Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 17th May 2016 Written Episode Update


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 17th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sona tells Elena that when she is trying to avoid Dev, he is coming behind him, how to avoid him. Elena says she cannot avoid him as she works for him and that too at his house. Sona asks what should she do now. Elena says she should express her feeling. Sona says their chemistry will never happen, she doe snot want to love him.

Dev is busy chatting with Gujral and Natasha Gujral (NG). Nikki shows joystick to Dev. NG asks if they also play game. Nikki says Dev and she play only car racing and Dev wins always. NG says nobody can defeat her and challenges. Nikki forces Dev to accept challenge and they both walk out to play game.

Sona tells about Dev and Gujral’s business deal and hopes Dev wins deal. Elena asks why is she caring so much, what she needs.

Sona says Dev.. Elena tickles her ribs.

Gujral tells Ishwari that Natasha is his lonely daughter and he is worried about her future. Ishwari says every parent is worried about child’s future. Gujral says he wants Dev to marry Natasha. He says NG likes Dev a lot and Dev is a smart businessman and above all a nice human being, he says he will convince NG and she should convince Dev, if this deal happens, Dev’s life will change. Ishwari says even she has 3 daughters and knows his state of mind, she will discuss with family and inform him. Radha hears their conversation and says NG is very good girl and she was thinking same. Ishwari says she was telling she will discuss with family and inform Gujral. Gujral says sure, take your own time and leaves with NG.

Radha asks Dev where was he stuck. He says he went to meet Sona and got stuck in her house, someone locked door from outside. Radha yells why did he go there and tells Gujral discussed about NG and his alliance. He is surprised and asks why did not they hint him. Radha says they are khandani people and would be very conservative. Ishwari says he was talking abou deal. Radha says if this alliance happens, she will take diamond necklace as shagun from Gujral.

Dev is still confused. Nikki hugs him and she heard Gujral’s discussion and says she will call Natasha as Batasha. Dev calls Tina and asks if marriage happens with business merger. She asks he means. He says he questioned her and disconnects call. Nikki informs Ria and Neha about Gujral’s proposal and asks Neha if she will also marry. Neha argues.

Sona imagines Dev sitting near her bed smiling. She gets up and thinks he has come for real. Dev extends his hand and takes her to garden. They both look into each other’s eyes romantically. He holds her hand near his heart and asks if she heart something. She just looks at his face. he drags her near him. She shyingly hugs him and continues looking at his face. He says he used to think why he fights with her whenever he meets her, why he cares about her, why she cares about him, this is not just care, there is something to it, she wanted a love story, he is her love story. He murmurs in her ears “I love you Sonakshi, I realy do love you.”
She goes back a bit, says I love you too Mr. Obodro, she means Dev, runs and jumps into his arms. Kuch rang pyar ke….song..plays in the background. He takes her under flower tree and showers flowers on her. They both hug each other again. She then realizes it was just her imagination and she is still on bed. She thinks he may become her dream forever.

Precap: Radha informs Sona that Gujral sought Dev’s hand for his daughter Natasha. Sona is shocked.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. So sad???but OMG can’t wait to watch the devaakshi scene??

  2. Guys!!!!how many of you knew that nikita as suman and erica as sonakshi,were models together and we’re working together?and did you know that shravan aka namik was a reporter and shaheer aka dev was a lawyer??i just found out and it is so fascinating !!’

    1. I knew erica before as a model as well as actress… But dint knw tht Nikita is also a model …. Grt…. Ya namik was a reporter in ndtv…. But dint knw abt shabeer…… Thank u 4 this news

    2. i heard that shaheer was lawyer and erica was model but sound’s intersting that niki was also a model and shravan was a reporter!!!!!!!!

    3. Fatarajo (KRPKAB, EDKV n dehleez fan)

      Oh really Nishi I know Nikita and Erica are model but I didn’t know about namik and shaheer, and I have seen shaheer and Nikita in other shows also

    4. Ya i saw Erica in Tamil movie name indhu indhu indhu (555). And i know shaheer is a lawyer. But i don’t about others.

      1. I mean ‘I don’t know about others’

  3. Love confession dream sequence was superrrr se uperrrrr…???…

  4. Nishi Sona was miss maharashtra in 2011 and one in top 10 contestants in 2012 miss india. I thought she was 1st aur 2nd runner up. Dev has done one Indonesian movie too along with singing…

  5. guys i am the one who writes horror story..shall i join u here??i like their pairs..but story line is not good..becoz i need only dev and sonakshi pair and not others,,anyways leads will be married atlast..so that i can watch..tell me cast alone guys..pls i don’t anyone other than dev and sonakshi

    1. most welcome ranaji to our krpkab fan group…….and ur horror stories r just fabulous…..and u r from where and in which std ur studying?????

      1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

        I am from Coimbatore.. I am studying +2.. Now..

  6. Hope sona’s dream comes true soon

  7. bdw suman(nikita) also in 2012 miss india contest also among top 10..

  8. last prt sooiprb…

  9. Wow dream portion ws too too Good, i wish sonas dreams come true. I don’t like precap.

    Male version BGM is Outstanding. Female voice is soo sweet.

  10. nic episode…..guys can u plz help me…i want to download the female version of kuch rang pyar kae asae b…plz can u send me a link

  11. I hope that sona’s dream comes true….dream portion is very beautiful…

  12. Natasha / Roop Durgapal is a software engineer in real life. She was with Infosys I believe. She ended up doing negative roles!
    Ishwari’s acting in this episode was quite artificial. At times she goes overboard with her expressions i feel. Otherwise nice episode

  13. Wonderful dream by Sona… I wish it comes true… And why I have a feeling that Dev is not feeling good in marrying Natasha bec he is thinking about sona…
    What do u all think?
    And ya Ranaji most welcome… Vaise I have a doubt, Are u a guy? Just wanted to know…

  14. wow……..hw romantic dev s…….. any1 wil fal fo him……. nd thanks frnds fo a load f infomatn……..
    nd i dont think iswari s ovr acting……..

  15. Wow loved today’s epi can’t wait to watch it on tv Sona’s imagination an I don’t like it when makers are trying to trick us 😛
    And shocking precap :O I hope Natasha is understanding and she understands Dev and Sona’s bond which is love soon

  16. Natasha is so fake!!! Yesterday she said ki usse facial karane ka tym nhi milta… lyk seriously!!! Koi b bta de ki 4-5 parlour me reh k ayi h dev k ghar n aaj Usse har woh kaam karna h jo dev jar rha h… deal b usne dev se marriage k liye kari she is sooo creepy!!! Radharani shud really start searching a bride for her own son dev ko toh koi b ladki mil jayegi but vicky se toh koi ” garib ki beti” hi shaadi karegi!! Luv nikki n devakshi.

  17. I presume, for business sake dev will agree for marriage but he will not have any feeling for natasha.ultimately natasha would notice it and also the bonding between sona & dev and step back.this might be the positivity in her role.just a guess.

  18. Hey guys!! Can I too join the fan club??? I’m princess author of SAMJHOTA yah pyaar, etc. Etc..

    1. Most welcome princess to our krpkab fan group…and u r from where an din which std u r studying???

  19. yes…… dev s so rich……. ye radharani ke naye ghar kab banake dhoge dev……..?.jaldhi se chutkara paalo dev usse……..aur hame bhi bachaalo……… radharani se……

    watched all th retelacasts……uuufffff…..dev s so cute nd romantic…….

  20. Waoo….. How romantic dream…..
    Sona Ki ye dream jaldi Puri Ho jaye….
    Ar jb tak Puri nhi hoti sona aur dev KO aise hi romantic dreams aate rahe…..❤ saheer u r soo cute…luv u saheer.. ? ..

  21. Guys i would like to give information about shaheer’s LOVE STORY. But it has sad ending.
    shaheer was dating popular Indonesian singer Ayu Ting Ting fpfor 4 months.
    Shaheer sheikh,who movedto Indonesia to explore the entertainment business,is back to where he belongs. Shaheer opens up finally about it after much hesitation. He says,”it was a beautiful relationship that lasted 4 months. It was a good thing to happen to me that is love. It met Ayu on the set of reality show and fell for her simplicity. She was transparent and helpful. She helped me to get a foothold there as I struggled with the language and the culture in Indonesia.”
    But sadly, it was this language and culture barrier that marred the relationship ‘Even though she spoke English, we could hardly understand each other’s emotions ‘ people around also tried to influence us. They were against me for dating Ayu as she was asingle mother. Misunderstandings snowballed into bigger issues. Sometimes, things don’t workout when they aren’t meant to be.
    Certain reports also hinted at shaheer’s unwillingness to settle down as the reason for the breakup, while Ayu was looking at marriage. Shaheer clarifies that “when u are in relationship,u don’t think of backing out. Breakups and divorces aren’t my thing.
    someone ask shaheer that has he overcome the pain of heart break?? Shaheer replied, Break ups are difficult and i m trying to get over it.
    And guys he truly loved Ayu Ting Ting. I came to know.
    Shaheer sheikh’s occupation :- lawyer,photographer, event manager,model,actor. He is all rounder.
    He loves cricket. he loves to listen music and also he composed some song. I came to know. And shaheer also said that he is similar to his dev’s character. means he is similar to dev. No difference.

    1. Thanks for sharing this info… Prit…sad for shaheer…

  22. Guys i tried to write it in best way. But if i had done some mistake. Then Sorry.
    today’s episode was awsm. mujhe lagta h ki dev ko acha nhi laga ye sun kr. Ki natasha likes dev. agar dev ne natasha se shaadi nhi ki toh gujrals deal bhi cancel kr denge kya. Professional or personal life mix nhi krni chahiye. However it will affect dev’s life only. Not fair at all. Sona or dev ka romance was just so awsm. Kaash ki ye dream true ho jaae. Eagerly waiting for next episode.

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