Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 17th June 2016 Written Episode Update


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 17th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sona tells Sourav and Elena that Dev also loves her. They both look at her in a shock and asks how did this happen. She tells them about their meeting. They take her mobile and say she will get it only in the morning. Sona sleeps sadly. Mom comes at midnight and wakes her up. She says Elena give my mobile. Mom says it is her and asks howmany pills one has to consume to suicide. Sona asks who took pills. She says Shanta. Sona says she should go and help her then. Mom says Shanta is her novel’s character who died. Sona says she frightened her uncessarily. Mom leaves.

In the morning, Sona reaches Dev’s home for work and thinks he must be waiting to have breakfast with her. She asks Kichu where is Dev. Kichu says he left for office. She fumes and gets

breakfast prepared for Ishwari. Radha comes and starts yelling at her. Sona breaks cutlery by mistake. Radha yells even more that she broke 8000 rs worth imported cutlery. Sona asks Kichu to serve breakfast to Ishwari and sits fuming Dev promised to have breakfast with her. Dev comes and apologizes and says he went to office late, so he went early today. She shows fake anger. He tries to convince her. She asks him to have chillies as breakfast. He munches chillies. She gets worried, gives him cold milk and says he proved himself. Dev says he will stay back home today for her and gift her something.

Ranveer gets a letter of professor’s job in a reputed university. His mom thanks god and asks when did he apply. He says he did not and knows who is helping him. He goes to Dev’s office and insists Tina to meet Dev. Tina says he is not at office and will check when will he come. He says okay.

Nikki browses net and tells Sona it is written that hear beat increases when someone is in love. Sona checks her heart beat. Nikki asks if she is in love. Sona nods yes. Dev stands near door listening to their conversation and smiles. Mom sees him and asks if he did not go to office yet. He says he is working from home today. Radha comes and asks Kichu to serve lunch for Dev. Dev sits on dining table chair and stares at Sona. Sona smiles and ges shy. Tu mujhme mujhse zyada hai….song…plays in the background. Dev signals her to meet him in his room. Kichu comes with food and asks why he is talking to himself. Dev says no.

Precap: Dev tells Sona that he heard people cross oceans for love, she did not come to his room. She says he talks a lot. He picks gift box and drops it seeing Ria. Ria picks box and Dev gets tensed.

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  3. Very interesting serial.. Why can’t they make it six days a week like Zee or all seven days a week like Star..Can not bear the two days gap..!

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