Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 17th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Golu indulged in false “task game”

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 17th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Dev compliments Shubh looks cute exactly like him. Sona asks to put him to sleep, but Dev doesn’t let Sona do that.
In kid’s room, Suha asks Golu if she doesn’t have to go to school tomorrow. Golu was involved with the game and says no one can beat him. He tells Suha he took the cell phone where Dev had hidden it. Suha asks if he stole it, Golu says all his friends play this game and would bully him otherwise. And he only took his cell phone back.
Aasha comes to Bejoy in the room, He was worried about a dangerous game circulating which makes kids play challenging games. Dev and Sona must also be concious that a little game may prove harmful for the kids. There, Goly was playing a game which gave him a task for stealing. Golu didn’t agree to steal

but the game utters Loser to him. Golu finally decides to steal from his parent’s room. Aleena was alert and wakes Vicky up as someone was in the room. Vicky says its 3 am, no one must be here. Golu lay on the floor to hide himself and leaves by crawling after light was turned off
The next morning, Aasha sat with Ishwari and discuss Ronita and Shorabh fight alot, it seems there are three kids in the house. Aasha discuss about alot of changes in the society. Ishwari says bringing up kids in really difficult these days. She then asks Aasha about her writing. Aasha says these days she is only enjoying the role of a grandmother.
In the room, Golu whispers to Suha about playing the game. Dev comes there. They make up that they are really sleepy and tired and wants to sleep. Aasha comes there. Golu says they get extra classes these days and get really tired. Sona comes to the room to drop kids to school, and asks Dev to spend time with Aasha.
Golu tells Suha he has to complete the game he is playing. He doesnt want to be a loser, and takes her promise not to share with anyone.
Dev asks Aasha if Shubh worried him. Aasha asks if there is tension in school. Dev says he got the whole curriculum changed, and they also made a nutrition plan. Aasha appreciates Dev’s efforts, but he must only burdenize him self as much as he is able to manage. Dev assures he will take care of everything. Dev says he understands Aasha is right, people doubt when a girl leaves the house to work. When a boy decides to stay at home must also be doubted.
Shorabh asks Sona for a vacation. Sona says she also wants a leave, and want to spend time with Shubh. Shorabh says Ronita hasn’t been able to handle Mishti. Sona doesn’t pay any attention and says she also needs a fresh mind to attend the next meeting.
In the school, kids tease Golu for not even completing the third level. They have even accomplished the sixth task in the game. Golu was determined to finish the game. Suha says Its not necessary to complete a game unethically or by wrong doing.
Vicky questions TK for stealing from his wallet. He tells Ishwari 4000 are missing from his wallet. TK was weepy and says he can even inspect him. Ishwari and Radha insist TK can’t do this. She says may be he had dropped the money. Dev calms Vicky and says he will find out about who stole the money. Vicky says he is only worried because there was theft in home. Ishwari assures TK she is sure he didn’t steal.
Shorabh sits to speak to Sona. Sona gets a call from Dev that they are called at school. Shorabh was irritated and says he promised Ronita to return home earlier today. Sona remembers at once its his anniversary and says she will handle the presentation today. Shorabh discusses with Sona that Dev hasn’t been able to handle such huge responsibility he has taken.
In the school, Principal complains Dev about Golu and Suha giving bad results in any surprise tests. At home, Dev asks kids what happened that they aren’t anymore interested in studies. He sends them to complete thier homework. Ishwari had heard this.
At night, Sona returns home tired. Dev says it seems everyone was on a leave today. Sona says she had an argument with Shorabh; she forgot his anniversary. She asks why were they called to school. Dev says they wanted to discuss about children. Sona says no one is happy with thier decision. Ishwari, Vicky and Aleena come there. They ask Dev why he didn’t share about the kids. Aleena says they realize Dev is taking care of his responsibilities but they want to share his burden. Vicky insists he must distribute his work load. Dev asks if they don’t trust him. Ishwari insists they must share the responsibilities. Sona defends Dev saying they have comitted mistakes with their kids, likewise Dev must also get a chance.

PRECAP: Sona and Dev were dividing subjects to teach the kids. Dev says its time to revise the subject he is best at, as he stares closely towards Sona.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Minnel Noorsai

    Hi All,

    I have been seeing that there no more than 10 comments, it looks like the episode is fading. I recalled loving Naagin but when season 2 started, I dropped off. But Kuch Rang is a veryo good and heart warming episode, Come on all , please comment.

    1. Yes you are right minnel…??
      Plz comment guys??only fee epis r left..?

    2. Chinnu21

      yaaa u are right minnel…season 2 was good and heart warming epis…
      actually the problem is we are not getting time and moreover the cvs are giving soo cool epis i mean no villans just pure…
      before we used to have ishu mami vicky….any many…so we used to make jokes but now all was vanished..all became angels….kya kareheyyy!!!!
      but i must say season 2 gives the best ideology of life…this completes our serial..we have an best brother,son,husband and now father…so by this our serial has well progressed and protrayed in a better way….
      i liked all the ways they have taken up….

      minnel i want to ask a question..please dont mind it…are you minnel na rose in fb????sry if u are not…
      if u are …….then iam best fan for ur comments in fb.u write very well.there are so days i used to open the fb only to see ur comments on krpkab fanz page..they are so good..

  2. hooo…..golu was trapped….
    but really we are seeing the situations in our lives….
    i like the way there are taking up…really awesome..
    but from the middle of epi it was so interesting..especially golu when taking the money

    precap…kaun sa valiii subject???dekhna padegaa…

  3. I think Golu is playing Blue Whale game which is really dangerous. 130 people died in Russia playing the game and many died in other countries as well. Good to see that they are potraying and alerting the audience about it.

    1. Yeah blue whale??

  4. I am also waiting to know about subject dev is talking about??

    1. Chinnu21

      hahaaha …india wants to know

  5. Yvonne Codner

    Golu is certainly getting out of hand, his cuteness is no longer there, and he is leading Suha astray. Dev needs to reign him in. I am not happy with his behavior because he is a smart kid.

  6. Subhashini

    A very very Happy Diwali to all my krpkab friends
    and all my krpkab frds…????

    1. Happy diwali?

    2. Chinnu21

      thankuu and same to uu dear..

  7. Crystal - USA

    This is my favorite show. I watch it every day, but do not comment; however, I do read your comments. Going forward I will comment every day as well.

  8. Swarna494

    Wishing everyone a very happy prosperous Diwali.. ⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡?????????????????????????

    1. Swarna494

      Sorry guys I don’t know when is Diwali in north India .. I wished you all as it is Diwali today in South India
      Anyways consider it as my advance wishes

      1. Subhashini

        Same to u too Happy Diwali to U and ur family..have a safe Diwali swarna
        Am fyn..
        U r in instagram or Twitter…

    2. Subhashini

      Happy Diwali swarna..??
      Its so long tym to talk with u
      How r u??

      1. Swarna494

        Fyn ka.. How are you doing?? Wishing you and your family a very happy Diwali..

    3. Happy diwali to u too?

  9. Has anyone noticed since last two or three episodes that Sona has been avoiding her mother? In last episode Asha called but Sona cut the conversation very short and hung up. In this episode Asha came to Sona’s home but she quickly said Hi..and left to drop the kids to school…..Somehow I get the feeling that she’s been avoiding Asha.

    1. Niki645

      Actually… even I thought so.. are they gonna introduce a new track??

    2. She is not avoiding actually she is busy with project and also helping dev by dropping kids to school..and in yesterday epi she also said to dev k maa k sath rehna so that asha doesnt feel bad??

      1. Niki645

        Ya true☺

  10. Niki645

    I’m really loving the way Season 2 is tackling so many global issues.. like the rigorous education system, gender inequality, too much usage of devices..

    Woww! Seriously, my love for this show doubles everyday. Love KRPKAB???

    1. Chinnu21

      yahhh!!!!its true

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