Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 18th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 18th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sona befriends with Anjali and starts playing tennis with her. Ishwari fumes seeing this and murmurs that Sona is being paid heavily for playing here instead of working. She sends cook on leave and asks Sona to get her food. Sona says her work is to write instructions and not cook. Ishwari says she may be feeling guilty for getting paid heavily for just writing instructions and not shedding sweat. Sona says she will sit in kitchen without fan to shed sweat and says Dev forcefully hired her and if she thinks she is paid high, she can speak to Dev.

Ishwari says she will prepare food today and adds lots of ghee and spices in food. Sona says this food is unhealthy for her, but mom continues and taunts that her parents should have taught her cooking. Neha enters and

says Sona’s parents have educated her and made her competent and not like her who was left to take care of siblings like a maid. Ishwari says her parents taught her cooking, stitching, etc.. Neha says she is going out and will have chat outside, not to prepare food for her.

Saurab brings snacks for guest. Mom prepares food. Saurab then sits on sofa. Daadi scolds him not to spoil sofa before guests come. Mom prepares dish and asks dad to taste. He drops bowl on sofa by mistake. Daadi fumes seeing this.

Neha goes to market and sees English coaching class hoarding. She goes in and sees teacher teaching old students who asks if she wants to join. She says no, she came here by mistake. He says all his students thank him for inspiring them and says it is never late for learning. He gives pamphlet and asks her to give to whoever needs it.

Ishwari serves food on dining table and calls children. Ria and Anjali come and get happy seeing variety of dishes. Sona continues requesting not to eat as it is not good for her health. Ishwari serves food even to her and says everyone has a defecit, they should ignore it and look at good things.

After some time, Sona orders cookery books and asks to deliver them to her home address. Anjali taunts her that she is ready to learn, so bhai roams around her. Sona says excuse me. Anjali changes topic. Ishwari’s gets ill and she calls children. Sona rushes and calls doc.

Groom and parents come and wait for Sona. Sona’s family praise Sona a lot. They ask when will sona come. Dad calls Sona, but her phone is switched off.

Sona calls Dev’s office and informs secretary to transfer phone to him. He picks call and Sona tells mom fell ill. He rushes home and sees calls doc. Sona says she already called doc. Doc comes and checks mom. Dev asks what happened to mom. Doc says she must have eaten spicy food. Dev says it cannot be and looks at Sona. Sona bends her head.

Precap: Dev asks Ishwari why did she eat spicy and oily food, it is Sona’s mistake that she let her eat spicy and oily food. She says this time it is her mistake and not Sona’s. He asks if he should call her back to work tomorrow or not.

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