Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 16th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 16th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sona tries to console Dev and says let us go. He asks where is she taking him. He says he needs to talk to his mother and drags him. On the other side, Ishwari cries that Sona knows about her crime and Dev did not speak to her at all.

Asha calls Elena. Elena asks why did she call at this time, if everything is fine. Asha asks where is Sona. Elena says she has gone out with Dev. Asha informs Sourav and Ronita. Bejoy enters and sees Asha, Sourav and Ronita down, asks if they are talking about something. Ronita says she prepared his favorite dish and takes him along.

Khatri brainwashes Malati and Kajal against Dev and Ishwari and says they are very powerful and can go to any extent, they can even get them killed. He had threatening them that he will go to media, so

they came acting. Malati and Kajal believe him.

Bejoy gets worried for Sona when she does not return home till late night. He calls Jatin. Jatin wakes up from sleep and asks what happened. Bejoy asks if Sona is with him. He says no. Bejoy then calls Sona and asks where is she. Dev drives car rashly. Sona stops him and asks what is he doing, let her drive. He says he will drive. Bejoy hears that and fumes. He yells in front of family that Sona is with her ex-husband and something is cooking between them.

GKB fumes that she is trying to separate Dev and Sona, but they are coming closer, all her plans are going in vain. On the other side, Vicky gets romantic with Elena in their room when GKB knocks door loudly. Elena asks Vicky to wear T-shirt fast and opens door. GKB enters pushing her and takes Vicky along forcefully. She tells him that Dev and Sona are getting closer and all their plans are failing. He asks to trust his plan.

Dev and Sona enter home. GKB looks at Dev with eager eyes, crying. Dev says she did not do anything wrong. Sona tells everything, how they Khatri met her and tried to blackmail Dev, they found Malati and Kajal in Khatri’s house, etc. Ishwari continues that she is a sinner and not Dev’s ideal mother, etc. Dev says she is ideal for her and did not do anything wrong. Mamaji enters with other family members and asks what happened. Ishwari says she did a sin. Dev says she did not do anything. GKB asks what did she do. Ishwari says she is a thief, she stole someone’s happiness. She did not know those 2 bangles will ruin a family. She continues crying and collapses after getting a heart attack. Dev and Sona get worried. GKB starts yelling whenever Sona comes back, only bad happens in this house. Mamaji warns her to shut her mouth. Sona tries to revive Ishwari.

Bejoy yells that Sona is with her ex-husband, he will not tolerate her disobeying him, she should be here. Sourav asks him to stop interfering in Sona’s life. Bejoy tries to call her, but Sourav snatches phone and calls her. Sona says she will talk to him later as Ishwari got heart attack and they are taking her to City hospital. Bejoy yells Sona rejected Sourav’s call. Sourav tells Asha that Ishwari got heart attack and Sona is taking her to City hospital. Asha says let us go. Bejoy sits silently. Asha asks how can he be so insensitive. Bejoy shout she knows what Ishwari did. Asha says relatives fight, but when one is in trouble, other forgets differences and help each other.

Sona gets Ishwari into car. GKB enters and starts yelling. Sona asks her to keep silent. She asks Dev to drive fast. They reach hospital. Doc takes Ishwari into ICU. Dev panics. Doc asks him to let him do his work. Sona consoles him and hugs. GKB and Vicky get jealous seeing that.

Precap: Dev pleads god if he wants him to accept defeat, he will, prays to cure his mother.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. just want to talk abt devakshi…
    Sona seeing dev praying for ishwari
    ……one doubt ? is sona seen dev praying before ? or she knew that dev prayed for her and her pregnancy ? or explain….sry if this is a lame question..but I have doubt and so I just asked…..

    1. Swarna494

      No krish bhaiya.. She din’t see all those things.but she and ishwari knew that wen sona was pregnant (not actually) dev himself willingly went to temple to pray to god instead of his mom. But she didn’t know dev prayed in his house wen sona’s pregnancy was not confirmed.

  2. It’s now like a dream to watch Dev n Sona together. Now don’t know what’s cooking in Vicky’s mind. Hope so his so called ‘plan ‘will not separate Dev n sona. Hope for best…… Fingers crossed! !!

  3. no sona has never seen dev pray before..yea she also doesnt know the fact that dev prayed for her pregnancy..but once sona has convinced dev to sit in pooja for his maa

  4. yea that time he knew tht she was not pregnant so he went to temple alone to fight with god…but sonakshi knows he went but doesnt know tht it was for her

  5. Neha1

    Bijoy was really irritated me a lot…I was always like Sona’s family undoubtedly but after leap bijoy’s character changed a lot….So difference between THEN and NOW Bijoy Bose….Asha was SUPERB, MATURE and So Understanding as Person, Wife and Mother…??

    Now coming to Dixit’s…as usuall Ishwari once again Called Sonakshi as “BAHARWALI” she still not understanding that it’s Sonakshi who support her and Dev in Such a difficult situation of life where Ishwari very well knew that whatever she did(Thief) earlier was absolutely wrong…!

    And Precap was OMG…Dev Pleads God 4 Ishwari..?? But I just hope that atlast Suhana will somehow stop his father Dev’s Re-marriage Track with other girl…????and Reunite her Parents (Dev-Sonakshi) forever….

    1. Rekhadhir

      Yes neha ye chikchikoy baba bhi ishwari se kam nhi hai tedhe medhe mub bnanae main….so irritating…

  6. ye iswari to had kerti hain! mujhe laga tha an iswari sona ki sath patch up ker legi. per ye to abhi vi use baharwale bularehe hain! ab shayed vicky kuch big plan karega aur tab shayed iswari ko pata chale ki kon uski gharwale hain aur kaun baharwale! ye halwai thik hite hi dev ko uss kajal ki saath shadi jerne me majbur karegi no doubts!!! pls devakshi ko aur taklife mat dijiye makers pls!!!

  7. only reading the written updates that too once in a while. The story is a joke at this point and most people have developed “dont care if leads get together or not” stand. I think they should wrap the serial , dragging way too much. Please make way for something worth watching

  8. Neha1

    Priya9876…Kaha ho aajkal.??? Tumhare comments nhi aatey…
    Plz comment kiya karo Priya…! Asmita…aaj tum bhi nhi aayi…no comments policy apna li hai kya Sabne..???

  9. Aryana

    Sona seriously deserves that ……. She knows pi**wari very well . Still. She is selflessly helping her . I really wish halweshwari would tell her more harsh words so that Sona would stay away from Dixit house . At least after that she (sona) might stay happily WD soha

  10. ab toh baharwalo ko bhi pata chal gya hai toh gharwalon ko toh pura haq hai
    me-Kaun hai yeh aurat!!!!!!????
    ishwari’s redemption is like lohey ke channe chabana,eddi choti ka zor lagana, kan pe joo na rengna,anghuta dikhana,ulti ganga bahaa,akal ka dushman banna,kachhi goli na khelna,akal par patthar padh jana,andhe ko chirag dikhana,chote muh badi baat bolna,gade murde ukhadna nd nd conclusion:mungeri lal ke sapney dikhana issiliye ishu ko bagwaan ke pyaarey hona padega jald matlab abhi issi waqt!
    phew i’ve never ever used them even when i used to study hindi….ishwari aunty bhi na raat ko kya kya kaam karwadeti hai pagli self obsessed kahi ki

    1. Pritha

      Aur kuch baki hain????
      Itna bara list!!!!

    2. Asmita...

      let me add some more…

      Bhains ke aage bin bajana…

      patthar se sir fodna…

  11. Pritha

    Nikki to make a comeback

    Agar yeh hua toh accha hain

  12. Just a thought, maybe the character Kajal is introduced to later develop a story to pair ( or atleast a proposal ) with Dev to just console their ( Ishwari and Dev’s ) conscience that this is something they can do for the crime which was committed. Also , a sort of compensation for the immense emotional damage caused to the family.
    I know many of us wouldn’t like even the thought of A third ( kabab mein haddi) between DevAkshi but just came as a vague thought and so wanted to share. Ok guys have a nice day.

    1. Prads

      Until now, whenever a “Kabab ki Haddi” will introduce between Devakshi, it will turn to more stronger love between them. So, be patience, this Kajal name “Kabab ki Haddi” will also help to reunite Devakshi in the last. But, before that we can see more dramas…. like seen before. And, Humein abhi yeh bhi dekhna hai ki kis tarah se Sonakshi Dev ko apne feeling share karegi… (means as per Spoiler, the drunk scene is still pending).

  13. Hope they learn that GKB was responsible for everything, even burn her own house

  14. I have one doubt and fear… what if in the coming episode everyone start forcing Dev to get married to Memsaab’s Daughter. Few times they already said that she cannot get married and one side Ishwari is filling guilty of her doing. So they may thing it could be the best solution but please please dear writers don’t do this.

  15. Now I understand why ish made prenuptial agreement…since she snatched someone’s money she thought someone will snatch her wealth too….

  16. I have just a thought that may be after Sonakshi prove that Ishwari didn’t stole whole jwellary but just bangles than that family will forgive Ishwari n than Dev (may be Ishwari as well) will understand that how Sona feel at the time when GKB called her father a thief even when he didn’t do anything 7 years back. May be Dev will understand Sona’s feeling n situation. I think that memsaab won’t tell for Kajal’s marriage with Dev as which mother wants her daughter marriage with divorcee and man with 6 year daughter even she already saw Sona n Dev together n when she will know that they were husband n wife n they even have a daughter then hw can she agree for it. She suppose to think that y Sona n Dev are together if they are divorced.

  17. Swarna494


  18. Asmita...


    kal kisi ne dhyan se Ishwari ke dialogues sune…

    Usne kaha ki usne to bas 2 kangan churaye the…

    Iska mtlb ye hai ki baki ki puri jewellery Khatri ne chori ki thi aur blame Ishawri pr daal diya…

    1. Asmita...

      Aur ab ye DO KANGAN wali baat bhi mahan Sona hi notice karegi and wo phir se Byuomkesh Bakshi ban jayegi…

      Khatri ki chori wali baat sab ke samne la kar Ishwari ko innocent prove karegi…

  19. Prads

    The episode was Awesome with lots of dramas & emotions.
    Everyone is blaming Ishwari to call Sonakshi as “baharwali”. But, we need to know that she has referred this “Baharwali” term only after when Sonakshi told her that there is nothing between her & Dev. So, before Ishwari was thinking that still there is some connection between Devakshi but after listening from both of them (separately) that there is nothing between them then as usual Sonakshi is “Baharwali” for Ishwari.

    But, the main thing is that Ishwari told yesterday to stealing only 2 bangles from Malti’s house. Because of 2 bangles, how the whole marriage has broken. This means Khatri has seen Ishwari stolen 2 bangles & later on he may be taken all other Jewellerys and claims that Ishwari has stolen all the jewellery’s. This is why he doesn’t want to call Police team when Malti forced to get arrest Dev. There are more stories to be revealed and once again Sonakshi will find out the real truth.

    Regarding Bijoy, I would like to tell that not a single father (who loves her daughter very much) wants to have the same painful life once again for his daughter and that is why he is not believing on Dixit family. So, his behavior would be like that which is showing right now in the episodes. Until, he will not be convinced about Dixit family.

  20. It’s good that this serial is also giving a message through Asha how one needs to live in a married life. And how maturely she handles the situations, unlike serials where they talk only negatively. This serial reinstates family values through the character of Asha. Please keep it up!! This serial will now end soon I am told and then its all rushed up, hope its not true

  21. Prads

    I have just seen a new Promo of KRKAB in Twitter where in Ishwari is telling Sonakshi in front of Dev that “Sonakshi, you never become DIL for me but today you have done more than a daughter can do” And later on, Ishwari told Dev in front of Sonakshi that “Dev, today I want something from you. Please start your life one again”. Meanwhile, Sonakshi was thinking about the promise she has given to her father.

    1. Neha1

      Yes, I too saw the promo….in morning..! But I doubt on Sona coz she’ll not agree as she did promise to her dad Bijoy that she has no feelings for Dev and nothing there’s between them…! So it seems quite impossible untill and unless Bijoy will too agree for Dev-Sona relationship…! Let’s see..!

      1. Prads

        Exactly, I am also thinking about the same. Secondly, Ishwari told Dev to start a new life. But it is not clear with whom. It may be happened like we thought that Ishwari is meant for Sonakshi, Sona also thought about the same & later on reveal in front of Ishwari that it can not be happened as she already gave promise to Bijoy & also Bijoy not liking their relationship because of past incidents. After that, Ishwari may try to convince to marry someone else. After all, within a sudden heart attack, we can not assume that Ishwari has changed. Right

    1. Omg!!!what a promo ishwari ne dev se yeh sab kha yakeen nhi hota…ab bejoy baba manenge to hi ye possible hoga ham sab ne to ye socha tha ki ab ye ishu dev ko kajal se shaadi karne kahegi bt ye to kuch ar hi ho gya ab dekhte h aage kya hota h…

  22. omg ab sona ki andhar ki adarsh beti jag uthegi! wo apni babaki kasham rakhne k liye apni feelings ko chupayegi! ab devakshi ki patch up tab hi hosakti hain jab dev aur bijoy baba ki patch up ho jaye!! aur iss ki bich me sona ko apni feelings thikse samjhane k liye shayed kajal ki jarurat vi pare!!!

  23. Varalakshmi

    I Hate ishwari more usne ek moka bhi nahi chodthi sona ko neeche dikhane kakya kaha usne bhaharawali ko patha hai,
    iss ishwari kabhi nahi sudharegi i think new promo i ishwari’ another drama

    today’s best scene devakshi ka hug

    in my view dev aur sona ek saath hone ka decision un dono lena ishwari ka kehne par nahi dev abhi bhi apne decision lene haq hi nahi sooo poor dev aisa hua tho phir vahi repeat mode pe chal raha hai serial please kuch positive & exiting twist dikhana please

    missing those old devakshi romance

  24. Yesterday’s episode was so good especially d last part,,devakshi hug n gkb n vicky’shocked faces…?now waiting fr today’s epi eagerly…dev ne phle sonakshi k lie haath jode the ar ab apni maa k lie…maybe now he will start to believe on God…

  25. Neha1

    Ishwari ACCEPTS Sonakshi with open arms in upcoming episode of KRPKAB..!


  26. per ab Bijoy ko kaun samjhayega??? GKB aur Vicky ki truth vi reveal hona baki hain!! jab tak unka sach reveal nahi hota tab tak Bijoy ko manana impossible lagta hain! devakshi vi to confused hain!! dar rehe hain!! ab to iss truth reveal kernahi hoga tohi devakshi ek ho payenge!!!

  27. Neha1

    Sonakshi is HAPPY as Dev’s Prayer turns Fruitful for Ishwari in Sony TV’s KRPKAB….!


  28. Ganga

    Hiii Friends…..

    Sona ne Dev ko hug kiya tha na….tab dat GXB face dekhne se mujhe bahut hassi aayi thi….????

    Ithni dino badh ae PROMO …..ISS bar bhi Dev ka kudh decision nahi na…..bechara Sona ???? BABA & SAASUMA ke beech fas gayi……ab kya hogaaaaaa????
    Hope for d best with positively…

  29. Ngkrishnakumari

    New promo of krpkab is uploaded in youtube

    Thanks maker after a long time we got a new promo

  30. Smreetikhatri

    Did Ishwari just called Sona a Outsider??
    Asking dev to Remarry to other girl is one thing but calling Sona Outsider isn’t just DONE??? How the Hell Sona is Outsider like seriously How some Outsider protect other family or support them. Ishwari need to grow up?

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