Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 19th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 19th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Dev asks doc not to bother about Sona’s words and to continue treatment. Doc says it is obvious for Sona to react, she cannot hide truth from Sona for long. She gives him consent form and asks him get it signed by Sona or else find another doctor.

Elena and Vicky bring back GKB home after she stumbles seeing nonveg at Bose house. Elena asks if she wants to have something. GKB says kichdi with masala and ghee. Elena says she will inform Kichu. Vicky asks her to sit with maa, he will inform Kichu.

Sona reaches home. Neha gets happy that maa will scold Sona. Ishwari asks if she had gone to her mom’s house, she had informed her, she should have taken fruit to munch while traveling at least and shows more concern. Neha fumes in jealousy and yells

how can she go to her parent’s house disobeying maa. GKB jobs her and they both yell. Sona tells Ishwari that she did not go to her parent’s house and had gone behind Ayan and Khushi, she does not want to hide anything. Neha and GKB yell why she wants to spoil Riya’s happiness, Ayan and Kushin are cousins. Sona says she hope it was true, but they are having an affair and she has proof and opens her mobile. Riya comes and asks what proof. Ishwari asks Sona to hide it. Riya snatches mobile and is shocked to see Ayan touching Riya. She shatters. Ishwari sees Vidya next followed by Neha and GKB. Riya falls down shattered. Neha yells at Sona why she ruined Riya’s happiness, what was the need for this. Ishwari says Sona did right and saved Riya on time. Neha fumes in jealousy more.

Ishwari with Sona reachs Ayan’s house and informs Ayan’s parents that Ayan and Riya’s marriage cannot happen. Father says they are well respected family, so she cannot break alliance like this. Ishwari says she took decision earlier without much think and has tought well this time. Father alleges that he knows about their family, about Neha, Sona’s alliance already broken earlier, etc. Sona says he cannot allege them like this and misbehave with mom and shows them Ayan and Khushi’s video. They both stand in a shock. Ayan and Khushi enter and ask what are they doing here. Sona says they are exposed now. They both see video and allege that Sona was behind to break alliance as she is not happy in her marriage. Sona asks to shut up. Khushi says Ayan was consoling her like a brother and nothing else and Sona is wronglly alleging. Sona asks to show her mobile then, let everyone know what she messages Ayan.

Riya continues crying and Neha acts as consoling her. Dev enters home and asks Kichu where are Sona and Ishwari. Kichu says must be in room and asks if he should call them. Dev says he will go up and passes by Riya’s room. He sees Riya crying and Neha consoling her and asks what happened. Neha yells bhabi told everything. Dev gets tensed that Sona informed about pregnancy complications and says Riya it is a simple issue and he will handle it. Neha yells why bhabhi was behind Ayan and Riya’s alliance from before and broke it via mom now. He realizes she is talking about Ayan and Khushi’s relationship and says then Sona’s doubt was right. Neha yells he knew it from before and hid it. Dev calls Ishwari and asks her what is happening there, if he should come there. Ishwari asks not to tell anything to Ayan, she is handling issues here. Dev says but… Ishwari gives her promise

Sona tries to snatch Khushi’s mobile and tries to read message. Khushi pushes her and she falls down and writhes in pain. Ishwari tells Ayan’s parents that Sona is pregnant and to help them. They say there is a nursing home nearby and get Sona in car. Dev hears everything and asks Ishwari what is happening. Ishwari says Sona fell and Ayan’s parents are taking her to nursing home nearby. Dev gets tensed looking at consent form and Sona’s negative pregnancy.

Precap: Dev rushes in car towards nursing home. His mobile falls in car, car breaks down and he runs on street.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Manya

    Mujhe feeling aa Rahi his ki Sona sach mein pregnant hai ?
    What do u think????

    1. Priya9876

      Ye bhagwan Ji darr Gye the dev Dixit se n sona ko din me hi pregnant kar Diya..?????????

      1. Hahaha….actually, I wouldn’t be surprised if what you just said was true! After all, etihaas ne Devdaas dekehein hain..Dev Dixit nahin..vo to bhagwaan ko bhi dara sakta hai!!! πŸ˜›

    2. Ayushi, currently, I don’t think Sona is really pregnant. She felt pain and got afraid when she’d fallen, for she herself believes she is pregnant, in my opinion. However, I can’t say much either; this is all just my prediction, after all.

  2. Hey guys!
    I shall be setting off to Mahabaleshwar tomorrow morning and will return on the 22nd. Then, on the 25th, I shall be going to my hometown, Agra, for a few days. I shall be back by the 3rd or 4th January. So, till then, I’ll be missing you all and all your lovely and enriching comments!
    Also, wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a fruitful and blissful 2017!???????????? May your year be filled with joy and wellness!?????
    With love to all my dear friends and sisters out here on TU,

    1. Priya9876

      O thiii u also…..
      Have a blast in new year 2017
      Merry Christmas to you too ? ? ?
      Have a enjoyable new year???✨??

      Have a safe journey….
      Miss u bye…

      1. Priya9876

        Thiii.= Terriii?

      2. Same to you di!!<333
        I'll miss you and your Shaheer supportive comments too! But, I'll try to comment whenever I can.
        P.S- Since I'm currently on my laptop, no emojis,but all the sweet ones to you from my side!! πŸ™‚

    2. Hii Anshitha……

      Arey kya hei ye….. Pehle junee…. Ab tum…. ?
      Anyways Tc…..njy at ur hometown…… Merrrryyyyy Christmas ? in advance….. ND happy ND blissful ND colorful ND healthy ND joyful New year ??????? to u ND ur total family ? dear…..

      1. Thank you soo much for your warm wishes, Ganga di! Same to you as well!!! I’ll be missing you and your comments loads!<33

    3. Aarti32

      Miss u n your ff too Anshi

      1. I’ll be missing you too, Aaru di! Also, I’ll be back with my FF in the new year, surely!

    4. Arey tum bhi jaa rahi ho….ab kya hoga humaara…..??
      Anyways….have a happy and a safe journey….BON VOYAGE….enjoy…????
      Have a blissful and year full of success and oppurtunities ahead…????


    5. byoo anshita enjoyyy karna n dev-sona ki tension lekar trip na kharab karna woh baaki sab jo jo ghar baithe ge wohi karenge.lik me.anyways merry christmas n haap new year in andvance

    6. Neha1

      Anshita, my hometown is also Agra… Enjoy your vacation…
      Merry Christmas???and A very Happy New Year in Advance…?????

    7. Subhashini

      Happy journey anshu,have a enjoyable trip
      Marry Christmas ????
      Happy New Year dr???
      Miss u ….

  3. Priya9876

    Poor sonakshi ko chot lag Gyi…..
    Hooooo….!!!! Hooooo…..!!!!
    Ye thoda jyada ho gya makers…. sona pregnant v nhi h aur jara sa jhatka dene se use itna pain….funny ho gya ye to….??

    N howz the Ayan’s family, I mean wo ek dusre ko cousin batate h Ar unk beech Afair……..heyyy …Ram……kalyug h Ghar kalyug………???

    Nd ye neha—– Ooo comeon Priya don’t waste ur precious efforts in typing….
    Neha mar kar dobara janm v le Legi,nd use koi kahega u tumhari sona Bhabhi h ye bohot achi hai…… Lekin Fir v Neha aisa hi behave karegi jaise avi chipdiiii ki tarh karti hai……
    ” Wo kehte h Na khutte ki dum tedhi ki tedhi rehti hai”
    Soo Neha is exactly like that…..
    Uno wht duniya me 2 tarh k log hote h,, 1st jinke pas dekhne k liye aankhe to Hoti hai but aankho me roshni nhi Hoti……& Β²nd Neha jaise Jink pas sb kuch hote hue v bechare dekh nhi pate……
    Batameez kahinnnnn ki…….

    God akhir tym waist kar hi Diya maine chipdiiii k pecheeee………???

    1. Aarti32

      N d best part is Priya..ki ayan k parents ko bhi nhi pata ki khushi ayan ki cousin h ya nhi..Aise thodi hota h ki cousin nhi h n parents ko bhi nhi pata ki wo cousin nhi h..??

      1. Priya9876

        Exactly aisa nhi hota yaar

    2. actually i m not shocked with neha’s senseless outburst.dev aur neha ka jab aksar dimaag phir jaata hai toh unhe kuch samaj nhi aata.jab neha decide kar leti hai ki yeh insaan bura hai for eg. sona to crib karti rahegi karti rahegi.duffer kahiki uski behen ki zindagi bach gyi aur usse uske behn ke shortterm aansu dikh re hai!dev ne bhi jab thaan li ki sona ko ghar mein sabse pyaar dilwake rahunga matlab chahe kuch bhi ho jaye.chalo yeh dono bache toh for sure ishwari ke hai but mujhe shak hai riya n nikki paakkka isi ke bache hai na?

  4. Akanksha bhardwaj

    Gud episode….
    I watched n saas bahu sagish that…ayan ko pta chl jayga abt sona’s true condition..nd also that dev is hiding her medical cindition…then he’ll blackmail dev either to agre for riya nd his marriage or he’ll expose sona’s condition…..
    Nd then dev will try to convince evryone for the alliance…nd he’ll also shout on sona…
    Sry for spoiling the suspense…bt i vry disappointed aftr watching this…cvs krna kya chahte h….dev ka to common sense hi khtm ho gya h….nd itne days me to sona ko in any case khud hi pta chl jayga k she is not pregnant…nd dev soch kya rha h…treat ment n all….jaise sona ko kuch pta ni chlega nd he’ll put a baby in her womb…lyk seriously…why he is creating such a mess….anika(ishqbaaz) ki language me bolu to…dev rayta faila to rha h…bt samet nhi payga

    1. Priya9876

      Bilkul Sahi rayta samet ye samet te,, rayta k taste bigaad jayega….freeze me rakhne ka mauka v nhi milega….??

      Let’s see what makers plans for us…
      Seems like lots of twists n shocking turns…..

      BDW Herz the link?

    2. Ishqbaaz ki annika aur uske one liners sun ke has has ke pagal ho jaati hu mein toh kabhi kabhi….usko laana chahiye dixit house mein….aisa raayeta sametegi ke inko taste karne ka mauka tak nai milega…CREEPS ..?????

    3. Sonadi

      I also saw this .This may not be true. We will have to see tomorrow’s episode

    4. and woh hamari sona ko halka sa push bhi karta hai…ishu usse ghar se bahar nikaal deti hai ouch yeh ho kya raha hai . shaheer bhi bechara dev ki wajah se kya kya sunna padh raha hai

  5. Priya9876

    In precap dev aka ‘bhag Milkha Bhag……’ oooooo hooooo Kya lag Raha tha bhaghte hue…. Superb scene….

    I m sure log mujhe jute fek k Marne wale h, coz dev itne bure condition me h Ar Mai aisi baatey kar rahi hu…????

    But Kya karoon iss ( shah ) bande ka hangover hi kuch aisa hota hai??

      1. Hii priya….. ???Shaheer ur awesome man ?

      2. Shaheer ek Dunsmash Erica ke saath tho karlo plssss…..

        Agar Erica nahi mane tho tumhare liye aur koyi options hei like??????Priya… Shalini…. Neha…..Asmitha
        …..Devga…. Sneha…. Subhashini….. Manya….. Preet….. ?????

        Am I correct….. Priya ???

      3. Asmita is not a big shaheer fan i guess….aur humaara toh aisa k agar wo saamne aaye to dubsmash jo nai paayega kyuki i will be fainted till then…?????

      4. mummmmy shaheer is so adorable.u l r correct uske saamne jaane se phle koi bhi behosh ho jayegaaaa.i can’t believe this main kisi ki itni badi fan bhi ho sakti hoo

    1. Sssss……Shaheer ne kuch bi Kiya Vo acha lagtha…..
      Smile ☺
      Cry ?
      Romance ?
      Caring ?
      Tension ?
      Confusion ??
      Anger ? ??

      Jo bi Karo humsab vnki Fidha zaroor Ho jayengi na….. ????

    2. Asmita...

      Me too…. agree with you…. Shaheer always looks stunning whatever he does

      1. i would lovvvvvv to get registered basss kya kah mera kambhaqt mobile se meri khushi dekhi nhi gyi aur tot gya abhi i m currently using mama ka mobs.isliye

  6. Gosshhhh…kitna drama ho raha hai yar…….. neha ahhh….i just hate her….?

  7. Hi, I am new but I am big fan of Shaheer.

    1. Hey Shalini(di?)!
      Well, we too are huge fans of Shaheer Sheikh! Dashing and smart and whatnot, that man is!
      Hope you have a good time out here!!

    2. welcome ms.bose wow now we have miss bose with us.but i hope u don’t mind if we wolud lik u to share mr dixit with us.sometimes pyar karne ke liye n sometimes bash karne ke liye

      1. Asmita...

        O god piya…

        Like seriously… U r too much…

        Piya… Y dont u get registered ?

      2. πŸ™‚ no I don’t mind and thank you for calling me Ms.Bose.

      3. Shalinibose

        He He πŸ™‚ Thank you

    3. Priya9876

      As piya said now we have a personal ms.bose….
      Soo Hii miss Bose….
      Howz ur hubby???

  8. I missed the episode JAANBUJHKE…..???
    And donno why but i’m happy about it.(please dont kill me?????)…and i’ll continue doing that…..will only read the written updates and your comments.. ?

    Dimaag ka fuse ud jaata hai mera jab ye neha bolna shuru karti hai….mere saamne aisi koi bandi ho na to cliff pe se fek du utha ke….NONSENSE….koi kaam dhandha nai hai bas bakwass karwa lo iss se….IDIOT…

  9. Hey… I want to take everyone’s advice.i follow all of u..sry fr nt telling my name.
    So, actually I don’t know what to do. My brain is nt working at all. I have developed a huge crush on someone. Now, all d time I m thinking about him, following him though on fb..however the best thing:this crush is nt affecting my work. He doesn’t know anything about it n I hv hided it even frm my friends n family. What should I do? Should I tell him? But how? Damn it I m a student yaar n hez my teacher..bt hez nt tht aged n my feelings r true…I don’t know. ..ummm….true no crush…aaaaaaaahhh…
    When hez arnd me mere dil ki ghantiyan bajne lagti hn..mai waise looks bhi ni deti ki kisi ko shaq ho ki aisa kuch mere dimag me chal rha h. Guys..plz..plz..help me.

    1. Asmita...

      Concentrate on ur study first…

      Dont think anything else…

      1. Plz give me some suggestions hw to ignore him…bcz I m too foolish to do tht since he teaches us everyday…plz plz.Thanx
        @All Once again I m requesting all of u to help me…plzzzzzzzz

    2. Asmita...

      I cn understand it will be very difficult for you… I must say next to impossible for you to ignore him… But…

      1st tell me ur age… And what are you studying…

      1. ll turn 19..n ur next question…sry bt I dnt wanna disclose it. Is it necessary?again sry..cute wala.

    3. i wish june di was here unse zada ache tarekeaur mature decisions lene mein hume se koi bhi unke level ka nhi hai but still hum sabse jo kuch bhi hoga we will try

  10. Sonadi

    The episode was really good.Lot of truth will come out.
    What a lie Kushi is saying they are like brother and sister. Ayan’s father should get Kushi ‘S phone and check before she deletes all the texts.
    Now they are doubt and Iswari should not go with this alliance.
    They should not believe any any explanation they give.
    It will be interesting to see how Dev is going to manage this situation.
    I see lot of roumers but I do not know how they come up. Everything is false.
    Now one of our fans wrote that Sona gets cought by Ayan and Kushi in their house. Is it going to come or the makers have changed it.

  11. Sonadi

    This is the tru doctor who can not be bought by money.Dev is in a fix now.
    I saw some promo saying Neha finds out the truth about Sona’s pregnancy.
    Iswari did not want to show the evidence to Ayan’s parents.But Sona did . If Kushi did not have anything to hide why she pushed Sona to get her phone from Sona.
    Will the makers show that Dixit family sensible.
    When the makers are going to solve Neha’s problem.Now the makers have made Neha as villain. Since she is busy wth her Bhahu, Neha has taken the role of GKB.

  12. Sonadi

    I saw a promo that Dev is being blackmailed by Ayan. What kind of nonsense is this?How come Ayan comes to know about Sona’s pregnancy issue.
    Dev can not be so selfish to spoil Rhea’s life to save Sona and Iswari’s closeness.
    This can not be true .

    1. exactly somehow i accepted that dev doesn’t want to tell anything to sona.ok. still ok.but why the hell is he getting blackmailed by that cheap ayan.n moreover he is ready to spoil his sister’s life for the lie which anyways is going to break sona.DEV DIXIT!!!! thats why i don’t lik spoilers they boil my blood n i fail to understand the situation.maybe aisa kuch na ho i hope

  13. Sonadi

    Sona should have waited for Dev to come.
    Iswari also should have waited for Dev to come home before going to Ayan ‘S home. Then there is no twist or turns.
    I do not think the makers will reveal what is going to happen in the coming episodes

  14. Asmita...


    I like Shaheer bt I m not after him, like all of you…

    1. what is after him yaar…?????????

      priya is after him….i am limited to liking only……??

      1. Priya9876

        Ohh…!!! It’s gr8 that u announced it….

  15. Asmita...

    I think KRPKAB writers have gone made… they are really doing stupid things…

    1. It is not clarified yet whether khsuhi is Ayan’s cousin or not ?
    2. Where the hell Khatri has gone leaving his love (Ishu) ? we will be badly needing him in some days… coz whenever Ishu will come to know abt Sona’s fake pregnancy, she will again turn into possessive lady (mera dev, mera ghar).
    3. What happened to Neha- Ranveer marriage complications ? is there nobody interested in their marriage?
    4. why Ishu has not told Dev anything whatever Sona told about Khusi-Ayan ?
    aise to bada beta beta karti rehti hai… aur apni beti ki life ka itna important decision bina dev ko bataye le liya… had hai
    5. Why they dont keep a scene in which Elena meeta with Khushi & Ayan ?
    Elena can easily clarify the mess as she already told Sona abot Khushi-Ayan relationship.
    6. when Sona is not pregnant in real… to usme pregnancy wale symptoms kese dikh rahe hain? Like – vomit… vitigo… khatta khane ki ichcha… when Khushi pushed her, Sona feels severe pain………… I mean how it can even possible ?

    i think KRPKAB ki success ne writers ko nonsense bana diya hai… isly wo kuch bhi illogical likh rahe hain…

    1. asmita bro i agree with u .waise aajkal ke time ke hissab se kuch bhi ho sakta hai dono cousions bhi ho sakte hai but sabse gandi baat toh yeh hai khushi justification ke liye keh rhi hai ki bhai behn jaise pavitra rishrey par ilzaam na lagao.chii.i kno meri ek frnd hai uska cousion kahi aur rehta hai n jab woh vacations ke liye waha gyi toh usne usse propose kiya n usse woh ab bhi phone karta rehta hai n woh usse bhot pareshaan hai n kisi ko kuch bataya nhi just coz family mein ladai ho jayegi.yeh toh 1sided lov story thi but aisa bhi ho sakta hai jaisa ayan khushi ke case mein ho.but this is disgustingggg

      1. piya asmita BRO nai SISTER hai….???????

      2. heeeheee bro flow flow mein nikal gya koi na main aise hi bakwaass karti rhti ho.u all will get used to it

    2. Priya9876

      Point no. 3— I mean how they r totally ignored this situation….
      Iss Filthy ki wajh se Kya kuch sacrifice nhi Kiya Devakshi ne …. N Ab iss problem ki Kisi ko padi hi nhi hai……
      Ranveer ne case file Kiya bt aaj tak us case ki hearing nhi aayi…..waooo jago makers jago ….!!Β‘

  16. Sneha1

    New spoilers..
    Hope it clears the doubts :

    The Dixit family finds that Riya is unable to cope with what Ayan has done to her. Meanwhile, Dev asks Sonakshi to convince Ishwari for Ayan and Riya’s marriage.
    Dev is overwhelmed after Ishwari throws him out of the house and believes that the bond between her and Sonakshi has deepened. He decides to teach Ayan a lesson
    Dev seeks the help of the police and Ayan is arrested. Meanwhile, Sonakshi refuses to eat anything as she is worried about Dev, who is waiting outside the house because he doesn’t want to apologise

    1. Asmita...

      Really…. ??????????

      O god…. It it happens thn it would be too good…

    2. Neha1

      Sneha, I like your dp..it’s nice….even I also want to put same dp but you already had changed so its ok…If I’m not wrong you got this pic from fb….bcoz I had seen same pic of Shaheer on my fb.

    3. Priya9876

      Hmm…. nice aisa ho jaye to bohot acha hai…

  17. Neha1

    Good afternoon to all krpkabian’s..

    1. Gud aftrn dear…..

      In ur dp is dat u ND ur pet haina….???

      1. Priya9876

        No, in her Dp thts Erica n champ ( Erica’s pet )……

  18. https://youtu.be/sHGsnWn7EFM


    Shaheer dancing ?….. How cute he is ??????

  19. Niki645

    I really want them to change this pregnancy track soon
    And Khatri should come back becoz, as soon as Ishwari gets to know that Sona is not pregnant, that stupid over-possessive mother is going to be back to eat our brains????

  20. when the promo dev rushes to hospital he lost his phone, & i guess this will going to happen,ayaan will blackmail dev that he knows sonakshi is not pregnant he will going to tell the truth to every one & blackmailing & dev is in tough situation & he will agree for his marriage with ria but ishwari & sonakshi are not accepeting for ria’s marriage with ayaan so arguement starts with sonakshi & ishwari then ishwari send dev out of house.& todays episode is intersting happy about ishwari caring for sonakshi & so sad for dev’s situation

  21. OMG….. OMG….OMG…. ?????

    Ithne Dino ke baad Sharica ne ek saath interview diya…… Kub masthi aagyi…… ????????????

    1. Priya9876

      Which interview Ganga????

      1. I saw it today In SBS priya……

        Shaheer is dam cute in dat ND also he changes his glasses…… Both r awesome…….. Erica is littlebit quite in their….. But Shaheer full masthi ki with Erica….. How funny he is……. ?????

        Shaheer favorite food “”Rajma chaval”……. Reporter asked some questions to dem…… Mere pass avi thak link nahi priya….. Sorry yaar varna mei jaroor share karthi thi dear ????

    2. Lo priya lo…… For God sake I got it now……. ????


      Lovable ? couple…..

      1. Priya9876

        Yes just Mai v link post Karne….Nd dekha u already post it…

        Mind blowing IV

        Andazz apna apna….hmmmmmmm
        Mujhe v dekhna padega

  22. Priya9876

    @ Ganga
    U r absolutely correct…
    Shaheer k pass to lots of options…???

    1. I know it priya…… ?

  23. what the HEAVEN is this .aaj swayam sharica ji interview ke liye padharey aur maine unka interview miss karne ka yeh gunha kiya.ufff

  24. Sonadi

    Has anybody noticed that Dixit family that Thayer always have problem with the marriages.First few episodes Neha’s engament get cancelled.Then Ranveer and Neha get married after many problem. Next Dev and Natasha engagement gets cancelled because suddenly Dev finds his love for Sona. Then comes the breakup between Dev and Sona.
    Then comes the Sona and Ritvik engament break up because of Dev.. Even though they get married both are not happy because of Iswari. Then the Sona ‘s pregnancy problem. Neha’s divorce problem. Now Reya’s marriage .
    I think Dixit family is cursed.
    What do you guys think?

    1. all the best nikki. though ur future is not in ur hands its in ishwari’s hand but u hav a brain right?

  25. Sonadi

    Typo that they are

  26. Hiii priya ND everyone…..

    Dis is clear in sounding….. Today’s sbs segment with our Lovable jodi….


  27. I wish all a merry christmas and a happy new year guys…… Loved this episode

  28. Sneha1


    See how cute he is looking while performing at ANTV award show

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