Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 1st December 2016 Written Episode Update


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 1st December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Dev gets ready for office and stumbles due to weakness. Sona scolds him that he just got well and is wasting maa’s effort of giving him cold compresses whole night to less his fever, now maa is preparing kachoris for him even with injured leg. Dev rushes to kitchen and stops Ishwari from making kachoris and forcefully drags her to hall and makes her sit on sofa and asks mamaji to not let maa get up from here. He asks Sona to fry kachoris and suggests to lower flame as maa prepares kachoris with low flame.

Asha serves breakfast to Sourav. Sourav says toast should be more crisp. Asha asks to prepare himself and even serve Bejoy. Bejoy enters ands says society memebers are pestering him to become secretary. Daadi says good society members want to bear her problem.

Sourav says khadoos person is best for secretary position. Bejoy says no… They all try to convince him.

Nikki comes and gets excited hearing kachori smells and asks who is preparing kachoris. Sona brings kachoris. Nikki picks a few and says these are for breakfast. Dev tries to pick two and Sona scolds to pick only one. Dev tells ishwari that kachoris are very tasty and she should try. Sona offers kachoris to Ishwari. Ishwari yells at Sona that she took even this right from her. Sona and mamaji are shocked to hear this. Sona asks what is she telling. Ishwari says she mixed her love in kachoris and wanted to prepare them for her ill son, but Sona always snatches her right. Sona says nobody can snatch her right from her, she and Dev are pillars of this house and nobody can snatch Dev from her. Even if her mother would have tried to work with injury, she would have make her sit like this, Ishwari is also her mother. Radha comes and yells. Sona says she will not understand her until she gets Vicky married and her bahu will show her love for her.

Sona meets her patient in a restaurant. She sees Ayan with a girl in another table, touching girl supciously. She thinks who is the girl with him. Ayan sees her and rushes out. Sona rushes towards him calling his name, but waiter drops food on her and she stops.

Ishwari folds clothes and keeps them in her cupboard. GKB Radha comes and says even if Sona pesters her, she should continue her work silently. Ishwari says yes. GKB then brainwashes Ishwari that Sona does not want to become mother and wants to maintain her lean tummy and beauty for some more years. Ishwari asks who told her. GKB says she heard Dev and Sona talking that they don’t need children for another 5 years.

In the evening, Sona returns home and sees Nikki taunting Rhea about Ayan. She realizes tha Nikki has started liking Ayan, asks Rhea if she knows Ayan well. Rhea says they speak a lot and he told everything about him, he is very simple. Sona asks what about his ex-girlfriend. Rhea says he just had a crush when he was 14 or 15 and no girlfriend. Neha yells when Rhea is so sure, why she is pestering her.

Ishwari goes to Dev’s room and tries to speak. Mamaji enters and asks what are they talking about. Dev says maa is very worried about him. Mamaji says he will understand once he becomes father. Dev says being elders, they should not talk like this to him. Mamaji says he is married now. Dev says he and Sona have decided not to have children for another 4-5 years. Ishwari says this is not fair. Dev remembers doc’s words that Sona has only 7% chance to conceive and very difficult to bear a child.

Precap: Ishwari tells Dev that time is flying and Rhea grew up so soon, now she is getting married soon. Dev says she is marrying a nice guy, Ayan. Sona enters and says she needs to talk something important. Ishwari asks what now.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Sravanthi

    Kya yaar ek aaj kal devakshi scenes itna nahin dikhate hain….thoda zyaada decency hogaya hain ye tho….in donon ko tym hi nahin dete hain par bache chahiye ghar walon ko…

  2. Junee

    First of all today my little doubts have been confirmed. Actually, it appears that Dev likes some of my favorite terms, I mean his dialogue writer. On a lighter note, these are not patented ofcourse Hahahaha but seem to be used after few days or sometimes weeks of my usage! Hahahaha. My surveillance has been ON Makers!If that is the right guess then I am pleased! At least some one reads our posts!!!
    1)Rocket science kachori talne mey nahi lagta – todays episode
    2) Prince charming used in a previous episode
    3) He said to Sonakshi at the time of navratri when he got some food in the car “ Tum Duffer ho kya?” Exactly few days back I had used those lines!
    Good so what is the next one “Agree to Disagree” or “drop of a hat”? Just go ahead if u have liked it!!

    1. Priya9876

      hahaaa…….nice options for makers….keep it up junee…

      1. Junee

        Priya mey intezaar kar rahee thi sure hone ke liye aur issiye alaagh alaagh phrases chalake dekh rahee thee??par if so achhi baat kyunki humare khundak bhi pata chalega na???

    2. keep commenting these types of super comments…….our awsum writer junee

      1. Junee

        Thanks Shivansh

      2. Sravanthi

        Hii shivansh…my son’s name is also shivaansh

    3. Junee

      I have introduced Gen X GenY and Gen Z ! Lets see if it finds some place??

    4. 2 thumps up 2 shivansh…….r8 sravanthi

  3. Junee

    Today’s episode was from Kachori to Babies! What a leap!!!!!
    I have felt of late that the love between Devakshi that we used to enjoy has somewhat faded away. It bloomed so beautifully and then turned into an obsession for Dev with Ritvik around and once that Obsession was achieved it seems to be gradually fading away. Now, the proof of the pudding will come in the coming episodes. I would be extremely happy if my thoughts are proved wrong becoz I wish to see them happy as they were, before marriage.
    We will have to now see how Dev handles the situation of both medical report and the prenup. He seems to mess up every situation when it comes to Sonakshi’s little pleasures. If one carefully analyses, one can see that he cannot live up to promises. He hasn’t even primed Sonakshi and ironically he tells his mother that in a relationship nothing should be hidden. Well, I do support him for hiding the medical report becoz he did love her a lot so he probably didn’t want her to get hurt or receive the shock at that point of time. He also didn’t want to lose her at any cost. But what he should have done, is, and started priming her gradually instead of storing a massive shock for her. Let’s see how deftly the successful businessman handles the situation and spares his wife or rather dilutes her miseries. Viewers of late are pretty upset with Dev to see INDIFFERENCE towards his wife.
    Will he be able to SAVE the MARRIAGE? Will he CONFESS that he was FRAMED in signing the prenup agreement? What do u think friends??
    This would be worth watching as my expectations are pretty high as the CV’s have given us a lot of unexpected twists from time to time. One of them was Sonakshi’s cool attitude despite not being able to spend time with Dev on the birthday eve. Second the “Bhatija” episode on birthday! Even the way Dev coaxed Sonakshi to return home when they were thrown out by Bijoy.
    They have managed to avoid major battles!
    I only hope they don’t stretch it to a divorce as is being publicized becoz marriages happen not to be broken at the drop of a hat, at least not becoz of the inability to conceive or bear a child in TODAY’S TIMES!!! If it stretches to that, then it will be just like any other Ekta kapoor serial. I believe Divorce and remarriage are the MUST things in most of the serials aired now days.
    Anyways CV’s think a little “out of the box” and show something pleasant. A relationship which bloomed so beautifully should not get scrambled becoz that would be the last thing the viewers would want. The viewer segment of your serial mostly belongs to the newer generation or rather should we say GEN X, mostly Y and GEN Z as well! So you would have to keep that in mind while retaining certain values!

    1. Sravanthi

      Actually i am afraid ki dev sona se distance tho maintain karne ki try nahin karega na jus becoz sona bache ke baare main pooche tho….i have a strng gut feeling that he will do that…kyunki woh bas temporary solutions nikalte hain har problem ke liye….

      1. Junee

        We will have to wait and watch dear! Its possible ! Yes he finds quick fixes!
        I hope they find a subtle solution rather than regular ones. But definitely if he is going to maintain distance that would be ? Sad!

  4. Alka

    Wah ji wah ji wah wah ji wah wah wah ….. Ishwari ji aapka torture ka ghara fut chuka haii ….aap hamari sona ko taunt karte rehte ho na …..dekho aakhe phar k …pehle aapki badi beti Neha aur aab Riya ki bhi shaadi me problem hoga …huh…. Aur taane maaro sona ko ????

    1. Priya9876

      Jaisi karni waisi bharni…..
      Jaise ko Taisa…
      Jaisa Booge,,,,waisa paooge….

      Ar kisi ko kuch aata hai to bata do bhai???????

      1. Junee

        See Priya i have predicted that all her children will be unhappy ? and destiny will punish her with a plate full of misery becoz of her attitude! Her tricky nature to hurt a girl who goes out of the way to plz her.

  5. Alka

    Ishwari ko beech beech me daure padte haii kya …. Aabhi use pote/poti chahiye ….pehle Devakshi ko ek sath bhi nahi dekh sakti thi …. Huh …aajeeb daure padte hai aapko

    1. Priya9876

      daure to padne hi hai……Puri ki puri mental jo hai……..

      Humne to pehle hi kaha tha ASYLUM bHEJ do bahi…..

      pr DEV BABU sune tab naa……….

  6. Alka

    Haaa ….sona toh faltushwari aunty ji ki care Karen rahi thi …. Fir bhi usse problem haii …. Dev ko mai aapne haatho we bane k khilana chahti thi … Pagal …mujhe toh lagta haiii USS chot me Fir se wohi stone gira Dena chahiye tha sona ko ? phir shayad us dukh yaari ko Aacha lagta ?

    1. Priya9876

      hahahha…….Dukhiyariii…….sahi h…

  7. Romance to bohot door ki baat h,,,, mata Ji too Devakshi ko ek chotu sa Hug karte hue v nhi dekh Sakti,,,,,, Ar badi aayi grand child ki baat Karne wali……..

    Ar besharmo ki tarh bol v rahi h ki sonakshi ki Umar me to mere 4 bache? ho chuke the……. Kaise hue the ye yaad nhi h…. Ya memory week ho chuki h……
    Process bhul chuki ho Kya, ki grand child ko lane k liye Kya Kya karna padta hai??????

    Honeymoon tak Jane nhi Diya Ar badi aayi grand child k sath khelne wali. .??

    Newly married couple ko privacy Dena nhi h Ar grand child chaiye…… Murkh insaan kahinnnnn ki??

  8. Alka

    Aaj Jo Saree pehen k supriya ji ne Hanuman na promotion kiya …wahi Saree pehen k photo click kar k kaha tha na ki so ishwari se relate nahi ya …kuch waise hi ???

    1. Priya9876

      yup,, ye wahi sadi hai…
      tweet kiya tha… This is my last pic/selfi as ishwari…..

  9. Priya9876

    Romance to bohot door ki baat h,,,, mata Ji too Devakshi ko ek chotu sa Hug karte hue v nhi dekh Sakti,,,,,, Ar badi aayi grand child ki baat Karne wali……..

    Ar besharmo ki tarh bol v rahi h ki sonakshi ki Umar me to mere 4 bache? ho chuke the……. Kaise hue the ye yaad nhi h…. Ya memory week ho chuki h……
    Process bhul chuki ho Kya, ki grand child ko lane k liye Kya Kya karna padta hai??????

    Honeymoon tak Jane nhi Diya Ar badi aayi grand child k sath khelne wali. .??

    Newly married couple ko privacy Dena nhi h Ar grand child chaiye…… Murkh insaan kahinnnnn ki……..
    Bhagwaan ji plzzzz thodi SADBUDHHI do ise…..

  10. Seriously?sonakshi ko yaa toh ishwari ke pravachan sunne ki itni aadat ho gyi hai ki usse koi fark hi nhi padta ya tohhh sona ke ears ishwari ki baaton ko reflect back kar dete hai. Ishu usse dant rhi thi n woh smile karke kitne ache se baat karrhi thi i guess she doesn’t lik to hold grudges

  11. Hardly its been a month or two n everybody started demanding for a kid.what r they expecting?baccha within a year? Sona shld ignore everybody n even if there r chances for sona to bcom mother thn also she shld think twice thrice n thousandice coz bachee ki kya galti hai usse ishu n radharani ke bech mein kyu gussa re hai

  12. Dev waise toh shaddi se phle kaafi bacha bacha karta rehta tha n wowww seedhs 5yr gap but mr devji eyes close karne se situation nhi change hoyegi abhi toh maa ko happily taal diya but aage kya karega n dumbo aise reports ghar pe rakhega toh pata toh chalega hi office me rakh leta

  13. Priya9876

    when Dr. Bose was in cafe wid her pateient i thought……hashhhh…!! FINALLY she is doing her Job…..but no……Hoggya waha v SYAPAAA………
    Again a family tension……

    After all she is BAHU yaar…..too TENSION to usi k pass jayegi na……
    tension ko to bass ek hi adress malum hai…..huhhhh.!!!!

    1. Junee

      Well said Priya

    2. why this happens only in indian serials ki sare raaz main heroine k saamne hi khulte hain……taki pehle sab buri kahen aur fir baad mein jab sachchai saamne aata hai to guilty feel karke bolte hain sorry…..aur main heroine mahaan banke maaf kar deti hai

      1. Yes,,, bohot hi bakwass sa track hota hai….. Not even a second heroin ko ek pal k liye v Bura nhi lagta ki use sab ne kitna Bura bhala kaha Tha…

    3. Manya

      Di I want ki Sona ek baar bimaar Ho jaaye tab dekhte hai ki uski care lain karta hai….waise toh Dev babu hi karenge but it will be interesting to watch the caring side of Dev Dixit
      Ya phir NRN mein de Kisi Ko Kardo dekhte hai ki Ishwari unki care kaise karti hai

    4. Completely agree with your thoughts!

  14. Junee

    The hilarious part was GKB wants to hear” Chotidadee” ?????
    Bakwas dadee and Buree dadee yehee naam thik rahega yah to fan club wale nikalo ek sahee naam !
    What a reason to have grandchild?? Sonakshi’s attention will. E towards the baby ? and not Dev! Aree Gadhe GKB and Khachoreshwari !! Dev ki bhi to
    attention us baby par hogee!
    GKB ki sirf haath mey moch aur itta bada sling nautanki! Achhi tarah tutna chahiye tha lekin uski URTI hona zaruri tha boltee bandh ke liye

    1. chotidadee nahi balki choti gareeb ki beti

    2. Priya9876

      Yes I have some options….!!!
      Bhukkad + dadi = Bhukdi
      Kaamchor dadi??
      Gkb dadi

      1. Alka

        Hahaahhahahah Aacha name haii bhukdi

      2. Junee


  15. I wish this serial show what r other serials usually hesitate to show.i want that this serial shld turn up to be a brilliant n unique story so that i could proudly tell everybody that yes i m krpkab die hard fan n also so that i could recommend to anyone

    1. Wow piya. Very well said. I want the same.
      Trust is such an import at thing – https://dailylifeword.wordpress.com/2016/12/01/trust-never-break-it/

    2. I meant important

  16. Haha….once SHAHEER said that he’s so much like DEV but now i’m confirmed that he’s like DEV only….??????????? WHATEVER…!!!

    Watch “Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi : Dev aka Shaheer Shei…” on YouTube
    Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi : Dev aka Shaheer Shei…: http://youtu.be/mXQnPn_dWOs

    1. Priya9876

      Kavi kavi shaheer ki tweet ko dekhkr to seriously dimag garm ho jata h….???

      Uff…ye shaheer ka pyar?????

  17. Junee

    Today’s episode had only one interesting thing! Garama garam Kachoris absolutely mouthwatering ones!!!??

    1. Neha1

      Yes, and Mamaji calls Ishwari as kachori….pyar se…!
      Ishwari+ kachori= Ishchori… khikhikhi.???

      1. Priya9876

        Again a superb name??

      2. Junee

        Sorry not angry that went by mistake actually????

    2. Priya9876

      I was lyk ?? when Nikki picked 4 kachori??

  18. Dev should do one thing that there is a garden in his house….so he should go there and dig a small pit and put some ” SEEDS OF BABIES” in that pit and then again cover that with soil….and then water it everyday….then oneday that seed will become a tree and as we know that there are fruits on trees so on this tree babies will grow like fruits and iahwari should just go pluck that babies from there or will wait beneath the tree till they fall….

    As besides this i’m unableto see any hope of devakshi getting a kid in anyway possible…..?????

    1. Priya9876

      Haha haha haha….
      ????? Idea

  19. Poor Sonakshi. Now she has Riya’s best interests at heart but she’s going to be misunderstood. I knew something was up with Ayaan when he spent more time on his phone and made a statement yesterday about dear ones you can’t quite stay away from.
    He’s only interested in Riya for Dev’s money & fame. Same as the first guy Neha wanted to marry.
    Will the Dixit girls ever find love?

  20. I feel like writers will explore the angle of surrogacy. Ishwari may not like the idea and Sonakshi although sad may feel like she should have children as Dev is only son.
    So enter new character that’ll carry the baby and Ishwari will dote over her and take care of her and share a relationship with her that she does not share with Sona as new character is the kind of girl Ishwari will like.
    So that’ll cause another tension/conflict between Sona & Dev and the entire family.
    It’ll be interesting to watch yaaaar.

  21. All the promos have been proved to be true till now and are also shown in the serial too but exepting the FIRST FOUR PROMOS…!!

    donno why but i’m having a feeling that those promos are still TO BE SHOWED IN THE SERIAL….and i’m scared of that….

    DIMAAG SE HOTE HAIN….!!!???????????????????????

    Watch “KRPKAB Promo Mix #Soch Na Sake #200ThEpi celebr…” on YouTube
    KRPKAB Promo Mix #Soch Na Sake #200ThEpi celebr…: http://youtu.be/i_EITVf1iGc

    1. Excepting*

    2. ??????

  22. Junee

    Ishwari I think will have her share of miseries because of her mean mindedness!None of her children will be happy eith their marriages. I feel they will probably showcase that! Also getting influenced by evil and encouraging evil like GKB, and wrong like Neha leads to
    Only piling your plate with miseries.
    Where was Neha when she saw her mother get injured ? while making the magic potion for her dear Son? She could have dressed the wound the next morning which Sonakshi did! Her all of a sudden love for her mother also has a motivation as she was assured of her rights. Ishwari has failed to teach her children being sensitive, thoughtful and look beyond for the better which the Bose family has beautifully imparted to their children. Look at the way they celebrated Dev’s birthday at their own house without demanding his presence. They know that the son in law would love to be with his own family that his wife, mother. sisters yet that did not stop them from celebrating! They are big at heart becoz they are cultured and have some values in life!
    Ishwari on the other hand struggled to give her children specially Dev and only Dev some of the privileges to stand up in life but could not impart her children the element of respect for other souls becoz she could not think beyond herself and her son.

    1. Neha1

      Yes, Junee, I agree…! Ishwari ko toh Dev hi pyaara hai….Rhea or Nikki toh phir bhi better hai Neha se….and Hum logon ko Neha se kuch expect bhi nhi krna chahiye bcoz woh GKB ki sangat me rhi hai…Toh GKB or Neha, both are evil minded for Sonakshi… Woh Sona k liye kabhi bhi kuch achcha nhi soch skti..!

      1. Junee

        GKB and Neha are birds of the same feather flock together!!

    2. I completely agree with your point, Junee di!
      All Neha does is poke her nose in other’s business and find out mistakes in everyone except her own self. The only reason behind Neha staying at Ishwari Niwas is that all her requirements are fulfilled and never does she have to struggle to get something. A word spoken our from her mouth is like a command given to the members of the family. If she really acts to be so concerned towards her mother, why didn’t she dress the wound, despite being present at the scene? I think after all this, Ishwari should be able to recognise her daughter’s self-centred character! The Dixit family should definitely seek lesson from the Bose family and learn to be more human-like than Devils!

  23. Junee

    Not motivation but motive

  24. Junee

    The ability to accommodate others and embrace them gracefully should be a lesson for Ishwari but she is blind so we the viewers could take that lesson from the Bose’s!

  25. Neha1

    Good Morning Friends…! How R U all.?

    1. Junee

      Good dear! How are u doing now??

    2. Good morning Neha….
      M fine….
      What about u n ur health???

  26. Neha1

    Guys kisi ne DEAR ZINDAGI dekhi..? I saw it.
    One of the Best movie of SRK ever….. Superb, Amazing and as well as Inspiring for all those who would have been through DEPRESSION.
    Best Dialogue of SRK which is motivational and Inspiring to overcome from your stress…. LOVE yourself and LOVE your ZINDAGI… that’s what about the movie” DEAR ZINDAGI”.
    Everyone should watch this movie…!

    1. Priya9876

      Nope…nhi dekha avi tak….

    2. Junee

      Yes lovely movie saw it

  27. Will be good when Ishwari will realise that GKB and Neha are evil.

    1. Priya9876

      Never ever.. bcz she also like that….I mean devil ishwari

  28. Sravanthi

    I am seriously missing piya ki rang dheeni odhani ff…..atleast in that devakshi went fr hnymn….authr please upload it soon

    1. Erina

      Kali will try to upload her ff on this weakened as she needs some tym just wait dear she will upload it soon ..

      1. Sravanthi

        Okay thanks?

  29. Sravanthi

    Online trp of our show fir 21-27 nov has fallen frm 10 to 4:-(

    1. WHAT!!!! Really??? Yaar, kahaan to hum tv par dekhne ki poori koshish kartein hain trp bhadaane ke liye….aur fir dekho online trp kaise gir rahi hai!?????

    2. Junee


  30. Junee

    If they take the track towards divorce and remarriage them trp will become 1:(
    Too much of Madam Kachori, Neha’s meanness and tantrums alongwith GKBs nonsense has pulled the trp down! Either they should show less of them or slowly take Ishwari towards becoming positive. Otherwise it will be difficult to keep the interest on. Even if they show this medical and prenup thing they should ultimately give a positive spin! Drama in between is ok with less nonsense !

    1. Neha1

      Absolutely correct Junee..! even I’m not interesting in remarriage or divorce drama in the show… this is why TRP is decreasing….Atleast now, this is best time to turn Ishwari positive towards Sonakshi by realising her good behavior of the family members, Instead of negative behavior or overpossessed mom….! And If Dev remarriage track is going to telecast then surely TRP goes down and I’m not going to watch the show of this nonsense track…! It’s better to watch Ekta Kapoor shows…no difference between krpkab and other balaji’s shows.

    2. Yes indeed! As I’d said in some earlier comment, I really wouldn’t be surprised to see the downfall in the trp and the decreasing interest of the audience in the show! All the negatives characters are so badly filled with negativity that nothing else can stand in front of them! The makers should soon get the show on a better track by showing Sonakshi victorious. And, be lessening the unnecessary drama added, of course!

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