Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 17th November 2016 Written Episode Update


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 17th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Dev reaches home and switches on his laptop. Ishwari asks why he came so early. He says he had a client meeting online, so he thought of working from home itself. Ishwari says she is thinking of calling Ayan and his family for dinner. He says it is a good idea.

Sona goes to her parent’s house. Sourav tells family that he has registered company’s name with their family name. Daadi says he did really good. Bejoy orders rasmalai and rasagulla. Sourav says it is a nutritional product company and not sweet shop. Sona says they all can discuss now, she will discuss with Sourav later and will go home now. She asks Elena to drop her out. Elena walks with her. Sona asks what was she doing with Vicky. Elena says Vicky has changed. Sona warns her to be


Ishwari brings tea for Dev and asks him to change his dress first. He goes and seaarches his T-shirt and calls her, but then looks at Sona’s note not to take mom’s help for everything. He says nothing and walks back, hits his leg to swinger. Ishwari gets worried. He says he will be fine. She says all things are not in order here.

Nikki and Rhea’s nok jhok continues. Sona enters and asks them to stop fighting. They both then taunt Rhea about Ayan and she shies. Nikki says bhai came home long ago and must be needing her help. She says she has asked him to be independent. Rhea asks is it. Radha Garib Ki Beti (GKB) comes and yells at Sona that Dev came long ago and she is comig now. Sona says Dev has his own company and can come any time, but she works for someone else and has to follow rules. GKB says he must be sitting alone and waiting for her to give his night suit. Sona says he is learning to become independent. Nikki jokes bhai listens only to bhabi and bhabhi make him do do anything. Neha angrily shouts at Sona that she always boasts about her happiness, this house has 2 group, one with Sona and her happiness and other group not so happy. Sona stands in a shock. Neha leaves.

GKB goes to kitchen. Ishwari yells that Sona is forcing Dev to do his chores himself, how can he do. GKB backs her.

At night, Asha calls Sona. Dev picks it and calls her aunty. She asks it is her. Dev gives phone to Sona. Asha asks if it was Dev itself. Sona asks who else it will be. Asha asks why he is calling me aunty. Sona says he is newly married and must be confused, not yet habituated well to call her maa, like Sourav used to get confused and call aunt as maa and maa as aunt. Dev tells Sona that when he came home, he did not get his T-shirt soon and even hit his feet to her swinger. She asks if he is fine. He says yes.

Next day, Dev takes his clothes to Ishwari’s room and asks if he can keep them in her room. She says he can, but why. He says he is finding it difficult to find his things, don’t know how Sona gets things so easily, today he went to office wearing 2 different socks and was worried if someone will watch his socks. He also tells her that Sona asked him to start being indepedent.

Sona goes to her parent’s house again. Bejoy praises her. Sona while leaving hears Elena speaking to Vicky and agreeing to meet him on his insistence. She warns Elena that Vicky is trying to play with her feelings and should break up with him right away. Elena stands tensed. Elena replies Vicky that they are breaking up. Vicky calls back and asks what is all this. Elena says it is over now, Elena knows about them and she will inform family. He says if family rejects their relationship, will she stop meeting him, if she loves him or not. She says she loves him, but cannot go against family. Vicky angrily throws his mobile and yells this is all because of Sona, he will not spare her.

Dev comes home and sees room dark. Sona sitting on swinger switches on dim lights and greets him. She asks if she liked her idea, she always wanted to create a romantic moment in their room. Dev says it is nice, but he wants to make presentation as he as client meeting in the morning, if he can switch on light now. She sadly says okay.

Precap: Sona sees Kichu keeping swinger in living room and asks him who permitted him to keep it here. Iswhari says she permitted him, Dev needs some space in his room.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Aarti32

    Ishwari is such a necessary evil..

  2. making husband independent doesn’t mean that wife should not keep the home clean. sona should understand that dev is a owner of a company and takes his own decisions and not expecting anybody’s help but when he comes back home wife should take care of him.
    If sona is lazy he can surely get help from his mom ……. Sona should not make dev as his slave .

    1. Junee

      I completely agree with your first part that she should also keep the home clean but i dont think she is making him a slave becoz she wants him to be independent and working women prefer husbands to contribute by atleast taking care of their stuffs! Lot of tycoons and successful professionals are frighfully organised and independent and they are even excellent cooks ! Here the point is Ishwari has purposely made him dependent becoz of her own insecurities. Sonakshi is trying to pull him out but i think she should also help him with that and also that jhula should be placed at the other corner becoz he gets hurt repeatedly and putting lights is no solution!

  3. Manya

    I don’t know but I have mixed reaction for today’s episode
    Main aur Dev babu bilkul ek jaise hai ma nhi hoti toh koi kaam nhi hota?But unki aur Meri mom mein bahut difference hai?
    Dev babu Ko kuch bhi pasand nhi aa raha but woh Sona Ko kuch nhi Bol rhe hai but unka discomfort koi bhi bta sakta hai!!!
    Dev babu pehle toh Apke pass Sona ke liye time Hi time tha but ab……
    Vaise I think ki agar unhe koi problem hai toh unhe apni maa ke pass nhi Sona ke pass jana chahiye
    Upar se yeh elena??apne aap Ko zarurat se zyada hi smart samajhti hai??
    And Dev babu aap bhi Na us Pisswari aunty ke kehte par asha Ko ma nhi aunty Bol Rahe Ho?!!!
    Let’s see what happens tomorrow!!!

  4. What a worst ma and son relationship……..never ever this type mom not in our world….ishwary ek kam karo….your son’s marriage life will be stopped and you will marry your son….please dont create this type cheap mom for serial…..

  5. Alka

    Last part me Dev na expressions kuch ajeeb tha ….??? kya use decorations pasand nahi aayi yaa …office na kuch prob haii ???

  6. OK ok ?? tha aaj ka episode but ishwari ne aaj control karne ke bahut kosis ke☺??…ke wo dev ke help na kare…
    Aur haa sona ne room ko kuch jayada he messy kar diya hai ye kuch jayada hogaya ????
    last but not the least…on going chemistry of devakshi is awesomeeee?????????

  7. Hey guys!
    Had recently written an OS named ‘NIGHT-TIME’. Please do check it out and drop in your valuable comments and suggestions!
    @Priya di, aapke liye hai especially…aapke pyaar Dev babu ismein bade naughty hain 😉
    Here’s the link- http://www.tellyupdates.com/night-time-os-anshita/

    1. Priya9876

      Awww….how cute…thanx a lot dear….
      Mai time nikaal kar jarur padhungi….☺

      1. Your welcome di!
        Jab bhi aap free ho do have a look at it☺️

  8. Hi..all i am watching this serial and a great fan…i do sometimes read ur comments… gt married 12 yrs back…nd totally agree nd understand with the situation shown..as i hv also went thru a lot

    1. Junee

      Sorry thst u had to go thru this trauma so share your views as well

  9. Priya9876


    Devakshi in kapil. Show ….promo….

  10. Junee

    Todays episode nothing much to write but I too feel that Sona should actually help Dev organising his stuff step by step instead of asking him to just do it! A person who is not used to needs to graduate slowly! But she too should keep the room clean and give no scope to Ishwari! I feel she is tackling Dev in a bit too hurried manner! Besides keeping that jhula in that position is constantly hurting our Mr Dumbo! Lights are not the solution she should move that and place it at the other corner where movement is not there! I can see the corner next to TV cabiney in front of the door which they never open probably!
    But Ishwari’s behaviour is just terrible and I have never seen a son who goes overboard about his love for his mother! I find it disturbing to see that he is lying to her by not being transparent!
    1 medical report may be gor her own good but its time to slowly prime her and unfold rather than giving her a shock
    2. How he tricked her by saying that he didnt think much when he called Asha Aunty!
    3. The fact that he is finding space in his mother’s cupboard
    So i find him to be a not so transparent person who is all the time scared of rejection and refusals! May be traits of a business person all fair in love and teade is his principle!

  11. Junee

    Typis my perpetual problem for using phone:
    1)I find it disturbing that Dev is not being transparent with Donakshi as he is in a way lying to her!
    2)For and not gor
    3) trade and not tead

  12. Junee

    @ Noorjahan
    Hi, i saw your comments in our previous days post and have replied ! I am not sure whether u would be able to look into it as there wasnt a reply option next to your name! I shall therefore repeat gor ur convenience!
    Well I comment on this platform becoz I like analysing and not to plz anybody over here. But in the process, i have received a lot of love and affection from my friends who are all known becoz of this page! The joys of sharing our thoughts on a serial we love to watch!
    Let me tell you life is too short to grope on who is giving me less importance or who thinks less about me becoz to me the
    numbers who give affection are far more overwhelming! I move with this pisitivity and shall pen down thoughts which appear right to me and I am always open to the fact that ” we can agree to disagree”! Even if someone disagrees i would welcome becoz the idea is to maintain a healthy debate and take it in the right spirit! We are different individuals so our wavelengths will also differ and that is natural! But a biased argument can generate a lot of heat and therefore either overlook or be careful! You mentioned about Indian people in two of your pists which as per me were derogatory and i would request you not to be so judgemental ! If we hurl at each other there is no end to it and this definitely is not the platform to view such objectionable comments! Kindly restrict your comments to the serial alone ! You are most welcome to participate in a healthy discussion. If people have strongly reacted it is becoz of your unpardonable comments about Indians we have been pretty tolerant! So don’t bear so much bitterness instead participate with a healthy mind is my request! Finally i really feel those who will have to respect eill anyways do so and they will be in my heart always and I could care less if anyone thinks less about me and I dont make internet friends but i do believe in interactions!we are social animals at the end of the day isnt it???
    So cheer up and participate if u want to!

    1. Thanks for the comment. If you had directed your comments at Erina when she called me foolish, I wouldn’t have reacted. I respect everyone’s views and have never said anything hurtful to anyone. I just post my comments and leave. I will continue to do so if interested but as for interacting, I would rather not.
      I’m sorry I came across as judgemental but in all my comments, I have only mentioned serial events and I see no reason why your friend/di should have insulted me who she knows nothing about.
      For the sake of peace and togetherness, this will be my last comment. I will call my continue to watch the serial but I will discontinue any conversation on this platform because all I have received is insult and abuse for have contrary opinions.
      Enjoy yourselves.
      Thank you once again.

  13. Sona ‘ s charecter is not consistent. Makers are just creating situations so that Sona will have problems. And then hopefully the makers will show how Sona intelligently tackle those problems.
    She can teach Dev to be independent. But initially she should ask him to do things with her and make him independent. Initially he might have worked hard to built the business,but now he has people to do what he wantsHe does not have to work hard and not having time for home.Instead of taking his clothes to his Mom ,he should talk to Sona and sort out his problems. He is acting like a child going to his Mom . Especially it does not suit him that he is able to wear even proper socks . If he can not even himself select and dress I am wondering how he became such a big businessman.
    The makers are not logical.
    The precap is really disturbing. Iswari just bring the swing down without even telling Sona. She things that Sona does not have any say even after she told them that it is her childhood dream to have a swing..is that room is only for Dev . May be it was his , before marriage.
    but now he has to share it with Sona. Plus they do not have any privacy. Iswari barges whenever she wants. And with her GKB comes in and insults Sona.
    Sona was right that when she said before marriage that she was treated as a toy.

    1. Junee

      I agree with u Krish

    2. Completely agree with you!
      Sonakshi shall definitely have to put in a few efforts of her own if she really wants to make things better. I assume she very well knows Dev’s nature and to bring any sort of change in him means that she will have to provide him step-by-step assistance at first!

  14. Dev should suck his thumb, rejoin his umblical cord to mommy dearest and start sleeping in her lap again; mother son have both lost it!!!!!
    Sona; what the hell…. he will never learn! What love…All bs!

  15. dev doesn’t like sona’s alter plan in their bedroom i guess!!!!!
    but dev if u don’t like tis idea then u should have to express ur opinion to sona….
    i think u need some time to adapt this changes….
    why are you keeping ur thoughts yourself?
    sona is also very understandable girl!!!!

  16. Erina

    Today I’m completely agree with u all whatever u all hve commented .. Yup I agree ki sona ko dev ko ekdum se nhi chor dena chahiye ki vo jo aaj tak nhi kiya vo kare bcse kch habit itni jaldi nhi badalti . so agree sona is wrong but uske aisa krne ya sochne se mjhe aisa feel nhi hota ki vo dev ko slave bana rhi h why agar vhi same thing sona kre to its her duty but agar vo yhi same thing dev se demand mre ki vo khud kre to dev uska slave ?????? Y kahan ka logic hai mjhe bilkul smjh nhi aata but I agree people yhi sochte h ………..

    1. Junee

      Hi Eri , i have also said the same that i dont consider that she is treating Dev as a slave becoz her intentions ate honest she wants him to be independent!!!

  17. Erina

    Coming to epi again a maha bakwas nd pakauu hi tha .. Mjhe to kch smjh nhi aaya bs one thing hai jo aaya ki dev ko sona ki koi kadar/respect nhi hai . koi kch v bole but mjhe to yhi feel ho rha h . wow mjhe lga tha kch interesting hoga to watch how dev will balance btw his mom nd his wife but no y to kch aur nhi nickla .. Makers to sirf dev ko hi bechara aur innocent banane m busy hai jaise sona to pata nhi kya h .. Uffff Dev to abhi v behave chote bache ki tarah kr rha h jisse pta hi nhi chalta ki situation ko handle kaise krte h but y bacha turant mr. Dev dixit ban jayega agar vo sona ko kisi aur k sth dekh le to…. So mr. Dixit ko y smjh aati h ki sona uski wife h nd vo kisi aur k sth nhi reh skti but y nhi smjh aati ki she also need support, care, love nd concern of her hubby .. Ek pal m to itna intelligent ban jaata hai jb baat uski maa ki aati hai nd uski udasi ya use related kisi v baat ki aati h but y Mr. Intelligent ki saari intellegency kaha chali jati h jb baat uski khud ki na ki kisi aur ki wife ki aati h ????

    1. Subhashini

      I completely agree with u eri ,dev naturally not accepted sona’s relation,i think they r not like a family they stay like strangers

    2. Priya9876

      Dav babu ek pal me kuch Ar dusre pal me kuch aur

    3. I completely agree with your point Erina di!
      I feel that Dev should be have a consistent character whereas currently, he’s always too busy jumping from Ishwari and Sonakshi! Dev knows his mother’s position and importance in his life very well. Now, it’s time for him to learn about Sonakshi’s true importance. She ain’t no toy which he takes whenever he pleases! If he knows that his mother always does the best for him, including all the decisions taken by him, why doesn’t he believe that Sonakshi too tries to the best for him and make him a better person!

  18. Erina

    Maine bht pehle ek OS read kiya tha jo ki uss samay mjhe lga tha y bht aage ki soch h but mjhe pta nhi h na hi maine imagine v kiya tha ki uska vo OS itna perfect hoga . lgta h vo pehle hi smjh gya tha ki y makers k mind m kya chal rha h .. Uuppss maine naam to bataya hi nhi so the name of d OS was “DOCTOR TO DOORMAT “. Now I feel only after seeing name many will agree with me. Isn’t it so ??????????

  19. Erina

    Nd last comment from my side for today ki why dev has permitted sona to do whatever she want or feel to do when he himself was not ready for that.. Mtlb dev sona ko itna hi janta hai kya ? ¿Usse kya lga agar sona ko vo promise nhi krta sona nhi maanti … Itta to mai smjh chuki hu nd I bet mjhse agree v bht krenge ki sona ko samano se nhi balki insaano se pyaar h but i think dev ko y abhi tk smjh nhi aayi . sirf permit krna hi sab kch nhi hota nd jaha tk mjhe smjh aati h jinse hm love krte h hme unki happiness ko dekh kr jyada khushi hoti h although vo hme acha v kyu na laage but hm khush hote h bcse vo khushi hote h jo hmre lye sab kch hote h …. But aisa dev ko dekh kr lgta nhi balki usse aisa lgta h vo sona se utna love hi nhi krta jitna ishwari se krta h bcse agar krta to mjhe v feel hota jaise mjhe uska love ishwari ke lye dikhta nd feel hota h…
    now I pray ki sona ko kch dino tk bht hurt feel ho at a result vo y smjh jaye ki vo jo smjh rhi h ki jo v vo kr rhi h dev usse khush h vo galat h nd vo aage se rhe to ussi ghr m but na hi apna opinion share mre na hi vo apne dreams share kr na hi vo kisi v family discussion ka part bane nd ol… Bas vo rhe but bilkul stranger ki tarah bcse jaha aapki respect nhi vaha apko bolne ki v koi need nhi . vo aisa kare just bcse mjhe lgta h now everyone in that family needs this only. Only sona should share her things with ria nd nikki . nd vaise v uske pass v to family h better one who always want nd need her so she can concentrate on that but also do her respected job in this mansion also bcse I remeber sona ne hi kaha tha kch baate bolu nhi jaati bs unhe samjhi jati h nd I want to know ki kya dev tb v understand kr payega sona ko ya nhi …….
    Thats it for today c u all tomoro till then take care….
    Nd wishing u all happy nd lovely mrng nd awesome day ahead ……… ????????

  20. Junee

    Good morning All ☀️☀️??????

  21. OMG, Vicky-Elena… as couple…! I think Sona was right about Vicky bcoz he’s intentions were not good….let’s see…! And Dev, Why he’s calling Asha as Aunty not Maa….When Sona accepts his mom Ishwari as maa then I don’t think that Dev should call Asha as Aunty…
    Dev’s family is not accepting Sona as their daughter-in-law….specially Mamiji Ishwari and Neha….Why she has a problem With Sona? Why she’s jealous from Sona like Ishwari..?
    Hiiiii to all my friends….??….Priya, Devga, Junee, Ganga, Subhashini, Chanpreet, Asmita, Erina, Manya, Pothik, Shalini and Sneha and all Devakshi fan’s… Have a nice day..!?

    1. Junee

      Wow wow ! U are back!??????I am so happy! How r u doing dear???
      We were missing ur comments! So welcome back and happy commenting!!!

      1. Neha1

        Thanks dear….its a long break from you guys…but I also missed you guys very much…I’m feeling much better but going for counseling to psychologist….still taking medicine…

  22. Neha1

    Hiii to all my friends and all KRPKABian’s

    1. Erina

      Hllo neha ???good to c u again nd I hope now u r fine ……

      1. Neha1

        Hiii Erina….yes dear now I’m much better

    2. Erina

      Wow thats grt news dear so can u come here on daily basis as u come …

      1. Neha1

        Yes dear, sure I’ll try to comment regularly..

    3. Priya9876

      Hey….!!!!Hii….☺?kitne dino baad
      Ab Teri tabiyat kaisi hai??
      M very happy to see u here after a long time..??

    4. Hiii Neha…..?? Am happy ur back here….. ??How is ur helath dear…..???

      1. Neha1

        Hey Ganga… I’m much better now….still taking medicine and going for counseling…

  23. Junee

    I think Dev should talk to Sona directly about his inconveniences! Why does he have to run to his mom for solutions? Grow up boy!Besides I am not liking his hypocrisy one bit!
    Ishwari is going to encash on this.
    But for Sonakshi i have one piece of
    advice that don’t take any nonsense from any of the members in that house , like Neha did and GKB constantly does it. Don’t spare ur dear husband when you come to know about the various hypocrisy! I agree its a chauvinistic world and we women too contribute to that in many ways.So , u better put up a brave front and expose each of them.

    1. Yes, Dev should definitely approach Sona and share his concerns with her instead of complaining to Ishwari! After all that has happened ever since Dev and Sonakshi’s marriage, I bet Sonakshi must be knowing very well that many a times will she be standing alone with nobody on her side. However, she shouldn’t let any situation weaken her and she should fight against all if required! So it’s all up to Sonakshi herself to do what she can do!

  24. Neha1

    I was watching the show regularly… but Omg Vicky-Elena as couple….is shocking….. and I think Sonakshi was right about Vicky… I also think Vicky intentions were not good…!
    And Dev ka screw dheela ho gaya hai koi jao or tight krke aao….bcoz he’s calling Asha maa as Aunty…dev tum pagal ho Maateshree Ishwari k pyaar me…Itne pagal tum Sonakshi ke pyaar me pado toh achcha hai…..bht time ho gaya Uss Dev Dixit ko nhi dekha jo kabhi Sona ko stalker ki tarah follow krta tha….Sona ke pyaar me pagal tha..? bht ho gaya Moma’s boy…. he’s behaving like a 5yr old child….Dev plz grow -up..
    Or Neha ko kya problem hai Sonakshi se….just bcoz her married life was not good she’s jealous with Sonakshi…. Pehle Ishwari or GKB kya kum the….jo ye Neha bhi unhe join kr rhi hai…!

    1. Priya9876

      BiLkul sahi kaha neha dev ko crazy apni wife k liye hona chaiye tooo yaha to bhai kahani hi ulti ho chuki hai…. Ek new hubby apni maa k pyar me pagal hua padda hai….huhhh!!!!!!

      Neha chipdii ki to Mai??????✂✂✂????????????. Disgusting lady….

  25. Hi guys!
    Mine kal ka episode dekhi nahi kyunki I was traveling to Mumbai
    But I think sons is right that Vicky is not good for her sis Elena
    And I totally agree with you guys that sons is not doing a good job by teaching dev how to not depend on his mom
    She can do better by this

  26. Hi guys!
    Mine kal ka episode dekhi nahi kyunki I was traveling to Mumbai
    But I think sons is right that Vicky is not good for her sister Elena
    And I totally agree with you guys that sona is not doing a good job by teaching dev how to not depend on his mom
    She can do better by this

  27. Priya9876

    Bejoy uncle– tumne bohot sahi kiya ye sona mai to kehta hun dev se chai v banwana suru kar do,,,, chai ☕☕☕☕ banate banate baat khane …!!! Tak to paunch hi jaye GI??????????????
    Mast idea hai chichickoy uncle????

  28. Priya9876

    Sona is well settled ,, independent,, earning girl…..but bade(rich man) aadmi se shadi karne ki baad ek choti si change dikhi mujhe…

    Sab ne notice kiya hoga sona ne local bag use karna chodd diya….!!! N Ab WO branded bag use karti hai……good sona kuch to chang hona hi chaiye tha…????????

    1. Yeah, I too noticed that!
      Waah Waah Sona! Kya baat hai!?????

    2. Hiii priya….. Sorry for late wish

      Many many many happy returns of d day belatedly…….. ???????????

      Dis gifts r from my side ??????

      1. Priya9876

        Thank u soo much ganga….?
        And special thanks for your gifts

    3. Neha1

      Sorry Priya, I don’t know that today’s your birthday….
      Many Many Happy returns of the day…dear Priya.??????????????

      1. Priya9876

        Hey …its OK Neha…☺
        BDW birthday 17 ko tha?
        Thanx for u wish

  29. Sneha1

    Oh my god…
    last week back to back superb episode.. all those goody goody episodes where dev sona finally mend their differences while discussing their issues….
    what happened now… CVs i know ki back to back goody goody stuff dikhana monotonous ho jata hai.. par ap ekdum se itni negativity bhi nahi dikha sakte hai.. I know “shock therapy” bhi ek traetment hai pr ap hum loyal viewers ko back to back shock kyun de rahe ho…

    Please show how dev grows in a relationship… keeping trust on his better half…

    Also whatever changes sona wants to have in Dev, please let asha maa or somebody else advise sona to move gradually… u cant ask a 1 year old to learn swimming in one shot by throwing him in the water and let him swim or drown away as per his efforts…You have to enter into water with him to make him learn swimming…
    In d same way, sona has to gradually teach Dev the imporatnce of self believe and self dependency…

    Hope all this will lead to a good results… Keeping my finger crossed and hope for the best.

    1. Priya9876

      have a lool Guys………..

      ????? https://youtu.be/_xWShKajYz8
      Shaandaar Entry of All shows team…with a wonderful Bhangdaa……….Balley….Balley…

      ????? Shaheer ne v swaymber me part liya ( Dr. Mashoor Gulati ki Beti k liye ) n guess what Shaheer ne swaymber jeet v liya…….O teriiiiiii………!!!!!!!

      mujhse to wait hi nhi ho raha…..Eager to watch…… jaldi aa jao saturday………

      1. Junee

        Superb Priya ! Thanks. Is it on the 19 th? Kaal?

      2. Priya9876

        Yes junee kal….yeeeeeyyy

    2. Priya9876

      ohhh….!! by mistake yaha post ho gya..

  30. Angel20

    Why are they showing such boring episodes?! Why can’t Dev become independent or at least try to. He doesn’t listen whatever Sona kahi says, can’t he see and walk? Always he gets hurt by that chair! I mean height of carelessness and then he will blame Sonakshi for that. I have really lost interest in this serial. What say guys?

    1. Comletely agree with your point! Dev is being shown as an arrogant character who doesn’t accommodate much to changes but expects other to do so! Ugggghh! He’s simply not used to being independent! And when Sonakshi’s trying to brig about a change for his own betterment, everyone in the house arises with their own negative responses towards the same!

  31. Priya9876

    have a look Guys………..

    ????? https://youtu.be/_xWShKajYz8
    Shaandaar Entry of All shows team…with a wonderful Bhangdaa……….Balley….Balley…

    ????? Shaheer ne v swaymber me part liya ( Dr. Mashoor Gulati ki Beti k liye ) n guess what Shaheer ne swaymber jeet v liya…….O teriiiiiii………!!!!!!!

    mujhse to wait hi nhi ho raha…..Eager to watch…… jaldi aa jao saturday………

    1. Mujhse bhi wait nahin karaa jaa raha hai! Saturday! Please jaldi aao na!

  32. Yes Maria,
    You are right
    Ab agar in logon ne acchi episodes nahi dikhaye na to mera kya tumhara kya hum sab fans ka intrest lose Ho jayega
    And I don’t want that to happen !!?

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