Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 16th May 2016 Written Episode Update


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 16th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sona says Dev that she will bring bat to break window glass and open it. Dev holds her hand and says breaking things takes seconds but building things takes ages. He says he will wait until her family returns.

Gujral and Natasha Gujral (NG) enjoy dinner with Ishwari and family. Ishwari asks Kichu to serve mashrooms. Gujral says he tasted food all over the world, but her food is very tasty. Radha says she also helped jiji. Mama jokes that she helped in becoming fool. Radha gets nerous. Gujral asks mama what he does. Mama says he is retired. Radha says he was a big officer. Mama says he was a clerk. Gujral praises Ishwari’s family that they are simple and honest people, so Dev is honest. Radha asks where is Dev. Mama calls Dev, but his phone is wtiched off.

Ishwari says she does not know where he is stuck. Gujral hears their conversation.

Dev and Sona’s romantic nok jhok continues. He asks her why she calls him Mr. Obodro and what it means. She says well mannered, mature, etc. He says he knows meaning, it is arrogant and asks why she thinks he is arrogant. She stands silently. He asks if she still thinks he is arrogant. She says no. He takes out phone to inform Gujral, but sees it off. He asks Sona to give charger.

NGsees Dev’s house and tells Ria and Nikki their house is very beautiful. Dev calls on Gujral’s mobile. NG picks call and Dev apologizes and says he is stuck in work and will come late. She says he can take his own time, she is getting to know his family by then. Dev tells Sona that NG is very classy and down to earth even after being one of world’s top 10 businesswoman. Sona gets jealous but nods yes. NG says Ria that she saw her in Dev’s office. Ria says yes, asks her not to identify her in Dev’s office as Dev wants her to learn business and manage people from grass root level. NG praises her sportive nature and also praises Ishwari for letting her work and not doing gender biasing. Ria says Neha is also like their mother and is very supportive like mom.

Dev asks Sona if she is hungry. She says Saurabh will bring something. Dev says even he is hungry and asks if she has bread at home. She takes him to kitchen. He prepares sandwitch and they both enjoy…Saurabh enters. She stuffs sandwitch in his mouth and says Dev made it.

Dev reaches home and apologizes NG and Gujral. Gujral says it is good he came late, they came to his family well. Kichu brings sweets. NG serves it and seeing Dev’s facial expression says aunty must have made it as he is enjoying it. Radha praises NG that she is understanding Dev well.

Sona’s family’s jokergiri starts. Elena takes Sona to room and asks how was her date with Dev. Sona says he came to see her as an employer. Elena asks if he goes to each employee’s house like this and asks what did they speak about. She says nothing and says Dev came to know meaning of Obodro and they should be careful. Elena continues pestering and asks what they talked about. Saurabh enters and says Dev prepares tasty sandwitches. Elena continues taunting Sona.

Precap: Gujral tells Ishwari that Natasha is his single legal heir and wants her to marry Dev. Ishwari is surprised to hear that.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Hate the precap……………..
    Ishwariji…….. Dikhado apna jalwa…. Mana kar do…..

  2. Meri beti ki shaadi kra do..q..Dev kya sasta pada h kya?? Har kisi aire gaire se shaadi kr lega.. But I’ve seen in Telly top up, dat will agree 4 marriage as Ishwari will approve of natasha n Dev’s marriage.. Not fair at all yaar.. Ye Ishwari ko Aise to Dev ki shaadi k naam se hi irritation hoti h n Natasha se shaadi k liye maan gyi..sehhhh

  3. Ngkrishnakumari

    Kabab ki hadhi mr gujaral & natasa
    Love u devnakshi

  4. Ngkrishnakumari

    Thsnks for fast update Ma

  5. Uff enjoyd sand wich part bt the precap…..
    I knw ishwari dont like it but garib ki beti radha wil manipulate ishwari for the marriage…..
    Hope in this matter dev good against his mom…..

  6. nice episode……but precap s ?

  7. In today’s epi I liked only devakshi kitchen wala scene….ha hate gujrals..how he dare to talk like that with ishwari…..tell me all that in business relation occurs at this extent??? i m now gone irrate with this gujrals….

    1. Tanya di,pls read my episode 23 and the comments and see whether I said the right thing to gp

      1. U said true

  8. Ya sad to hear ishwari approving for Natasha and dev’s marriage

  9. OMG!!!!!…I hate the precap…and I can’t expect this marriage scene

  10. I know ishwari haa kar degi shadi k liye bt dev KO itna v bhola nhi hona chaiye Ki maa k galat baat me v sath de….
    N gujraal ne Dev KO faltu samjh rakha h kya…
    Kuch v drama karo serial me lekin dev n NG Ki shadi nhi plz….

  11. The spoiler is horrible

  12. Oh my god the Precap!!!!

  13. Fatarajo (KRPKAB n EDKV fan)

    Sandwich wala part was very cute loved the way Dev made sandwich for Sona and oops Dev got to know what Obhdro means lol 😛 I enjoyed today’s episode throuhly and thanks to that I almost got late for my lessons 😛

  14. Hi. Nice ep. I word like to join u.??☺☺

    1. Most welcome

  15. OMG!!!! What a precap. Plzzz ishwari mana krdo. Vese bhi toh aap dev ki shaadi ki baat sunkr bht irritate hoti ho na toh ab kya hua. Plzz mana krdo. Agar haa bolna hi h toh sona ko bolo vo aapki kitni care krti h. Shaayad utni toh natasha bhi nhi kr sakti. Agar ishwari ne haa kr bhi diya toh dev tum naa krso plzz. jitna dev sona ke saath free h utna natasha se nhi. or ho bhi nhi sakta. Aur jab sona ko dev or natasha ki shaadi ki baat pata chalegi tab vo kaise react krengi. mr. Obodro and sandwich part was amazing. Eagerly waiting for next episode.

  16. I forgot to mention….. In this epi sona was damn cute…. And erica is perfect in her acting…..
    But i am still WAITING wen wil the story get to stage of their first promo…. Really eagerly WAITING

  17. I feel that Dev will have to agree to marry Natasha bec he will feel that if he rejects(which he wants to) then that will effect on the deal,which he would never want since its important for him.
    And I guess that when sona will come to know abt it she will feel bad and she will start ignoring Dev and will stay away from him.. On the other hand, guys do u remember that Dwv made a profile for sona on shaadi.com and also sona’s parents asked dev to find a boy for her… So now Dev will get many proposals sona’s marriage from shaadi.com and he will reject all the proposals but in the mean time sona’s parents will find a guy for her and she will agree to marry him(bec of dev getting married)… And when dev will get to know abt it he will realize his love for sona and will get restless and will try his best to break her alliance…
    Guys do comment on this…
    What do u feel? Is it good? Do u want this to be the real storyline…?
    Do tell me…❤?

    1. I am completly agree wid u Vaishu..Sona and Dev’s jodi is just perfect ….I dont like this Natsaha at all..She has always bcm a trouble maker in all her serials like annadi ..and swaragini..so stupid nd irritating..I just want to send this mami garib ki beti to jail..always ready to manipulate Ishwari against Sona

    2. I agree with u…

  18. KRPKAB world’s most bad show.I jst hate it.hey plz some1 tell me wre s the KRPKAB spoiler’s page?i don’t find it.plz give me the link of spoiler’s page plzzzzzzzzzzzz nd thanx to Natasha.she s the bst spoiler of this show and Natasha keep it up….spoil krte raho!!!!

  19. Nice episode, esply kitchen portion. BGM is well suit 4 both. I hate the precap.


    Im sure upcoming episodes r very very interesting.

  20. nyc epi…bt precap is soo rude…..gujral’s i hate u…how can u talk like this……

  21. vaishu, the story s gud…….hope t hapns tat way……….. wen sona ignores hm he wil definitely feel his luv……. nd there s a scene were dev nd nathasha goes fo dating………

  22. Vaishu hope the story follows that line. Hope Sonakshi’s parents find an excellent handsome match for her. Will then serve right Mr Obhodro!
    Natasha ki nakra at Dev’s place is too much!!!! Radharani ko washroom mein bandh karke suffocate karna chahiye! Soooo irritating.

  23. Sonakshi’s parents should find a handsome competant match for her . I think the Dehleez youngest son Abhay ( Aryan Pandit) will be a perfect match as he has the good looks and can give Dev a tough competition. Sona should say Yes to that marriage! That will give an exciting turn to the story. Otherwise it will be a one sided dragging story!!!
    Radharani is such an evil mind and i am sure the dishes cooked by her will all taste horrible like her!!!

  24. Nataashaa ka character depiction kuch zyaadha hai… Ek normal ladki ka character nahi lagthi hai.. She nods for watever ishwari says… Dev’s life will get bored if he gets a life partner like nataasha… She is very boring… Not showing any kinds of emotions in her face… Always wearing that good for nothing horrible smile… If Natasha wants to get married and have children, y did she enter her Father’s business…. I think dev is not that much dumb to marry nataasha for the sake of his business…. Kya koyi business ke liye ek ladki se shaadhi karen….

  25. Please eliminate Radha rani character. Most annoying person on the show. They need to move out of Dev house

  26. https://youtu.be/QhLNW3tnSjQ
    Look at this youtube clip where Dev discloses that Dev will marry Natasha. Its not going to be like other serials as per which ultimately Dev Sona will get married . On the contrary there will be other twists which are different i believe!
    Thats sad for Dev Sona admirers

  27. Omg wat r u saying moon will the lead b changd….. No no way hw come…. Coz til nw d story has not reached its first promo stage then hw come….. I cant imagine others in place of erica…. She is perfect in her acting….

  28. Oh Noooo…. Moon I hope shaheer is just kidding with his fans…and he just wants his fans to stay confused… I don’t want dev to marry Natasha.. And if dev will marry Natasha then iam sure 99% of us will stop watching this show…

    1. I will be first to stop watching this show if dev marries nuts….its just irritating that dev so selfish agrees to marry nuts only for business…. Is his business was more imp than his personal life????? Now in mind thought came that dev and nuts marry to each other but then eventually nuts die and in her place sona came as same thing happening in gangaa(serial on &TV)….uffffffff director……

      1. If this happen then there will be no difference in krpkab and other serials…why always show got distract after their starting episodes….and change track fully…then what about their starting promo’s?????in that they didn’t show nut’s…. Means our devakshi will be unite….. But…..director can do anything….

  29. Whr iz todays episode? Why so slow always? Update fast.

  30. Y no update today…. PLZ update soon

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