dev should leave Sona if he cant marry her . He is just being obsessive like his mother.He is thoroughly confused between his mother and Sona and is not bothered to convince his mother that life without Sona is incomplete for hom. What kind of relationship is this where a mother fails to understand her son and the son is not comfortable convincing his mother about his love. Mother fails to recognise the son’s wrestlesness , pain . Is this a mother or a selfish stepmom????
    Ignoring the pain of a child or his/ her problems is just not done by a mother. Kya deekha rahe hey ye loge! Now they are stretching the Devakshi pain episodes too much. Its slowly slipping into a boring phase. Hope next week some dhamaka happens.

  21. Chanpreet0815

    |Registered Member

    I don’t think so ki ritwik ka character negative hoga. “Mamaji kamaal kr ditta tusi”. I mean to say kamaal kr diya aapne. Dev ko ab akkal aai h that he is doing wrong.

  22. Sneha

    I am also waiting for those episode to come where there is no hurdle (like Rithik or Mom Ishwari) between Dev & Sona…
    sona is super angry with Dev and Dev doing all possible naughty/innocent things to get back Sona
    It will be so romantic …
    makers please do something !!!!!

  23. Ramyakumar

    Mamaji …you are super…Atleast you are supporting Dev and sona…pls help them to reunite..feeling v sorry about your past…
    Make Dev to realise he was wrong….next to devakshi I like your character the most Mamaji….pls help devakshi…and Mamaji pls tell your sister Eeswari that she is wrong and make her to realise her mistakes..no other can be so good bahu than sona for eeswari

  24. Lakshree

    Sony Television’s Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi is witnessing some new twist and turns in each and every episode. As we know Dev has called Sonakshi several times and Bijoy warned Ishwari to keep eye on Dev.
    In the coming episode, Ishwari will be seen regretting on Dev and Sonakshi breakup decision. She will understand that Dev have broken up with Sonakshi for her (Ishwari) and as usual she will call herself a bad mother. However, she will remain silent and she will let the things go in flow instead of correcting her mistake. Will Ishwari ever able to understand Dev’s love for Sonakshi?

  25. RANdomfANCreationz

    |Registered Member

    The most sensible character in this show is Mamaji he is so good and he understood devakshi’s problem instantly I wonder how he got a totally opposite Wife like that garib ki beti πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  26. RANdomfANCreationz

    |Registered Member

    I have a feeling that something is wrong there about rithik dal mein kuch kala hain 😝 And They shouldn’t make rithik’s character negative that will be so typical and poor devakshi i don’t know what is going on in their mind πŸ˜‘

  27. Asmita...

    |Registered Member

    Duniya mein 2 tarah ke log hote hain… ek wo jo pyar karte hain… ek wo jo pyar nahi karte…….. aur teesre wo jo Ritwik ki tarah hote hain – kabab mein haddi…… huunh…

  28. Asmita...

    |Registered Member

    Koi DEv ko samjhaao ki “life mein kuch galtiyaan……. pachtaave ka mauka bhi nahi deti, aur na hi un galtiyon ka koi ‘U’ turn hota hai…

    • Priya9876

      |Registered Member

      Mera to mann hota h tv me ghush kar use 2 thappad lagau ( but dhire se 😜 ) or samjhau…
      Lekin dev k samjh jane se kya hoga, agr ishwari sona ko accept hi nhi karna chahti to koi kya kr sakta h…. Even wo to dev ki shadi hi nhi krna chahti…

  29. Isha .....

    Hi guyzz
    I’m really not trying to hurt any1 feeling but I srsly m hating dev’s character ryt now .
    He is lyk a stalker to Sona
    Apart frm everything I hate dis creepy attitude of dev … He can’t expect sona to wait fr him all her lyf
    I lyk the way dey r projecting sona’s character .. A string bold n intelligent gurl

  30. Shweta Rajan

    Why? Dev always support his’s mom. I like Sona and rithik r both engagement. i am eagerly waiting today

  31. Priya9876

    |Registered Member

    In Tuesday episode how ishwari said— ” bhaiya aap hi bataiye Sonakshi yaha meri dekh bhal krne aayi thi ya iss ghar ki bahu banane?? ”
    Seriously u creep lady,, short term memory loss lady—- aapki beti Neha English tution karne gyi thi yaa Ranveer k ghar ki bahu banane…
    Koi is pagal lady ko ye chiz realize kyu nhi karwata😈

  32. Priya9876

    |Registered Member

    Have u all notice
    Now krpkab repeat telecast comes in 4 slots:-
    2:30 am
    9:00 am
    11:00 am
    1:00 pm

    • Shalini

      Ya….i too noticed tht… so nice na…
      4 times…πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
      But donno why SET INDIA is not uploading episodes daily on youtube….πŸ˜•πŸ˜•πŸ˜•
      They r delaying the uploads by 2-3 days….😑😑
      While edkv is uploaded daily…donno why…??

    • RANdomfANCreationz

      |Registered Member

      Ya i realized πŸ‘Œ On one hand i m happy with the repeats given to KRPKAB on the other hand I m sad that EDKV has no repeats as these two shows r my fav + ishqbaaz , so i am having mixed emotions over Sony 😝

    • Neha

      Yes Priya, I noticed that yesterday and today timing of reapeat telecast of krpkab is changed….but its good…

    • Shalini

      You’re welcome….😊😊
      I know you guys obviously had seen tht earlier before but still just wanted to recall all the memories of the show and wanted you all too to recall tht..thts why posted the links….😊😊

  33. Akanksha bhardwaj

    Heyy….guys…i knw dev’s character is getting negetive these days….bt creatives are not doing justice with sona’s character also….as..she is an independent girl…straight forward…strong….then why is she so….desperate to get married…i mean…getting married or getting involved with some other guy…is nt the only way tp recover from a breakup…that too when she her mind and heart are not ready…okk…family k liye bhi kr rhi h bt sb kuchh rokka shadi sagai sb kuchh ek sath hi krna h…i mean…dev k promises to yaad hai use…bt uska promise..k main aapko kbhi nhi chhodungi..aap chodd denge tb bhi nhi….nd nw…she is ready to marry some other guy…even when she knows k dev ki kya halat h

  34. Akanksha bhardwaj

    Ritvik ki bhi expectations bdha rhi h…even when is knws that her heart is not ready for this…..this is the phase when dev needs sona the most…bt she is nt realising it….relationship is k agr ek glt decision le bhi le bt to dusra sambhale..patience dikhay….i am nt favouring dev….what he did was soo wrong….bt i am angry with sona also….sry guys for such a long comment….bt bht days ki bhadas thi…now feeling gud:-D

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