kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi 17th june analysis


Sorry for not updating this last 2 days. So here we go for today –

Bose house –
Sona tells Elena and Saurabh that Dev also loves her. They both get annoyed as Sona didn’t tell them. Elena hides her phone.
Mid night-
Asha comes to sona and asks her how many slipping pills needed for suicide. Sona is shocked to listen this but Asha tells that one of her novel’s will commit suicide with slipping pills. Sona asks her to tell in the morning and again sleeps. Asha goes annoying. Sudden phn rings. Sona searchs and finds the phn. Its a msg from dev that he will do breakfast with sona next morning. Sona ?

Dixit house –
Sona comes and looks for dev. Kichu tells her that Dev already left for office. Sona gets angry.

Ranveer’s house –
Ranveer receives an offer letter. He is offered head of the Department post in a private University. All are happy to know this. But he understands that dev has done this.

Dixit house –
Its lunch time. Sona is still angry and decides not to talk to him. Suddenly dev comes.
D?- knock knock.
S ?
D- sonakshi, aksar jab log esa kehte hain tab samne wale insaan ko kehna hota hai “who is this?”
S- mujhe pata hai warna aap breakfast par nai aate.
D- i am really sorry, ssonakshi.
S?- aaj aapka koi sorry worry kaam nai krega. Pata hai maine breakfast tak nahi kiya.
D- maine bhi breakfast nahi kiya hai. Lekin aap meri baat hi nahi sun rahi.
S- mujhe aapse koi baat nahi karni.
In bengali she says that she waits a lot for him. Dev gives her a “question mark” look. She again calls him impossible in bengali and goes into the kitchen. Dev folloWS her.
D- sonakshi sorry. Please
S?- kya please. Esa kya bahana hai aapke paas ki khud mujhe yahan bula kar khud nahi aa paye.
D(bechara) – kal main office late gaya tha na. Maa ne sabko bata diya. Aur aaj jab main upes se niche aa raha tha to sab mujhe ese dekh rahe the jese mere sar par sing ?ugg aaye hain. (Dev does the action). To agar main aaj bhi late jata to sab sochte ki main badal gaya. (He clarifies) i mean main badal gaya hoon lekin abhi sabko bata nahi sakta na.
S?- to ye aapki prblm hai na.
D(still on sorry mode)- sorry na. Aap jo punishment dengi wo krunga.
Sona(in a naughty tone) – punishment.
D- haan. Lekin aisi kati kati baaten mat kijiye. Jo punishment dengi main puri krunga.
S- main jo bhi punishment dungi aap karenge.
D- pakka.
S?- aapne breakfast nahi koya na. To aaiye.
She offers him red chilly.
S- ab kar lijiye.
D? – mirchi???
S- agar aap sorry really feel karte ho to ye sab kha kar dikhaiye.
D?- aap sach me chahti hain ki main mirchi khaun? You mean it?
S – ya, i mean it. Main jo kuch bhi kehti hoon i mean it. Aur ab pata chalega ki agar aapne sorry kaha to how much you mean it. Aap kehte ho na ki ladkiyan bahot complicated hoti hain, lekin bahot simple hoti hain. Jo chahti hain, wahi kehti hain. Aur hum log yahi chahte hain ki humara partner zabaan ka sachcha ho aur pakka. Agar aapko koi doubt hai to….
She stops seeing dev eating chilli. She is shocked ? while dev continues. She stops him.
S- dev, tum kya kar rahe ho? Maine ese hi kaha tha. Yahan aao.
She pulls him in kitchen and gives him a glass of milk.
S(gets senti,)- prove kar liya na apne aapko. Ab pi lijiye.
D- ms. Bose aap ro rahi hain.
S- koi jaruri nahi hai ki har aansu taklif ka hi ho, kuch achche bhi hote hain.
D- achche ya bure, kisi bhi tarah ke koi aansu nahi aane chahiye. Thik hai.
D- what aap aap. Tum… tum mujhe bengali me tum bulati ho to ab ese bhi tum bulao.
S- mr. Dixit its not about about aap or tum. Aur aapko meri har stupid baat puri karne ki koi jarurt nahi. Aapko sach me lag raha tha ki agar aapne mirchi khayi to hi main manungi ki aap sorry feel kar rahe hain. Itni stupid lagti hoon kya main aapko?
D (confused)- tum ladkiya kitni complicated hpti jo. I mean abhi kaha ki main jo kehti hoon wahi mean karti hoon aur ab keh rahi ho…
S- shhh…. betho aur chupchap ye peeo. Dev obeys her and drink milk.
S- mujhe pata hai ki maine galti ki.
D- ms. Bose
S- its sonakshi for you.
D- haan, sonakshi. Apne aap par ya mujh par gussa karne ki koi jarurt nahi hai. Ok. Fine.
Dev cutely smiles. he wipes her tears and asks her to smile.
D?- pata hai jb aap smile karti hain to mujhe kitna achcha lagta hai.
D- chaliye lunch pr chalte hain.
S-aur office.
D- boss hone ka ek fayda hai. Office me kaam wait kar sakta hai.
S- lekin yahan kaam wait nahi kar sakta. To aap office jaiye.
D ?
D- to aapki gift aapko bina diye hi chala jaun.
S- gift aur aap… aap mere liye gift laye hain???
D – haan. Jo laya hoon wo mujh par to suit nahi karega.
S- to kya hai ye gift ?
D-kuch esa hai jiske bare me main bilkul nahi janta. Lekin jab tumko uske sath imagine kiya to laga ki yahi hai. Its perfect.
S- ek baat kahu mr. Dixit. Jab main aapse pyar karne lagi thi…
Dev interrupts her shockingly.
D- thi…??? Thi ka kya matlb hai??
S- nahi nahi… mtlb mujhe pata nahi tha ki aap itne romantic hain. Aap kab tak mujhe ese surprise karte rahenge?
D- abhi tak main khud apne aapko nahi samjh paya to aapko kese samjha sakta hoon.? abhi khud ko samjhna shuru kiya hai.
S- thik hai. Main khud samjh lungi.
Mami enters and they both shocked. Mami asks dev what he is doing here.
D- wo main file ko kehne aaya tha ki mujhe coffee bna de aur Kichu bhaiya ? main file lene ghar aaya tha aur Kichu bhaiya se kehna tha mi mujhe coffee bna de. Ms. Bose aap Kichu bhaiya se keh dengi na ki mere liye coffee bna de.
S- ji mr. Dicit.
Mami asks dev to have lunch. Dev leaves as no option.

Dev’s office –
Ranveer comes and wants to meet dev. But teena tells him tht dev is not in thr office. Ranveer leaves saying he will come tomorrow on same time

Dixit House-
Nikki comes to sona and tells her about the symptoms of love. Dev is watching him standing near a wall and smiles. Sona too smiles. Ishwari comes.
I- choron ki tarah kyun khada hai yahan? Dev(scared) – choron ki tarah kyun khada hounga maa.
I- haan mujhe pata hai, ye to bas kehne ka tarika hai dev. Mujhe lata hai yu koi bhi kaam chori chori nahi karta. Mujhe laga ki tu office chala gaya.
D- office gaya tha na… wapis aa gaya socha ghar se hi kaam kar leta hu.
I- ghar me bhi office. Kitna dil laga kar kaam kar raha hai mera beta.
D(slowly) – dil lagana to abhi sikh raha hoon maa.
Mami enters and dev vot caught btwn mami and maa. Dev somehow handles the situation. Sona smiles on his condition.
Dev sits on dining table and asks dev to serve foid. Dev signs sona to vome in his room after lunch. Kivhu comes and notices this. Dev tells him that he is doing exercise. Sona smiles.

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  1. Esme

    Day by day i m getting close 2 the show.it is my daily routine to read the update of the episode shown.erica and shaheer’s acting is excellent.i loved that part in which dev innocently says jo punishment dengi puri karoonga and after that the punishment i.e. eating chilli.fabulous.i love this romance.it is different from that shown in other shows where unnecessarily song plays in the background.

  2. LovelyLady

    i m a slnt readr of this pg…. i was waiting fr analysis frm two days…. i really appreciates your work…… love u dear

  3. Esme

    Yeah i forgot one thing.dil lagana to abhi sik hi rha hoon maa this too is amazing.

  4. Heya..I ws waiting for ur updates…aftr reading ur update I dnt feel lyk watching it as ur analysis is so elaborated tat it sketches whole episode infrnt of my eyes….if possible miss anythng. BUT dnt miss to write d analysis plzzzzzz

  5. Ramzaan is going on for me..so cnt watch but m relaxed tat u r thr for lettng me know wat happen…so plzzz humble request dnt miss writing d analysis

  6. now a days I can’t sit properly while watching the show i mean I have a problem that I can’t see romantic scenes without laughing. really now it became difficult for me to watch without slipping from sofa. damn it….????

  7. Thank you for this detailed episode. I’ve never read an update that gives conversations. So hats off to you on the analysis. Keep going. I’m unable to watch this beautiful show once my college started,but these updates keep me going….so thank you. Good work.

    Dev and Sona have just captivated my heart. Only two couples were able to do that before: Asya and Kaya. Now Devakshi has done it. Splendid work both Shaheer and Sharica!
    Dev + Sonakshi = Devakshi
    Shaheer + Erica = Sharica <<<3

  8. super update….
    really i have no words
    u r amazing Asmita….

  9. Tanks asmita,am waiting 4 ur updates since last 2 days.i can watch it 1ly in Saturday,so am eagerly waiting for ur update in weekdays.ur update gave me the feel of watching it.so,pls yaar do it everyday

  10. Ur work is getting amazing day by day really i impressed by ur hardwork…..very gud…keep it up….

  11. I am die hard fan of Ur analysis but I’m ? naraz from u asmita that u haven’t send analysis for 15th &14th June
    Don’t forget 2 send it yr
    Coming to today’s episode analysis
    That as a rule it was truly awsm
    Just luved it?

    1. Asmita...

      Thanks juhi. But sometimes i m not getting proper comments. And without comments i dont feel writing at all.

  12. Hi Ashmita Hindi me updates padhne ka maza alag hi. Please update missed episodes of this week also as they are really good. And your updates will be sone PE suhagaa honge

  13. Very nice updates. I was able to imagine all the scenes.thank u asmita ji.

    1. Asmita...

      Thnks Sweety

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