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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 16th June 2016 Written Episode Update


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 16th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dev sits on dining table looking at Sona and works on his laptop. Ishwari comes and Sona serves her salad. She asks if he is fine. Dev smiles and says yes and leaves for working saying Ms. Bose they will meet in the evening. Ishwari smiles thinking her son is very happy.

At office, Dev gets engrasped in Sona’s thought while employee gives presentation and asks how is it. He asks him to mail presentation, he will read it later.

Sona waits for Dev till late evening. Ishwari sees and says she looks so weak with work pressure, she should go home and enjoy her mom’s food. Sona says Elena is coming to pick her. Nikki comes and starts chatting, asks how is her boyfriend. Sona happily says her breakup happened. Nikki asks why is she still here. Sona

says Sourav is coming to pick her. Ishwari comes back and says she told Elena is coming, Nikki says Sourav. Sona says both are coming to pick her up.

Dev finishes work and hurries from office. Manager stops him and asks to sign papers. Dev says he is late. Manager says it takes 1 min. Dev signs papers hurriedly and walks out. Sona walks on road thinking Dev did not pick her at all. Dev comes in his car and says sorry. She smiles. He says he thought she would fume. She says she is. He convinces her and opens car door. She sits in and says she does not have right to get angry. He asks if this happens in love. They continue chatting. He stops near her home. She hugs him and leaves nervously saying bye.

Elena reaches home and sees family sitting seriously. Dad asks what is it. Sona says love. Family suprisingly asks whattt…Sona says she means if mom is writing love story. Mom says tragedy. Sona laughs loudly. Elena says Sourav Sona is laughing a lot. Sona goes to her room and picks phone to call Dev. Sourav and Elena enter and she says oh no. They asks why is she saying oh no when they entered and asks what is happening. Elena snatches phone and calls last number. Dev picks call and asks why she delayed so much. Elena says it is her, Sona left phone, she will inform her to call him back. He says okay and disconnects call. Elena and Sourav asks Sona what is happening. Sona says Dev broke up his engagement and yesterday he proposed her. They both get happy for her and congratulate her.

Dev sings song while working on laptop. Ishwari comes with Ria and Nikki. Nikki’s moth wide opens seeing Dev singing song. Dev asks her to close her mouth, else flies will enter. Nikki says she has college trip after 2 months and wants to attend, but mom is not permitting her. Ria says she could not go as she did not want to make mom and bhai angry, now she wants to stand up for Nikki. Dev permits Nikki. Ria and Nikki walk thanking him and discussing why bhai is smiling so much.

Ishwari asks Dev if he does not want to sleep and says in last few days, a lot happened, both her children’s engagement got canceled and even Dev’s contract, Sona was telling right. Dev asks what did she say. Ishwari asks who. Dev sits silently. Ishwari says she wants to see him in the place he dreamt of. He losing contract does not make him lose his dreams, he will cope up with everything. She asks him to keep smiling and leaves asking him to sleep. Dev SMSes Sona once Ishwari leaves.

Precap: Dev apologizes Sona and says he will do whatever she says. She gives him chilli plate and asks to have chillies in breakfast.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. i saw in one place in upcming episode dev will give sona a special n that will be saree n earing

  2. Saan

    Waoting for tomw ❤❤

  3. Naaga

    Wow, I Love ❤ this Hide & Seek Love Story ?
    And the day Precap ws Interesting, chilly nooooo dev ?
    I think Dev try to eat chilly, but stopped by sono.

  4. Hii frnds
    Want to share a beautiful song lyrics
    Is tarah se tu aaya hai mujhme
    Ki teri batein karti hai dhadkane
    Har pal tu har jagah mere saath hai
    Kaise kahu tu itna mere pass hai
    Ki mujhme mujhse jyada hai
    Tu mujhme mujhme jyada hai
    Tu mujhme mujhme jyada hai
    Hasi chahata hu khusi chahata hu
    Tere sang yu zindagi chahata hu
    Tera hi sada mein ban ke rahu
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    Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi
    Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi

  5. i like the eposode

  6. Dibya

    I can’t explain after confession every episodes uffff killer episode
    Thanks a lot Sony TV n KRPEB team love na karte hue bhi aap love ki feelings kesi hoti he apne bataye ???
    Jal rahi hun yeh kaise rang mein
    Main nahi hun khud apne hi bas mein

    Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi (x2)

    Badle se din hai
    Meri badli si raatein
    Kahi dino se meri
    Mehki hai saansein

    Pehli dafa hai
    Ki mujhme tu jhalka hai
    Pehli dafa hai
    Ki mujhme tu chhalka hai
    Mere rangon me kuch dhang hai
    Tere jaise bhi

    Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi
    Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi (x2)

    Anchhuye thhe sapne mere tune chhu liye
    Chupke chupke dil me aaya to jaan do liye

    Teri ho gayi hun
    Tujhko pata bhi to ho
    Mere pyar mein
    Teri raza bhi toh ho.. (x2)

    Pehli dafa hai
    Ki mujhme tu jhalka hai
    Pehli dafa hai
    Ki mujhme tu chhalka hai
    Mere rangon me kuch dhang hai
    Tere jaise bhi

    Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi
    Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi ??
    Blushing n blushing n blushing awwww I think I’m in love ???………

  7. Hey guys where can I watch d episode online other than you tube as it takes a day to get uploaded der plz help

    1. Dibya

      Desitvbox , desitashsn go n watch full episode ??

  8. Ananya Panigrahi

    i love this episode… dev should try to eat chilli

  9. Awessome episode hope no one now come in between dev and sona both look great with each other thier chemistry rocks day by day….

  10. Dibya

    Yeh lamhein hazar se hote hain
    Rang pyaar ke
    Laakhon phool bahaar ke
    Hote hai rang pyaar ke

    Dekhe hai phool jo khil ke kabhi na khile
    Dekhe hai dil jo mil ke kabhi na mile

    Kuch rang pyaar ke hai aise bhi
    Kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi

    Chulhe pe phulke sa phulhe
    Yaadein jaise hawa mein jhoole
    Raat ko lori ban
    Chupke se maathe ko chhule

    Taanke hue shirt ke button sa
    Godh rakh soye bachpan sa
    Haath ki laali sa
    Kabhi laage dhaga resham sa

    Pyaar mein lipte kitne rang mile
    Dekhe kabhi woh rang jo
    Kabhi na mile

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  11. Dibya

    These moments, thousands of them
    Are a color of love
    Million of flowers, of spring
    Are a color of love

    I’ve seen flowers that have blossomed once but never again
    I’ve seen hearts that have met once yet never again

    Some Colors of love are like this
    Like bread puffing on the stove
    Like memories that are swinging in the air
    Like a lullaby that silently caresses my forehead at night

    Like a button from a stiched shirt
    Like chilhood resting at my lap
    Like the henna applied on hands
    and sometimes love is like a fine thread

    I’ve found so many colors enveloped in love
    And I’ve seen colors that no one has found yet

    Some colors of love are like this

  12. Dibya

    Dev (Shaheer Sheikh) wishes to see Sonakshi (Erica Fernandes) in saree in Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi

    Dev is very excited and enjoying his color filled life after falling in love with Sonakshi.

    Dev always gave priority to his family and business but now his focus on Sonakshi.

    Dev first write a love letter to Sonakshi where he wishes to see him in saree as he has seen her before but that time she was wore saree for other person.

    Dev tells Sonakshi to wear the saree for her and also sends an orange colored saree for her.

    Sonakshi dresses up beautifully for Dev

    Sonakshi is happy seeing Devs gift and letter for her.

    Dev is going to get mesmerizes by Sonakshi’s beauty in saree which will start take their love story one step ahead.

    1. hmm

  13. Asmita...

    Prit and Priya, I gave reply to your comments. Plz check it.

    1. Okk Asmita

  14. Hlo every1 am new here…today’s episode was nice …but have u noticed that dev signed sme documents in hurry…so mayyyy beeee …later on he might regret this ……just a thought…may be aesa na ho..Pr ho bhi skta haina…..??

  15. Tara

    uff i guess its the best period for devakshians.. bt i fear that inki khusi ko kisiki nazar na lage..

  16. I luv this serial a lot..✌?????

  17. Asmita where u replied. I didn’t get it. Can u tell me

    1. Asmita...

      his is the link of detailed update of 14th june with hindi dialog –

      This is the link of my FF –

  18. Guys the episode was awsm. Really loved it. Their hug. Awww. Yakin nhi hota ki dev itna romantic h. But guys aapne ek baat notice ki dev baar baar ek hi baat bol raha h ki aap mujhe chod kr nhi jaaengi hamesha mere saath rehegi na. I think use is baat ka darr h that sonakshi will leave her. I think so. But i don’t know that its right or wrong. But i noticed it

    1. Hey prit,,
      Dev ne aisa Kavi kha, maine to ek baar v nhi suni???

  19. hi frds i m back u all remember na ki bhul gaye i missing u all prit tanya priya asmita bhoomi di tara and all

    1. We also miss u…
      Kha thi itne Dino se???

      1. busy in studies

    2. Bhoomi

      Hi simu…. Missed u too…. we remeber u … But Tum Kaha Thi itne din ??

      1. busy in studies time nahi milta hai par ab rahage

    3. Asmita...

      Welcome back dear…

  20. Oh god killer episode…love it

  21. For u prit….
    Sona walking on road alone…nd talking herself… Tavi dev Ki car piche se aati hai ar wo sona se kheta hai sorry…..
    S- it’s ok
    D- happily wahh mujhe too laga tha aap gussa hongi…
    S- has to Mai avi v gusaa Hu…
    D- arreyy abhi to aapne kha it’s ok.
    S- wo to maine aise hi keh Diya…
    D- smilesss , sona see him nd say agr aapko lagta hai Ki apki smile ar aankho Ki chamak dekh Kr mujhe khusi hogi too apko bilkul sahi lagta h….
    Dev again smile ( waise v jb se dev ne propose kiya h wo smile hi to Karta rehta h… Killer smile uffff….god plzz nazar naa lge…touch wood✊ )
    Dev sona ko car me bithata h…
    Dev- aapki jitni social media pr a/c hai Maine sari save Kr li h..aapka recent post– I love clouds ?
    Ms.Bose last year aap ne Sep ar Oct me kuch v upload nhi kiya aap thik to thi na…
    Sona dev se phone leti h ar sb much delete Kr deti h….
    Sona holds dev’s hand nd say aap mujhe Janna chate Ho na..
    Dev says yes…
    Phir sona ka ghar aa jata hai…dev says by sona says by again by by…
    S- ja rhi Hu
    D- isliye to dekh rha Hu…waoo so romantic naa?
    Finally they hug each other….nd sona lives….

    1. Asmita...

      Nice attempt Priya and once again thnkx for appreciating my writing skill 🙂

  22. Hey frnds Kisi ne notice kiya dev bye kaise krta….difference style
    Love u shaheer

    1. at first I thought it was some kind of cool salute but yesterday it almost looked like a hidden flying kiss. confused!!!!!!!!!!!! can anyone make out what it is?

      1. I think wo bye krta hai…

  23. Hii @ Dibya
    Tumne Jo avi dp laga rakhi h wo meri first dp thi In TU….

    1. Dibya

      Ohhhhh btw your current dp also so lovely……

  24. Asmita...

    @ Prit
    This is the link of detailed update of 14th june with hindi dialog –

    This is the link of my FF –

  25. Hey guys i’m very new to this fan club…. But a very big fan of devakshi B-)
    i’m in 11th . I cannot watch it ’cause of my vacations n’ just reading updates … ;-(

  26. Hey guys i’m very new to this fan club…. But a very big fan of devakshi <3
    i'm in 11th . I cannot watch it 'cause of my vacations n' just reading updates … ;-(

  27. Asmita u write so perfectly word to word did u write this updates every day. If u write then plzz aap link send kiya kro mujhe okk. I really loved it. Wow.
    PRIYA perfect vry nicely written. I loved it. Thnk u sooooooooooooooooo much. Really perfect word to word describe kiya h aapne.
    asmita mene bhi ff likha h. But i m nervous ki aap sabko pasand aaega ya nhi. Me itna perfectly. Describe nhi kr paai pr jitna mujhe aaya i tried to write. But i m vry much nervous. Agar aap sabko pasand nhi aaya toh bhi aap bologe that yes we loved it. Thats why i m not posting my ff.

  28. Priya awsm keep it up. Aaj ke episode ke updates jarur likhna okk. I loved ur update.

    1. Aaj ka episode to Mai kal 1 bje k baad hi kar paungi….bcz raat me to dekh nhi pati….

    2. Thanku prit

  29. Wlcm back simran. I missed u so much. Ek dam se aap sab achaanak gayaab ho gaye The.


    Awesome episode yaar day by day it’s getting more and more romantic hope ishwari won’t comes in devakshi love story as in first promo we have already seen dev and sona Convo hope they really get successful lyf from here some one told that this serial is already there in Tamil language if anyone knows he story plz share or else tell the serial name so that I can try to get that serial written update

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