Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 16th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 16th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sona reaches restaurant and sees Ayan and Khushi together. She sits on a nearby chair and captures their video, thinking she has to do this to save Riya. Ishwari reaches Sona’s hospital with food and asks receptionist where is Sona’s room. Receptionist says she did not come today. Ishwari thinks where did she go then. Sona calls Dev and says he wants to talk to him something important. He says he is in a meeting and willl call her later. She travels in car and sees Dev entering hospital. She thinks what he is doing here and gets out of car.

Ishwari reaches home and asks Kichu if Sona came back. He says no. Neha starts yelling that Sona lied her and went to meet her parents, friends, or who knows. Ishwari says she must have have gone to work and

realized, today she does not have work, so she did not reach hospital. Neha yells to stop trying to become Sona’s mother, Sona will only treat her asmother-in-law. GKB joins Neha and starts brainwashing Ishwari together that her bahu laways informs her and goes and not like Sona.

Dev meets doc who asks if he knows what he is doing and if he really does not want to let his wife know about it. He says yes. Sona enters and asks what are they hiding and panics. Dev says nothing, there was one more report pending and it is fine. She panics if baby is fine, what they are hiding, she wants to see her report.

Asha invites Elena and Vicky for dinner. They get ready and Elena says she is very excited to taste Asha’s prepared tasty nonveg. Vicky signals to lower her voice. GKB comes running with lunchbox and water bottle and tells Vicky she prepared aloo paranthas for him. He says he is going for a dinner to his sasural. She says okay and asks not to each nonveg. They both leave. GKB smiles looking at Neha. Neha asks not to hide things from her. GKB says she is worried Vicky would become with Dev.

Vicky and Elena reach Bose house and sit for dinner. Bejoy gets society member’s call and orders him to inform neighbor not to throw garbage. He says he is secretary and not servant. His jokergiri continues. GKB comes there and peeps from door. Door opens and she falls in. Bejoy and Asha greet her in She says children came for dinner, so she also thought of coming. Bejoy says she really did good and asks her to join them for dinner. She checks each dish aand then goes to kitchen and tells Asha she finished her dinner and cannot eat. Asha insists. GKB sees nonveg and falls down.

Sona continues panicking and checks reports. Dev says reports have gone for specialisit’s opinion and nothing to worry. Sona continues and walks away angrily. Dev follows he and asks her to relax. Sona says this child is very important to her, she became mother even beore this child his born and she cannot take any risk. Maa is so hopeful and she does not want to disappoint her. Dev says they have to wait till specialist’s opinion comes back and nothing to worry. She says she will inform maaji about it though. Dev stands tensed.

Precap: Ishwari calls Ayan’s parents and tells Ayan and Riya”s relationship cannot happen, she took decision in a hurry earlier and now it is her final decision.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Frnds i am having 1 doubt . As like all other fans of south , this is the only hindi serial i am watching. I donno hindi b-coz i am frm tamilnadu. And d doubt is , dev used to call radharani as mamiji but vicky calls ishwari as bua. And u could remember d evil lady “daadi bua” whether daadi bua is a name or a name of a relationship?????

    1. Devga

      It’s a relation…. Like calling ur dadi’s sister …. Bua usually means “athai” … Or in English simply means “aunt”

      1. Thank u dear?

    2. hi swarna.iam also from TN. this is the first time iam commenting here.but I always used to read all the comments.

      1. Hi nisha?

    3. Hiiiii….iam also from TN…

      1. Hi nivi dear?

  2. Neha1

    OMG..! Dev promised Sona that he’s not hiding anything but actually he is hiding about IVF process but I don’t understand that how long he will hide the truth of Sona’s pregnancy… The truth will came out bcoz she’s not pregnant…and there’re many early symptoms of pregnancy which Sonakshi is not going through…like Morning Sickness, fetal development month by month….etc…!
    Anyways it will be interesting that how Dev will hide this news from Sonakshi and Ishwari…!

  3. Neha1

    Waiting for Monday’s episode where finally Ishwari decided to end Ayaan and Riya’s relationship… which is good for Riya.

  4. Junee

    In today’s episode once again GKB the cartoon network really made me laugh. Vicky and Elena are now looking cool together and are the best treatment for GKB. The chicken tandoori event was super duper with GKB going unconscious!
    Ishwari has gone overboard with her care for Sona. This will boomerang I feel. There is a saying “Too much of anything is bad”!
    Neha is really the nastiest in that house at the moment. She has now become another GKB. Birds of the same feather flock together. Now GKBs hands are full with her latest worry about “Jhinga Jhingur” so does not have the time to play nasty!!
    I wonder how Dev will come out of this mess as Madam Sonakshi has now sensed something fishy! Sonakshi as usual was alert or rather had an advantage to find Dev at the hospital and the queries raised by her were justified.Poor Dev was flabbergasted!
    She is also going overboard about telling Ishwari and her loyalty towards Ishwari indeed is a foolish act. Instead of trusting her husband, she chooses to please Ishwari. This also reflects that she too can lose her head with sweet talk and care.Why can’t she wait for her husband ( Mumma’s boy as she calls him) to reveal it to his mother? How can an intelligent woman like her forget overnight how she was treated previously and what guarantee is there that Ishwari will not revert to her original self even if a baby is born. I am trying to put forward an argument from Sonakshi’s side considering even if she was pregnant.
    She is shown to be intelligent and alert about every bit including unravelling Ayan’s intentions, but she chooses to trust Ishwari fully with her problems? I just cannot accept this.
    Sonakshi dear you will be paid back for choosing the wrong person and it will be too late perhaps. But some people want to burn their fingers for learning a lesson and she probably chooses that path.

    1. Akanksha bhardwaj

      Yrr i guess…sonakshi’s point of view is k…itti mushkil se ishwari ne use accept kiya h…chahe pregnancy ki wjah se hi sahi….so she don’t want to give her (ishwari) any chance to get upset with her…
      Bt haan…she over reacted..nd its gonna really difficult for dev now….bt i think dev ko pehle hi bta dena chahiye tha…kyuki..ab to sona nd ishwari kitna kuchh expect kr lengi…all those sapne n all…nd sapne dikha k todna is worse

    2. Erina

      Hiii junee finally I comed or I can say ur comment forced me to come here ??coming to d main point I dont feel my sona is wrong infact anybody will be panic in that situation so for me its normal nd coming on that sona should trusted her hubby so my dear junee dev already given her this ryt to disbelieve… How can a girl trust her hubby who continuously lyied to her whether its calling maa incident, clothes incident nd ol .. Basically my point is dev had not done so much that sona can’t distrust him nd coming to new bond of ishakshi well we know its got pure but for sona its vry big deal as only bcse of that news she is getting treatment lyk a princess nd we all know our sona is straight forward girl . she not hide things normally but when nobody given damn on her words then she decided to trap nd open d eyes of family …
      Nd I fell dev is doing wrong but I can’t blame him also as his intension is not wrong but as sona said once I also believe that although devs intension is not wrong but d way of doing things is wrong ….. Agree or disagree is another thing as we all have different views to c d same thing as we all r different so its quit obvious that ur way of thinking will differ also
      Nd howz u dear ???

  5. Sravanthi

    Even after watching ishwari’s happiness & her conversations vth sona i was not happy becoz i believe that she is a selfish lady….in todays episd she is worried for sonakshi only becoz she is carryng devs child….please give her some respect i mean ye kya dialg hui…Uski kok mein dev ki bacha hain jaise sona ke paas dev ki kuch imprtnt cheez hain jise ye overprtctv mother prtct karna chahthi hain bas ab sona ka kuch bhi ho ishwari ko koi differnc nahin padega…kal itni badi badi dialg bol rahithi….mujhe tumhari maa banneki mouka do blah blah blah….i donno whether i am able to convey my thoughts her but this is how i felt after watching ishwari

  6. Sonadi

    Very good episode.The plot is getting thicker and thicker.
    Funny part of this episode is Gkb’s reaction about the diner at Bose’s house.
    As per precap , Looks like Sona solved the Ayan’s problem.Sona comes out victorious. Now it is Neha’s turn. Neha is becoming very bad and horrible by the minute.Her jealousy towards Sona is making her a horrible person .She is dependent on her bhai She knows how much he loves Sona. Still she is acting like that.She has to mend her ways. Instead of making the whole family unhappy, she should bring them together and keep them happy.
    Now Sona is acting like a doctor. She will not leave Dev until she knows the truth.
    It will be interesting to see how Dev handles the situation without breaking the trust.

    1. Akanksha bhardwaj

      I don’t think that sona got successfull or not…..i really want k sona ho gyi ho successfull….bt itni bdi cheez promo me directly dikha di…nd itne aaram se….so i have doubts…. Doubt to mujhe tbhi hua tha jb waiter aaya tha sona k pass…k video save bhi hui ya nhi…bt lets hope for the best….

    2. Akanksha bhardwaj

      What i think is……when the truth will come out…it will be the highest emotiomal drama wla point in the serial…there will be huge differences between devashkshi…nd neha will provoke ishwari that how is this possible that sona ko hi ni pta tha k whether she is pregnant or not…sona nd bhai fooled you…sona stole dev from you nd blah blah….infact that prenap agreement thing can come out..nd then divorse thing…
      I don’t know…may be i m over thinking….bt my experience with these drames is saying this…bt ofcourse divorse will not happen…bt situation ja skti h wahan tk

  7. Junee

    Good night and Good bye guys till 2017!
    Wish you all a Merry Christmas ? and very happy , healthy and prosperous 2017????? in Advance even to team KRPKAB!! Tomorrow I shall be leaving for Vienna on work! Will return in the First week of 2017 ! So till then happy commenting and have Cheerful times each of you! Shall miss you all and the episodes of KRPKAB! Don’t know how I will survive without this obsession till jan!!
    Hope you get to see lovely episodes!??

    1. Sonadi

      I think if you have internet and time you can see it on desi serial s.com. I am in U.S. I get to see the show only at night u.s time. But I see it on desi serial .com and read the story on Telly updates after the show is telecast in India. It takes about approximately 45 minutes to appear.
      Have a safe journey and happy new year.

    2. Priya9876

      U r going….
      Gonna miss u yaar…
      Wishing u too merry Christmas ? Nd happy new year ? …..
      Have a safe journey…..

    3. Neha1

      Merry Christmas in Advance to you?????????
      Happy and Safe Journey dear…Plz come soon.. I Miss You dear…!?

      1. Neha1

        Happy New Year in Advance to you Junee

    4. Manya

      Ohh tussi jaa Rahe Ho?
      Merry Christmas and happy new year to u too in advance
      I know it is difficult to survive without us and krpkab but I have full faith in u!!!u will do it??
      And we will also miss u a lot??and ur comments
      Enjoy in Vienna I know it is for work but still it’s a very beautiful place Di??
      Will miss u❤️❤️❤️
      Till u come back❤️❤️❤️
      Love love❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    5. Sravanthi

      Hey junee…merry christmas & happy new year in advance?

    6. Bye JUNEE??….wish you safe and enjoyful journey?✌….and merry christmas??? and happy new year ??????to you too in advance….hope as a christmas and a new year gift you get a scrolling option in the comment section…????

      We’ll miss you…..try to watch the serial and comment if you get time….??

    7. Junee

      Will miss u all! Shall try nevertheless to be there even to say Hi??

    8. Bye junee di. I never commented here, but i started commenting now a days. I used to read all ur comments. Happy new year????? in advance. Bon voyage?

    9. Kalpana

      OOOOHHHH VIENNA!!!! Junee we will all miss you so much!!!! Come back soon!!!! Try commenting whenever you are free…. Will miss your long and beautiful explanation of each episode 🙂

    10. Sad that you shall not be seen much for upcoming days, but work is work and I truly understand it. Well, I’ll really be missing you and your enriching comments throughout this time, but I bet you’ll be back with even better ones by the time yI ire back in action! Vienna is quite a wonderful place I’ve heard about. Hope you have a wonderful and memorable time out there! Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a blissful and fruitful 2017!!!!
      Loads and tons of love to you,

    11. Sneha1

      hi junee di… have a safe journey… wish u merry Christmas n happy new year in advance
      take care… we r going to miss u a lot

  8. now this is hilarious whenever we try to point out something wrong or bash cvs for their illogical things the next day we get the compensation for that.since soo many days we were torturing cvs them for making sona dumb but today man!!she nailed it aisa laga usse khud gussa aaraha tha ki btaya kyyuuu nhii mujhee himmat kaise hui?
    dev better beware of ur patni if u prolonged this lie thn GOD KNOWS what will happen.i m soo much enjoying this show n loving it that there r no spoilers to spoil the thrill to watch this show.my god ishu monday ko ayan ko mana kardegi.but do u think that this ayan’s n khushi’s track gonna get over so early.btw elina rocks n radharani shocks

  9. Junee

    TU team wish you all a merry Christmas ? and a happy and prosperous 2017???! Thanks for being so cooperative and lovely! But your new year resolution would be to improve your writing box! So that we can end up with less typos! So scrolling option should be there??

    1. hawwwwww itna suddenly.I’ll really miss your comments….
      its k work important . btw merry christmas n happy new year in advance.have a safe journey!!!

    2. Erina

      Merry Christmas nd??nd happy new year to u dear
      … Bye hve a lovely nd safe journey ???? ?

    3. Subhashini

      Merry Christmas?? and Happy New year you too dear ??…
      Missing u very much….come soon
      Have a lovely,enjoyable and safe journey dear….

  10. Pata ni ishwari ko kya chull rahti h….Bt precap bda shandar ta mon ko maja ayega…

  11. I think today the makers have shown us the trailer that what will be the scenario when sona’s pregnancy truth will come out…..she will surely behave hyperactively to this truth just like sodium which is if kept open just reacts immediately…aur fir ishwari ke toh kya kehne….she (ishwari) always behaves or reacts “OVER” in every single situtation that passes her…..so no point of talking about her…
    Now coming to DEV its gonna be a hell difficult task for him to survive with this LIE…..which he’s keeping with him just and just to protect sona and ishwari’s newly made bond and his family but he needs to be sane enough to think all the aspects or results of this lie….it will heal the situation for time being but in the long run it will only create a shitting situation for him and sona too….because ishwari is a kind of woman whose love is only conditional….and i think that to a big extent he too knows this thing and have it in his unconscious…but stilll…..

    He only want SONA’s HAPPINESS by hook or by crook….and thats the way HE’s ALWAYS BEEN….if he wants something for his family’s happiness he’ll get that thing any freaking how….

    Now in this situation the only thing we can hope is sona being an understanding wife and not judging him on this step of his…..she just bursted out or i should rather say that panicked like anything today and if she will behave this way it will surely lead to a big difference between both of them which i think ishwari will never let that get cleared…..

    Now i’m just hoping for a miracle to happen and dev getting his tiny khargosh or tiny aubodhro in his arms…

    RADHARANI is being set on FIRE by ELENA…..there is only one lineliner for which i want to say is JAISE KO MILA TAISA…..i mean she has been doing cheap things with sona now she have to deal with the same…..so good….boomerang of her deeds came to her….

    1. Sorry for the typos…

  12. Sravanthi

    Hey guys there is an article on yestrdays episode in fuzion prodctns & trust me it is very hilarious one? i mean d way d authr has questiond dev will make u laugh…have a look at it & njy d weekend?

    1. Akku

      Heyy sravanthi….i read that article…thanks for sharung i must say….what an article…thats offf….nd seriously…tge samw things were ciming o in my ming mind….after watching the episodes…i felt lyk mere mnn ki baat boldi kisi ne …..nd yes we would lyk dev to raise ques to his famiky in case sona gets humiliated by his family…nd if ishwari’s feeling got change after ko knowing tge truth…

    2. Priya9876

      Yup….read that…thanks for reminding me yaar….
      As always superb article…Nd today hilarious too???

  13. hi guyz wat happen in next eposite dev u can say sona will no about tht reports are not

  14. Sonadi

    I read Neha do some investigative work and finds the Drs report from Dev ‘s room. She finds out that Dev lied about Sona’s pregnancy and show it to Iswari.
    Will this be true. How stupid Dev can be to keep the that Neha can find out and not Sona

    1. OMG! I so badly hope Neha doesn’t end up finding Sonakshi’s reports! Things might really worsen, then!

    2. Priya9876

      But reports to dev ne fadd k dustbin me daal Diya tha….?

  15. Sonadi

    Sorry typo
    to keep the report that Neha

  16. Priya9876

    Watch this guyzz lovely VM

  17. Subhashini

    I didn’t watch this week episode regularly because of vardah cyclone in tamilnadu no power,no cable,no network so i miss u all my dear friends and our show deeply…tum logo sae nai baath karna bouquet mushkil yaar…i miss u all dears…
    coming to episode today only i watched this week’s all episode in youtube in my point of view ishwari’s love to sona is fake because she doesn’t love sona as daughter in law she cares sona because she is mother of dev’s child once the child will born then again ishwari change the behavior towards sona like old…
    Dev is not wrong in his intention because he want that bond between ishwari and sona but he not realize after knowing the truth how much they both are hurt and their relationship can broken…
    For a girl how much sona can hurt after knowing this truth i didn’t imagine that…and wat pregnancy is a hiding thing how many days he will hide that i don’t know…due to all this drama sona is only more hurting in future ….but now dev is not wrong and sona is also not wrong they r crt on their individual point of view…

    1. Priya9876

      Hii Shubhasini…
      I also said in previous page that ISHWARI’s behavior is fake….
      My pov is also same Shubha

    2. Sneha1

      hi subhashini… I hope u all r fine.. take care dear… all our blessings are with u n your loved ones…

      1. Subhashini

        Thank u dr ya now its all fine here …

    3. Sonadi

      You can see the old episodes in set India you tube .com

  18. Priya9876

    Sneha where r u??

    1. Sneha1

      hi dear.. I am here only…

  19. Sneha1

    hi all…. my family has declared me mad….
    last week I got my left hand fractured… so taking off from my industrial training….. from the last 3 days… so I started seeing all previous episodes back to back… I started from accident episode & watched till Dev realisation episode….
    it was so good…
    n some thing what i noticed while watching almost 30 back to back episodes….
    1. Ishwari is all caring and positive in all these episodes..
    2. Sonakshi has different dresses to wear in almost all episodes…. she is trying all different colors… different patterns… even half sleeves… even those dresses where we get to see some skin atleast at upper neck.. or back… I know I sound weirdo here…..
    3. Dev is all handsome.. smart.. intelligent.. cute…. sadu but sweet at the same time….
    4. the days what sona spent after realising her love.. when Dev was all caring but ignorant of his feeling… wow… my heart sank with every tear of sona…
    5. Elina.. my love doc.. all supportive, intelligent and caring.. a sweet sister to whom sona can share her every feeling….
    Those are seriously the magical episode… I was so lost in devakshi love… that my brother teases me ki dev babu ko itna dekhegi to tujhe pyar ho jayega… how could I tell him that I m already in deep love with this guy….

    this is one of the most romantically spent weekend I spent online with my devakshi…..

    n at time of watching all these episodes.. I am just imaginaning.. how my krpkbians react if we were watching these episodes together…..

    seriously priya, devga, junee, shalini, shubashini, piya, asmita, manya, sonadi, neha, elina, kalpana, akansha… those were so magical episode…. I have again started dreaming about dev dixit in my dreamzz.. I know I am sounding little idiotic.. but I am lost… somebody please save e from Devakshi love

    1. Subhashini

      Its so beautiful timing i think if we watching all tat episodes together and that was the most soundest, dancing,imaging and enjoyable place in the world dr ??????

      1. Sneha1

        seriously subashini…

    2. Get well soon dear…and take good care of yours….and dreaming about dev dixit is in itself is a matter of madness which we cant stop to do…so carry on…??

      1. Sneha1

        Thanks Shalini… I know devakshi is d best medicine… with them I just forgot the pain I m suffering from….

    3. Priya9876

      Awwwww ur comment???
      Seriously those episodes r like sweetest desert of my life…..soooooo beautiful…..
      N u know what my Bhai said when he opened my lappy or phone pictures folder—- Tu Ar tera SHAHEER basss Ar kuch nhi….
      Even wo to mummy ko v dikha deta h Jakr…OK that time ?????
      Hey sneha ek dialogue aaya dimag me:-

      “Agar SHAHEER se pyar karna idiotic h, too Haa Mai hoon idiot”
      ” Agar kuch rang.. k old episodes back to back dekhna like a crazy crazyyyyyyyyyy Fan MADNESS h, tooo Haa hoon Mai pagal…..”
      **Jab pyar Kiya to darna Kya**????
      Now I m seriously gon mad??

      1. Sneha1

        priya ur shayari….
        just superrrrrrr se bahut bahut uparrrrrr…
        its so cute !!!!

    4. Priya9876

      Oppos bakwass ki sarey baatey kar li maine at Ar ye to pucha hi nhi ki plaster kab open ho Raha hai????

      Get well soon dear…..Ar dev Dixit ko bol ki ek do din wo v aa jaye khayal rakhne ko….?

      1. Sneha1

        thanks priya dear… plaster is for 3 weeks… 13th ko laga hai t ab new year mein hi khulega…
        feeling better now….
        agar dev dixit aa gaye to bus mein to unke saamne hi behosh ho jaungi…. phir to kahan kahan bandage krni padegi….
        but ye khayal hi itna awesome hai… I just love it…..

      2. Priya9876

        Haha a???

    5. Sonadi

      You should have seen from the first episode to the episode where Dev realizes his love for Sona. Those are the beautiful one. The way they develop Sona’s love ❤️ Excellent.I like those parts better than the current ones.Those episodes are the that got me hooked to Krpkab.

      1. Sneha1

        seriously sonadi… those were just great episodes… beyond words….
        now a days we sometimes get glimpse of that magic but that is very off n on…
        I just wish they recreate those magical moments again….

    6. Devga

      Yaru killed it by ur this comment.. seriously. …. I too think this many times wen v all as commenting family of krpkab fans r so similar in feelings and facts abt devaksi…. How it wudb wen v al crawl in the same couch to watch devakshi wit popcorns…. Nd evn fight for the middle most seat to view our devakshi in a big home theater….

      1. Sneha1

        wow… it feels so good in imagination… I just hpe krpkab PH arranges some special screening for its die hard fans… where they invite all of us…
        after special screening.. Dev n Sona will personally come and spend time with all of us….

        kitna majedar sound kr raha hai..

    7. oh my god @sneha tumhara comment padh ke i got so emotional.maine bhi aise bhot baar kiya hai ki lagatar back to back episodes dekhe but i swear ek baar bhi bore nhi hui .matlab KYA episodes the!!!kitna maza aaye agar hum sab baith ke sab woh episodes dekhe thn toh i think hume episode ko itni baar pause karna hoga kyunki hum sab baari baari behosh jo ho jayengi…
      n wow tumhare bhai ko bhi pata hai ki tum shaheer ki itni badi fan ho

  20. Hi everybody! I am also great fan of krpk and devakshi.

    1. Sneha1

      hi aamna.. welcome to krpkab family….. pl. feel free to share ur thoughts…

  21. Sneha1

    SBS updates….
    Dev is shown angry. The whole Dixit family is present in the hall. Riya is standing far.

    Sona is trying make Dev understand something. She holds his arm and he angryily pulles his hand and Sona is about to fall. Everyone gets shocked. Ishwari and Elena rushes to Sona.

    Ishwari says is this the way to behave. Do i have to teach you how to behave with a girl?

    Dev says change your decision. Don’t break the alliance (Riya and Ayaan’s wedding). Ishwari says, i took the decision and its finally. Sona wants to say something, but Dev shouts at her. Don’t say anything. I am talking to maa. Ishwari says you are not talking, you are shouting at her.
    DevAkshi room scene was shown. Where they are arguing about something.

    Ishwari holds Dev’s hand and throw him out of the house and close the door.

    GKB says Jiji, he is your Dev. How can you do this to him?

    Shaheer Iv was there: He said it was surprising for him too. To know Dev will behave with Maa in this way. But Dev is in some situation where he cannot tell anybody anything and in all this he don’t know what he’s doing. People are bound to get angry in such kind of situations. And he want Riya and Ayaan’s wedding to happen as there’s something Ayaan is aware off and Dev cannot let him take advantage of the situation. It is really interesting. You’ll get to know when you’ll watch the episode.

  22. Priya9876


    ?? Ye Kya ho Raha hai…
    Ayaan dev ko black mail kar Raha h…o god….dev kaise akele handle karenge ye sb kuch??

    1. Devga

      Yar samaj mein nahi aa raha hey ki aisi konsi bath hogi jo vo sona ko nahi bathaparaha … Omg …. He evn harmed her in anger …. Bichara dev….

      Yeh aaj kal kya horaha hey koi bhi ladka positive character mein guss jathey hein aur thodi he dhin mein ek cheapster ban jathey hein …….(ranveer I still can’t believe he behaved so badly …. He truly made a guf impact on all of us right guys .. ) ( and now this ayan omg …. )

      Poor sonakshi …. She doesn’t knw she is not pregnant… And ishwari’s activities clearly shows that aftr knowing abt sona’s Tru reports she wil turn upside down again as she was bfr …. Evn more worse….

      How many problems dev has
      Sona’s reports
      Moron’ss wrong doing in business

      More to b added by directors or story writers….

      Such a pathetic situation

    2. Sneha1

      But Dev itna stupid kaise behave kr sakta h.. when he knows ayaan is not a good boy to wo apne stupid plan k liye riya ki life kaise stake pr laga sakta h

      1. Priya9876

        Kuch to gadbad h…..pata lagana padega

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