Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 19th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 19th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ishwari thanks god that her guilt is gone forever now. Dev thanks Sona for her favor. Sona says she did not do anything. Ishwari calls Sona and says she made her clear her guilt and she is thankful to her, she gave her new life, etcc. GKB hears that. Vicky is on phone and seeing GKB’s tensed face asks what happened to her. She says it is time for their the end. He asks what happened. Malati with Kajal walks to tem and thanks for even their help, she thinks Sona is perfect for Dev. GKB yells at them.

Asha speaks to Sona and says she should think about reuniting with Dev. Sona says it is not possible as she promised baba/Bejoy that she has ended relationship wit Dev forever. Asha says she should do what she thinks right.

GKB goes to Ishwari’s room with frowning

face. Ishwari asks what happened to her. GKB says she hid such a big secret from her and did not feel she is not her family. Ishwari asks not to get angry, she will do whatever she says. GKB continues her drama. Asha enters with bouquet and asks Ishwari how is she. GKB yells she is what she had to see and angrily walks out. Asha servs juice to Ishwari. Ishwari says it is cold, she will have it later. Ishwari says how are everyone at family. Asha says they are all fine. Ishwari says when she collapses Sona was present and people told she kept a tablet under tongue and it helped, doctors know everything. Asha asks her to res, she will go.

Soha and Golu enter with Elena. Ishwari gets happy seeing Soha. Soha gives her get well soon card and says she made it. Golu says even he helped. Soha says he did not. Ishwari says she liked it. Soha says she will not prepare it again she does not want her to fall ill again, she will take care of her. Ishwari says she is going to naani’s house, how will she take care of her. Soa says she wants them all to stay in same house. Golu says for that big cha and big chi should reunite. GKB fumes in anger. Asha says she will leave now.

Sona gives tonic to Ishwari and asks her to have it. Ishwari says it is very bitter, she will not have it. Sona says she will call doctor and says she gives them bitter guard, neem, etc herbal concoction, to them, then why she is hesitant herself. Ishwari says she can drink her herbal concoction. Sona says okay fine, then she will call Dev and see how doc scolds her. Ishwari asks where is Dev. Sona says he has gone out. She leaves. Ishwari taunts Ishwari that Sona wants to control her. Ishwari drinks tonic. GKB continues brainwashing against Sona.

Precap: Ihwari calls Sona. Sona asks how is she. Ishwari says she is fine and invites her for dinner with her family, requests not to deny.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Neha1

    Very nice episode…. Finally Ishwari realise that she misunderstood Sonakshi… she’s not bad as thinks before…!
    Dev Overheard GKB and Ishwari convo…Golu and Soha as always Cute.??? Golu you’re absolutely right “Soha will only stay with Dixit’s when his X-Bigchi becomes Bigchi…! ?????????

    Precap was Woaw..! Really Ishwari called Bose family on Dinner..!
    Itna HRIDAY PARIVARTAN, Kaise.?????? Weekend starts and have to wait 4 Monday.

  2. OMG ye iswari kabhi nahi sudhregi!! GKB is right!! iswari dil se change nahi hui hain!! shayed kabhi bhi change nahi hogi wo!! usse positive kuch expect kerna hi galati hain!! pata nahi ab ye sona ki full family ko kyu bula rehi hain!! i think ab wo sona ki full family k samne dev aur sona ki reunion ki baat karegi!!! jo ki Bijoy aur sona 2nohi nahi manegi!! tab shayed wo dev ki 2sri larki k sath shadi ki bat karegi. dev aur sona ki 7days ki deal bhi shayed cancel karwa degi!! pwr kehi ka!!!

  3. actually i have missed todays episode!! i saw only last 5minutes! iswari was telling GKB that me apse puch ke hi kuch karunga!! Tab to ho gayi devakshi ki reunion!! aur usne sona ki hat se tonic kyu nahi pi?? pata nahi mujhe nahi lagta ye iswari change hui hain!! uski expression se kuch pata nahi chal raha tha!! ab bose family ko kyu bulaya ye vi ek suspence hain! ab Bijoy sure kuch scene create karega!! jiska fayda GKB uthayegi!!!

  4. Rekhadhir

    Selfish ishwari????

    Acha hua dev ne dono ki baate sun

    1. Rekhadhir

      Ye kya aadha comment???

      Kya TU???
      Back to episode
      Acha hua dev ne exhibition or ishwari ki baate sun li…

      Ab ye boss family ko bulla kar koi naya drama karegi …jisse chikchkoye baba phir chik chik karege….???
      Sahi bolle to ishwari phir se dev ke samne mahan bnene ka kam shuru karegi …taki woh sonakshi ka picha chor de

      Koi ja kar ishwari ko golli maar aaye….????

  5. Devga

    Omg still ishwari feels tht sona wants to control her life …. Come on u old lady better become nice or u will die because of curses from works wide….

    Awwww suha golu scenes w wer nice…. But y writers r creating insecurity in golu’s mind….. Let him also get equal love …

    Wen dev can b stubborn about his mom and his talksy can’t sona stick to her promise made to her baba …..

  6. What was GKB and ishwari convo at the end? Anyone pls explain ..

    1. Rekhadhir

      Exgkb kehti hai ki jab ishwari ne sona ko gle lgaya to use lga ki ishwari ne sona ko maaf kar diya….par jab ishwari ne asha ke hath se pani nhi pita..aur sona ke hath se dwai nhi li to use thodi raht mili….woh bolti ki woh dev ki shadi karwana chahti hai….par sona se nhi kyunki woh dev ki zindgi khrab kar degi….ye sab baate dev sun leta hai….

      1. Rekhadhir

        Understand hindi?

    1. Swarna494

      Dunno when this wicked vicky will change??
      Pls god let dev catch vicky this time

  7. Lizaa

    Golu nd soha so cute??
    Ishwari sona ko thank toh bola bt woh kabhi nhi change hogi
    Precap interesting h
    pata nhi ishwari kya announce kar ne wali h

  8. Swarna494

    did anyone notice the wall behind sona when she was talking with golu,soha and elena in the hospital ?? the symbol “D” which you can see in dev’s office …

    1. Gr8 observation…wow

  9. Rekhadhir

    Bus 11 comments ….kya guys ……itne kam comments ….hadd hai yaar….

  10. wonderful episode…..much realistic to me.if Ishwari turned positive overnght that would be unrealistic…being in a delusion that sona s bad for dev n she would snatch him away from her for so many years can’t be changed in one day right?well shown makers…….atleast they reached the stage where sona used be her nutrionist they bonded so well ishwari appreciated her goodness. it’ll definitely take time to mend things since there s more awkwrdness gonna come btwn them if GKB influence is not in the vicinity…

  11. In the precap Ishwari invites Sonakshi for dinner wz family.Ishwari wants to know wether Sona had informed her parents regarding the reason why she was admitted in the hospital.and will then realise that the day Sona gave her the cheque and left the house for good will know how a gem she lost to her son.it is Sona goodness that bought Ishwari back to normalcy.so also it will be Sonakshi goodness that will bring the downfall of GKB and her son.

  12. Hope so everything goes on well during the two families dine together….again a weekend….weekends come so fast? waiting for monday’s episode….
    Hope this time halweshwari doesnt make any halwa otherwise sabko halwphobai ho jayega? plzzz guys comment? for a very beautiful serial only this much comments n dull serial got so many comments..

  13. Satie Singh jee


    1. Ganga

      It’s sounds really nice……but don’t what is true ….what is false……just hope for d positive best

  14. Neha1

    Hey Guys, Here’s an upcoming clip of new episode ….. Where Dev Thanks to Sonakshi…!


    1. Boring weekend

      1. Intersting promo

  15. Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi New promo
    Of devakshi
    Please check the link


    1. Yeh open ni ho raha hai i dn know why..kya dikhata hai ismein plz bolo naa varalakshmi..

      1. Nhi ho gay open thik haai..
        Wow wow m so excited❤❤

  16. How many times ish and dev will fall ill…I want sona to be unwell and dev taking care of her….

    1. Swarna494

      yes pinky.. I too sometyms thought about that.. If sona would have fall ill then dev’s concern towards here will be much more. We already experienced one in diwali episode

    2. Yess priy…even i want to see that..i want sona to fall ill badly n then dev should get restless seeing her in trouble..wow..it would be so interesting to watch tht..??

  17. If not I’ll atleast CV can plan sona’s birthday….

  18. If not ill CV can plan sona’s birthday….achcha ho ya bura it is for dixit family only not Bose family…hadh hai yaar

  19. Rekhadhir

    Are priya tu kaha hai bhai?????

    Ishan ,sammy ,riti,piya aur jin ke naam bhul gyi……koi aata kyun nhi

  20. Prads

    Ishwari calling Bose family for the dinner. There may be two reasons : –

    1) She may want to know whether Sonakshi has told anything about her past with her family or not.
    2) She may came to know that Bijoy has taken a promise from Sonakshi for not marrying Dev and wants to talk with Bijoy regarding Devakshi reunion. There might be a question why she not visit Bose house for talking regarding this issue, but we have to understand that it is Bijoy who do not wish any Dixit member to enter Bose family so she can’t go there.
    3) She understood that she has insulted Bose family at Dixit house previously and wants to repaid the same with full of respect.

    We need to understand one thing that she doen’t want to loose Suhana at any cost and she also understood that Sonakshi & Suhana can not live without each other as she & Dev can’t. So , I don’t think that she will try to snatch Suhana from Sonakshi. Secondly, she has seen the love & respect in Dev’s eyes for Sonakshi & she knows that Dev is incomplete without Sonakshi so she is trying to convince Bose family for their reunion.

  21. Akanksha bhardwaj

    I just want to know what dev felt after listening ishwari nd gkb convo…bht confused look diya dev ne..pta ni usko bira feel hua sona k liye…ya shock hua wo…pta ni kya thought process hoga dev ka…kya asusual ignore kr dega…i m very curious for this.

  22. Akanksha bhardwaj

    Bura feel*

  23. a new phase about to start in krpkab http:www.tellyupdate.com/BREAKING:a new phase about to start in sony tv’s kuch……

    1. Oops!! The link is not there ya..

  24. ab shayed jald hi reunion hogi!!!aur iss new phase me shayed as a parentd hum devakshi ko dekhenge!!! don’t know kya honawali hain iss pahase me. hope for the best.

  25. sorry shayed main link ki address likhne me galati kardi! uss spoiler me likha tha ki krpkab ki writer durjoy ne twiter pe twit kya hain ki a new phase is about to come soon and this will be the most awaited track. aur ek spoilet me maine dekha ki ab Ronita ki ma sourov ko instigate karke Boss family me problem create karegi. aur dev help karega!! pata nahi GKB ki kya plan hoga?? aur Malti aur kajal ki koi role vi hain!! ya phir khatri k sath unki chapter vi khatam!! per pata nahi lagta to hain dev aur kajal ki ek marraige track shayed anewali hain!! per jo vi ho reunion coming soon i guess.

  26. Ganga


    Have a look in it guys…. Shaheer dance ???

    ???? Kuku ruuu kuuu……


  27. Ganga

    Sab kaha hei….. Priya ( is page ki Engine ?)…….Asmita…..Junee….Subha……Elena….Erina….Manya ( choti bachi)……Sneha….preet…..anshita…..naga………..
    Missing alot ur comments…..

  28. So less comments?

  29. Neha1

    Wow Cute convo between Devakshi…?? Upcoming scene of KRPKAB..!


  30. Sneha1

    Hi all

    finally I m back after my CA Final Exams… Now encountering a new problem, TU is auto looging me out everytime, i try to post something… so posting from my unregistered id sneha… I am your old sneha only…

    I missed you so much… Priya, Piya, Ganga, Devga, Shalini, Chanpreet, Asmita, Junee, Elena, Erina, Manya, Preet, Samaira, Akansha, Rekha, Neha…

    Lots of love to all

    1. Neha1

      Hii Sneha, How’s your exams..?? Happy to see you back here..!?

  31. Sneha1

    Now see this…

    Devakshi video call :

    Here’s the video:


  32. Sneha1

    written update bhi le lo :

    DevAkshi are on a Video Call.

    Dev is in his room in Dixit house and Sona in her room in the Bose house

    Dev says you must have done a lot of work in the whole day. But now as you have to come hereand only an hour is left, you are confused on what to wear.

    Sona says but why are you looking happy.

    Dev says the whole Bose family is coming here for Dinner, that’s why i am happy. And why are you killing my excitement. Wear anything. You are coming for dinner only, we are not getting married. And stops.

    Both of them feels awkward.

  33. Ngkrishnakumari

    Only 48comments for our favourite show
    Our devakshi fans are lossing their interest for our show
    That the result comment box is less

    Guys i had selected sbi po preliminary exam
    As soon as possible i would try my best to comment on our show
    I have to prepared for main

  34. Ngkrishnakumari

    Only90minute left for our favourite show

    So guys do comments regularly

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