Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 16th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 16th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Bejoy tells Ishwari he wants to talk her alone. She takes him aside. He says Sona and Dev love each other and they should get them married. Ishwari says everything is decided, they just have to give blessings now. She continues that Sona came here as doctor and now she hears Dev is in her love. Even Sona’s daadi was telling they were taunting Sona since long, but Dev told me about him and Sona just now, it is difficult for her to accept this shock. He says he loves her daughter and his happiness is in her happiness, he thinks even she loves her son and her happiness is in her son’s happiness. Ishwari says yes. Bejoy leaves. Ishwari panics and gulps cold water.

Mamaji comes rushing and says Radha informed Sona’s family came, what happened. Ishwari

says nothing. Mamaji asks why is she sweating. Ishwari says she should be happy in her son’s happiness. Mamaji says yes. Ishwari says if she does wrong, will he scold her. Mamaji says she is his sister and is worried about her, she wants to see her always happy. Their conversation continues.

In the evening, Sona returns home and asks his parents why did they come to Dev’s house, to meet him. Bejoy says they came to meet Dev’s family and not Dev. He says Dev’s family is rich and his mom thinks Sona came as doctor and wants to marry Dev now, her thinking is different than them, they are middle class family and just want to see Sona happy, so he suggests Sona to rethink about this relationship.

Sona calls Dev and says her family had gone to his mom. He is surprised to her that and asks what happened then. She says her dad told to rethink about their relationship as it seems his mom is not happy about this relationship. He says mom loves her a lot, then why will she tell this, if her dad told what happened there. She says no. Their argument starts. She disconnects call. He goes to Ishwari’s room and says he needs to talk. She asks if he is fine, if he needs water. He asks if she does not like Sona. She asks why is he asking this. He says Sona told her parents came here and her dad told Ishwari ji does not like Sona. Ishwari says she just told Sona that she has to learn etiquities of this house and become a bahu. Dev says Sona frightened her, he will go and meet her right now. Ishwari thinks why she lied to her son.

Dev reaches outside Sona’s house and calls her, she does not pick call. He calls Elena and asks her to bring Sona somehow. Sona comes down and asks why did he call her via her sister. He says he wants to hear her scold him. He says mom told everything and is happy about her. Sona asks is it and says she needs to talk. He says she did not want to talk and now wants to, says that is why just munching carrot like rabbit is not enough. Their conversation continues.

Ishwari trying to sleep thinks why she is not happy with her son’s happiness, why she lied him. She pops in handful of sleeping pills thinking with 3 pills, she did not get sleep and wants to sleep before Dev comes. She collapses on floor.

Precap: Dev gets nervous seeing Sona’s condition and says doc and nursing and not telling how is mom, he will call Sona. Mamaji asks him not to call her as Ishwari does not like Sona.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Priya9876

    Here the heaven comes on earth at shaheer’s white home…. Soo beautiful….


    1. Priya9876

      Congratulations shaheer….
      May God bless you always… U deserve this house..bcz. It all ur efforts nd lots of hardwork….
      I’ll pray for ur success allays… Jo v aap life me chahte ho wo sab kuch aapko mile…

      I must shaheer ur choice is damm cool… Each n every section of ur home,, even all corners r soooo sooo beautiful… Just like u…
      Don’t know who is the luckiest girl in this universe who came in ur life nd share ur home , specially wid u… Bcoz u r the most important not ur home for any girl….
      Again congratulations…. Too u… Have a enjoyfull life allways…

  2. Bhoomi

    I just want to beat Dev ??? after watching new promo…. Gadha … Idiot..Dumb… Duffer… Stupid…??

    1. Asmita...

      I am with u Bhoomi… We both will beat Dev ???

      1. Bhoomi

        Sure.. lets go?

    2. Chanpreet0815

      I too bhoomi

  3. RANdomfANCreationz

    The way they spoiled ishwari’s chaarcter is way too much -_- and when i saw promo in beginning like even b4 the show started i thought that ishwari wont be happy initially due to which devakshi break up but ishwari in actual wont mind even if dev marries sona as she knows dev loves sona i thought like this but i was wrong ishwari turned out to be a typical drama saas -_-

  4. Lakshree, after seeing the promo I have no sympathy for Dev ! He is a fultooo idiot! Wicked Mom’s gadhaaa son!
    Sona not worth pursuing this guy! Listen to your Dad Bijoy and carry on with ur life! Look for a good job quit give the mother and son a piece of your mind!
    I feel terrible for Sona. But you are a smart thinker so move on !!!!

    1. blink do you think sona and dev lead their own life after their breakup???

      1. Lakshree , as per the original track that I read at the onset of this serial , they were supposed to lead their own lives! They would rest their live there! The writer thought anout the present day reality and wrote this script I believe as she has teenagers!
        But the viewers can turn the table! Money spins around these shows so they often change the plot to keep it running as per needs of tge viewer! Though this is supposed to be a finite series!Even then I think a lot depends on the producers and the channnel.

      2. Sorry for the typis!
        ” rest their love”
        ” about ” not anout
        “The viewer”
        This is the android syndrome i guess!

      3. yes blink…. you are right
        i also thought that same when the serial started….. but now they are just only consider the trp rate and young viewer discussions….

  5. but i hope they would be easily patch up their love life… because the real problem is eshwari ….
    i also hate dev because of his nonsense behaviour towards sona….
    poor sona….
    except her family every side she gets hurt from others because of this muttal dev!!!!

  6. krpab upcoming track:

    Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi will witness a major twist when Dev breaks all his ties with Sonakshi for Ishwari.
    In the coming episode, Bose family suggests Sonakshi to forget her old relationship and move on. Apparently, with heavy heart Sonakshi will agree to meet new guys for a alliance. Dev will also get this news and he will be completely shattered. Let’s see what Dev will do now.

    1. Bhoomi

      Lets see… Poor me ?….. Now a days i am not willing to watch show…. I feel very sad… Hope they patch up Soon??

  7. upcoming break up track is will be used to realise dev nd sona to how intense their love by each other!!!!!

  8. Chanpreet0815

    God knows lakshree what will dev do. I think that devakshi ka patchup ho jaaega

    1. πŸ˜‰
      lets see chanpreet….
      what will next happen in poor sona and idiot dev life….

  9. i hope this break up track will be no more dragging…
    if its dragging more definitely we will lost our enthusiasm in this serial….

  10. Dev, how are you talking to sona. Idiot, if u r man, ask ur selfish witch mom why she is pretending like this. Donkey Dev, sona better leave this a*sh*le Dev. Ishwari maiya, will u get Dev married ever or do u have plan to marry him urself. Cheeee

  11. guysss…….r u watching that new video of sbbs segment at youtube?…dev tells sona that he broke up with her all relations…& sona replies ‘itni jaldi har man liyi?…ap akele ye rishta nahi tod sakte…ap akele decision nahi le sakte..cause i love u too..muzse wada kiya tha ki hamare bichme koi nahi ayega..to wo wada kya ma ko puch ke kiya tha…& he says only sorryy sorryy…& last she replies…’dev ap mera pyar deserve nahi karte…goodbye mr dikshit’…& then she goes from hospital….??…she gives answer to him in what a tone yarr….awesome…she is so so so much strong…& i liked that so much..her attitude..

  12. & sorryyy for that emojis…its actually-???

  13. Very good serial. Dev is not strong enough to face his selfish mom. Sona brave girl. Keep going. Forget dev.

  14. apeksha mentioned sbs segment :

    http://youtu.be/Ns_mbkM_D5Q /
    The break-up

    1. Asmita...

      I love the line “aap mera pyar deserve nahi karte, good bye mr. Dixit”

    2. Chanpreet0815

      Lakshree is there any other link. Becoz ye link open nhi ho raha h.

  15. Guys new sbs segment
    Breakup wala
    It scared me to death blo*dy dev
    Poor sona
    But her reply was osm
    It is First realist breakup on indian tv no. Over racing
    But sona aahaahaa
    Feeling very bad for devakshi

  16. Yes. Sometimes it is very difficult to face lover and mom. Really he is sandwich between them. Now how writers r taking this serial. Don’t make us disappointment. Dev and Sona looking good . If they depart away viewers will stop seeing this serial.

  17. yeh pehla serial hai jisme ladki nahi balki ladka sandwich ho raha hai (suffering more).

    I think the story will have turn like this……..
    Dev will breakup with sona thn seeing dev’s condition Ishwari will accept sona but this tym dev will say that he doesnt want to marry sona. As for dev Ishwari’s happiness is more important than his and sona’s. And now the starting promo of krpkab ( Jab dil ke faisley bhi dhimg se liye jaate hai…………..)
    but this is not nyc ryt

  18. why doesn’t mama take garib ki beti and get out of house himself for starters?

  19. Esme

    No action no reaction ….ye toh hona hi tha…n ishwari taunting sona’s parents !!!! Very very bad ….koi aise bolta he kya..

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