Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 18th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 18th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Dev continues scolding Sona that because of her, mom is in this condition, so it is better they break up. Sona is shocked and asks how can he decide alone, he was boasting he loves her like a man does to his woman, what happened now. He says he did not mean that. She continues confronting. He says his mom is most important to him and he cannot risk her life. Sona walks out crying.

Sona reaches home weeping. Family asks what happened to her, if Dev told her anything. She says Dev and she broke up. Elena says Ishwari must have rejected her. Daadi asks is it i because they are from middle class family. Sona says it is Dev who broke up, he wanted her in his life and now wants her to get out of his life. She continues crying. Bejoy asks her to stop crying as Dev and his family does not deserve her tears, she should be strong as it is like a broken dream now, one cannot cry for broken dreams and should move ahead.

Ishwari’s condition stabilizes in the morning. She asks doc when can she go back home. He says once her son comes back, he will discuss with him and then she can go home. Sona comes and gives Ishwari’s medical and diet reports to doc and says she is leaving job. Doc says okay and leaves. Ishwari asks why she is leaving job. Sona says Dev and she have broke up and she cannot continue any more. Ishwari says some relationships are very short and she needs to understand that. She continues giving her moral gyaan. Sona leaves. Dev enters and they both cross each other without noticing each other.

Sona reaches home. Bejoy asks her where she had been. She says she went to hospital to meet Ishwari. He says why did she go after all this. She says she went there as doc. She has even quit job. Bejoy says she did right.

Precap: Sona tells Dev that story started with 2 strangers and ended with 2 strangers, so strangers don’t talk to teach other.

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  1. nandhu

    Dev idiot how can you say sona is responsible for your mothers condition..she is a coward stupid irritating lady

  2. Anita

    What a mother Ishwari is ………so selfish, so insecure And what a father Bijoy to Sona is. No son will like a mother like that Double standards

  3. Anita

    What a mother Ishwari is…..so selfish and insecure and what a father Bijoy is. like a rock Who will like a mother like that ………..double standards

  4. devsonakshi fan

    Me too want to see the ishwari blood tears…dev’s jealous..super love story ended by bad mother if she don’t share the son’s happiness with other women dev Will be devadas I want dev will hurt himself for leaving sonakshi….sona don’t give forgiveness to dev easily…he want to realize his mistake for leaving u alone…but after that accept dev because I love both of u….

  5. Cute sona

    This ishwari So irritating she don’t want to share his son so that’s why she don’t shocked when Dev broke her relationship with sona how mean and short minded lady she don’t accept the law of Nature that when boy growing up to a man he need a women as his wife but not much mother she don’t understand that son is a understanding girl she didn’t have any problem if Dev bond with her after their marriage every mother want her son marry and he have son and daughter and she have grandchildren to play with her but ishwari was a strange creature out of the world

  6. Sarbani Das

    Maximum son’s mothers are more or less like iswari. Unsecured about the future. But forgot that same stage was in their lives also.

  7. Blink

    Makers , now with the new entrant please pump up the serial with some good humour and wit as you had it at the onset of the serial! Dialogue writers please gear up becoz u gave some wonderful dialogues at the start of the serial!
    Supriya Pilgaonkar’s overacting with her facial expression should now be monitored Director saab! Thoda zyada hee ho rahe shuru se! Except for a couple of scenes so far in the episode , she has put unnnecessary stressful expression on her face! She constantly made faces even when she had a good tryst with Sonakshi! Over the top emotions really look odd.So plz take care!

  8. Suman

    Hii everyone sorry I’ll not comment in episode but I only comment in ff only how r u all and I have news also that new man in sonakshi life Jay Soni who last seen in colours show sanskar he is playing bangali role after break up wt Dev sonakshi decide to move on accept alliance choosen by his father bejoy she decide to meet new guy

  9. Chanpreet0815


    |Registered Member

    But ishwari ki himmat kaise hui ye bolne ki ki jo bhi hua. Shaayad usi me sabki khushi h. Sona ne kehen chahiye tha. Usme sirf aapki hi khushi h pr kisi ki nhi

  10. Ngkrishnakumarig

    Eagerly waiting for to watch the jealousy track of dev & ishwari loosing control of dev

  11. Mohit

    So, double standard of Ishwari. Had it happened to her daughter, than only she will understand. When Neha got in love she can see happiness on her face, provided she is marrying the person below her status. But for Dev,………… Had Neha told Ishwari about her feeling on day 1, no than what abt Dev

  12. devakshi fan no 1

    Dev is such a stupid… he did’nt know to balance between his mom and Sona……. always giving attention to one side and forgetting other……

  13. Subhashini


    |Registered Member

    Guys not only dev ,ishwari ji also to realize how much they missed a good girl .so only jai entry is not enough his mother entry also we want
    Once jai’s mother speak about sona good thing to ishwari then she realised her mistake and make jealous ishwari ji also to another mother in law is happy for sona

  14. Gayathri

    Stupid mental Dev 😬😬😬 ab thum devakshi nahi devdassπŸ™€πŸ™€πŸ™€ bankar ghumoge

  15. Ganga

    KRPKAB songs in Alltvgaane. Com…. Mei ne already download kar diya….. Ab recently added songs bi download kar diya…… Listening diz songs r really awesome…..

  16. Esme


    |Registered Member

    Dev ka pyar…baap re baap….dev ka gussa in precap baap…re baap…sona holding Dev’s shirt d moment was just aweeeeeeeeesooooommmmeeee …..dev ne usse jaate hue dekha jisse wo pyar kat he …his expressions ….totally mind blowing… d moment was totally mind blowing….sona is shading blood not tears …d breakup. …sona’s strong family……now sona has an undestanding family….what about deb….dev ll be totally alone ….wid whom ll he share his feelings. ….will cry…..makers, actors, writers u nailed it amazing Aweeeeeeeeesooooommmmeeee episode. ….
    I want to see jealous Dev ….. n precap sona ne kaha d story started with two strangers ll end with two strangers …dev ne iske baad shayad gusse mein mobile pheka ….baap re baap kya expressions the ……..

    Ab asli maza shuru n waise bhi mai dev ko lover mode mein dekh kar pak chuki hoon ….ab mr. Obodro is back…..maza aayega bahot…..first time I m so excited for a break up….he he….

  17. Blink

    Todays epi boring! Ishwarli to lousy mischievous, cheepy unscrupulous and some more adjectives if posssible! She should be slapped or smashed she is so horrible! Shakal dekhne sei channel surf karti hoon mein! Dev bilkul ” Mr Bewkoof” aka ” Dumbo” lag rahe hein! Stupid! Really feeling very sad for Sona. Why did she deserve such a lousy family

  18. Shivangi

    Shivangi. I would advice every girl before falling in love to any boy first get to know his mother and sisters and also family background Dev’s Mom’s behaviour is disgusting. I dont know what the writer wants to portray the relation of Mother and Son. This type of relation is not acceptable in the society. She has three daughters that she is least bothered, as if they don’t exist at all. Dev like person should not marry at all because they cannot take any decision which is right for them.I feel sad what Sonakshi had to go through, but she is strong and from a very good family background. She will get a very good man in her life.

  19. Thananjayan

    Guys can anyone translate the initial 3 promos from Hindi to English or can u give me a written update on it guys please

  20. sanjana

    Sanjana here.! Guys I would like to say its all about dev’s whole life. He loves sona nd sona too love him. Dev should be very determined to bring sona in his life as she z precious one…..if u r a real man den u must posess the ability to take right decesion for ur life and loving one….. if ishwari really loves dev this mch den how can she do dat….how can she hurt dev and most importantly the sona who z loving dev unconditionly…..

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