Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 19th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 19th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Dev brings Ishwari home. Neha with other family members come to meet her and asks why did not anybody inform her about mom’s condition. Dev says she is busy with Ranveer’s mom’s surgery, so they did not want to disturb her. Radha cries that she was worried about Ishwari. Mamaji taunts he was about to call ambulance for Radha. Radha angrily leaves. Ishwari says Dev that Sona told they broke up. Dev says they were not compatible, so they broke up. Nikki asks how can this be. Ishwari nervously asks Nikki not to disturb Devv. Dev asks Ishwari to rest now and leaves with Nikki. Neha says she will stay with mom for some time.

Sona uploads her profile on job site. Elena asks what is she doing. She says she has to upload profile to get a new job and it is fine.

Once Elena leaaves, she looks at Dev’s pic.

Neha asks Ishwari how is she feeling. Ishwari says fine. Neha says she is asking how is she feeling after breaking up Dev and Sona’s relationship. Ishwari says Sona was not right for Dev and he realized it soon. Neha asks if Sona was not right or any girl is not right for Dev. Ishwari nervously says Dev took right decision and they should not discuss about it further.

Dev calls Sona. Sona says it is better they should not talk now, else it will be difficult for them to move on. He tries to confront and she disconnects call requesting him not to call her again and to call her Dr. Bose. He cries vigorously that he loves her a lot. Sona also cries that she loves him a lot.

Dev gives diet chart to Ishwari and she has to follow it until he gets new dietician. He leaves for office. Ishwari tells Mamaji that Dev took right decision, if Sona and Dev’s alliance would have happened, he would not have been in life. Mamaji gets emotional and says he hopes she is right, knowing Ishwari is wrong, but he is worried about his sister’s health.

Bejoy speaks to someone over phone and says Asha that he is finding an alliance for Sona. She says it is too early as Sona has to come out of this trajedy first.

Dev at office reminisces Sona’s words and breaks his phone. Tina sees that and says she will get him new phone. He says he has important data in it. She says she will transfer data in new phone. Sona’s siblings try to cheer up Sona at home.

Precap: Radha tells Ishwari that until Dev marriages, Sona will not go out of his life easily. Ishwari calls panditji to find alliance for Dev. He says he has girl’s of their sttatus.

Update Credit to: MA


  1. Esme


    |Registered Member

    Why sona is uploading her profile on a site…..I mean where is her former boss who gave her d case of ishwari ???? Writers have u forgotten dr. Sinha ???

    Neha understands everything .I used to think she is not mature bt what ….she is a mature girl.

    Sona looking at dev’s picture after elena left ….both crying after d phone call !!!! Dev breaking his phone in anger….guys mr. Obodro is back !!!! Have fun…..we ll have fun…..pehli baar kisi breakul ki vajah se itna maza aa raha hai shotti !!!! Let’s wait for the jealous Dev when he ll see sona with that new man in sona’s life.
    Suraj chachu so gaye….chanda mama jaage….sadhe nau baje maza aaye bahot!!!!

  2. Blink

    Horrible terrible lousy mischievous mean unscruplous Ishwari! Kyu nahee kharam ho gayee Dayen! So filthy that no words are enough to descibe her! Dev Dicit is looking like a pucca ” bewakoof” or rather” Dumbo” !
    Cheeee faltu lousy episode khalee time passs!Bekaar ho gaya yeh serial! No substantial content! What a shame!
    Filthy Dixit family ! As low as Khatri! Bring back Khatri and ask him to give a spa treatment to Ishwari

  3. Awad Bin Yousuf

    I am feeling very bad about Dev….. Ladkon ki problem koi nahi samjhta… Dev did ri8 bcoz mother is the first lady in every men’s life……..But he should have to confront his mother about Sonakshi.
    Sona please understand Dev situation….

    • Ganga

      Exactly……Feeling sad abt dev….. He is not express anything infront of others….. Dev will be dev infront of Sona only…… 😞 😞 😞

    • Madhuri


      |Registered Member

      Your correct. Without ishwari willing if marriage is over. Oh god sona will be tortured with ishwari’s sweet killing words

  4. Joel Edmund

    Neha was Right… U asked the right question to ur mom… She s not a mom… Selfish fellow….. Dev should suffer fr some time and hw should know abt ishwari intention…. Sona s a Strong girl… I love u sona…. Cheer up…

  5. vani

    I hate lot for ishwari….
    I heard that children are may wrong but ma’am is always right but in case of ishwari it’s fully opposite. ………
    I loosing interest in krpkab

  6. Neha

    Today I felt bad for both dev and sonakshi coz both are equally hurt and shattered with breakup…. but Ishwari is too much….she don’t even realise her son in pain, but relieved to see that atleast mamaji notice dev’s sacrifice….Even Neha also snapped Ishwari some way specially when neha said if sonakshi is not right or any other girl is not right for dev…he’s 27 now…he’ll get married to someone and dev will definitely give importance to that girl who’s gonna be his wife….very good example given by neha,,she give her example…
    Today I love neha, specially whatever she said to her mother…..
    GKB and Ishwari,, I’m irked with these two ladies…Ishwari you’re so
    selfish…..I’ve never seen such a selfish mother in my life……This is
    heights of insecurity….
    But today I saw in SBS that Rithwik enters in sonakshi’s life…the way they’re interacting is good to feel dev jealous… but I want Devakshi back together forever….. till then I’ll miss Devakshi romance.

  7. Amii

    ishwari aunty ka to bhej fry ho gaya hai.. maa ye hai lekin samjhdar dev hai… thoda sa seekhna chahiye inko usse.. but kuch b kr lo aunty aap dev n sona di ko alag nhi kr paoge…

  8. Ngkrishnakumari

    Mamaji you should give right advice to ishwari because u are only one who solve the problem
    Mamaji bachpan aapne kuch thapar aapki bahein par lagayee hoti to aaj ye din nahin dekh pati
    Hates you lots ishwari u desrve a gold diggers daughter in law

    • Savi

      She think a rich modern girls will reach the level of kindness and religious standard???? Now she is listening to Radha really…. Mama ji confront Dev that his sister don’t approved and like Sona but why he couldn’t confront Ishwari that what she is doing is torturing her own son privatly which is worser

  9. Manya


    |Registered Member

    Poor DEVAKSHI!!😭😭but they do killer acting I was crying seeing them crying ya I know they were acting but still….I know I am stupid😁😁aww and Dev was looking very cute when he was regretting on throwing his phone 😍😍

  10. Shalini

    I shouldn’t have felt tht but i felt really very bad for dev….bechara kaise ro raha tha…but actually it is his fault only so no protest…
    Ha coming to neha….today i liked neha from the core of my heart,like she knows everything frm the begining…
    And breakup k baad to sahi me bohot maja aa raha h….

    • Savi

      Love the part Neha said would you like ma if her husband love her less n more his mother! A wife has to be an important part in a man life as well!! She trying to ignore n being subborn towards Neha remarks. I wonder if she was in Sona situation what would Ishwari do??? She is indeed too selfish only think what she wants n only wants to live Dev life for him….. REALLY BAD SCENR N TEACHING

  11. Priyanka

    I have started hating Ishwari’s charactrr now… No mother can be so selfish… She is so heartless.. Hope the couple clears all the misunderstandings fast and be together again…

  12. Aaru


    |Registered Member

    Aaj Dev ko rote dekh meri mom ki aankh mein bhi aansu aa gye..superb actors yaar..kya shaheer, kya Erica n kya supriya mam..saare itni realistic acting krte h..hats off!!
    Jab Dev ne phone tod dia n phir usko tension ho gyi ki ab wo Sona ki awaaz kaise sunega, I was like..koi kisi se itna pyaar bhi krta h..
    Ishwari Dev ko uska dukh jatane hi nhi deti..aise to Dev andar hi andar ghutta rahega..Sona ke baba atleast use rone dete h..Ishwari ka khoon kr dene ka man krta h mera..maar daloongi main use..but pehle usse Sona n Dev ki shaadi karvaungi..phir use doodh mein se makkhi ki tarah nikal ke phek dungi..

  13. Subhashini


    |Registered Member

    Guys i think neha is better understandable compared to ishwari ji,and feeling sad for dev and sona ,dev Situation is also bad,wat a acting from shaheer and erica today
    Why elena again and again remembering dev to sona already she is crying more
    Guys note that gkb told to ishwari fix dev babu ki marriage ,so ishwari ji not searching alliance for dev instead she is searching alliance for sona ,so this proves ishwari ji doesn’t want dev’s marriage at anytime ,this is not only over possessive ,it is over over over possessive too much

  14. Aaru


    |Registered Member

    Dev ko sab k saamne khush dikhna hota h..uske liye kitna difficult hota hoga..neha Ishwari ko sabse zyada acche se samajhti h..at last dekhna, jab paani sar se upar chala jayega, tab dev ke mamaji Ishwari ko samjhaenge..Dev to kabhi nhi bolega..wo beemar pad jayega, but maa ko kuch nhi bolega..mahan aatma..

  15. Subhashini


    |Registered Member

    When ritwik(jai sony)mother come and tell that iam lucky to have a bahu like sona no one will get like her to ishwari then only she realise how she miss sona ,
    Today she crossed all limits how she is happy in her son’s sadness ,nikki also understand about sona but ishwari ji not

  16. Subhashini


    |Registered Member

    S guys today seeing dev crying automatically tears are in eyes 😢,shaheer is best
    Today dev is crying the only reason for that is ishwari ji ,this is not done ishwari ji

  17. anam

    Ye dono maa bete apne aapko samajhte kya hai jab dekho beta bolta hai mai apni maa ko janta hu or maa bolti hai mai apne bete ko janti hu but in real dono hi ek dusre ko nahi jante hai

    And ishwari iab to had hi hogai ye kya hai k mera beta parvat hai use koi tod nhi skta ye 4 din ka pyar bhi nahi

    Mate ishwari kya aapne kabhi kisi se pyar nhi kiya pyar 4 din ka ho ya 4 saal ka taklif utni hi hoti hai

    • Ramchin


      |Registered Member

      Yeah agree with you
      They will not understand yar
      Dev don’t know about ishwari insecurities
      And naa don’t know about dev feeling
      Ishwari ko para nahi hai dev sona se Kiruna pyaar kartha hai

  18. prit

    Aaj literally dev or sona ko dekh kr rona aa gaya. Mere aakho se aasu nikal aae. Life mai first time. Koi serial ko dekh kr mere aankho se aasu nikle h. Liyerally aaj ka episode nhi bhul paaungi kabhi bhi. Aaj ka serial itna emotional bhara tha. Sona ko dekh kr nhi but dev ko dekh kr toh bht rona aaya.

  19. prit

    Ishwari agar aapke jaisi maa bhi hoti h. Toh bhagwaan kabhi bhi kisi ko naa de. aapke jaisi maa hone se acha maa ka naa hona better h. Sorry guys bht selfish jaisi baate kr rhi hu but. Aaj ka episode mujhse ye sab bulwa raha h.

  20. Ravi Dholariya

    Dev is perfect…our life in first importance lady…our mother….so…dev is right nd sona is very strong girls nd she was that conditions in her roll right…but again patch up dev nd sona i…think!!!!

  21. Shalini

    Bhai dono maa bete mein se koi bhi ek dusre ko nhi samajhta h..bas bina matlab me sab janta hu/janti hu ki tadi mar te rehte h….dimaag kharab kar k rakha h dhakkano ne sab ka…

  22. sangita

    Wish ishwari had swallowed whole bottle; neha is mature and knows her mom cannot tolerate any woman in her sons life! If dev marries anyone, it will only be for society and grandchildren but won’t let anyone get close and he is a doofus… but glad sonakshi left, . And unless he stops being a twit and mommy’s boy! He should not marry and make any women’s life he’ll! She is his mom and acts like his wife! Yes ishwari; you are a possessive sick lousy mom! Feel sorry for your daughter’s and can see why neha did not want to have kids, being raised by you! All fictional but great fictional psychological case; sad thing, I hav met many women like her in real life!

  23. Shalini

    Arey guys have you seen the new video on youtube….it says tht krpkab is going to be dubbed in bhasa indonesia and will go on air in indonesia too…..😄😄😄
    I was like…SHOTTIII😄😄😇
    jumping with joy….how superb feeling shaheer’s fans will have when they will watch krpkab…but there this soap opera will be named as” DEV&SONA”😍😘😙
    OH MY GOD i’m soooo happy for krpkab and the whole cast and crew…..😄😄😄😄
    love you guys soooooo much….sooo much like hell……😍😍😙😙😗
    #KRPKAB ROCKS….!!!!!!

    • Nabanita

      Indonesian language?????
      But there what is our profit?serial to vaise to dekhna ka time nehi milta.sirf written update parkar kaam chalana parta hai.but aaj comments me aj ka episode ke bareme itna suna ki laga monday college miss kerke ye
      serial dekhu….

  24. dhanu

    I agree Dev that he selected his mom. But i did not like the way he did. He should have asked sona to wait until mom accepts them. She would definitely do it. But all of a sudden breakup it is not fair. U only thought of ur mom happiness. Did not think about ur &son a happiness. U don’t have right to hurt sona coz ur mom. It is totally wrong

  25. Ibtesam ^_^

    yaa neha did a great job…..and this stupid ishwari …..sad for devkshi…..hope they unite soon….-_-

  26. Blink

    Sorry guys for using such adjectives in my first response! But just couldnt bear Dev and Sona crying thruout and Ishwari feeling jubilent! She is cruel to the core. Seeing her onscreen these days puts me off! I find her a ” CRUEL” being and I just cant find a mother in her! The only serial onTV that I watched could make ” pain” only the focus with no pleasant incident since the last couple of episodes just put me off! Hope the track returns to normal fast and provide us with good entertainment!Hope later , they show Ishwari paying a heavy price for all these evil acts! Sick to see that the son pardons the mom or the daughterin law for that matter! It never happens in reality ,only serials can afford to show such absurdities!

    • Blink

      Well the serial is a very good one atleast to me it appeared to be a balanced one as compared to the teash that is aired on most channels! Its only a few episodes of late which has brought about this rage! I guess its one just a phase and as viewers we also need to be patient to see the various shades! However I didnt like this shade and its a personal choice! But that doesnt mean that anybody can nail it down to say it’s bad! It has given ys wonderful moments! Lets not forget that and pass a judgement!

    • Aaru


      |Registered Member

      U do one thing, u cancel watching it..there r MANY ppl who still wanna watch it..including me..dis show is vry vry vry good n it should be aired forever, GOT THAT!!

    • Nabanita

      Agar apko yeh acha nehi lagta to ye aapka problem hai,faltu jine yeacha lagta hai unke bich aakar faltume apni Taraf concentration creat karneki kosish mat karo…

      • Blink

        Dont have to be so hyper! If u are giving importance to someone its your problem! In this site people who write are all die hard fans of KRPKAB! So if there is a negative comment learn to accept dissent! This site is for expressing ur thoughts and not to bully!!!! Anyways the serial will not shut shop if anyone cries aloud and u should know that and dont create a turmoil with such comments that can shift the trp becoz all who comment are fans of KRPKAB ! May be more than u think u are! So LEARN TO ACCEPT DISSENT !!!!!!!

      • NABANITA626


        |Registered Member

        Sorry Dada. It is may be my fault I understand .actually he told that the show mmust get cancelled.so I have then a little anger.
        That’s ok.

        Thank you.☺

    • shalini

      arey waah yaar BHAI…..
      send a letter to the producer then….becoz there is no use of your comment here as we all dont get such kind of comments….actually we guys become deaf or blind when we see or hear anything bad abt krpkab…so plz do not waste your praise worthy comment here….
      and again thank you so very much for your lovely comment….

  27. vini

    I am also cried when seeing shaheer and erica cried… both are awesome acting..if dev knows this must be a last conversation with sona ???when his mobile broken his reaction is super….most emotional episode..i never seen like this all the dialogue is nice…mama ji and nega only understand everything..I have a doubt if dev is really ishwari’s son because no mother can see their son like this…dev sacrificed his love for this evil mom…when Dev will realize his love is more than all…I think nega and elena will reunite them…Missing devsonakshi together..

  28. Purna


    |Registered Member

    Very very greedy-ishwari. …..
    sona was really strong and confronted wonderfully. … ..
    I m just waiting for the jealousy track

  29. devsonakshi fan

    This show just awesome no words to explain yesterday episode makes me crying even though I can’t control my tears…..most awaiting for jealous dev..he go behind sona for his love..

    • Ramchin


      |Registered Member

      Good to see you here
      Madi anantapur distinct
      Naku shaheer ante chala estam
      From mahabharath I am very big fan of him

      • Ramchin


        |Registered Member

        Nenu asalu telugu serials chudanu
        Chala boring ga untay kada
        First yeh hai mohabbatein chustunti
        Yippudu nenu kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi Matrame chustunna
        Naku chala chala nachindhi
        Last month 1 to 100 episodes uke sari chusanu continues ga

      • Ganga

        Hii…. Nenu kuda continues ga 65 episodes chusa….. Shaheer acting chala chala chala baguntundi….. Daily 9.30 ki e serial chudakapothe pichi pattestundi…… Realistic ga vuntundi kadha…… Mana telugu movies lo ila vachay Kani shaheer acting awesome….. I think shaheer personal life issue kadha….. Adi feel ayyi chesi untadu……. Valla eadupu chusthe nenu baga eadchesanu….. 😭😭😭HD channels lo Saturday week motham di episodes repeat telecast vastundi…… Adi kuda chustha….. Tv lo rakapothe net lo compulsory…… Okkaroju kuda chudakunda vundanu….. Mana telugu serials antha chetha em vundavu….. Antha godavalu…. Pagalu……. Hindi serials max family oriented…..

  30. Asmita...


    |Registered Member

    Ishwari such a (*******************)… how can a mother be like her… what the hell she wants? Like this she will never let DEv gen into any relationship…

  31. Madhuri


    |Registered Member

    I’m want to kill ishwari. How mean and possessive wala mom. Anyone can easily see sadness in dev eyes. She also know but didn’t say anything. Only mama is a matured person in that whole family. Neha is right if sona not someone should marry dev then what will do. Pity sona atleast she has a supportive family but poor dev, he had no one to share his helplessness. I’m wishing to clear all problems in their life

  32. Nabanita

    Guys You are the true fans of krpkav.nehi to koi raat 2.00se 4.00 baje me andar comment kar shakta hai?

    I can not imagine.REALLY HATS OF YOU ALL GUYS.
    Even you all who comment here and write all this ff’s just BRILLIANT👍👌

    • shalini

      ye majk h k taareef……;-p;-p
      actually wo hua yeh k i slept at 2 and then woke up at 4 and thts why again opened the site of TU and commented…..;-D;-D;-P
      though i’m a die hard fan of krpkab but not tht much k intentionally beech raat me uth k comment kru….;-D;-D;-P;-P

      • Devga


        |Registered Member

        Yup shalini wat to do cant stay without krpkab evn a day…. Mee too opn website wen i wake up but tht tym just read al comments and forget to comment….. Lol wat to do mad on devakshi…

      • NABANITA626


        |Registered Member

        Ha ha☺☺
        Thanks for understanding me.
        Blink bhai to get angry on me and just for moment I think I should run from here.I said for apology to him but still I am panicked😜

  33. titiksha

    hey guys dis you see the latest segment
    sonakshi and his new friend ritwik would be standing in the rain under one umbrella,and dev will watch them from behind and will get damn jelous and he wont mind the rain and will get drenched.

  34. Bhoomi


    |Registered Member

    Hey guys….
    Shaheer Sheikh Won ‘STAR OF THE YEAR AWARD’ @ASIAVISION TV AWARDS 2016 for his excellent performence as DEV in “KUCH RANG PYAR KE AISE BHI”



    |Registered Member

    Now Ishwari should party and light ghee lamps by breaking his son… till now everyone heard about mom being good always but this kind mom aare also their who are more bad than step mom. (I m sorry if i hurt anyone emotions)..

    And yes Dev really do not deserve SONAKSHI, who can’t take stand for his love, he will never support his wife.. he should remain puppet of ishwari only…

  36. Ngkrishnakumari

    Dev broken his moblile for the angryness later he realised the mistake was super
    Dev had realised what a really precious thing you lost?
    Waiting for Dr Ritwik to give shoulder for sona

  37. Sonali Garg

    the standard jealously track was not expected from krpkab. Dev needs to evaluate his feeling for mom and the love of life .Jealousy will get him to yearn for Sona more which he is anyway doing ..how does it solve his problem about his mom’s feeling !! Also finally reconciliation will happen post Ishwari’s realisation of her mistake…that also will not be helped by a love triangle .She already realises that Dev is in pain and decides to overlook it .

    Realisation happens when u are part of the same dilemma . They should get Neha to play that role. where she can come back home saying Ranbir is biased towards her mother’s happiness. Ranbir should actually be right as he is just doing a balancing act .

    Ranbir’s mother can be shown to help them re unite .She can come over to meet Neha and explain to her . Also she should have a conversation with Ishwari clearly showing regret that she became the reason for fight between her son and daughter but she understands that after marriage the boy has the first responsibility towards his wife and Neha is not completely wrong in her expectation. She should assure Ishwari that Neha would be given her due in the house and she will take care of that .

    Pain on her own daughter ,understanding of a mother in law and of course Dev’s state should get ishwari thinking .

    Dev also should realise that Ranbir needs to set a balance seeing Neha sad as he loves her so much .

    • Blink

      Sonali you are bang on right to say that the love triangle wasnt expected from KRPKAB! It was expected to be a different story! So true that realisation comes when you are a part of the same dilemma! But the writer or the makers will not invest in
      so much thought and we can see that! A love triangle is a simpler solution for
      them. It would have been good if they could give it a different spin ( specially with Neha) rather than the usual love triangle. Having said that,I think it still remains a nice serial and retains interest for its subtleties!

  38. Ramchin


    |Registered Member

    Hello friends
    Sooo sad episode
    Can’t see devakshi crying like this
    I cried seeing this scene
    Story also moving fast waiting for next episode

  39. Ramchin


    |Registered Member

    Dev insecurities increases, Dev to keep eye on Sonakshi-Ritvik!
    August 20, 2016

    Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi has witnessed a major twist where Dev and Sonakshi has parted their ways because of Ishwari’s possessiveness.

    In the coming episode, Dev will be heartbroken, jealous and insecure because of Sonakshi and Ritvik relationship. He will be unable to believe that how Sonakshi forget him so easily, as he (Dev) still loves Sonakshi. Apparently, Dev insecurities for Sonakshi will increase, he will try to keep eye on Sonakshi and Ritvik! Well, though he is not becoming a detective but viewers will surely enjoy it!

  40. Ramchin


    |Registered Member

    SBS 20 August: Ritvik and Sonakshi marriage talk!
    August 20, 2016

    Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi will witness big twist and turns in the coming episodes of the show after Ritvik’s entry!


    Please update your browser or try a different one.

    Sonakshi-Ritvik ka rishta: Ritwik’s family is in Bose house and the mariage talk of Sonakshi-Ritwik happening. However, is it not really happy but she is smiling. Ritwik’s parents are also there. Ritwik is jolly in nature and lets what Dev will do after learning new development of Sonakshi-Ritvik!

  41. Ramchin


    |Registered Member

    KRPKAB: Dev shocked knowing Sonakshi agrees to marry with Ritvik Upcoming Twist

    Saturday, August 20 2016
    KRPKAB: Dev shocked knowing Sonakshi agrees to marry with Ritvik
    Bose family fix Ritvik (Jay Soni) and Sonakshi’s (Erica Fernandes) alliance in Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi

    The upcoming episode of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi will show that Ritvik’s family get invitation from Bose family and they comes house.

    Sonakhsi is surprised seeing new family and talk to nicely with them while Ritvik and his parents like Sonakshi.

    Bose family is happy seeing Ritvik is such a nice guy and will keep Sonakshi happy forever.

    Sonakshi is shocked to know that Ritvik family comes to fix and her and Ritvik’s alliance.

    Sonakshi loves Dev truly but she is also hurt with their broke and wants to move on in life.

    Bose family suggest Sonakshi that they will be happy to see her happy and tells her just to think about Ritvik for once.

    Ritvik turns Sonakshi’s friend

    Ritvik finds out about Sonakshi and Dev’s break up and decides to turn her friend first winning her trust.

    Apart from this, Dev will be broken down knowing Sonakshi is ready to get married with Ritvik.

    Will Dev accept Ritvik and Sonakshi’s alliance?

  42. Ramchin


    |Registered Member

    I saw news that dev in devdas avatar
    Then ishwari will feel bad bczz of her only he become like this
    Waiting for the this episodes
    I want to see how ishwari will bring happiness in dev life
    He is totally broken

  43. Ramchin


    |Registered Member

    You observed guys from yesterday new song
    Sad song of kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi
    Yesterday and today they played
    It’s a beautiful song

  44. Azzuu

    Guys 99.7% of ishjis problem will be Solved when she will get to know dev left sona for her . She will reliaze that whatever happens dev will be her son First .
    And about sona and ritwik i dont think ritwik will be a totally negative …..
    He will be a support to sona and it will even be goood to jesl dev . ….
    It can even happen that due to jesly and angry seeing them togetter dev will go infront of them and just open up …….telling sona is Only his blah blah……….
    It can even happen as @sonalí garg said …..
    Or it can even be like dev and ishji reliaze ther mistakes ….but sona wont agrree and on her engagement day with ritwik she will realize she Cant live without dev……And ritwik will understand her

    Ther just one thing that we hv Lots and Lots of expections with this shows Its simplicity Its charm
    They should not spoil it ……
    And should maintain Its uniqueness

  45. Niv

    Dev doesnt deserve sona .. Pathetic .. How can dev be so irresponsible after being committed?? Better sona to move ahead.. Hats off to her self respect.. She may be good hearted and descent reacting.. Well portrayed characterism of sona..

  46. Lakshree

    Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi will soon witness a very big twist that will make you all shocked! Apparently, Sonakshi and Ritwik relationship will take one step ahead!
    In the coming episode, Sonakshi will agree to marry Ritwik forgetting Dev because of her family. Her family will be seen suggesting Sonakshi to move on. Not only this, engagement ceremony of Sonakshi and Ritwik will be seen in the upcoming episode too!

  47. Neha

    I’m sure that after knowing about sonakshi alliance dev can’t control his emotions he gets jealous, when he saw sonakshi and Rithwik shared one umbrella in rains and as we all know that dev is truly and madly love sonakshi he can’t able to see sonakshi with someone else, he can’t bear this pain and starts drinking…dev will turn devdas…and I’m sure soon dev realise that he can’t live without sonakshi, he can’t even imagine his life without sonakshi…. then dev will decide to bring sonakshi back in her life…then he realise that he did wrong to breakup with sonakshi ….he realise that he made wrong decision in hurry seen Ishwari’s bad health…
    Now let’s see if sonakshi gets engaged with Rithwik or if they gets engaged then sonakshi and Rithwik marriage will not take place…. I’m sure…let’s wait n watch krpkab….
    Its a Request to the maker’s plzzzzz let Devakshi marriage takes place…they get united….

  48. Ngkrishnakumari

    After watching new promo ishwari cross all limits how mean she is?
    Searching new bribe for new

  49. Soumitra

    copy cats Aur koi Track nahi mila kya??Jo Doobara Love Triangle karna start kar rahe hain ….Ek baar Hero k liye doosri ladki ayi ab Heroine ke liye ….Bakwass laga rakha hai.Faltu Track Rubbish Aur Ladki 3 mahine k liye ayi aur Abhi tak Uss ghar se chipki hui Hai Such Idiots

  50. Beth

    Guys Did you notice one thing , when ever they get a guy for Sonakshi ( for love triangle), they get only only awful lookers , losers type . Is Shaheer too good looking that the rest look phika in front of him or they don’t want to get better looking guys on purpose. They don’t want us to share our affection for equally or better looking guy for Sonakshi. Imagine Keith Sequira or shakti Arora or Aham Sharma were to play the parallel lead …. won’t we start ….I don’t know… start loving them more start hating ishwari and the spineless Dev….
    JUST A THOUGHT……………….

    • Blink

      Correct observation Beth! I too noticed it after the new entrant was decided! Absolutely the names u suggested would definitely oubeat Dev and he is the lead in this serial! So possibly that is the reason!

  51. Preeti

    I think this stupid Ishwari calls teh Pundit to look for a Groom for Sona, and not for a Bride for Dev… She is such a SADIST… We all should stop watching this serial.. Let the TRPs go down, and let the director/ writer learn their lesson..

  52. Lakshree

    Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi is about to witness a new entry and since then Ritvik character is creating huge buzz before his entry in the show!
    In the coming episode, to change Sonakshi’s mind, Ritwik ask her to go on a date and she agreed. Well, Dev will actually watch Sonakshi and Ritwik together, with teary eyes. He will start losing his control with anger and jealousy! Well, Dev is not go to be silent this time, Ritvik entry is going to trigger the angry young man, Dev! 😉

  53. Priya9876


    |Registered Member

    Ritwik ka v break up ho chuka hai n sona ka v ab ye 2 tute hue dil aaps me judne ki kosis kar rahe hai…..
    My god ye 2no kitni baatey karte h, kitna miltey h.. Ab to 2no ne engagement ki v planning shuru kar di…na jane ye sb kuch kab tak chale ga… Ritwik looks like a nice heart guys… Ab ritwik babu aap hi kuch karo…🙏

  54. shalini

    bhai kuch bhi ho…end me DEVAKSHI ko hi saath mein rakhna……
    i dont want sona to get married to rithwik….
    beech mein kuch bhi hota rahe…but devakshi are maade for each other….
    GOT THAT..!!!!makers and writers…????

      • Devga


        |Registered Member

        Yup it would b hurting… 🙁 But wat sona did was crt only dear…. Coz at hospital wen sona was calm and ready to talk softly dev shouted out in anger…. And NOW HE WIL UNDRSTND THT DECISIONS TAKN IN ANGER R NT PROPR….

  55. Priya9876


    |Registered Member

    The current track of Sony TV’s beloved show ‘Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi’ has already geared up for the upcoming twists and turns. With the new entry opposite the female lead Sonakshi (Erica Fernandes) all set to make his appearance soon on the show, the already interesting tale is about to get more exciting.

    While we have already reported about actor Jay Soni to enter as Rithvik on the show, he will soon be adding a lot of drama to the current storyline. Starting with his entry, which will be a dramatic one; nothing less than a film.

    It will so happen that Sonakshi will be stuck in the rain and Dev (Shaheer Sheikh) will step out to help her out. But while he is still on the way to rescue his ladylove, Sonakshi gets a saviour in the form of Rithvik. He will share his umbrella with her and the duo will be seen spending some quality time together. It is then, when Dev learns about Sonakshi’s marriage alliance with Rithvik.

    Yes, Sonakshi will agree to marry Rithvik in order to forget Dev and move ahead in her life. The further episodes will also showcase an engagement ceremony, where, Sonakshi will be seen exchanging rings with Rithik, forgetting Dev forever.

    But will Dev be able to forget her? And will he accept Sonakshi’s alliance with Rithvik? To know the answers, keep reading the space.

    • Azzuu

      nooooo yaaar
      they should not exchange rings jo bhi hona hai engagemant ke pehle hona chahiya
      poor dev
      hum log abhi tak poor sona poor sona kar rahe thai
      byt now bechara dev feeling so sad for him
      and even for ritwik i mean sona toh uske pass nahi rah ne wali hai woh toh dev ke saath jayegi fir becharey ka kya hoga

    • Bhoomi


      |Registered Member

      Aane wale episodes bade emotional honge ….. Muze to abhi se hi rona aa raha hai… 😭😭😭😭… Poor DevAkshi 😢 ….. Main to pakka rone wali hun

  56. Shalini

    Hey guys… listen…i want to tell you one interesting thing tht most of you must be knowing….as i only watch krpkab but i somehow went roughly across edkv and do you all know what i found…???
    There are two similarities in krpkab and edkv…
    1)shraman is also going through the same trauma as devakshi is going through and the second and most imp one is2) i discovered the male version of ISHWARI DIXIT in edkv as RAMNATH MALHOTRA…😂😂😂😂😉😉😉
    He too controls his son’s life..

  57. Ngkrishnakumari

    Today is monday from today onwards we got a chance to watch the new colour of sona
    The jealousy track of dumbo dev

  58. Chanpreet0815


    |Registered Member

    Shalini so funny. Yaa ek baat toh sahi kahi aapne. Ishwari nd ramnath both want to cntrol their sons life. what they want i just don’t understand.

    • Ganga

      Hii shonali….. Happy to see u here….telugu vallu kuda hindi serials chustunnaru…. I mean manchi serials….

  59. sona

    Whatever track may gonna come…don’t stretch it soooooo long after all we al want devakshi bk together sooner…and once sonakshi said,”aap mujhe chor denge Mein aapki tab bhi mahi choringi”…itni jaldi agarwah apni baat bhool jayegi toh galat hai..i mean itni jaldi new relationship….sab bhool sab bhool jaana thoda impossiblelagta hai…dev bahut bada bechara lagne wala hai..i guess ishwari ko realize karwane ke liye jaroori hai…bt most hated mother ishwari hai onscreen…aaj tak itni neagative mother nahi dekhi na real Mein na hee onscreen …plz makers Supriya ji ke character ko thoda positive karo…

  60. Ngkrishnakumari

    Countdown is begin to watch the jealousy track of dumbo dev
    Ishwari is so mean she want to control dev

  61. Neha

    OMG…… SHOCKING NEWS for all Devakshi Fans….
    Dev Decides to Commit SUICIDE post Sonakshi- Rithwik ENGAGEMENT:
    Post Rithwik entry and Sonakshi relationship with him will completely break Dev….So far in the show, we have seen as dev will not unable to handle himself in a panic situation….
    Dev and Sonakshi will get into a heated argument over Rithwik. Shockingly Sonakshi will support Rithwik and dev will completely broken… Dev will be disheartened and he will decide to end up everything…by suicide attempt.!! It will be now seen whether dev able to commit suicide or not.. Will Ishwari be able to know Dev’s Devdas condition

  62. Neha

    Plzzzz Plzzz writers dont spoil the story of this show……I want Devakshi together…. Plz, unite Devakshi asap….otherwise I’ll not watch this show….
    what you guys wanna say.??? All Devakshi fans plz support Devakshi love…

  63. Neha

    I Hate You Ishwari….You’re disgusting, and very bad mom…who cant able to see her son’s happiness…Its all bcoz of you Devakshi part their ways….bcoz of you dev decided to breakup with sonakshi… and both are heartbroken and shattered…. Hate you , really Hate you Ishwari…
    I’m against Ishwari the character not Supriyaji….dont mind !

  64. Nilesh Patel

    any one tell me how will take time together devakshi again ( one week, one month ……). i will start to watch again.

  65. Ramchin


    |Registered Member

    Dev gets Sonakshi’s engagement invitation, Dev shattered

    August 22, 2016



    Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi will witness some high voltage drama that will lead to Dev and Sonakshi’s reunion.

    In the coming episode, Sonakshi and Ritvik’s relationship takes a start. Dev will be very upset. Later, Dev will get Sonakshi’s engagement invitation and he will get into heated argument with Sonakshi. Apparently, Sonakshi’s word will hurt Dev and he will be in heartbroken-unconscious. He will decide to attempt suicide ending up everything… Will the suicide and engagement happen? Lets wait and watch!

  66. Ramchin


    |Registered Member

    KRPKAB: Dev turns spy again to break Sonakshi-Ritvik’s alliance Upcoming Twist

    Monday, August 22 2016
    KRPKAB: Dev turns spy again to break Sonakshi-Ritvik’s alliance
    Dev (Shaheer Sheikh) gets shocked seeing Ritvik (Jay Soni) and Sonakshi’s (Erica Fernandes) rain romance in Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi

    The upcoming episode of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi will show that Dev is restless after breaking up with Sonakshi.

    Dev gets apart with Sonakshi for Ishwari’s happiness and now he is completely alone.

    Ishwari also ignores Dev’s pain post separating from Sonakshi and feels that it is good as Dev and Sonakshi are no more together.

    On the other hand, Sonakhsi’s family supports her coming out from break up trauma and they also fix her alliance with a guy named Ritvik.

    Sonakshi has cleared to Dev that now they are strangers from now and they should move on in their lives.

    However, Dev wants to keep in touch with Sonakshi as he cannot live a day without meeting to her.

    Dev efforts to separate Ritvik and Sonakshi

    Dev comes to meet Sonakshi and is shocked seeing Sonakshi with Ritvik and she is happy with him.

    Dev is not ready to bear as Sonakshi finds new love and he once again turn spy to find about Ritvik.

    Dev will use his efforts to break Ritvik and Sonakshi’s alliance.

    • Neha

      I think that mamaji will support dev to bring sonakshi in his life….coz mamaji knows very well about Ishwari’s insecurity for dev which is not right and mamaji will not digest that dev is going to hurt himself.
      I’m sure if mamaji supports dev then definitely dev will trying to bring sonakshi in his life…and I think dev’s sister will also be his support like mamaji..
      lets see what happens next…but I want Devakshi back….really missing their romance …

  67. Lakshree

    In the coming episode, Sonakshi and Ritvik’s relationship takes a start. Dev will be very upset. Later, Dev will get Sonakshi’s engagement invitation and he will get into heated argument with Sonakshi. Apparently, Sonakshi’s word will hurt Dev and he will be in heartbroken-unconscious. He will decide to attempt suicide ending up everything… Will the suicide and engagement happen? Lets wait and watch!

  68. Pradishma

    If it’s true that DEV attempts for suicide, then I really want to see ishwari witch’s face. How mean is that oldie. Want her to cry blood tears realizing DEV deeply in love with sona and his struggles are due to her.

    I am waiting for rithvik, want to see jealous and painful dev for hurting my sona.

  69. Lakshree

    In the coming episode, Dev will start getting depressed as Sonakshi has accepted Ritwik marriage offer. Dev will hurt himself and blood will be coming out of his hand! Dev’s depression will become too much because of Ritwik entry. He is unable to believe that Sonakshi is marrying someone else.

  70. Lakshree

    in the serial erica’s father hates him so much
    in the reality erica’s father loves him so much

  71. Lakshree

    If you weren’t able to handle Ishwari. Good news, she will be seen less in the show. Its more about Dev and Sonakshi from now on!!!!!!

  72. Priya9876


    |Registered Member

    Mama ji ab aap hi kuch karo jaldi…plzz….
    Ye news wale v naa itni sari bad news suna rahe….. Aur jyada tension de rahe hai ye news wale….

  73. Lakshree

    Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi’s Neha will be seen supporting Dev over her mother, Ishwari!
    In the coming episode, Neha will try to reunite Dev and Sonakshi as her brother always helped her. She knows that Ishwari is being selfish and Dev is suffering a lot. Let’s see what Neha will do to reunite Dev-Sonakshi.

    • Neha

      yeah, gr8 news….thank god I’m relief now to heard this news…..even i think not only neha infact riya n nikki and mamaji too help reuniting dev and sonakshi….
      yiiippppeeeerr…..I’m glad !!

  74. Pradishma

    Guys did someone saw today’s episode…cheee of ishwari…i wish to address that old b****, soory to use such words, but i never thought this disgusting piss-wari will send alliance to sonakshi through agent..How cheap she is..means she doesnt want her son to marry…Hey oldie crap–then will u urself marry dev..wish to slap u red and blue

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.