Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 17th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 17th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ishwari’s friend comes to meet her with her daughter. Ishwari gets happy seeing them and says she saw daughter in childhood and she is grown up now. Friend says she should Dev married soon and her bahu will take care of guests. Sona brings beetroot juiice. Friend asks Ishwari when did she get new bahu. Ishwari says she is not her bahu. Sona gives juice. Ishwari asks to bring tea. Sona says it is time for juice. Ishwari introduces her friend and asks Sona to bring tea for her.

Dev is busy at office with clients. Neha calls him and asks when will her room’s AC arrive. He says he will speak in the evening. She yells he would have brought AC for mom by now and ignores sister. Dev disconnects call. Ishwari listens to her conversation silently.


gives juice to Ishwari and says someone met her outside and told he knows her. Ishwari asks what is his name. She says some Khatri and looks like he knows her well. Ishwari reminisces Khatri trying to molest her during younger days and fumes in anger. She warns Sona to mind her business and not to get too personal.

In the evening, before going home, Sona tells Dev that tomorrow is holi and she needs holiday. He asks if she plays holi. She says yes and asks if he does not play holi. He says he hates colors. She starts taunting that he must have grown playing with foreign toys in AC home and does not know hardship and true value of life, etc. He smiles. She asks if he is laughing on her middle class life. He says no. Sh continues that she has seen lot of hardship and used to stay in rented house. He says she can take paid leave. She shouts it is govt holiday. He smiles and leaves.

Ishwari reminisces Khatri’s words and cries. Dev comes and asks her why is she reminiscing past. She says past wounds are deep and cannot be forgiven. He reminisces playing with children not attending school and Ishwari punishing herself for that by breaking vase and getting slapped by her owner.

Sona goes home and complains family against Dev that he is arrogant and did not give her holiday. Mom brings sari and neclace. Dad taunts it is too bright for her age. Mom says it is for Sona. Saurab jokes that if Sona wears it for dinner party, she will get married tonight itself. Mom says it is Sona’s naani’s sari and she should wear it.

Dev sits for dinner with Ria. Neha comes and shouts he ignored her and did not get AC for her. He says he ordered it already and she will get it by tomorrow evening. She thanks him. He says he wants family to love each other for emotional values and not for money. He goes to room, picks knife from cupboard and reminsces Ishwari bring this knife and taking him far away and telling she had to punish a culprit with knife.

Precap: Dev scolds Sona for letting mom eat pizza. Sona says mom did not listen to her. Dev says if she had argued with mom like this, she would not have eaten pizza and shouts that she does not know her work. Sona says she came to her with a job offer and if he feels her incompetent, he can hire a better doctor.

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