Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 18th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 18th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ishwari chats with Ranveer and Neha. Neha says she will go to her room and asks Ishwari to continue chatting with Ranveer. She goes to her room and sits on sofa sadly. Dev enters and tries to speak, but Neha says she wants to stay alone for sometime. Dev leaves. Sona asks him what happened. Dev says nothing.

Dev calls Ranveer to his room and says when Neha married Ranveer, he thought she is very happy, but when he came to Ranveer’s house, he was surprised how can she stay without any amenities, so he wants him to accept flat as gift. Ranveer says he cannot accept it as gifts given forcefully cannot be accepted. Dev says he wants to see his sister happy. Ranveer says he wants to work hard and get a flat for Neha himself and does not need anyone’s gift. Dev

says he will gift a flat to Neha at any cost. Ranveer says Neha can stay in that flat alone, but he will not, he is sure Neha will give same answer.

Dev meets Sona in a hotel and starts conversing. She says boyfriends give these kind of answers when they do mistakes, what did he do. He says he age full bowl of halwa. She shockingly asks what…Dev says mom would have felt bad. She is feeling guilty now. He says he does not after eating such a lovely halwa. He orders 2 coffee and says Ms. khargosh/rabbit, he likes sweets a lot and she may have to accept a fat husband. She asks if he is proposing him, then it is a bad proposal. He says his not….She asks when will he inform about them to his family. He says he is afraid that. She says they may reject her. He says his sisters and mom respect his decisions and will accept her for sure. He did a lot for others, but he is doing for himself for the first time. He discusses everything with his sisters and is only hiding about her with them. Sona asks if he spoke to Neha and tried to know what is in her mind. He says no, but he tried to gift flat to Ranveer and he rejected. She says he did wrong and did not even discuss with her. He says his family did a lot for her, especially Neha and he cannot see Neha struggling. Sona says he is doing this to hide his guilt and argues. Dev says he is getting late and leaves saying good night.

Sona comes to Ishwari’s room and sees hercleaning her room, says she will do it. Ishwari says she likes doing her chores herself. Sona tells about her childhood story and about her mom. Ishwari says moms are like that and says she does not want anyone’s interference, she is worried someone may hold her hand and restrict her. Sona asks what happened, if she is angry on her. Ishwari says she is her nutrionist and not her children’s, her children like eating her prepared food and she does not want Sona to impose dieting rules on them, she wants her children to be the way she bought them up. Sona asks if she is talking about Dev. Ishwari says let her keep woolen clothes in cupboard. Sona walks out sadly.

Dev comes and sits on dining table with laptop. Neha and Ria come and say they need phone. Dev says they can select anyone from his company. Ria says they need pink color phone and his company does not make pink color phones. He agrees to get them pink phones. The happily hug him and leave. Sona comes and Dev says he wants to speak. She says he first. He says he cannot keep himself in Ranveer’s place like she asked. She says even she cannot consider herself wrong or him right. He asks what to do then. She says what to do, she loves him. He looks into her eyes and says I love you too. She says understanding each other is important and smiles. They both stand looking into each other’s eyes. Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi……plays in the background.

Precap: Dev tells Ishwari that he wanted to gift flat to Neha and Ranveer, but they rejected it, nobody likes his gifts. Ishwari says he insulted Ranveer’s self-respect. He says you both think same. She asks who both. He says she and Sona.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Esme

    Dev n sona rock.their conversation in restaurant was awesome. In precap last time too dev said that u both think same.bt at that time he didn’t revealed it to ishwari that the other person is sona.today i mean tomorrow he will reveal it to ishwari.so this was the100th episode.nice one.
    I love those moments when dev calls sona khargosh.love it.
    By d way check my article’FINALLY!!!! NEW PROMO!!!! Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi’

  2. Esme

    Yipeeeee i m first.

    1. Priya9876


      1. Esme

        Thanx dear.

    2. Priya9876

      upsss!! sorry u r not….

      1. Esme

        I m hating this telly updates these days.sometimes they show i m the first who commented n sometimes they show others commented first.

      2. Esme

        Me crying.

      3. Esme

        Again they r showing i m first.whats happening with TU.is it talli???

      4. Esme

        Priya don’t feel sorry now.it seems i m d first.(imagine myself speaking in ravan voice)hi ha ha ha

  3. Asmita...

    I missed today’s episode…

    1. Priya9876

      i feel really sorry for u….

    2. Priya9876

      And why problem in ur private msg?????.O god…!!! kitni sari baatey share karni thi aapse….ab kaise karungi….huhhh this tu…

      1. Asmita...

        Canr help……. i cn wait only…… agr TU ne jldi khud ka maintenance nahi kia to main isko… ?????

      2. Asmita...

        I dont understand ki TU ko aur kitna maintenance chahiye… itna toto maintain h already ab kya TU ki b health khrab h kya jo isne b koi nutritionist rkh li ?

    3. Esme

      I too missed but reading d update,i felt like watching it.don’t worry repeat telecast is there.if not then YouTube is there.

    4. Esme

      Mai bhi tu ko nahi chorungi.ye koi dev dixit thode hi hai jo apni sona ko manana chala aaye.

    5. Priya9876

      yaaa actually TU ki v health kharab ho chuki hai….n very annoying also Ish aunty ki tarh….
      TU ko to strict order mil chuka h dr. se ki Ms. Bose jaise hittler nutritionst hi chalegi, dusri koi v nhi….
      yaad hai na Wo Ting Ting 🙂 🙂 Door Bell jaisi to bilkul v nhi… hahha hahahah hahahaaa

      1. Esme

        So funny priya.from d last few days i m watching this.it seems TU has gone talli.hi hi

  4. Hii everyone my name is sumaiya and my nick name is suman I m 16 year old & I m new here can I join u all plzzz ???

    1. Priya9876

      no need to ask for joining dear…
      ur warm welcome in this devakshi fan group….
      keep commenting per day….

    2. Esme

      Yes why not a very warm welcome to u dear.keep talking to me.actually i was born after eating kauwa(meaning-crow)roti.i speak while day.n yeah i m very funny.

      1. Esme

        Sorry mistake its actually whole day.typing mistake.it happens.

    3. Hi my name too is Sumaiya but my nick name is Sumi

  5. Oh no i m not first.missed it again bt be optimist in registered members i m first.

  6. Request Eric to speak correct bengali

    1. Esme

      Do u mean erica or me esme.i actually wrote some wrong Bengali in my article.

  7. Priya9876

    Amazing……….Amazing……….Amazing……………Amazing…………Amazing episode……
    WAooo dev 1st kiss wo v naraz hokar….haaayeeee mai mar jawaa………
    omg tht moment was tooo cute…..

    1. Asmita...

      Meko b dekhna h….??????????…mummyyyyyyyyyy…

      1. Priya9876


      2. Esme

        U r so Funny asmita.

    2. Hey..was there a kiss in today’s epi..when?? The author dint mention it anywhere

      1. Esme

        Sonal telly updates showed u commented first bt ur comment is nowhere.

      2. Priya9876

        yaa sorry to say tht bt ma humesa aisa hi karti hai… ab to aadat si padd chuki hai…
        ar unke update pe belive v nhi hota, mujhe….
        Actually scene kuch aisa hai :-
        DEv, sona ko batata hai ki wo Neha ko ek Flat gift karna chata h, bt ranveer ne lene se mana kar diya..
        Sona – aap aisa q krte ko ….
        Dev – neha ne bahut dukh dejhe h bachpan me, bahut sari sacrifices di h, bt ab use mai aise nhi dekh sakta…
        s0na – to aap apni guilt mitane k liye ye selfish deciosion nhi le sakte dev (sadly)
        Dev – aap khud ko meri jagh rakh kr dekhiye, kya mai galat hu?
        Sona – Aur aap khud ko ranveer k jagh pe dekhiye, kya wo galt h??
        DEv bechara…
        DEv- i think bahut late ho chuka hai mujhe chalna chaiye (**** he standup nd kiss sona’s forehead*****) bt very sadly… nd says good night… nd leave from cafe….
        maine really aisa expect nhi kiya tha ki devna ka 1st kiss sad moment pe hoga….

    3. truly awesome ……… this is the best thing about this show , the don’t make fuss about stuffs

  8. Hi MA please give complete update of the episode u missed many conversations between sona and dev as I don’t know Hindi much I need complete conversation of the love birds please thanku

  9. M sad……mene nhi dekha aj

    1. Priya9876

      Hey Mubeen, why u logged out??

      1. Can I join u guys??

      2. Priya9876

        yaa swathi y not…
        welcome to our fan group….

  10. Priya9876

    Finally 100 episode me pata chala ki Dev ki company mobile company hai…. lol…
    Aaj tak mai bas soch hi rahi thi ki aakhir Dev ki company hai to hai kis chiz ka…
    kitne frnd h yaha pe jinhe pata tha iske baarey me??? ya mai hi sirf yaha pe unknown thi???

    1. I knew it is Ishwari communications..have seen all epi at least 5 times and in meeting Dev mentions his mobile models,features etc..I believe u all might hav just skipped the office parts in all previous episodes n saw only devakshi sequence ?

      1. Esme

        Oho i didn’t take the name seriously ishwari communications.ohhooo.nice catch sonal but when dev mentions the mobile features in meeting.i don’t know.can u plz tellme??

      2. Priya9876

        may be.. bt i didnt skipped any episode bt i notice his mobile models, features etc…
        Actually nice catch sonal..
        hw can i…
        very cleared in name ISHWARI COMMUNICATION

      3. Priya9876

        Der aaaye durust aaye…
        means- late pata chala bt chala to sahi…hi hi hii hii

    2. Esme

      I too was thinking the same thing.i didn’t know that his company is a mobile company.i felt must be furniture or decorative items.lol…

      1. Asmita...

        I said this to priya

      2. Priya9876

        No, she talking about me…
        Shaheer Ki diwani…??

    3. Asmita...

      I also knew it… it was told in very beginning… ans so many times when tina(dev’s secrtry) piks d phone, she also says “Ishwari communications”… if you giys remember Whn dev uploads sona’s profile and tina’s desk no. She gets many calls and that tym too she says “Ishwari communications’…

    4. Asmita...

      O Shaheer ki deewani…. tumhe dev babu ke siwa kuch aur aur yaad nhi na rehta…isliye tumne notice hi nahi na kia hoga re…?

      1. Esme

        Whom r u saying this??? Is it me???

    5. Yes Iswari communications. Most of the episodes showing office would talk about dealing with mobiles.

  11. Hey Sumo…join us!! Evn iam of same age

  12. fan club members of erisha

    Always ranveer ke self respect ki bath kiu utta hai.ek ke badh ek ….

    1. Esme

      Everyone has self respect in d show but i doubt whether or radharani n vicky has some self respect or not.what di u think guys???

      1. Priya9876

        no not at all, they both have no self respect..

  13. Ngkrishnakumari

    Finally devakshi had completed 100 episodes today epi was amazing dev kiss sona forehead & sona for the first time tell i
    Love u
    Amazing line foe dev he want to hide something from others ie relationship

    1. Priya9876

      no not 1st time, sonay say many times to dev- i love u…

  14. Hi I am new to this group.. I follow this serial. It’s going gud. .

    1. Esme

      Hello welcome dear.its not going good actually its going too to d power of infinitely good.

      1. Priya9876

        waoooo really
        too tooo d power of infiniety good..

  15. Dev got a bit angry on sona on a small thing which is obviously big for him so just think when he get to know from ishwari ji tht sona is not taking good care of her then what will he do…
    I was reading the spoiler alerts and there i came to know the ishwari will try to defame sona in dev’s eyes…..?
    And yes congrats to krpkab team for the completion of 100 episodes….?

    1. Esme

      Dev will dress up as cowboy n shoot sona.just kidding.what will he do??hoon…
      He will try convincing ishwari.she will not agree then something accident type will happen n finally she will agree

      1. What a joke….!!!??
        Why didn’t you said tht he will bring a bring a buldozer and roll it over sona???
        But yes correct…he will do something like this only ..

    2. I read it too. But should know that Sona is not capable of doing such a thing. By now he has seen her actions and knows her well too

  16. I guess they hav revealed already that dev’s company s a mobile company..nd yeah dev has kissed her before in their bedroom sequence during Neha’s wedding in her hands..so this was not the first kiss..but forehead yeah ..1st time… ND Devakshi is a dream couple yaar…donno if ppl cud ever b so understanding as they r….

  17. Esme

    Finally forehead kiss as per on audience request or not.don’t know.hoon serious topic soch kar batati hoon.
    I read on internet some fans were ‘starving’ for a kiss between dev and sona.now we will starve for their marriage n after that………..think yourself. Hoon……
    I am “too” sanskari.hi hi.

  18. Esme

    Me crying.uuuuuuuu…uuuuu.
    Why shaheer sheikh n erica fernandes are not replying to me on Twitter. Uuuuuu….uu….
    Next i will write such a senti thing on their twitter account that they will hv to reply me.hoon.
    Me dress up as cowboy,guns rolls now inside the gun holder.girl on misson.see my profile pic n compare me wid d girl on d pic.she is tris of the divergent series.i m thinking to change my profile pic.it will be from devakshi moments.need suggestions.

    1. Priya9876

      How did u know tht they r real shaheer n erica on twiter??

      1. Same q..how do you know if they are real Sharica??

      2. Esme

        Because they keep posting d image of gifts n cards which r usually send to them on d sets.thats how I got to know.i didn’t followed them on twitter blindly. First I checked their profile n then.
        Shaheer’s shaheer_s
        Erica’s Iamejf

  19. Esme

    Thank u guys.it was fun talking to u.

  20. hi everyone…..i m new here…can u guys pls add me in ur grp…by the way today’s episode was nice….

  21. n anyone pls tell ..how I can be register member here.

    1. Priya9876

      hi shnaakht,
      top of the page there r option of registration..

  22. Ishwar is being unfair!
    Doesnt she know one day Dev will have someone or might fal inlove? A son will need a wife one day…….. Beside best wife is Sona cause she is already taking care of his mom n being friendly with his family

  23. That precap scene is repeated,because when Dev offered a job for ranveer,before neha and ranveer’s marrige,they had the same conversation,and Sona has contributed in the same way..don’t u think so??Anyways not a very entertaining epi but thanks for the update!!!

  24. Tara

    hey guys how are u all?? remember me??

    1. Priya9876

      yaa Tara hw can i forget u…
      before in ur DP erica in yellow dress… m i right??

      1. Tara


  25. nic episode …we completed century

    dev’s return home wth high fever & no one is at home except sona’s sona gets worried & take care of him & calls the doctor & also inform ISH ,ISH come home & is worried & ask SONA to leave,sona is nt ready bt leaves heavy hearted in this ILLNESSES ISH take care of. DEV & in sleep he continuously start taking SONA’s name & this wil be witnessed by ISH & she is shock
    the real story of theshow is gonna start

    1. Sounds interesting Mahi! Ishwari is really being stupid and egoistic! Foolish lady doesnt realise feeding halwa in ghee is actually causing damage to her son. Really irritating behaviour.
      Whats wrong with TU acting very funny despite being logged in! Iska dimaag kharap ho gaye kya?

    2. Priya9876

      Dev ko high fever…oh noo!!

  27. Hi guys…hw r u all???i hv a proposal…KRPKAB makes century…we should celebrate it…we should party…we should enjoy..tonight…OMG…it’ll be awsm…r u ready guys…if ready then let’s start arrangements…i wanna invite SHAHEER & ERICA…ohhhh…cant wait for d party…

  28. hi guyz i m nw hre devakshi episode was awesome

  29. Subhashini

    Guys anyone noticed when dev tells the truth agar mae propose karti ho world ki best proposal hogi. How cute he is best

    1. Priya9876

      Yup tht was so cute..
      Jb Mai propose krunga to wo duniya ka sbse romantic proposal hoga…

      1. Asmita...

        Ye kb kaha dev ne

  30. Chanpreet0815

    Asmita kal jab sona or dev restaurant me the. Kuch toh bhi baat hui unke bich me toh sona ne kaha agar aapka ye marriage ka proposal tha toh bht hi unromantic tha. Tab dev ne kaha mera proposal duniya ka sabse romantic proposal hoga. Like this but sorry what topic they were discussing I don’t remember.

  31. Ishwari accepts sona for dev happiness….jst saw d news…

  32. Here is some good news for all DevAkshi fans!
    Audience, gear up to watch the much awaited approval in Sony Entertainment Television’s Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi (Beyond Dreams).
    As per a reliable source, “Ishwari (Supriya Pilgaonkar) will get hints about Dev (Shaheer Sheikh) and Sonakshi’s (Erica Fernandes) relationship. She will be irked and start ignoring them. Ishwari will also decide to go against Sonakshi’s diet schedule.”
    Furthermore, Dev will understand that her mother is unhappy and will try to ask her but she will refuse to talk. Hence, he would ask his Mama (Mushtaq Khan) about Ishwari’s changed behaviour.
    Mama will inform Dev that Ishwari knows everything about his relationship with Sonakshi. Dev will be shocked and would confront Ishwari. Dev will apologize for not informing Ishwari about his biggest decision of life. However, Ishwari will forgive Dev and accept Sonakshi.
    Here comes the twist… Ishwari will not like Sonakshi but for Dev’s happiness, she will accept her.
    Dev will be on top of the world and will inform Sonakshi about Ishwari’s approval on their relationship.
    Are happy times back for the couple or it is a new angle to their love story?
    Audience have to wait and watch.
    We tried reaching the actors, but they remained unavailable.

  33. Sonal

    Yipee.Finally I am registered member.

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