Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 1st August 2016 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 1st August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Dev goes to Ishwari’s room and tells her that he wants to tell her something since a long time. She asks what took him so long. He says she is most important to her and he can bear business loss or anything, but cannot see disappointment for him in her eyes. She says he is her elder son and her hope. He asks if he can tell. She says yes. Garib ki Beti Radha listens to their converssation standing near door and stuffing her mouth with dry fruits.

Sona reaches home. Bejoy holds her hand and says when daughters grow up, they become friends. Sourav says this line is for sons. Bejoy says even for sons, but he is football. Sourav feels bad. Bejoy says after Sourav and Elena, if she feels like sharing her feelings, she can with him as a friend. Sona nods yes and

thinks why she is hesitant to inform her family about Dev.

Radha drops her dry fruit box and Ishwari hears it. Radha runs from there. Ishwari asks Dev what he wants to say. He says tomorrow he has audit at office and he has to go to office, so he does not want her to stop him. She asks repeatedly that is all. He says yes and leaves nervously thinking why can’t he speak to mom about Sona.

Sona eagerly waits for Dev’s call at night. Dev calls her and she asks how is his fever, if he checked it. Dev says he is fine and if she wants he will click thermometer pic and send her. She says it is okay. He says he could not gell maa about her. She asks if he is still doubtful about her. He says no. She says they are making mistakes by hiding about their love from their families. Dev says he will inform maa about them tomorow.

Ishwari in her room reminisces Dev’s possessiveness for her in childhood and discussing everything with her and cries holding Dev’s pic that he has grown up so much that he is hiding things from her. Mama comes and reminds her how they used to run in childhood. She says she was of 5 then and now 50. He says doc says people of their age should be active and do something, so they both are going to Lodhi garden for a walk. Ishwari says he is right, she has to keep herself busy. She goes to kitchen, gives money to Bhola and asks him to go home for sometime. He asks if he did any mistake. She says no, he is good, but she is getting bored sitting idle, so wants to cook for family. She used to do all house chores earlier, now she has to just cook. Bhola accepts mone, touches her feet and leaves.

Dev comes home in the evening and calls Bhola. Ishwari cooking on traditional stove says Bhola went home. Dev comes to kitchen and is shocked to see her cooking on old stove and asks what is she doing. She says she has decided to work and until she works, she will be healthy. He says how can Bhola leave without informing, he will call agency and hire another worker. Ishwari says no need and her words are final. Dev stands dumbstuck.

Precap: Sona asks Dev if he spoke to mom. He says he will. She says when, she does not think he is sure about her and does not want to discuss about her.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Asmita...

    Dev has gone made… He is really gadha(donkey), duffer, stupid nonsense… Sorry guys but cant control….


    Seriously yaar… KRPKAB is loosing its charm now…

    1. Sonal

      Seriously..I too feel the same..Its getting boring and I am losing my respect for Mr. Devrath Dixit..more n more people are turning negative with every episode passing by….More love to Sona and her cute family.

    2. Devga

      Ur angr is justified really….. I too had tht feeling yar….. Wat so evr may b the reason….. He must open up…… Sona is baring evry scoldings and taunts….
      And now since dev has hidden it ishwari wil not listen 2 any of dev’s commands…… Hope so sooner tht wil b revealed


      So true…..
      He got so many chances to speak but no he is still confused…
      His behavior is proving one thing- That Boys get mature late and take decisions without anythinking

  2. Sonal

    Guys,are there no Devakshi scenes in today’s episodes?
    Must be really boring..:(:(

  3. Esme

    eeeeeeegrrrrrrrr I am going to kill this garib ki beti.keeps poking her long nose everywhere.

  4. Irritating….y this ishwari maa doing like this….

  5. Mubeen

    Sona sahi hai…..sunna toh usko padta hai maa se…..and usko pta hai Jitni der hogi maa ko utna bura lagega

    abi se itna sochti hai…bt aunty ji

  6. Todays show Was soo emotional.. There cud hav been Devakshi scenes..there was only one phone convo..missed them..

  7. Sonal

    just saw precap of tommo’s episode on youtube..did you guys see how Dev has become indifferent/rude(he s not able to make proper eye contact with Sona as he knows he is not doing right with her) when it comes to telling this Mom about his relationship?His loving and caring side seems to be fading away..thinking of the time when he used to tell Sona that he cannot live 1 minute,1 sec without her.. I knew that he turns out to be a total coward when it comes to accepting his relationship in front f his mom

  8. I think ishwari aunty ji pagal hogai hai itna over react karne ki koi bat nhi hai kuch baate hoti hai parents ko nhi banate wali to isme itna over react karne ki

    No davakshi moment so sad

  9. Sonal

    Much in Love(or pretending to be) Dev was totally enjoying his lovey dovey phase with Sona but when it comes to telling it to everyone,we are getting to see his true colors…

  10. Oh hello asmitha mind ur words Dev hamara favorite hai dubara comment Karenese pahale sochle gadhi I mean donkey ??????

    1. Asmita...

      Mind ur iwn business ms. Whatever… I hv not said anything to you don dont act like GKB…. Got it…

    2. Priya9876

      WO…? wo….? wo….? wo….?
      Cool down Ms gayathri….
      Aisi baatey koi nhi Karta iss page pe…
      No jhagda…

      1. Esme

        Kuch Episodes boring kaun se show mein nahi hote hain. Dekhna abhi thode din bor karenge phir BANG ke saath awesome scenes laayengein.

    3. Esme

      Wo ho guys relax.no fighting comments here.
      And asmita is not that d thing.she gives such a good detailed update of episodes. N nobody is gaddha so cool down.relax .take a chill pill.

  11. Don’t create villains in home please bring new villain between dev and sona and not the serious ones but the comedy and romantic ones and then the serial will be back on to the track,viewer like to watch happiness not the complications???☺

  12. Lousy episode….sorry to say…had so much hope…

  13. Ngkrishnakumari

    Poor dev itana amir hokar ma ko purani stove khana banate hui kuch nahi kar paya toh sona aur uaka relation kese bata payega
    Dev aap bahut aamir hokar bhi bahut jyada garib hai
    Love u sona feeling bad for u

  14. Ngkrishnakumari

    Ishwari if u dont one to share dev love with another ushould become his wife not mother
    Koi itana kaise possessive ho skta hai kya?

  15. Ngkrishnakumari

    Today im very angry on dev character if his mom is everything for him then why should he proposed our sona in hero type without informing his possessive mother devil ishwari?
    Beech raste pe sorna hoto use hath nahi pakarte dev

  16. Palak

    Yes….. Now its time for Dev to do something…. How much Sona has to suffer because of this…… She cannot tell to her family just because Dev is not talking with his mom…. Sona is feeling so guilty…. Sona is in problem on both the sides….!!!! Poor Sona…. All the Sympathies with her….!!!! Dev should tell his mom…. Enough of secrets…..!!!!

  17. After watching today’s episode i just want to say one thing that” MR.DIXIT TUMI EKDUM FATTU….??”
    ab kal unki ladai ho jaegi bcoz dev ka mood kharab rahega and she will again ask the same question k aap kab bataenge….
    Ishwariji should control herself…..she needs to do tht……

  18. Actully its true hamesha ladki ko hi sunna padta hai chahe uski galti ho ya na ho ladke ki maa bhi ladki ko hi blame karegi or ladka bhi usse hi bolega

    1. Devakshi fan

      Sahi hai yaar!

  19. Boring mom and boring son

  20. Boring mom and boring son and haha boring show

  21. namitha murali

    Now it is an attention seeking,over emotional mom and a coward son’s story.Really boring

  22. Priya9876

    Dev tumi ekdom DARPOK!!!??
    Hats off to u sona ur understanding level is too high ?
    Feeling really sad ? for u sona….

  23. Esme

    Dev ji plz jaldi se maa ko bata dein sona n aapke baare mein…

  24. Esme

    Plz check my FF Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi FF ( FUNNY AND ROMANTIC )#4.

  25. I too think to stop watching it.ishvari is bad now.everything is negative .its better to change its name to maa ka pyaar ya apana pyaar

  26. If dev is really rich then why not he gift a house to his maama maami? Sab mai keechad daalne vaali radharani….

  27. Mubeen

    Oh hello Sri….show boring nhi hai….agr hota toh itne fans nhi hote

    n kya hai ek din devakhshi scene nhi hoga toh serial boring ho gya….romance ke alava aur b hota hai life me…..n jo relation me hote hain unko toh achhe se pta hoga….toh q boring boring….plz stop dis nonsense

    1. I agree wit u yaar,tis s d main stry plot so it takes much time.we hav 2 support KRPKAB,it’s real in life.wen a son/daughter s gng 2 reveal their love 2 their parents,they must be in this situation.jitna aasan nahi,jaisa hum soch rahi hai.really feeling bad 4 sona

  28. Dharshini shiva

    It is very boring.

  29. pls only show dev and sona in episode other are boring

  30. Wat ever..it is …fact is it’s only sona who is suffering without any reason…ishwari is fine now sona must quit this faltu ka job…and ys I agree dev got her easily enough to value her..no one line likes mataji…I personally fail to understand this over obsessed mother…no breathing space she wants to gv to her son…and only one word for Dev….COWARD…sona se hamesha kehta yai , HAQ HAI MERA TUMPAR…TOH BHIYA JAAN LO APNI RELATIONSHIP KE LIYE STAND LENA BHI TUMHARI HEEE RESPONSIBLY HAI..

  31. Sonal

    dont understand why Dev is scared telling his mom abu his lady love. He did not do any crime .kabhi na kabhi to uski life me ek partner aani hi thi. whats so big deal about it? Sona should have some self respect and she should not allow herself to be humiliated from these anpadh gawar GKB and Ishwari ji type peope. she is smart,educated and earning for herself and for her family.For heaven’s sake she is not their in house maid,she is a doctor and should have shown some dignity.
    She used to be very headstrong in the past.I remember in past episodes Ishwari ji was continously teasing her ki..itni si job k 1 lac rs..she very boldly replied back to her ki…’Maine ye job nahi maangi thi.Dev dixit ne zabardasti meri current job churwa ke ,mujhe ye offer kiya hai.aur aap ko mere pay cheque se kuch problem hai to you should talk to Dev Dixit and not me..’that headstrong,bold Sona is somewhere lost now.We need to keep that dignity for Sona in show..Writers please………:(:(

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