Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 19th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 19th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sona picks Dev’s passport and her lab report from drawer and is about to check it when Dev comes running and says Sonakshi. Sona says his secret is caught and showing pics says he hid her photos. He relaxes and hugs her and takes lab report and passport silently. She says he hid her photos from everyone. He says he will protect her from all problems and says I miss you. She says I miss you too, she knows he fights with her so that he can miss her. He says when she was not here, he used to look at her pics. She says now she is with him forever. He says he wanted to hear this. She says today is dussehra and her family celebrates it in a lavish way, even her fasting is finishing today. She asks if he has to go to office. He nods no.. She says arrogant. He says same

like his wife. She asks if she can bring him something to eat. He says Mrs. Dixit prepared breakfast today and will taste it. She asks if he really wants to go back to office. He says no. Kuch rang pyar ke…..plays in the background.

Elena goes to a restaurant and during payment, her card does not work. Vicky comes and pays . She scolds that she does not need his money. He says he wants her forgiveness and says he has changed. She says people like him will not. He says if he gets her forgiveness, he will change soon. She says she will repay his money and walks out. He gives money to waiter and thanks for his help.

Sona gives her honeymoon plan list to Dev and asks if he liked it. He says it is stupidity, what is the use of traveling to 250 countries during honeymoon. She says they will be in hotel between some time. He says really, then it is a good plan. He tries to get romantic. She says someone will watch. He says let them, they are married now. Sona jokes mamaji is coming. He says they will not fight again as he does not like it. She says even she. They both smile looking at each other. Kuch rang pyar ke…..plays in the background.

Dev and Sona reach Bejoy’s house for dussehra feast. Elena sees Dev well dressed in a new blazer and jokes. She tells Elena how she her card did not work in restaurant and Vicky came paid. Sona asks why did he come there. Dev asks Sona to tell Asha not to prepare many things. Bejoy says she is preparing just some snacks. Asha brings food and fills Dev’s plate and forcefeeds him. Family then gives lots of gifts to Dev and Sona.

Ishwari prepares feast at home. Radha comes and says pleasant smell dragged her to kitchen. Ishwari says today is vijaya dashami. Radha says what is the use Dev has gone to his in-laws and will have food there. Ishwari Dev never misses her prepared food and will not eat her in-laws. Radha says she hopes so, takes food and says if she had known preparing so tasty food, Vicky would have been mad behind her food. Ishwari says once Dv comes, they will have food.

Dev reaches home with Sona and walking in tells Sona that her house is unique, even veg food was so tasty, he is surprised she is slim even after eating so tasty food for so many years, maa and baba gave so many gifts. He sees Ishwari waiting near dining table and asks if she did not sleep yet. She says she was waiting for him and says she prepared festival feast for him and asks if he is hungry. Dev says yes and sits. She fills his plate and forces to have. She asks Bhola to serve Sona and tells her that she is looking weak after fasting and should eat well. Sona takes some. Ishwari taunts that she is eating so late that her hunger has vanished. Sona looks at Dev silently.

Asha and Bejoy are busy chatting about Sona when they hear some goons shouting on Sourav. Goons warn Sourav to return their money within 7 days, else they will break his hands. Bejoy walks towards them and asks how dare they are to shout on his property and warns to get out. Goons leave. Bejoy asks Sourav what is all this. Sourav says he cannot tell anything now and runs in. Bejoy says Asha that Sourav is hiding something from them.

Sona closes her room door room outside. Dev comes and asks why is she closing door from outside, it should be from inside. She says Nikki is sleeping inside as her room’s AC is not working. He says she should have slept in Neha’s room. She says Rhea is sleeping in Rhea’s room and asks him to sleep in Vicky’s room while she sleeps on sofa. He says okay. She smiles and walks. He holds her hand and says just now they reconciled, then why she is looking sad. She says why did not he inform mom truth that he had food already at his in-law’s house. He says mom would have felt bad. She says he would have explained mom. He says he did what he felt right and starts shouting she does not understand him at all. She says she will understand him slowly. He angrily says sleep now and walks out.

Precap: Sona tells Dev that they are going to her mama/uncle’s place and takes him for a surprise dinner and says she arranged all this for him. Ishwari calls Bejoy and asks where Asha’s brother stays. Bejoy asks Asha who says in this age which brother emerged now. Ishwari gets jealous.

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  1. Tessie

    |Registered Member

    Arry waah yaar aaj lag raha hai ki devakshi is back.. Jus loved the episode.. Last ka line chodke jo dev ne sonakshi ko kaha… File k bahane hi sahi sab theek toh hua.. Dev ko file k wjah se hi sonakshi ko khone ka esaas hua.. N both planning about honeymoon which is not gonna bcm truth.. Hope writers ko akal aye aur wo honeymoon include kare.. Itna toh spnd kar skte hai na baki k shows toh kaha kaha bejte hai actors ko..
    Shadhi ke baad wala sabse acha episode.. Ye laga..
    Aaj mera vrat khatam ho raha hai aur aap muje esa keh rahe hai.. Awwwso cute yaar.. Aaj toh episode deke maza hi aah gaya.. Mann toh kia ki dekti rahu bas… Bt dar b lag rha tha ki ishwari ake disturb na kare dono ko..
    Ek din toh ishwari ka moo na deku esa karoo…
    Sonakshi didnt cry today.. Dat was the best thing.. Warna shadi k baad toh bas insult n sad hoti thi..
    Abi bi promise kar rahe ho yaar ki esa nhi karnge i hope abse toh ispe dhyaan dena..
    Uff yaar niki itna bada gar me ek b room me ac nhi hai???
    Jo yaha hi ana thaa…
    Wah ji wah kal toh maza ayega yaar.. Devakshi ki pehli date that too out of housee… Yuhuuu maja ayegaa
    Abi toh chodo yaar ishwariji apne bete ko.. Koi bacha thodi naa hai..

    • Priya9876

      |Registered Member

      Hey mujhe v darr lag raha Ki fir se Ishwari naa aa jaye kabab me πŸ–πŸ—.. But thank god nhi aayi….
      N jab ish & gkb ka scene aaya tu Maine v socha Ki yaar ek episode to banao inke bina…

      • Tessie

        |Registered Member

        Awww.. Same pinch priya.. πŸ˜† such me muje b lagta bai ki ek toh ho esa episode jo ishwari k bina ho.. Toh hum fans k liye treat ho jayegi badi wali..

  2. Nikki

    Ma it was awmmmmmmπŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–.
    As I was in hostel, I can’t c krpkab at 9.30.
    But, I m very much enjoyed to c the update ff.πŸ’πŸ’“πŸ’—β€πŸ˜˜πŸ˜πŸ’•πŸ’ž.

  3. Lalitha Manasa

    Hi buds… actually unexpectedly I ve started watching this just 2 days back.. can I join u people..
    even it took 2 days to know the name if this serial… but I liked this at d 1st glance itself. .

  4. karnika

    Too funny..wen did dixit started celebrating dussehra instead of ashtami n navami…just to make a fight in d script writers twist d culture difference es ..every1 knows zeal wid which bengali celebrate dashami but ishwari didn’t even wish her son’s in laws..writers r just abnormal..

  5. AnShIta

    |Registered Member

    Had missed today’s episode yet I can say there was something worth watching out there!
    Awwwww….Dev’s cute side😍😍😍 I’m was so happy to see that things were getting on the better but yet again, we had another argument between Dev and Sonakshi!πŸ˜”πŸ˜”
    This time, I felt Dev was right. He did something which made didn’t hurt either Ishwari or Sona and her family, then what did Sona find wrong about that? I agree that lying isn’t a good thing but if it helps to keep things on the safer side, does it still remain to be so bad? I don’t think so..
    I’m definitely gonna watch the repeat telecast tomorrow….despite the arguments, I get those adorable moments spent by Devakshi would be worth a watch!
    Honestly, I think the drama being added with Saurav is unnecessary! Currently, there’s a lot kore the makers can focus on rather than wimpy adding matter which either do nothing or end up spoilijg everything! God knows what twists await us yet!
    Being frank, I kinda appreciate the current storyline of KRPKAB as it is surely keeping mysteries held within. Unlike few other dramas, there’s a lot the audience would like to learn about and it simply just can’t be predicted. The only thing is that you’ve gotta watch it!

  6. Manya

    |Registered Member

    Aaj starting bahut mast thiπŸ˜™πŸ˜šπŸ˜atleast humein devakshi scene toh mila and guys devakshi france jaa rahe hai😁To devakshi:agar apko french sikhni hai toh maim free mein sikha dungiπŸ€—
    Dev babu un kapdo mein πŸ’˜πŸ’˜πŸ’˜πŸ’˜lag rahe the
    Sona bhi achi lag rhi thiπŸ€—
    Aur aaj toh chikchikoy ne chik chik bhi nhi kari aur dev babu se itne ache se baat bhi kari lagta hai aaj chamatakar ho gya
    And guys aaj ek aur chamatakar ho gya specially @eri di aaj last mein mujhe dev babu pe ittu sa gussa aaya bcoz sona itna ache se baat kar rhi thi and woh……….😣but ab mujhe apne aap par bhi gussa aa raha hai pata nhi kyun??😣😣😣
    But kal ka precap❀❀❀ dev babu ki smile πŸ’˜πŸ’˜and us ishwari ki shakal😎😎
    Bas ab kal ka intezaar hai jaldi se 9:30 baj jaye
    Acha guys koi toh bta do meri dp kaisi lag rahi hai???

  7. Krish

    Today’s episode was not bad at all. What Dev did was right. Sona wants to be honest. Sometimes honest does not work ending in hurting near and dears. He did not lie. He satisfied his Maa .Sona should support Dev in this.

    • Devga

      |Registered Member

      Yea but tht doesnt mean he hurt sona… He can make her understand calmly… Always pataaak he starts shouting wen it is abt his mom…

      • AnShIta

        |Registered Member

        He shall definitely have to learn to control his temper in order to maintain a healthy relation with Sonakshi! At times, getting furious and yelling at the person simply makes things even more worse and being frank, I’m afraid if the same happens in the serial if Dev continues this habit of his and doesn’t improve!😰😰

  8. Sneha1

    |Registered Member

    yaar ek baat bolo… itna ameer aadmi.. itna bada ghar.. rehne wale bus 6 log… aur inke ghar mein ek guest room nahi hai…
    agarnikki inke room mein aa gayi to sona ko sofa pr sona padega…
    hadd hai yaar….
    so absurd

    • Priya9876

      |Registered Member

      Mujhe v shocking laga… Chalo Mann lete h Ki room nhi v tha too dev sona hi Nikki k room me chale jate, agar sath time spend Karna h too bina ac k v Kr sakte h…. Waise v itni garmi nhi unke hissab se bcz subah me to sona ne shall le rakha tha…

  9. Priya9876

    |Registered Member

    1st half part was very nice…
    # finally jhagda khtam ( lekin kya fyda fir se gussa ) bass ab bohot Hua mr. Obhodro
    # 1st time in serial dev in tie πŸ‘”… Lol 😁 sasuraal k lie tie πŸ‘” kaun pehnta h,, or maye be rich log pehnte Ho..idk😡
    # dev’s conversation wid sonas family πŸ‘ͺ was quite entertaining…i enjoyed…
    dadi– sona k dada v apne six pack banane k liye aise hi kam khate the… πŸ˜… dadi u r soo cute…
    # today Bejoy uncle was very polite wid his JAMAIE BABU…hahaha 😁😁 no chik chik chik chikπŸ˜…πŸ‘Œ
    # after soo many days dev said Ms khargosh😍😍

  10. Aaru

    |Registered Member

    Guys, maine to episode miss jr diya..koi batao mujhe, was it worth watching? Kya mujhe repeat telecast dekhna chahiye? But, comments padhke to lagta h ki bohot hi faltu tha aaj tha episode..πŸ˜”πŸ˜”

  11. Priya9876

    |Registered Member

    Pyar sab kuch sikha deta hai….jhut bolna v ….good sona very good 😊 we all,, ur whole Fandom Proud of you…😚 ( talking about @ the precap…) kyu Erina, junee,devga, subha, preet, manya???
    EVERY Thing is FAIR in love n warπŸ—½

    Kya ullu banya Ishwri ko….πŸ‘πŸ‘
    4 you creep lady πŸ‘…πŸ‘…πŸ‘…πŸ‘…

  12. Manya

    |Registered Member

    Guys Aaj ka episode to acha tha Na???poora epi acha tha but these things were the bestπŸ’–
    Dev ne jab Sona de kaha ki woh use har problem and pareshani se bacha Kar rakhegaπŸ’Ÿ
    Shayad main Yahi Suna chahta thaπŸ’–πŸ’–
    When Dev babu said akddo ki Biwi maha akddo maha sadooπŸ˜œπŸ˜‚
    When he Said Mrs Dixit me Aaj pehli baar Naashta banaya hai wahi garam Kardo taste Karna toh Banta hai😍
    When Sona asked him office jaana zaruri hai and he cutely said nahiπŸ’
    When he said achi planning bewakufi hai yehπŸ˜‚
    When Dev said arey yeh koi honeymoon thodi hai yeh toh France ka study tour lag raha hai😝
    When he said hum pati patni Hai agar yeh bedard zamana humein dekhar jalta hai toh jalne doπŸ€—
    When Sona said Kya Hua Darr Gaye zamane se shakal toh Dekho apki apse Sirf dialouge Bulawaya jaa sakta haiπŸ˜‚
    When he said agar main waisa wala husband hota toh😝
    Duffer ladenge nahiπŸ˜‚Mujhe acha nhi Lagta😁
    And his smile in the precapπŸ’˜πŸ’˜πŸ’˜πŸ’˜
    Chalo guys agar Maine kuch miss kiya Ho toh batana
    And apna favourite scene bhi Batao??
    Mujhe toh saare pasand hai😁
    And I hope Jin logo ne ab tak epi nhi Dekha unko yeh acha LageπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‹

    • Priya9876

      |Registered Member

      WO bedard jamana wala line jb aaya na to mujhe pakka lag raha tha Ishwari tapke gi but thaaaaaaankkk god nhiii aayiiii…..

      Mere fav line akdoo Ki biwi maha akdoo😍 n off course bedard jamana awwwww 😍😘

    • Junee

      |Registered Member

      Tumne jo bataya woh mujhe bhi mast laga all these dialogues! Meri fav scenes to yeh wali thi! Aj kuch achha dekhne ko mil jaye . Cross fingers! Mey bahut khush hu kyunki Sona ne us witch ko ULLU banaya!

  13. Devga

    |Registered Member

    Sona u r wrong…. But not with the last part… I am saying u r doing wrong after marriage…. Come on b the same sona as before…. Y do u always forget DEV’S BEHAVIOUR….. And for ur kind infrmation he dint feel sorry at all TODAY tht he dint evn utter SORRY AFTR U INTERPRETING…
    This is not right y shld girls always take blame and always forgive others(boys) fr their MISTAKE….

    I liked sona ‘s character prtrayal bfr marriage fully different and bold… But now they have spoiled it….

  14. Devga

    |Registered Member

    Dev wat is the need to stay angry(fight ego) from face to face and stay worried(medical file) frm inside….

    U r right u cant hurt ur 28yrs old belief of ur mom… I agree…. But tht doesnt mean for it u must hurt ur new relation wich u urself chose for u…..
    She is saying make me understand thn do it dont unnecessarily get angry… She is not like other girls, she dint make u leave ur mom r she dint insult ur mom… Or she dint play any cheap double games wit ur mom ( ur mom did wich is unknown to u)… So better treat her properly…
    Now tht she is ur future life she have full rights to understand u and ur family’s needs…. Tell her with love…


    wat say frndzz…???? @erina @subhasini @priya @manya @prit @neha @ganga @asmita @junee @juhi @esme @kalpana @azzuu @shalini @ria @tessie @sneha @anshita @aaru @who did I frget I dont knw y….. But I have comented in a very calm manner TODAY….

    • shalini

      dumbo hai dumbo dev….
      koi jarurat ni hai itta gussa karne ki…..pehle bhi chillane ki bajaye calmly baat kar sakta tha aur kar bhi leta par ishwari hai na ishwari…..πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’

    • Sneha1

      |Registered Member

      Sahi bol rahi ho Devga… ek relation ki value krne k liye dusre ko insult krna jaruri nahi hai..
      May be makers want to show slow growth in Dev’s Character.. That how a man learns to establish a balance between two most important relations of his life…. Gradually…..

      • Devga

        |Registered Member

        But I dont think so… Slowly kahan dev understand kar raha hey… Woh toh ek dhin soft ek dhin angry… Towards sona…. But always soft with mom…

    • Priya9876

      |Registered Member

      Yes sona ask very calmly that se wanna understand his family,, but why he shouted IDK ,,, matlab maa k bare me koi baat na karo, kuch aisa hi chahte h dev…

      Mujhe bilkul v nhi lagta makers Ishwari ka dirty game ,, dev k samne layenge….

    • Junee

      |Registered Member

      You are right! He needs to explain her calmly and not snap and shout back at her specially in a house where she is trying to adjust! But I feel he behaves that way becoz his faculties like understanding and sense of discretion never evolved becoz of Ishwari’s demands and pressures! He vents out his feelings at her her! He also needs love and affection to overcome this flaw of impulsive at times irrational behaviour!
      But I feel like giving himm a solid tight slap whenever he shouts back at her! He is now confident that he is married so subconsciously he tries to encash on his hold ” haq” on her! My take Devga

      • Devga

        |Registered Member

        Yea he must Respect and give time to sona as she has also left her soo many years of relations and house… She wil surely take time to adjust… She is also trying but he is just venting out anger without understanding anything…

        Yea now tht sona cant leave he is shouting at her….

    • Subhashini

      |Registered Member

      100% u r right devga,ho aab hy ek pati bhi lekin hameesha ho beta ka thara sochna kalath ,ya mother ki baath sochna sahi lekin wife ki feelings ko bhi respect karna bouquet important

  15. shalini

    in the new promo of BEYHAD they are saying that indian tv pe aisi deewangi will be seen for the first time…..toh i’m like bhai we have seen #DEVKIDEEWANGI….πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜(sarcasm intended)

    • AnShIta

      |Registered Member

      Oh yeah! We sure have seen such a deewangi one mustn’t have even dreamt of!πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜…πŸ˜…
      After all, he’s THE DEV DIXITπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

    • Priya9876

      |Registered Member

      Ar Bache ko shaheer v…😍
      WO Kolkata function wala clip dekha????
      Usme wo choti cutie pie kehti h na Ki Mai shaheer ko uncle or bhaiyya kuch nhi kehene wali wo mera Bf hai….πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜…πŸ˜… hahahahhaha ar shaheer Ki smile us waqt my god…killer yaar kitna sharmata hai..πŸ˜πŸ˜…

  16. shalini

    lovely DEVAKSHI scenes……hayye main mar javan…..πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹
    she asked him to stay and he stayed as if he was just waiting for this…😝😝
    superb episode except the ishwari and devakshi argument part…if anybody missed it do watch it for devakshi patch up and the HONEYMOON talks😝😝😜
    how can dev get frightened by the same trick TWICE…????πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚
    kabhie maa toh kabhi mamaji…???😝

    i think sona should understand this thing that this mother-son duo are way more different than the normal ones…..😝
    she have to tacke them in a different manner….it is not that easy to survive with such ghosts uder one roof…..and i also feel that dev is over reacting on all the things when it comes to his MOM….bhai you married sona baby and she also calls her MAA like you do and cares for her just like you then whenever she tries to enter your past why you stand at the door like a monster…??? she’s just asking you questions because she dont know how you people are….and she argues because this filthy things are unusual for her…..so….MAN….she’s your life partner or i should say your BETTERHALF…so just behave accordingly….if you dont wanna tell her everything in flow just do it in small small parts…otherwise behaving this way will make your relationship an INCOMPLETE ONE…!!!

    and sona should also understand that at some times it is just not necessary to ask reasons…..specially in between dixits…..i know that sona is PERFECTLY RIGHT at her place and have all the rights to interfere in dev’s past….but that entrance have to be very very calm and composed…..

    aur baaki toh aisa hai ke mein SONA SHIPPER hu to wo jo bhi karti hai mere liye sahi hai…..(😝)

    aur precap mein…..kause mamaji ka naam leke gayi hai sona…????πŸ˜πŸ˜…
    kam se kam apni mummy ko toh bata deti….πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

    aur haan…one more thing….

    or any other person talking to DEV so nicely……shock laga tha mujhe baba ko dekh ke…..😝😝

  17. shalini

    @JUNEE…..i think i missed that byte of supriya p…in which she said “HONEYMOON KAUN DIKHAATA HAI?”

    if she actually said that then it is soooo UNPROFESSIONAL dude….

    no one will want to see too much INTIMACIES in a show….though people are just asking for a different location to see devakshi in….other than #3places….and about the thing that who shows honeymoon toh their are many daily soaps in which honeymoon is shown in a typical intimate way(not mentioning any name)…so there is no need to give us this SHIT GYAAN madam…….

    how can she comment like that….???? i just dont get this SUPRIYA PILGAONKAR…..
    always get irritated to see her in the IV’s….she is similar to ishwari in many ways i think…

  18. Priya9876

    |Registered Member

    Dev babu needs HAJMOLA 😁😁
    Sab Ki taraf se ek tablet’s…hahha

    Chalo dev ne fir se khana khaya fine,,, but Ishwari KO pata lagna chiye tha Ki love birds dinner Kr k aaye hai…

    In reality aisa to bilkul v nhi hota,, infact agar couple bina dinner kiye aa jaye to saasu maa chota sa hi sahi pr taunt degi Ki inlaws ne dinner v nhi karaya……….. But Ishwari ka to dimaag hi ulta hai re baba…… #immediatelysheneedstreatment

    • Junee

      |Registered Member

      Usko treat karna burabur to FAIL! Kyunki uski brain ki wiring pura ulta pulta hi nahi balki twist bhi ho chukee hey aur rust bhi ho chukee hey! Isliye itni saadee si soch hey uski!!😜😜😜😜Impossible task!!!😬😬

    • Sneha1

      |Registered Member

      Sach mein hajmola ka bada packet kharid kr gift krdo Dev babu ko…..
      kyunki maa to mera pyara beta bol bol ke khilati hi rahegi…

  19. Junee

    |Registered Member

    Today’s episode was enjoyable after quite sometime! I was expecting them to show these nuances involved in a marriage! Just between the two there are so many shades to be explored in a different situation despite knowing the person before marriage! Bu i am eagerly waiting for todays episode as I was overjoyed to see the precap where the wicked witch Ishwari will be made ” ULLU” by our Sona! But i have a feeling there also she will disturb them atleast the writers will make an effort to intervene thru this woman Ishwari who is being given too much importance in this script! Writer and Director both have become illogical! Karnika pointed out how come Dixits celebrating Dussami instead of ashtami and navami just to creat a conflict between the two an illogical way was chosen!
    How come during fast early in the morning they were having puri subzi pointed put by Priya? The night before that Sona was given milk becoz she was on fast and that is what Ishwari said!
    Hopefully Dussami over now so both Dev Sona can come close and once again they dont goof up by saying fast broken !!!
    Director your viewers watch this show pretty minutely dont do a shoddy job as thats not expected from KRPKAB

  20. Junee

    |Registered Member

    From now onwards Ishwari ko lagatar ” ULLU” ya bewakoof banana chahiye by Sona tab dekhne ko maza ayega! Pisswari ne bahut din se bahut zyada wickedness dikgaya . Hum viewers thak gaye plz hume thoda dikhaiye episodes jaha woh cornered hotee hey ! Sona , ya Khatri se.
    When will Dev start casting doubts and disbelief Ishwar???Constantly koi bakwas karne se samajh to aye jata hey aur woh apne life ko jaab affect karta hey tab insaan koi aur hi shade nikalta hey ! Hum Dev ke us shade ko dekhna chahte hey!
    Kyu kya bolte ho sab???

  21. Junee

    |Registered Member

    Itni badee ghar mey no more rooms for Nikki to sleep?? Neha aur Rhea ke beech mey so jaati ya to pyari mummy ke saath so jaatee ta to couch pe so jatee!!kitna stupid soch aur writers aap ka to dimag rust ho ho gaya laag raha heyπŸ˜³πŸ˜³πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  22. Subhashini

    |Registered Member

    Guys socho first of all episode starting sae itni achi devakshi scene aagaya i think k bouquet din ki baath itna acha aagaya,then baba bhi dev ki saath itni achi thara baath kya i was shocked when i saw,itna achi thara episode jalra tha
    Lekin ho ishwari aagaya episode ulta change hogaya ishwari aanaekae baath phir irritating jagada sab start hogaya

  23. Subhashini

    |Registered Member

    Maenae socha dev realize his mistake but not ek sorry bhi nai bola and last scene mae tho fight ki baath sona soft hogayi but dev nai ho tho jalegai sona ko chodkar,
    This time also dev leave sona alone kitni baar aise ho karaega sona ki saath he always leave her alone tomorrow episode sae bhi sona nae resort aur surprise plan kiya tha dev nai so again sona told sorry to dev but dev nai realize his mistake kyu this is not fair dev,sorry guys but bolna padra iss situation ki baath duffer sona nai tum dev

    • Erina

      |Registered Member

      Swtheart i’m hell bsy in my projects nd studies nowadays so i hope i will join u all from monday…. I’m happy that u missed me but sweety i have to go bcse its important na… So love u nd i will miss u very much….
      Nd guys @devu, priya, junee, manya, pothik, tessie, nd all hope i will join u all from monday… Miss u all…..

  24. Sneha1

    |Registered Member

    I just hope to see some good episode today…
    Mujhe lagta hai ki makers jyada kuch achha dikhane k favor mein nahi hai… tabhi to kal Devakshi akele the.. tab bhi sona buddhuram plants ko pani dene mein busy thi….

      • Sneha1

        |Registered Member

        Vrat to bus 9 din tha,,,, arey dussehra wale din to vrat khatam ho gaya… tabhi to sab subah puri sabji kha rahe they.. aur sham ko asha maa ne bhi snacks party ki thi… because dusshera is all about celebration…
        jaruri thode hi na hai ki sab kuch raat k bharose chod do… humein na dikhate… Pr kiss to chupke se kr sakte the na devakshi

  25. Chanpreet0815

    |Registered Member

    Episode was awsm. Akdu maha akdu. Was lol. and bijoy was calm today. No chik chik. He was bejoy not chikchikoy lol. Dev unnecessarily gussa krna band kro. Aapko bhi shaayad apni maa ka asar ho raha h. Jo aap harr baat pr gussa kr rhe ho sona ko. No need to fight u can say it softly.

  26. Chanpreet0815

    |Registered Member

    Vickey as usual nhi badlega. Kitne ghatiya h maa or beta. jab maa hi aisi h toh beta toh vese niklega hi. Elina aap vickey ke baaton me mat aao.
    Nd saurav problems apni family ke saath share kroge toh kam hongi. Khud handle krne ke chakker me sab kuch bigad jaaega

    • Priya9876

      |Registered Member

      HahahhaπŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜… Marr jati ya Marr deti……πŸ˜…πŸ˜ hmmm…i think Marr jati to better hota na preet??? πŸ˜…πŸ˜†πŸ˜

  27. Priya9876

    |Registered Member

    Honey moon k liye sari preparation Ho chuki thi packing shopping 🏬 tickets vissa everything….
    Bas Jane k time peπŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ‘ΉπŸ‘ΏπŸ‘ΏπŸ‘Ώ
    Mental bimari ka natak karti h… 100% sure…

  28. Azzuu

    |Registered Member

    hy guys
    dev-hum phir kabhi aisa nahi karengye
    sona- kya …..podhey nahi lagayege
    dev- duffer laddey ge nahi mujhe acha nahi lagta hai

  29. AnShIta

    |Registered Member

    Seems like not only Dev’s and Sonakshi’s dreams but our dreams as well will be ruined as Devakshi will be prevented to go for their honeymoon😩😩😩😩
    And I mustn’t forget to pass on credits to the person due to whom all this has happened- Our dear Pisswari aka Ishwari matajiπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
    Arghhhhh! I’m fed up of this drama! How could Ishwari possibly stoop so low just for the sake of her satisfaction??
    Yes, Dev and Sonakshi will indeed not be going for their honeymoon as their plans will be spoiled at the end moment by dear Ishwari!
    Ishwari will be seen getting highly insecure of the fact that Dev and Sonakshi will be getting really close to each other and thus, will fall sick. As expected, her dear Son will rush to her aid and cancel all his plans with Sonakshi. Ishwari will be over delighted to see that her Son still cares for her and values her the most, even leaving Sonakshi behind. Sonakshi, on the other hand, will assume this is yet one of Ishwari’s tricks and will be shattered to see her dreams breaking apart😫😫😭😭😭
    Meanwhile, Dev will be there on his mother’s side.

    Oh man! It seems that Dev and Sonakshi’s honeymoon won’t be shown quite soon in the coming time. Honestly, I’m afraid the makers won’t be showing it at all!😰😰😰
    Guess Devakshi’s secret date (scheduled for today) will be amongst the best things happening in the serial in the coming time! Ohhh! I so badly want Dev to face the reality of his Mother for once, leaving his unconditional love towards her aside for a moment. Then will he learn how badly he’d been hurting Sonakshi all this while!

  30. Esme

    |Registered Member

    Precap…maza aaya..n what d hell…whatz wrong with Pisswari…ek din Dev unke haath ka khana na khaye toh kya aasman phat jayega…seriously…hadh hai !!!
    Leaving all these…Dev’s expression in precap waaaaaaaaow !!! So Dev babu aapko kya laga sirf aap hi surprises plan kr sakte hain…haan..Sona rocks!!!

  31. Sneha1

    |Registered Member

    Haa meine bhi updates pade hai..
    the day when Dev n sona will be ready to leave for honeymoon.. their bags r packed, visa has arrived…
    suddenly ishwari fall sick… then with teary eyed.. dev sona ko bolegi… tum jao …
    aur jabardasti dev ko realise karayegi ki.. Ghar pr uski maa beemar hai.. neha apne sasural se vapas aa gayi hai.. aur dev apni nayi grahsti mein busy hai.. khush hai…
    Dayan chuiddel maa…..

    Dev bhi maa k paas baithkar royega… tujhe aisi halat mein chodkar mein kahin nahi jaunga maa..
    mamaji samjhayenge.. ki ghar mein sab log hai ishwari ka khayal rakhne k liye.. pr dev babuto dev babu thehre…
    Sona maa and dev k paas khadi hokar… suspiciously dekhegi… she is a doctor and can easily figure out when somebody is actually ill and when is faking out illness…

    chippo ishwari….

    words nahi hai… curse kare k liye

  32. Sneha1

    |Registered Member

    Cutest dialouge from 19.10.16 episode

    Sona: Achchi planning hai na? (She us working in the garden)

    Dev: Achchi planning? Bewakufi hai yeh (He was looking at the honeymoon plan).

    Sona: What? Kyu?

    Dev: Arre… Matlab… Yeh… Yeh koi honeymoon thode hi hai. Yeh to aisa lag raha hai ke France ka study tour hai.Hume sab. Sab tourist spots cover karne ki kya zarurat hai?

    Sona: Matlab itne saalo se main jo romantic jagah mark kar rahi hun. Use aap bewakufi keh rahe hai. Stupid hun main… Aaj hi vrat khatam hua mera aur aap mujhe stupid keh rahe hai.
    Jaaiye aap office jaaiye… Nahi… Mujhse baat karne ki zarurat nahi hai. Main stupid hun. (And she sits on the chair)

    Dev: Nahi. Stupid nahi… Wo main…

    Sona: Socho agar main waisi wali wife hoti to??

    Dev: Very funny… But on a serious note… Hume ye 250 tourist spots pe jaane ki kya zarurat hai. Honeymoon hai… Hume to kisi achche se Resort me hona chahiye aur…
    Sona: Aur…
    Dev: Aur…

    Sona: Aur aapne… Maine jo plan banaya use thik tarah se dekha nahi. Maine yahan pe likha hai na 7th se leke 9th tak hum usi Resort me hai.

    Dev: (He sits on the table facing Sona) Achcha… Aisa plan hai aapka.He comes closer to Sona.

    Sona: Dev.. Koi dekhlega

    Dev: Dekhne do.

    Sona: Chhodiye na.

    Dev: Hum pati aur patni hai. Agar ye bedard zamana hume dekhke jalta hai toh jalne do..

    Sona: Mamaji wo Dev…And Dev gets scared and stands up. Sona laughs at this.

    Dev holds Sona’s arm… This is not fair Ms. Khargosh

    Sona: Kya hua? Darr gaye iss Zamane se… Aapki shakal toh dekho… Aapse sirf dialogue bulwaya ja sakta hai…

    Dev: Not fair Ms. Khargosh… Agli baar meri baari hogi dekhna…

    Sona: Chalo. Hatiye mujhe plants ko paani daalna hai. Aur waise bhi. Maa baba ko milne jaana hai na aaj. Chhodiye na.

    Dev: Mere alawa sabke liye time hai tumhare paas. Paudhe… Ma Baba… Main ghar aaya hun toh sab kaam abhi karna hai.

    Sona: Par main toh…

    Dev: Ab socho. Agar main aisa husband hota toh..

    Sona pushes him a bit

    Dev: Sonakshi hum fir kabhi aisa nahi karenge.

    Sona: Kya? Paudhe nahi lagaenge?

    Dev: Duffer. Ladenge nahi… Mujhe achcha nahi lagta.

    Sona: Hmmm. Mujhe bhi.

    • AnShIta

      |Registered Member

      Awwwwww….so cute!😍😍😍
      Especially last 2-3 lines wereπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
      Thanks for the dialogues di!

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