Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 18th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 18th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ishwari reminisces Gujral proposal of Dev and Natasha’s marriage. Radha enters her room and says she should accept this proposal as Dev’s career will boom after company merger.

In the morning, Dev wakes up late and scolds Kichu for not waking him up on time. He sips tea. Sona comes and says she wants to show Ishwari’s report. He asks anything serious. She says report is good and she does not want his sandwitch as reward. He smiles. Nikki running behind Ria pushes Sona by mistake and she falls on Dev. Dev scolds Nikki. Radha passes by and panics seeing lipstick mark on Dev’s shirt, asks who kissed him. He says it is Sona’s lipstick. Radha starts yelling at Sona. Dev says Nikki fell on her and she fell on him, it is not her mistake. Radha


At Sona’s home, Saurabh sees Elena online dating someone and says this is not safe in this city. She says it is okay. Bejoy borrows her phone and a man calls and asks Elena when they are meeting. Bejoy starts shouting and scolding him. Saurabh laughs at Elena.

Ranbeer comes to Neha’s house to pick her up for class. Ishwari speaks to him and likes his nature. Neha comes and they both leave. Radha sees them going and asks what was Neha’s teacher doing here. Ishwari says he is taking her to class and sometimes takes class in mall, market, etc. Radha says she thought teaching is always done in school. Ishwari says life is a big school.

Dev and Natasha discuss business terms in Dev’s office. Dev explains everything before she asks. She says he is working on everything. He says it is okay and asks what she would like to have. He calls Tina and asks to bring..she says black coffee. He orders 2 black coffee. Natasha says their hobbies and nature match.

Neha comes back home after class. Ishwari says Ranbeer is a good boy and reminds her of Dev. Neha says he is bright, but without any ambition, lives in a 2 bedroom house with 2 brothers and their wives and chiildren, she was suffocating there, says if she wants her to marry, then she will not. She knows she is burden on her and wants to get rid of her to get Dev married, but she will not sacrifice her life. Ishwari stands in a shock.

Sona speaks to Elena over phone and says she will not come for shopping. She then reminsices Dev and smiles. Radha passes by and informs her that billionaire Gujral asked Dev’s hand for his daughter. Sona stands in a shock. Once Radha leaves, Sona cries and her tears drop on table.

Dev comes home with Natasha. Sona passes by without talking to them. Dev asks if she is in a hurry. Sona nods yes…Natasha speaks to her and says Dev told aunty’s health improved after she became her nutritionist and asks to give her some tips. Sona says some other day as she is having doc’s appointment. Dev asks if she is fine. Sona says usual followup. Natasha says her earrings are beautiful, if she can take her for shopping. Sona says these are commong ear rings and even Ria or Nikki can take her for shopping. Radha hears their conversation and says Sona is right, these are common earrings and don’t suit Natasha.

Precap: Dev calls Sona at night and says he is confused to take a decision.

Update Credit to: MA


  1. Sandy

    Guys guess what….. Dev says no to Natasha for marriage.!!!!!
    It’s on YouTube… On location shoot. Sona is looking so cute, n she is so happy..

  2. Renu

    I am sure that dev will nt marry Natasha as she is doing a cameo role and her role will b over in 20-30 episodes…. Dev and sona rocks…. The main plot is around dev sona and ishwari…

  3. Pinky

    For d first tym Natasha dint annoy me… hope sona doesn’t act rudely wid natasha! I think decision dat dev is talking abu in precap is regarding his marriage vch wud brk down sona evn more :'(

  4. Irie Naoki

    Dev hasn’t realised that he loves Sona….This track might continue for a long long time. But anyway, very nice episode!!!

  5. Tanya

    Lipstick part was just awesome….. And that radharani was responsible for sona’s tears ohhhhhhh I will kill her!!!!!!!!!director pls eliminate this stupid garib ke beti….always puts her leg while others r talking……..ishwari excited nahi he nuts me dev me liye to ye mad Radha kyu etni excited he???????khud ke Vicky ko to sambhal nahi paati……..and in precap dev calls sona for imp decision wow!!!!it means dev has some little little feelings for sona…….but ye decision ishwari ke health ke bare me na ho to good……eagerly waiting for upcoming episodes……..

  6. Aarti

    Relieved to know dat Dev will reject Natasha..are yaar I’m at my nanighar in Kolkata n here evry1 watches IPL n I find it really difficult to watch d episode..nn I can’t wait till repeat episodes I bcm restless..so written updates r really helpful.. Thank u MA..thank u so much

  7. Devna

    Sona k sath dev jb hota h smile krta h fir v use apni feeling samjh nhi aa rhi sad….
    N lipstick part was awesome…loved it

  8. Sandy

    Heres the link https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Mf0KrpbDMLc
    Just look out for one more where Natasha will take all the girls out for shopping

    There’s some news that dev will take out Natasha for a date wearing that orange T-shirt. Dont know when will that happen n when will it be that he says no to her…..eagerly waiting

  9. Pevees aka Ishram

    First time I think Radha has not been referred to as garib ki beti. Lipstick scene and bose house scene was nice.

  10. Devga

    Wow awesome lipstick part …. But as i expected this radha manipulated ishwari…. Uff dev gona ask sona shld i mary ng or if not business wil not merge… Uff so tough it wil b for sona… Letz hope for the BEST…. PLZ i want the first promo track soon….

  11. Mrunmayee

    Today I felt crying seeing sona tears but I think dev will reject Natasha as he calls sona for the most imp decisions for his life he cares for her only he has no time to realize. I just pray to God he soon realize that .Radha rani always criticize sona actually she doesn’t understand the service of doctor most respectable service .

  12. prit

    Thanks sandy for the link. I watched It. U were right dev natasha se shaadi krne ke liye. So Good i saw sona was so happy that elina and sona were dancing. I just loved it.

  13. Nishi

    Dev to Breakup with Sonakshi for Natasha on Kuch Rang Pyar ke aise bhi

    Is this true????????????dev and sona get together but break up because of Natasha.i don’t think this is the link but if u type this out then it will come!

  14. Moon

    Todays episode was ok. It was an overdose of Radharani for me! Nowadays if she occupues too much space rhen i shift channels and thats what was happening yesterday! Such a mean narrow minded soul and has parked herself forever in Dev’s place! Cant he buy her an appartment! If this deal comes thru he should first attend to that and spare US from this chronic torture everyday! How can Sona tolerate her trash and why cant she rebut?? Thats strange! People tolerate or overlook insult and humiliations once in a while but not everyday everytime definitely . I find this unrealistic ! Radha takes immense pleasure to belittle Sona and the adjective she uses ‘ Bangalan’ is full of spite! Its terrible to watch that. A suitable rebuttal with tact should sometimes be shown. Nobody can be thick skinned to tolerate such humiliations even from close relatives! These are small incidents but they leave an impact on the viewers mind. So Director , we hope u will take care of these small incidents as well! Little drops after all contribute towards an ocean

  15. princess

    hi tanya and everyone!!! thanks for joining me in here… actually i’m from tamil nadu and i’m in class 11

  16. prit

    Episode was nice. Lipstick part was awsm how sona fall on dev. I just loved that part. And hating part was when radharani came or vo sona ko dev or natasha ke rishte ke baare me bataati h. When sona was crying i feel vry bad for her. But precap was vry nice. Meko toh samaj me nhi aara ki us e sona ko uski life ke decision me help krne ke liye call kiya. I mean he can talk to his mom also. but he talk only to sona. Us time uske mind me sona ka khayaal aaya. Wow eagerly waiting for the next episode.

  17. Fatarajo (KRPKAB, EDKV n Dehleez fan)

    I felt bad for Sona , poor Sona and today’s episode was ok ok but I fall in love with the female version song of kuch rang Pyaar ka and thanks for the link Tanya and wow liked the precap

  18. BR

    hi renu how r u ? this epi is going nicely ……

    every family has one negative character like radha rani ……

    Then only the serial will be interesting …….

    hero marry only heroine ……not oyhers ……..dev is simply superb ….
    RENU WRITE U R COMMENTS BRIFLY … from next epi onwards I am eagerly waiting… for u r analyses

  19. kwinal

    nyc epi seriously for sona’s tears there is a fault of Radharani full garib ki beti….eargily waiting for upcoming epi and i also hope that dev’s call was not for his mom’s health

  20. Nitya

    Natasha nd dev marriage….tellyupdates. Is it true? I ll discontinue seeing dis serial den.

  21. princess

    it was a nice episode and guys do read my ff samjhota yah pyaar swaragini episodes!!!

  22. anj

    i think dev called her to ask her which colour suits him the best………….. i think i saw tat n some interview with shaheer nd erika…….. were she calls him orange candy…….nd he retorts tat u suggested the colour n th serial…….

  23. Renu

    omg….friends…This is Renu from Manmarziyan page….A little confession and a Misunderstanding…..I’m not watching any soaps these days cox of my busy schedule after MMz…..

    The comment in this page is from another Renu…A small Misunderstanding Br,Naomi…..I cant come online very often… so this Renu’s comments fulfilling my vacant place,I think so..lol…..Tqsm Renu…..

    Miss u all buddies…I heard this is a nice soap showing Mom-Son-Son’s love interest(heroine) bond realistically rather as saas bahu drama…

    So happy for u guys for following some soap regularly after mmz….Miss u all….

    With love

    your Renu

  24. Renu

    Hi renu…. I know that these people got confused… I know u from manmarziyan page… If u have time do watch krpkab, and i wud like to read ur POV on each episode

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