Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 19th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 19th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sona reaches home and sees daadi scolding Bejoy to buy a smartphone and stop using phone of her times. Bejoy says he will not accept phone from Saurabh. Sona says he should not be too cunning and enjoy life. Family is surprised to see change in her.

Ishwari reminisces Gujral’s proposal of Dev and Natasha’s marriage. Radha enters and says neighbor’s daughter’s engagement broke as she was found with some other guy watching English movie. It is better to get children married on time, asks if she spoke to Dev about Gujral’s proposal. Dev enters. Radha asks Ishwari to speak to him and leaves. Ishwari asks his opinion. He says he is surprised as shrewd businessmen like Gujral will not do business in loss. Ishwari says her son is so good that

anybody would feel he is an asset for them and asks him to think about this proposal.

Elena asks Sona if she spoke to Dev. Sona says Natasha came in his life. Elena continues pestering her and she sends Elena out and locks door. Dev calls her and says he is a confused as always he took decisions for family, but today he has take decision for his life. Sona knocks door and says she will not talk about Dev. Sona says Dev she will call him later and disconnects call.

While on bed, Ishwari reminisces Dev in childhood asking her if it is necessary to marry. She asks why is he asking this. He says his teacher is marrying and asked his parents to move to their village as his house is small. Ishwari says old relationships have to be forbidden for new ones and asks him if he will leave her. He says never, he will not marry at all. She says he has to marry some day. She thinks that day has come.

In the morning, Sona comes to job. Nikki enters. Kichu asks if she is not having stomachache now as she skipped college. Nikki acts and then asks sona to play game with her. Sona says she will not as she lied. Nikki insists, Sona agrees and they both play TV video game. Sona loses repeatedly. Dev hears their from hall, enters in and teaches Sona how to play. She just looks at his face. Nikki goes out. Dev plays with her. Natasha enters and asks who is losing. Sona says she is and angrily leaves. Nikki comes back and asks Natasha to play with her. Natasha agrees.

Saurabh sees Elena chatting again and warns her. She jokes and he leaves. She chats with Vicky who is disguised as a good guy and chatting with her while sipping liquor in a bar. They decide to meet in a restaurant. Elena comes to a restaurant and waits for him. He sitting in a nearby table thinks he caught bengali fish with his buttery talks.

Sona goes to kitchen and cuts vegetables reminiscing Dev and Natasha’s proximity. She cuts finger by mistake. Dev rushes and scolds her why she is cutting vegetables when it is not her job. Sona starts shouting at him and asks to mind his own business.

Precap: Sona feels guilty for shouting at Dev and thinks she got angry when she saw him with Natasha, fumes more seeing Dev and Natasha feeding buscuits to each other.

Update Credit to: MA


  1. Devga

    Gud Episode…. But still want to show some more devakshi scenes….
    So sad for sona she CUT her finger…. Poor girl broken heart….

    • gourvi

      totally agree with you . how can any one be so dumb.get someone to make dev jealous too.poor sona . dev cares for her but is he not one bit attracted to her ….. to hell with mr,dixit(obodro cum gadha).

  2. THJ

    Hey guys I st saw tht some new guy called audit gaur will b entering d show opposite to sona

  3. Partho

    Nice episode and DevAkshi scenes are always the best part of the show and I want to see their union soon and the exit of Natasha

  4. Anjanaa

    They are showing a normal life of a girl like us.. Who loves a guy but guy will never feel for her.. But as this a serial dev will soon start falling for sona.. Cute couple.. But guys, i think like gujral is not a good person.. Mayb he will cheat our dev and like that dev and natasha apart.. What do you think?

  5. prit

    Ya really i agree with u devga!! She is so cute when she is angry. But she had realized her mistake that she should not shout at dev. But dev is so close with Natasha. So obviously sona will feel jealous. Mujhe toh isme kisi ki bhi galti nhi dikhri h becoz dev bhi apni jagah sahu h natasha bhi or sona bhi. Eagerly waiting for next episode.

  6. absentwise

    Super bakwas episode . same old story … Producer said .. he has something new … same old stories .. girls work in Boss’s house .. same old stuff .. why these actresses have to work in someone’s houses like Kaamwaali baais ….???? w/ no respect after so much of education

    I thought .. they will be portraying her as a Bold .. intelligent working lady .. who can get the job anywhere w/ her capabilities .. She said .. Mr. Dev did not leave any leave any choice for her to work at his place .. sick old formula .. there are 1000s of hospitals in Delhi ..
    and Mr. Dev is not Ambani .. who has multi-sectored business .. He just has 1 company .. Ishwari enterprise .. so??? ..
    He left her NO CHOICE to work anywhere else .. BAD JOKE in current situation in Delhi …

    besides .. the father of this girl is a cartoon .. the one does not do anything and enjoys his daughter’s money … but w/. the location showed .. they don’t seem to be that poor … a 2 story house .. but funny part is .. the house has only 1 door .. and a big windows .. which open up in backyard from where this idiot actor could have come out and could have reach home on time …

    funny father .. funny brother .. funny cousin .. funny grandma ..

    Conservative family; asking girl to maintain 2 feet distant w/ kaushal .. and so advanced when their girl got locked alone for several hours with Wealthy boss in their house .. wow .. jai mata di .. Jai Bose family ki ..

    Mother says .. there is shame on their family when alliance was broken w/ Kaushal . and there are so shameless and clam
    not even questioning but rather enjoyed the moments when their “FAMILY Shame” the actress ; spent several hours w/ boss alone whatever may be the reason

    Jai PRODUCER Ki .. Jai BOSE Family ki

    • Mk

      Perfectly agree! Dad and Elena are irritating! And to ask the boss to find a guy for their daughter?
      And couldn’t Sona have called one of their neighbirs to come unlock the door from outside?
      A besotted Sona is so immature!

  7. prit

    GUYS I saw a promo of KRPKAB. They had shown that dev has to go on date with natasha. So he his confused in selecting shirt. He ask to sona that which shirt he should wear. She suggest orange. He was shock that how he can wear orange shirt. Sona told that orange is her favourite colour. So she suggested him orange shirt. She says now it is up to u that which shirt u want to wear. Dev wears sona’s fav colour shirt. That is orange. All are shock to see dev in orange colour shirt. He nervously goes to meet natasha. Natasha is also shock to see dev in orange colour’s shirt. She told him that it is okk but i don’t like this colour. Dev tell that i also don’t like this colour. But nowadays he likes it and thinks of sona and he was happy. He also started feeling love for sona. Lets see guys what happens next. I was happy when i saw the promo. I m vry vry vry happy.

  8. Lame

    Iam not liking dis one sided love too
    The serial Shld soon show Dev knowing abt sona or his own feelings for her

  9. Nishi

    Oh no!sona cut her hand?and what was the point of Natasha and dev feeding eachother biscuits..!its so difficult to hate Natasha because she is so nice

  10. Moon

    Episodes are dragging now! Although nice but slowly boredom is seeping in. This is moving towards a one sided live story. An interesting match for Sona should be pitched in.A very understanding , competant good looking guy who would also be faultless like Natasha!
    Direction give a spin to this love story otherwise it will loose its charm. Dont make the new character evil make him as much acceptable so that the compete between male characters is as strong as it is between the females.That would be interesting as this serial is not going to follow the usual storyline of Dev Sona getting married ultimately, I believe! Its going to show some of the realities so its high time u brought in a suitable match for Dr Sonakshi

  11. Moon

    Giving Shaheer Sheikh competetion onscreen will not be easy as he looks extremely good with both Sona and Natasha ! So you need to get someone for Sona who can be at par with him.Here visual appeal will really matter a lot!

  12. Fatarajo(KRPKAB, EDKV n Dehleez fan)

    Hahah liking Sona’s jealousy 😛 poor Sona cut her hand 🙁 and btw why was Natasha n Dev feeding biscuits to each other?? I just hope when devrealzies his love soon Natasha gets to know about it and she backs herself up and unites devakshi that will be very nice if she becomes negative that would be so Typical like other dramas

  13. Aarti

    Isn’t dis Natasha chipku..I mean Dev hasn’t agreed to marry her yet, but she wants to feed him biscuits..n wat has happened to Dev, he’s so close to Natasha..y doesn’t Ishwari get insecure seeing dis

  14. Ru Bhattacharya

    vry nic episode!

    Sona,u r seen as a bengali so it’ll b grt if u propose Dev in bengali nd in a difrnt style…
    4 each nd every bengali Rabindranath Tagore s the icon of LOVE…so propose Dev by saying Rabindranath’s poem

    যদি প্রেম দিলে না প্রানে

    কেন ভোরের আকাশ ভরে দিলে এমন গানে গানে ?

    guys wht do u think?s it prfct 4 love proposal?

    • Fatarajo (KRPKAB, EDKV n Dehleez fan)

      Wow Superb poem ru 🙂
      If u didn’t give love from the heart
      Then why did u fill this in the dawn’s cloud like a tune(gan means song)
      Actually my Bengali is not that good as I m a Singaporean Bengali 😛

  15. Ru Bhattacharya

    vry nic episode….

    Sona u r seen as a bengali so it’ll b grt if u propose Dev in nd in a difrnt style bengali…..

    4 each nd every bengali Rabindranath Tagore is the icon of LOVE…..propose Dev by saying Rabindranath’s poem….

    যদি প্রেম দিলে না প্রানে

    কেন ভোরের আকাশ ভরে দিলে এমন গানে গানে?

    Guys is it prfct 4 Sona’s love proposal? tell me pls….

  16. Tanya

    Boring track going on….krpkab is lossing their charm by adding stupid Natasha….. Why dev was too confused about his marriage…. It’s clearly shown that dev had grown feelings for sona…..by caring sona……and Natasha have no any manners that she always spend her time in dev’s house……is business partner play games….And why nuts is feeding buscuit to dev and why r u doing same????so sillly……

  17. tara

    absentwise..if u feel its bakwas..i advice u not to waste ur time watching it..coz there are many devakshi fans like us who watch the show..nd who will continue watching the show..
    i somehow liked the episode very much..i love jealousy tracks…nd so i loved this one..i become very happoy looking at the promo…aww…dev was looking so cute when he was telling natasha about orange colour….uff just loved it..
    bt precap is sad 🙁

  18. Tanya

    The way when sona cuts her hand and screamed oaaauuuu……that was killing…and then expression of dev awwwww……

  19. Super episode ? Video Game & kitchen sequences r nice to see, unfortunately sona cut her finger ? but i like the way dev caring & i like sona s rude behaviour . Again i hate precap ?

  20. prit

    Guys as i m PUNJABI i can’t understand BENGALI LANGUAGE So plzz what ever u write in BENGALI plzzz translate it in to english or hindi. Whatever sona and her family speak. That i can understand but ur language is some what different.so i can’t understand. So i request u plzzz translate ur language in hindi or english.

    • tara

      this is because sona’s family speaks broken bengali..is not that whatever she says is correct everytime…her pronunciation is also not correct..only aasha speaks well…so u all understand it…bt pure bengali is tough for u guys..
      ok its just a try..what ru is trying to say..here it goes..
      when u r not giving love to me (my heart)
      then y u spread the morning sky with such (love) songs??
      i hope u all will get it now..

  21. kwinal

    poor sona had cut her hand and dev is so stupid bocz he cant realize his feeling’s for sona…..plzzz dev u luv sona …..plzzz don’t take wrong decision…i hope u realize ur feeling to sona…

  22. Ru Bhattacharya

    It’s vry difficult to translate Rabindranath’s poem in other language.this Poem is beautifull in bengali bt it can lose its grace in other language.still i’ve tried to trnslte.Jodi prem dile na prane
    Keno bhorer akash bhore dile emon gane gane it means-why you’ve filled the dawn’s sky by song of love if you don’t give love in my heart…..is it nice?

  23. nimi

    I just love devsona scenes..???..but hate the draging part..why the hell Roop durgal..I just hate her!..I just hope this ? drama to end soon..n bring some masala between the leads..?

  24. Devna

    Guys have u seen the promo, orange shirt wala waoo…
    Really xcited
    Dev u care for sona,,, cant u realize ur own feelings……
    Video game part was awesome

  25. Priyasha

    Yar I love devakshi but this natasha I just hate her character…… She is over positive and people who are like this have actually a negative mind. Take an example of Rithka of Meri Ashiqui Tumse Hi…… 🙁 feeling bad for sona….. Dev luvs sona but these stupid boys cannot realise it………. And sona she is such a nice actress. ?????????????????????

    • Tanya

      Hey ameesha, thanks for link….and if I’m not wrong u r the same ameesha whom I meet on edkv page??? R u also like me waiting for board results?????

  26. Ru Bhattacharya

    ekjan bengali friend peye khub bhalo lagche tara….tumi ki bengalei thako naki anya kothao??

    Fatarajo thax 2 u….

    Do u understand Prit nd Kwinal?

    Thanx 2 u Tanya…where does u live?

  27. Moon

    Sandy thanks for the link!
    How come this dumb Mr Abhodro cant realise his love and needs a Natasha and a Udit Gaur to do so! Sorry Mr Dumbo Dixit!
    Today Absentwise raised some pertinent points that comes to ones mind after watching these episodes! Mr Director please take care of them if u can! They cannot be ignored certainly!!!Although i dont agree to the last point that was raised in that writeup! But rest of the points must have been in the minds of viewers i am sure.

  28. prit

    Simran it is not that tanya is only ur friend but i m also. Would u like to be my friend also. Ru now i understood. Thanks. Tara thanks for translating and tanya thank u dear for the link.

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