Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 18th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Sona convinces Dev to help him in parenting

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 18th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sona thinks Dev has been such a huge support for her. She recalls when Shorabh was always angry at her for not being in the meeting and giving time to Suha. Bejoy had said then that if Dev was with Sona, he must have taken the role of house-husband. At that time no one argued with him, but later Sona wrote in her diary about it.
In the resturant, Ronita was happy for the dinner. Shorabh thanks her for Ronita. He tells Ronita she made him more efficient, and is sure Ronita will learn this all in time. Ronita was offensive and asks if she doesn’t know anything? She was irritated why he brought her here. Everyone in the resturant was now attentive towards them. Ronita throws the spoons and shouts at him.
Dev and Sona enjoy coffee together. Sona says they have been in

each other’s lone company after a long time. Dev says we are surely doing something wrong that everyone is questioning them. Sona asks Dev if he wouldn’t have helped her if she was staying home. She agrees they must do the parenting together, as both hold different strengths.
At home, Aasha was happy that Shorabh and Ronita went out with Mishti together. There was a bell at the door, Ronita enters first. She cries and complains that Shorabh thinks she can’t do parenting. Shorabh asks Aasha and Bejoy who is a better parent. Bejoy asks them where is Mishti, both take each other’s name. Ronita’s mother brings Mishti from behind. She scolds them and decides to stay there until Shorabh and Ronita learn to parenting well.
The next morning, Suha was asleep with Sona. Dev was looking after Shubh, Sona wakes Suha. Dev comes to pack Golu’s bag but he insists to do it himself. Sona hurries the kids to school. In the car, Dev notices the kids were ignored. He begins a quiz. Suha replies all the answeres instantly. Dev gives Golu a chance but Golu couldn’t. Sona tells Dev today at home Golu will practice all the questions.
Suha scolds Golu for not leaving to play game, he must focus on studies. Golu says he will study with the game. Suha wasn’t ready to support him anymore, but Golu shows her his plan about cheating. Suha takes the cell phone.
In the office, Sona gets a call from Dev. He says I love you, she couldnt reply being busy with someone. Dev teases she must also say I love you too, else he would come to office. He was right at the door and comes to her then. Sona feels shy as she confesses her love to him. The colleagues smile at this.
Shorabh was sleeping in the kitchen as the milk boiled. Aasha asks if Shorabh doesn’t want to go to office. Ronita’s mother says she asked him to stay home today and learn abit of household tasks. She insits Ronita takes care of all the work, Shorabh must also learn abit. Aasha was left with a curt smile.
In the class, the teacher announces the test results. Golu got 20 out of 20. The teacher recheck the papers. Suha remembers about his cheating trick. The teacher appreciates Golu for hardwork. Golu requests her to tell Dev they got full marks.
In the office, Dev was happy to hear the kids got highest marks in the test. Dev boasts about himself. Sona says it feels really good when kids get good marks.

PRECAP: Dev calls Sona to inform her that the meeting went well, they are promised more than one projects. Ishwari says when Dev was in office and Sona with Shubh, everything went so well.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Such a beautiful epi it was??
    Loved sonas flashback??bijoy?
    So dev dixit favourite subject is romance in which he always topped and sona is his teacher❤❤??
    Its good how they were planning to work as team ??and at the same time comparison with sorab ronita was shown amazingly who were blaming each other and meanwhile forgot about sonita??

  2. I think ronita is somewhat jealous ?as she believes that dev is at home handling kids whereas sona is just enjoying life but actually she herself remains at home enjoying all facilities with asha bijoy always available to help her and even she calls sorab sometimes to handle sonita??she has no idea about difficulties faced by working women and their busy schedule yet sona is handling everything very well??and dev is really setting goals…how he went to office today with shubh??everyday he is giving reasons to love him more??

  3. Loved bijoy in flashback ??though he hated dev at that time…
    Only bijoy and sona are supporting dev fully
    Others r just criticising ,jealous or trying to degrade him??even elena and ishwari
    In precap ishwari??how can she say that and that look she gave as if she has proved tem wrong???cant she see how much dev is trying☹☹and he just attended a meeting sara effort and hardwork to sona and uss ki team ka hi ha na and here she is just taunting..stuck at her point???like season1 ishwari?

    1. Sorry zyada hi comment kar diye??

      1. well written arshia…
        zyada nahi kam ho gaya…..
        by the way happy diwali dear

        and all my frnds wishing u a great diwali

  4. yahhhh!!!!hamara itchwari wapas aagayii…..hurrah…..diwali surprise diya….ab hamara frnds wapas aagaya..

    golu ko kya hogaya ……sona and dev are not understanding golu. they are happy with falsy marks…
    saurabh beta ab nahi bachegaa…hahahaa

    agar asha ki jagah rounita ke mom hoti tho …sara kaam dev karega..ab ishu-rounita mom ka fighting hoti thi…maza aati tiii…we missed this

  5. Crystal - USA

    I love the romance between Dev and Sona. I hope Suha have the courage to tell Dev that Golu cheated. Though Golu may be trying to impress Dev and the teachers, cheating is still wrong and he needs to study.

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