Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 19th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 19th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sona picks Dev’s passport and her lab report from drawer and is about to check it when Dev comes running and says Sonakshi. Sona says his secret is caught and showing pics says he hid her photos. He relaxes and hugs her and takes lab report and passport silently. She says he hid her photos from everyone. He says he will protect her from all problems and says I miss you. She says I miss you too, she knows he fights with her so that he can miss her. He says when she was not here, he used to look at her pics. She says now she is with him forever. He says he wanted to hear this. She says today is dussehra and her family celebrates it in a lavish way, even her fasting is finishing today. She asks if he has to go to office. He nods no.. She says arrogant. He says same

like his wife. She asks if she can bring him something to eat. He says Mrs. Dixit prepared breakfast today and will taste it. She asks if he really wants to go back to office. He says no. Kuch rang pyar ke…..plays in the background.

Elena goes to a restaurant and during payment, her card does not work. Vicky comes and pays . She scolds that she does not need his money. He says he wants her forgiveness and says he has changed. She says people like him will not. He says if he gets her forgiveness, he will change soon. She says she will repay his money and walks out. He gives money to waiter and thanks for his help.

Sona gives her honeymoon plan list to Dev and asks if he liked it. He says it is stupidity, what is the use of traveling to 250 countries during honeymoon. She says they will be in hotel between some time. He says really, then it is a good plan. He tries to get romantic. She says someone will watch. He says let them, they are married now. Sona jokes mamaji is coming. He says they will not fight again as he does not like it. She says even she. They both smile looking at each other. Kuch rang pyar ke…..plays in the background.

Dev and Sona reach Bejoy’s house for dussehra feast. Elena sees Dev well dressed in a new blazer and jokes. She tells Elena how she her card did not work in restaurant and Vicky came paid. Sona asks why did he come there. Dev asks Sona to tell Asha not to prepare many things. Bejoy says she is preparing just some snacks. Asha brings food and fills Dev’s plate and forcefeeds him. Family then gives lots of gifts to Dev and Sona.

Ishwari prepares feast at home. Radha comes and says pleasant smell dragged her to kitchen. Ishwari says today is vijaya dashami. Radha says what is the use Dev has gone to his in-laws and will have food there. Ishwari Dev never misses her prepared food and will not eat her in-laws. Radha says she hopes so, takes food and says if she had known preparing so tasty food, Vicky would have been mad behind her food. Ishwari says once Dv comes, they will have food.

Dev reaches home with Sona and walking in tells Sona that her house is unique, even veg food was so tasty, he is surprised she is slim even after eating so tasty food for so many years, maa and baba gave so many gifts. He sees Ishwari waiting near dining table and asks if she did not sleep yet. She says she was waiting for him and says she prepared festival feast for him and asks if he is hungry. Dev says yes and sits. She fills his plate and forces to have. She asks Bhola to serve Sona and tells her that she is looking weak after fasting and should eat well. Sona takes some. Ishwari taunts that she is eating so late that her hunger has vanished. Sona looks at Dev silently.

Asha and Bejoy are busy chatting about Sona when they hear some goons shouting on Sourav. Goons warn Sourav to return their money within 7 days, else they will break his hands. Bejoy walks towards them and asks how dare they are to shout on his property and warns to get out. Goons leave. Bejoy asks Sourav what is all this. Sourav says he cannot tell anything now and runs in. Bejoy says Asha that Sourav is hiding something from them.

Sona closes her room door room outside. Dev comes and asks why is she closing door from outside, it should be from inside. She says Nikki is sleeping inside as her room’s AC is not working. He says she should have slept in Neha’s room. She says Rhea is sleeping in Rhea’s room and asks him to sleep in Vicky’s room while she sleeps on sofa. He says okay. She smiles and walks. He holds her hand and says just now they reconciled, then why she is looking sad. She says why did not he inform mom truth that he had food already at his in-law’s house. He says mom would have felt bad. She says he would have explained mom. He says he did what he felt right and starts shouting she does not understand him at all. She says she will understand him slowly. He angrily says sleep now and walks out.

Precap: Sona tells Dev that they are going to her mama/uncle’s place and takes him for a surprise dinner and says she arranged all this for him. Ishwari calls Bejoy and asks where Asha’s brother stays. Bejoy asks Asha who says in this age which brother emerged now. Ishwari gets jealous.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Pothik

    Watch it……………..http://www.tvserialupdates.com/sbs-20th-october-devakshi-ke-honeymoon-pei-laga-grahan-videowritten-update/

    Ab to Pisswari ko piss dalni paregi……………..cholo chakki se use pise

    1. Yuck! Feel disgusted seeing Ishwari playing those cheap tricks! Ab to bhagwaan hi bachaa sakta hai hume!

    2. Manya

      Kuch acha hone wala tha but nhi is Pisswari ne Sab kuch bigaad diya?

    3. Azzuu

      plz maar do is ishwari saali
      itna bemar padne se acha hai maar jaye
      sab ka bhala hoga

      1. Oh yes! Pleaseeee!

  2. Priya9876

    Honey moon k liye sari preparation Ho chuki thi packing shopping ? tickets vissa everything….
    Bas Jane k time pe??????
    Mental bimari ka natak karti h… 100% sure…

  3. Azzuu

    hy guys
    dev-hum phir kabhi aisa nahi karengye
    sona- kya …..podhey nahi lagayege
    dev- duffer laddey ge nahi mujhe acha nahi lagta hai

  4. Seems like not only Dev’s and Sonakshi’s dreams but our dreams as well will be ruined as Devakshi will be prevented to go for their honeymoon????
    And I mustn’t forget to pass on credits to the person due to whom all this has happened- Our dear Pisswari aka Ishwari mataji????
    Arghhhhh! I’m fed up of this drama! How could Ishwari possibly stoop so low just for the sake of her satisfaction??
    Yes, Dev and Sonakshi will indeed not be going for their honeymoon as their plans will be spoiled at the end moment by dear Ishwari!
    Ishwari will be seen getting highly insecure of the fact that Dev and Sonakshi will be getting really close to each other and thus, will fall sick. As expected, her dear Son will rush to her aid and cancel all his plans with Sonakshi. Ishwari will be over delighted to see that her Son still cares for her and values her the most, even leaving Sonakshi behind. Sonakshi, on the other hand, will assume this is yet one of Ishwari’s tricks and will be shattered to see her dreams breaking apart?????
    Meanwhile, Dev will be there on his mother’s side.

    Oh man! It seems that Dev and Sonakshi’s honeymoon won’t be shown quite soon in the coming time. Honestly, I’m afraid the makers won’t be showing it at all!???
    Guess Devakshi’s secret date (scheduled for today) will be amongst the best things happening in the serial in the coming time! Ohhh! I so badly want Dev to face the reality of his Mother for once, leaving his unconditional love towards her aside for a moment. Then will he learn how badly he’d been hurting Sonakshi all this while!

  5. Esme

    Precap…maza aaya..n what d hell…whatz wrong with Pisswari…ek din Dev unke haath ka khana na khaye toh kya aasman phat jayega…seriously…hadh hai !!!
    Leaving all these…Dev’s expression in precap waaaaaaaaow !!! So Dev babu aapko kya laga sirf aap hi surprises plan kr sakte hain…haan..Sona rocks!!!

    1. Sneha1

      Dev ne kab surprise plan kiya sona k liye… after marriage

  6. Sneha1

    Haa meine bhi updates pade hai..
    the day when Dev n sona will be ready to leave for honeymoon.. their bags r packed, visa has arrived…
    suddenly ishwari fall sick… then with teary eyed.. dev sona ko bolegi… tum jao …
    aur jabardasti dev ko realise karayegi ki.. Ghar pr uski maa beemar hai.. neha apne sasural se vapas aa gayi hai.. aur dev apni nayi grahsti mein busy hai.. khush hai…
    Dayan chuiddel maa…..

    Dev bhi maa k paas baithkar royega… tujhe aisi halat mein chodkar mein kahin nahi jaunga maa..
    mamaji samjhayenge.. ki ghar mein sab log hai ishwari ka khayal rakhne k liye.. pr dev babuto dev babu thehre…
    Sona maa and dev k paas khadi hokar… suspiciously dekhegi… she is a doctor and can easily figure out when somebody is actually ill and when is faking out illness…

    chippo ishwari….

    words nahi hai… curse kare k liye

  7. Sneha1

    Cutest dialouge from 19.10.16 episode

    Sona: Achchi planning hai na? (She us working in the garden)

    Dev: Achchi planning? Bewakufi hai yeh (He was looking at the honeymoon plan).

    Sona: What? Kyu?

    Dev: Arre… Matlab… Yeh… Yeh koi honeymoon thode hi hai. Yeh to aisa lag raha hai ke France ka study tour hai.Hume sab. Sab tourist spots cover karne ki kya zarurat hai?

    Sona: Matlab itne saalo se main jo romantic jagah mark kar rahi hun. Use aap bewakufi keh rahe hai. Stupid hun main… Aaj hi vrat khatam hua mera aur aap mujhe stupid keh rahe hai.
    Jaaiye aap office jaaiye… Nahi… Mujhse baat karne ki zarurat nahi hai. Main stupid hun. (And she sits on the chair)

    Dev: Nahi. Stupid nahi… Wo main…

    Sona: Socho agar main waisi wali wife hoti to??

    Dev: Very funny… But on a serious note… Hume ye 250 tourist spots pe jaane ki kya zarurat hai. Honeymoon hai… Hume to kisi achche se Resort me hona chahiye aur…
    Sona: Aur…
    Dev: Aur…

    Sona: Aur aapne… Maine jo plan banaya use thik tarah se dekha nahi. Maine yahan pe likha hai na 7th se leke 9th tak hum usi Resort me hai.

    Dev: (He sits on the table facing Sona) Achcha… Aisa plan hai aapka.He comes closer to Sona.

    Sona: Dev.. Koi dekhlega

    Dev: Dekhne do.

    Sona: Chhodiye na.

    Dev: Hum pati aur patni hai. Agar ye bedard zamana hume dekhke jalta hai toh jalne do..

    Sona: Mamaji wo Dev…And Dev gets scared and stands up. Sona laughs at this.

    Dev holds Sona’s arm… This is not fair Ms. Khargosh

    Sona: Kya hua? Darr gaye iss Zamane se… Aapki shakal toh dekho… Aapse sirf dialogue bulwaya ja sakta hai…

    Dev: Not fair Ms. Khargosh… Agli baar meri baari hogi dekhna…

    Sona: Chalo. Hatiye mujhe plants ko paani daalna hai. Aur waise bhi. Maa baba ko milne jaana hai na aaj. Chhodiye na.

    Dev: Mere alawa sabke liye time hai tumhare paas. Paudhe… Ma Baba… Main ghar aaya hun toh sab kaam abhi karna hai.

    Sona: Par main toh…

    Dev: Ab socho. Agar main aisa husband hota toh..

    Sona pushes him a bit

    Dev: Sonakshi hum fir kabhi aisa nahi karenge.

    Sona: Kya? Paudhe nahi lagaenge?

    Dev: Duffer. Ladenge nahi… Mujhe achcha nahi lagta.

    Sona: Hmmm. Mujhe bhi.

    1. Awwwwww….so cute!???
      Especially last 2-3 lines were????
      Thanks for the dialogues di!

  8. Sneha1

    Dev aj k episodew mein kuch jyada hi clean shave dikh raha hai… Mujhe to wo light stubble meinbh achha lagta hai…

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