Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 17th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 17th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ishwari asks Dev whatever she said does not matter, will he kick her out of his life and get Sonakshi back. Dev asks why she drags Sona always, she is out of his life now. Jatin comes to Sona’s office and seeing flower bouquets asks if they got big contract. Sona gets dustbin bag and says Dev sent these. He asks why she is fuming. Discussion turns towards Dev. Jatin says as per he knows Dev via her and Bejoy, Dev can play one role at a time and he is playing mamma’s boy role now…He lost his mother when he was very young and his dream, Dev is enjoying. Sona says he is very good that is why Bejoy loves him. Jatin says that is why Bejoy wants them married. Sona says only Dev cannot be wrong, even she may have made mistakes. Whatever she tries to forget Dev, she is unable

to, she has made some mistakes. Jatin says love is not a fever that it comes and goes. Sona asks when did she say he still loves Dev. He asks when did he say that.

Dev tells Ishwari that he wants to stay alone for sometime. Ishwari says whatever she did is for betterment. Golu lies teacher that he is having severe stomachache and wants to talk to his Big Cha. Teacher permits. Golu calls Dev. Dev tells Ishwari that he will talk to her later, moves aside and tells Golu that he will reach school son. Golu says he wanted to tell something important, Suhana is not that uncle/Jatin’s daughter and she does not have father. Dev asks how does he know. Golu says Suhana herself told. Dev reminisces doc telling that Sona has only 7% chance to conceive and thinks if Suhana is not Jatin’s daughter, then whose daughter she is.

At Bose house, Asha asks Sourav how is Ronita name. Sourav says it is very lovely and if she is naming her novel character, then it is really good. Bejoy and Daadi smile. Sourav asks why they are laughing, what they are hiding. Daadi says they have found a girl with name Ronita Mandal and she is coming with family to see him. Souarav feels shy.

Sona goes to pick Suhana and seeing Golu asks if his real name is Golu. He says Ronak Tripathi, but his family calls him Golu. She says it suits him and asks if she can drop him home. He says his big cha is coming. She says okay and leaves with Suhana. Dev sees them and thinks Sona came alone to pick Suhana, if Suhana is really Jatin’s daughter.

While traveling in car, Suhana talks about Golu’s big cha. Suhana says if any time she wants to meet her father, she can tell her. Suhana says she promised her that she will not meet her father. Suhana continues talking about big cha. Sona says she should meet big cha then. Car stops at a signal. Dev stops his bike next to car. Suhana sees them and tells Suhana Golu and his big cha..Sona is busy on phone and by the time she finishes talk Dev leaves. She sees another biker and asks if he is big cha. Suhana says no.

Dev drops Golu home and follows Sona’s car. Car stops outside Sona’s old house. He goes and peeps via door. Asha and Bejoy discuss about alliance. Suhana asks why nobody informed her about it. Sourav comes out and they all taunt him. Dev stands confused. His phone rings. Bejoy says some phone is ringing from outside. Dev realizes it is his phone and picks it from phone and hides. Asha checks and walks back.

Ronita comes with her parents. Bejoy introduces everyone. Suhana brings Sourav and introduces Jatin and Sona. Dev thinks whoever sees Sona will be ready to destroy himself. Sona chats with Ronita. Suhana brings Sourav an dsahs she is important member of this family and Sourav is her uncle. Families get along well. Sourav gets mesmerized seeing plumpy Ronita.

Dev calls Elena and informs her about Sourav’s alliance and says she should go and meet her family. She says he knows the situation. He says nobody can stop her and Sona’s family is in their old house. He asks her to get ready and reach there. He then sees Suhana chatting with Jatin. Suhana sees him and thinks he came even here and signals him.

Precap: Elena gets down getting ready. GKB asks where she is going. Elena says she is going to meet her family on Dev’s insistence. Ishwari asks where is he. He says outside Sona’s house.

Update Credit to: MA

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    1. Priya9876

      Is this real or reel description????

      1. Arey…reel it is…ofcourse…
        Kya tum bhi…????

      2. Priya9876

        Mai to dar hi gyi…. Shaheer aur mumma’s boy in real……o…ma!!!!!

      3. Socho agar wo waisa waala shaheer hota toh…????????

    1. Priya9876

      Kavi Shaheer upar to kavi Erica …
      Ki fark pennda hai….
      Dono hai to Humare Devakshi…??

      1. Ha dono hain to humaare #SHARICA..???

  1. Kavita_s

    Hi all, I am new to this page, I am also huge fan of krpkab.friday K episode me Dev ko itna bhi samaj me nahi aa raha tha suhana ne dobaara bola tha maamu phir bhi Dev ko samaj me nahi aaya.i hope kal K episode me pata chal jaye, actually I want to see Dev’s expression after knowing that suhana uski hi beti hai.

    1. Neha1

      Most Welcome Kavita-s…to this KRPKAB Family…! Keep commenting.
      Yes dear, not to worry as you could see that I already shared a link where Dev gets to know tha FACT of Suhana and Sonakshi’s relationship….! Even, We all are excited to see Dev’s expressions after knowing Suhana being her daughter… Eagerly waiting 4 2mrrow episode.

      1. Kavita_s

        Tq Neha

    2. Welcome to the group…feel free to comment…

    3. Priya9876

      Most welcome….
      Keep comment… Keep shining…
      Nd do lots of Masti with us?☺

      1. Kavita_s

        Tq priya

  2. Priya9876

    @ Shalini @ Neha
    Thanx for dis awesome news…
    I wish this is not a dream…. Plz plz..!!

    1. Priya9876

      But, If Mamta Mam ne post kiya hai fir too ????
      Dar v lag raha h, pta nhi dev ka reaction kiaisa hoga sonakshi k liye….
      Emotional hoga or Gusse wala ( kyu tumne chupa kar rakha )

      I guess ye scene kal hi aane wala hai….bcz dresses devhana k to same hai…

    2. Neha1

      Thanks Priya, but jabse ye news mili hai….Kal ka wait krna mushkil ho rha hai…! Ab bas CUSTODY drama na ho…plz plz plz…!

      1. Priya9876

        Hope 4the best….

    3. My pleasure priya…
      But i dont want dev to try to snatch soha from sona…it would be ridiculous for me to see…i will hate him to the core if such thung happens…

      1. Thing*

      2. Priya9876

        I don’t think, this will be happen….

  3. Hey guys… I just get to know that our krpkab is going off air by 25th March 2017… Kisi ko ishke liye koi idea hai kya??? Please aisa nai Hona chahye I really don’t want this to happen this much early.

    1. Priya9876

      No, not at all…..
      Sooo relax?

    2. Its only a rumour…no such thing is gonna happen…it would have taken a leap if it was supposed to get over in march….and there are many loose ends or you can say loop holes in the story and they need to clarify that….so dont worry and just chill…?

      1. Would not**

  4. Swarna494

    Hi guys,finally after ganga di i am also get registered..

    1. Tumhein bhi congratulations…!!?

      1. Neha1

        Shalini, Why don’t you try to get register….Yesterday Ganga and Today Swarna got registered…. You too try dear…!

      2. @neha…dear i dont want to get registered….??

      3. Swarna494

        tq shalu di

    2. Neha1

      Aaahhhaaaaa…!??? look who’s registered here…! Very Happy…!
      Congrats Swarna…!

      1. Swarna494

        Thank u so much neha di..

      1. Swarna494

        Thank u soo much priya di

    3. Manya


      1. Swarna494

        Thank u manya dear?

      2. Ayushi! Are you back, or is it just a break you’ve taken from your studies? Are your exams over yet? Anyways, lovely dp!❤️

    4. Ab jab do-do log register ho gaye hain to party to banti hi hai!! Anyway, congratulations!!

      1. Ha …..lets go @[email protected]….
        Give us party….?????

    5. Ganga

      Areyyy yaar….. le lo party


  5. Swarna494

    I am the same swarna.. Dont get confused with the no. 494,its just an identity..

  6. See today’s SBB segment…i baby soha in sona’s hand…do have a look…?????


    1. Priya9876

      Vedio is not playing ??

      1. Priya9876

        Dekh liya….

    2. Ganga

      Wow little Soha….. I think ae scene Monday r Tuesday episode me ayengi na…??

    3. Hmm..looks like that [email protected]…lets see…

  7. Priya9876

    Pukare h tumhe mera jiya…..????

    Kaha ho bhaieeee


    1. Alka8183

      hey priya….can u reply that who is khatri

      1. I guess shalini ne tumhe explain kar diya…

    2. Usne itna mazak kiya itna mazak kiya…ke khud hi has has ke thak gyi hogi…toh isiliye rest pe hai…??????????

      Kahan hai be piya…aae na…so rahi hai kya…??????

      1. Hahhahaa….
        Sahi hai….
        Ho v sakta hai aisa….????

    3. Sneha1

      tumne pukara aur hum chale aaye…..

      ha ha… missing all of you… yaar weekend thoda busy thi… abhi tum sab logo k comments pade….

  8. Alka8183

    hey shaheer is married or not..can anyone tell????!!!!!

    1. Neha1

      No Alka, He’s Single….!Shaheer is not married…!

    2. @priya tell her…she is asking something….????

      1. Ganga

        Shalini ??…..

      2. Alka8183

        you can also tell me?????…she is regstrd n notification vl go to her so i replied that qs in her cmmnt…

      3. Priya9876

        U…!!!! Shaitaan…!!! Ki nani…????

      4. Priya9876

        @ Shalini
        U…!!!! Shaitaan…!!! Ki nani…

    3. Shalinibose

      No Alka, He is unmarried

    4. Priya9876

      Nanna naa bilkul naaaaa….
      Hayeee wo meri zindgi ka sabs bura din hoga jab wo kisi aur se shadi kar lega???

    5. Sneha1

      he is waiting for us to get into mariagable age so he can propose us…
      Kyun Priya.. thik hai na…

      1. Priya9876


  9. Hmmm Dekha. Ab Meko lg raha ki Dev ko abhi bhi kuch nai samajh aayega. Yeh may be Elena se promise lene ke baad Sonakshi Flashback mai jayegi. I m sure Bahut Bara reason raha hoga Suhana ke baare mai hide Karne ka. May be wo btane aayi ho toh Vicky and Radha ne game play Kara ho prenuptial ko leke ishliye Sonakshi chali gayi Ho bin kuch kahe. Bus ab yeh sb clear ho jaye jaldi se. Kuch nai toh km se km Dev yeh toh samjhe ki Suhana ushki hi beti hai.

  10. Alka8183

    ye khatri kaun h..iska iswari dev se kya link hai!!kisiko kuch pata h kya????

  11. Alka8183

    who is khatri and what is his link with dev and iswari/????any one f you know????

    1. Khatri was the old land lord of dixit family….he was always behind ishwari due to unknown BAKSE KA RAAZ…he used to threaten her….and once dev threatened him sooooo badly that he vanished away….only he can handle ishwari…?

      All and all he was madly in love with ishwari…????????

      1. Priya9876

        Very good Shalini… Awesome ??

        Alka, i guess tumhe samjh aa gya hoga….

      2. Sneha1

        shalini.. ijust love ur last line.. mujhe to ek purani vm yaad aa gayi.. Khatri n ishu ki….

    2. Ganga

      Kathri was ISHWARI’s 2nd poojari (not like DEV)…..??

    3. Even I was wondering ki Khatri kaun h bt then Shalini ne link daali thi Ishwari nd Khatri ki shaadi ki (edited pic) . .. tab yaad aaya khatri ishwari nd uss chotee bakse ka raaz… ???? .. Ab to even I want Khatri back !!!

  12. Neha1

    Sonakshi decided to revealed Suhana’s truth to Dev-Sonakshi but she won’t as this will happen in KRPKAB.

  13. DEV(BULB):: please bhai i beg you tu jo chahe kar par bas sona se soha ko chhinne ki koshish mat karna…warna achha nahi hoga….after knowing the truth dont let GHOST LADY’s GENES overpower you sochne samajhne ki shakti….please…request ha….

    Warna mujhe nafrat ho jaaegi tujhse…aur fir teri bashing karne mein bilkul bhi nahi chukungi mein….

    P.S.:: i’m going mad thinking about this thing….and if it happens then…dev ki to????⛏⛏⚒??⚔⚔????❎❎❎?

    1. Your**

    2. Priya9876

      Nhi nhi yaar itna mat marna ?
      But yaar seriously ye chinne chinaaane wala scene nhi aana chaiye….

  14. Ganga

    Good morning friends ??

    I hope aaj surajmukhi Ka Suraj kaun…??? Ae secret DEV pata lagane wala day heina….I think Nd hope Sooooooo ?⛅

    1. Priya9876

      Hmmm…..lag to kuch aisa hi raha hai…..

      But aaj pata na v chale to koi baaaat nhi…..
      Dev aur soha ki meeting hoti rahe basssss…..
      Mai to usi me khus hu…..
      Show me kuch dikhao bassss ishwari ki sakal nhi aani chaiye samne?

      1. Sneha1

        Ishu ki shakal aaye to bus tabhi… jab Dev uski band baja raha ho.. apne straight forward replies se….

      2. Ganga

        Nahi priya….. aaj na ISHWARI jaroor ayengi…. Precap me elina Nd GKB Ka convo sunkar vo CHAMELI DEV ko call kiya ta na…???

  15. Gudmorning friends. Neha1 ne jo link share Kiya hai ushse toh aisa lag raha ki Suhana will demand Sonakshi for meeting her father and to better understand him. I really think Sonakshi will allow her to be with Dev. Kaash yeh story aise hi aagey badge instead of Court Drama. Eagerly waiting ki aisa kya hua tha jo Sonakshi Suhana ke birth ka sach kisi ko nai bataye and please har baar ke jaisa Sonakshi ish baar bhi Dev ke samne chup Na rahe jo v hua tha wo bta de jaise Jatin ke case mai hua tha taki wo samajh paye who is wrong and who is right. Dev ko yeh baad consider Karna hi parega that Sonakshi kabhi Maa bête ko alag nai ki balki Ishwari ne Sonakshi and Dev ko alag Kiya hai raha saha kasar Vicky and Radha Rani ne pura Kar diya. I really hope yeh sb point samne Lane mai writers Baki serials ke jaisa drag Na Kar le.
    What You guys think of it?

    1. Priya9876

      Drag jaisa word #BeyondProduction ki team k dictionary me hai hi nhi…. Especially #KRPkab K liye…..

      Hum vewiers to chahte hai ki thoda slow chale …but humari baat sunte kaha hai….

  16. Priya9876

    Mai to ye soch rahi hoon ki,jab ish ko pata chalega Suhana Dixit k bare me to wo kisa reaction degi??? ?

    ➡ Kya wo bohot khus ho jayegi
    ➡ Kya wo bohot naraz ho jayegi
    ➡ Kya wo bohot pagal ho jayegi
    ➡ Wo ye expect karegi ki sona use Soha ko easily de degi
    ➡ Ya Soha girl child h ye jankar use khusi nhi hogi..coz use to dixit ka waris chaiye tha na…. Aur use dev k purane kapde v use karne the☣?

    By God Ki Kasam agar usne Soha ko chinne ki kosis ki na to usk face pe bada wala fatt ??? marungi….
    Wo tab jab uska muh khula hoga tab?????

  17. Priya9876

    Piya ne pura rest kiya h bhai weekends me…
    Asmita ne v….

  18. Priya9876

    Ye MaOh Moah K Dhage time revealed:
    From 21 march at 7pm…..

  19. Neha1

    OMG…! Dev SNATCHES Suhana from Sonakshi, and brings her to Dixit house…Ishwari and Mamaji is Happy..!

  20. Neha1

    Why, Why, Why..????? Writers plz don’t do this…! Dev can’t SNATCHED Suhana from Sonakshi…. like this…? It’s wrong…!
    We agree that Dev-Sonakshi are parents of Suhana but for 7yrs, Only Sonakshi took care of Soha and Suddenly when Dev was known about Soha existence, He take her with him to Dixit house….!
    And I heard that there’s a FLASHBACK Story where Sonakshi went to Dixit house, when Suhana born, but Dev/ Ishwari ignored to talk with her….DON’T KNOW THE WHOLE STORY YET…but I think in these 2-3 days we’ll get to know…!
    Butas of now, I’m worried for Sonakshi… as mother if someone wanna SNATCHED her daughter it’s not good at all….and Specially Dev….Didn’t expect this from Dev…! Dev should do something different but to Snatched her own daughter from Sonakshi is…UNBELIEVABLE….!
    Let’s hope for the BEST and Hope that Somehow Sonakshi brings Suhana in Bose house….
    I don’t want Suhana to stay in Dixit house, without Sonakshi…! It would have been BETTER if Suhana demand to stay with both Dev-Sonakshi…. or else I really want That Suhana should stay with Sonakshi and Bose family instead of Dixit’s….! For Suhana, I don’t think that Dixit’s.. like GKB, Vicky, Ishwari, Mamaji (Who’s right now in full support of Ishwari) Elena and specially wicked Neha, Dev’s Sister…was not good for our LOVELY SUHANA BOSE…and Dixit’s ENVIRONMENT is also not good for Suhana…!
    What you guys say…?

      1. SURely. Makers should not bring this bakwas track now. But humare itna sochne se kuch bhi nai hoga jo writers chahte hain Wahi karenge. Meko lgta hai writers ko yeh sb ki jagah truth reveal Karna chahye.

    1. Sonadi

      The spoilers say snached. May be Dev has taken her to show it to Iswari and Mamji. Legally he can be put in jail .It is like kidnapping Does he have legally right. No. Soha will not stay there for long .She would want her Mumma.There may be a small scene.And these spoilers make it big.
      I read somewhere that Soha is not Sonakshi’s daughter. Is it true no.I do not believe all thisuntil they actually show it.Do not worry guys.

  21. Sneha1

    so mere dost logo.. I m back now… I have read that someone is saying.. Sneha aati jati rehti hai TU par… I know its my fault… mein aap logo k comments to roj padhti hu but reply likhne mein lazy hu.. upar se mere office wale… internship mein aise kaam karate hai jaise mein unki permanent employee hu…
    sorry personal ranting khatam…
    yaar episode wale kahan se dialouges laate hai… Dev abhi bhi sona pr marta hai… he just said that dialogue and I m still blushing remembering that…
    Yaar ishu mataji ne kitna bada sin kiya hai…. in dono love birds k beech misunderstanding create krke…
    Just pray to god ki jald hi positivity ki ek ray dikhayi de….

    1. Ganga

      DAT someone is Me ? dear Sneha bua…..

      How is ur niece…Nd u also…?????

      1. Sneha1

        Ha ha… good ganga.. at least u ppl remembered me… it felt so good when after 2-3 days I read a message that conveys that someone is missing me here… I feel I m so attached to this place .. so attached with u guys… ❤❤

  22. Seriously yeh track nai Hona chahye. Other serials ke jaise yeh v karenge kya. Please makers don’t do this. Dev should not snatch Suhana from Sona instead he should try to bond better with Suha and it would be much matter if Sonakshi will clear everything to Dev.

  23. Priya9876

    Take a look at @MyPoll_MyVote’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/MyPoll_MyVote/status/833583797086089217?s=09


    1. Ganga


  24. Ngkrishnakumari

    Sorry guys for late comment because i was busy
    Finally today is monday i.e our favourite show
    Lets chat all guys tonight after watching our show pkease do guys watch on tv because we had to increase our show trp rate

  25. Swarna494

    Just 29 mins more???

  26. Neha1

    BREAKING NEWS Suhana to come to Dixit house with Dev, Sonakshi SHATTERED..!

  27. Neha1

    Suhana to turn CUPID for Dev-Sonakshi in KRPKAB…

  28. Subhashini.As

    Hi Guys am Subhashini i want some help please help me…i dont know Hindi however am watching KRPKAB coz I love Dev & Sona so much .. Am from TN I know only Tamil.. So daily am reading Written Update But they say very shortly in written and skipped lots of Scenes… I cant understand what is there to go.. If there is any option to explain in comment anybody here????.. please support me

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