Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 19th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 19th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Dev brings Ishwari home. Neha with other family members come to meet her and asks why did not anybody inform her about mom’s condition. Dev says she is busy with Ranveer’s mom’s surgery, so they did not want to disturb her. Radha cries that she was worried about Ishwari. Mamaji taunts he was about to call ambulance for Radha. Radha angrily leaves. Ishwari says Dev that Sona told they broke up. Dev says they were not compatible, so they broke up. Nikki asks how can this be. Ishwari nervously asks Nikki not to disturb Devv. Dev asks Ishwari to rest now and leaves with Nikki. Neha says she will stay with mom for some time.

Sona uploads her profile on job site. Elena asks what is she doing. She says she has to upload profile to get a new job and it is fine.

Once Elena leaaves, she looks at Dev’s pic.

Neha asks Ishwari how is she feeling. Ishwari says fine. Neha says she is asking how is she feeling after breaking up Dev and Sona’s relationship. Ishwari says Sona was not right for Dev and he realized it soon. Neha asks if Sona was not right or any girl is not right for Dev. Ishwari nervously says Dev took right decision and they should not discuss about it further.

Dev calls Sona. Sona says it is better they should not talk now, else it will be difficult for them to move on. He tries to confront and she disconnects call requesting him not to call her again and to call her Dr. Bose. He cries vigorously that he loves her a lot. Sona also cries that she loves him a lot.

Dev gives diet chart to Ishwari and she has to follow it until he gets new dietician. He leaves for office. Ishwari tells Mamaji that Dev took right decision, if Sona and Dev’s alliance would have happened, he would not have been in life. Mamaji gets emotional and says he hopes she is right, knowing Ishwari is wrong, but he is worried about his sister’s health.

Bejoy speaks to someone over phone and says Asha that he is finding an alliance for Sona. She says it is too early as Sona has to come out of this trajedy first.

Dev at office reminisces Sona’s words and breaks his phone. Tina sees that and says she will get him new phone. He says he has important data in it. She says she will transfer data in new phone. Sona’s siblings try to cheer up Sona at home.

Precap: Radha tells Ishwari that until Dev marriages, Sona will not go out of his life easily. Ishwari calls panditji to find alliance for Dev. He says he has girl’s of their sttatus.

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  1. Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi’s Neha will be seen supporting Dev over her mother, Ishwari!
    In the coming episode, Neha will try to reunite Dev and Sonakshi as her brother always helped her. She knows that Ishwari is being selfish and Dev is suffering a lot. Let’s see what Neha will do to reunite Dev-Sonakshi.

    1. Grt… I expected this… Thnks yaar….

    2. yeah, gr8 news….thank god I’m relief now to heard this news…..even i think not only neha infact riya n nikki and mamaji too help reuniting dev and sonakshi….
      yiiippppeeeerr…..I’m glad !!

  2. Guys did someone saw today’s episode…cheee of ishwari…i wish to address that old b****, soory to use such words, but i never thought this disgusting piss-wari will send alliance to sonakshi through agent..How cheap she is..means she doesnt want her son to marry…Hey oldie crap–then will u urself marry dev..wish to slap u red and blue

  3. good news . Neha will help devashi renunit

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