Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 16th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 16th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The show takes 7-year leap and scene shifts to Sona’s new house in Kolkota. Someone records video on mobile. Sona is seen busy over phone and laptop. Bejoy searches Asha. Asha is in kichen and tells their relationship is like a mirror and till it was intact, it was unique…then looks at Rabindranath Tagore’s pic and says when will she write these kind of dialogues. Bejoy shakes her and she asks why he always disturbs when she is busy talking aout books with Gurudev. He says she is a mother first and then writer, if she spoke to her daughter. Sona over phone tells her employee that there is no use of rethinking, she has taken a decision and he is fired. Employee asks to rethink. She says she takes only 5 minutes to take a decision, has sent him a termination

letter and will come to Delhi. Bejoy asks Asha to stop her daughter, if she goes to Delhi, her past may haunt her. Sona’s daughter who is capturing video says mamma will not listen. Bejoy calls her Suhana. Suhana says she is Ms. Bose. Bejoy and granddaughter’s nok jhok continues. Suhani calls Asha with her name. Beoy says she is her Dida. Suhana says she calls him daadu, what is his problem. Asha says yes.

At Dev’s house, GKB calls her servant and scolds him in broken English. She shows diamond necklace and asks why are diamond so small, she needs at least pea sized diamonds. Servant says he will ask jeweler to send pea sized diamond set. she asks him to order cook to prepare green tea for her. Vicky’s son comes ready for school.

Suhana sees Sona, runs and hugs her. Waqt ne kiya kya haseeen sitam…song..plays in the background. Sona gives medicines to Bejoy. Bejoy says he does not need them. Suhana asks Bejoy to have medicines. Bejoy asks Suhana to go in, he needs to talk to senior Ms. Bose/Sona. He asks Sona not to go to Delhi.

GKB asks her grandson/golu why he is looking sad. Vicky wearing blazer like a big businessman comes and says today is golu’s PT/parent-teacher meeting and big cha/Dev is seen nowhere. She asks what is big cha. Golu explains her and says big cha calls him junior. GKB asks Vicky to attend meeting. Vicky says he has many meetings and says Elena should go. Elena comes and says she has kitty party. Vicky asks why did she bear child then. She says GKB changed contraceptive pills, so. They both ask GKB to attend meeting. GKB agrees. They both leave. GKB’s servant brings green tea for her and suggests not to attend meeting as Golu has got 0 marks in may subjects and teaacher will scold her.

Sona tells Suhana that daadu/Bejoy does not want her to go to Delhi. Suhana asks why. Sona tells because her papa stays there and gives lengthy dialogues. She says her life’s biggest mistake is marrying her papa. Dialogues continues. Sona says she started business after divorcing her papa and shifted business to Kolkota, now she is going to Delhi to solve critical problem which only she can solve and cannot trust anyone else. Suhana asks to tell about her papa. Sona says he is arrogant, akdu. Suhana asks what is her papa’s name. Bejoy shouts nobody will take his name in this house. Suhana says she will know eventually, so she wants to know now. Sona says her papa’s name is Mr. Devrath Dixit, Dev.

GKB tells golu that she cannot attend his PT meeting as she is having severe knee pain and he should take big cha. He asks where is big cha. GKB says she does not know, he should go and ask badi daadi/IShwari. He goes to Ishwari’s room and asks where is big cha. She says she does not know, he did not come home since 7 years. He says he had some days ago, he comes suddenly and disappears suddenly, he is a bad man. Ishwari thinks where is her son.

Suhana asks why papa does not come to meet her. Sona says because she is born after divorce and he does not know that she exists. Suhana says she lost a lot. Sona says he gained her though. Suhana says papa does not have her though. Discussion continues. Sona says she is free to talk to her papa and should take decision on her own. She gives Dev’s old number and asks to take a decision. Suhana says 5 minutes. Asha asks why 5 minutes. She says because she needs just 5 minutes to take a decision and not like Dev who takes long. Sona looks at her.

Golu reaches school in a car. Other student’s parents discuss Dev”s car came and start talking about him. Golu gets out of car. Women sadly say Dev did not come at al. Dev comes on a bike. Golu excitedly says big cha came. Dev removes his helmett. Waqt ne kiya kya haseen sitam…song plays in the background. Dev asks whatz up junior.

Precap: Dev is seeing walking lifting Golu. Suhana packs her bags and tells Sona that she will call papa and inform that she is coming.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Junee

    The child will actually help the parents to introspect!! As children often become like pointers who make parents realise the cause of aberrations / perturbances

  2. LeeSa

    Har koi pyaar keliye thadaptha hai
    Har koi pyaar keliye rota hai
    Mere pyaar ko galat mat samajna
    Pyaar tho dosti mein bhi hot a hai

  3. LeeSa

    Dosti wo nahi hoti jo Jaan deti hai
    Dosti wo nahi hoti jo muskaan deti hai
    Ashli dosti tho wo hoti hai
    Jo samundar mein gira aansu bhi pehechaan leti hai

  4. Sonadi

    Admit ha I fully agree with you.I am with Sona. Dev is the root cause for their break up.

  5. Priya9876


    By god ye dekh kar dil ko itna sukun Mila h ki bass mai bataaaa nhi Sakti…..
    Haye……maje aa Gye..??????
    But ek bete k viswass ko aise tut te huye dekh kr dukh v ho Raha h…??

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