Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 15th September 2016 Written Episode Update


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 15th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ishwari shatters feeling her son in pain. She cries in frontt of mama. Radha comes and starts crying that sukdi/malnourished Sona’s engagement canceled and she is worried that she will trap Dev again. Mamaji gets very angry and shouts at her to get out, else he will slap her. She runs from there. Ishwari says she cannot see her son’s condition and blames mamaji that he did not stop her from ruining her son’s happiness, it was his duty to stop her from doing anything wrong. Mamaji says she is a pillar of hope for her children and can still correct her misake.

Ishwari goes to Dev’s room and Dev says Sona’s engagement cancelled. She says she has decided something and takes him down. She then tells whole family that she has taken a decision

and says she wants Dev to marry Sona. Dev says it cannot happen. Ishwari says her happiness is in her sons’s happiness and asks if he will marry Sona for her happiness. Dev gets very happy and says he will go and inform Sona now and leaves. Ria and Nikki also get happy and Nikki says sometimes they get afraid speaking to her seeing her tone and sometimes she plays santa claus. Ishwari says a mother always wants children’s happiness and when children get adamant, she budges to their demand and agrees to whatever they ask.

Dev goes to Sona’s hospital with a bouquet and enquires receptionist. Receptionist says Sona is in a meeting and asks him to wait in Sona’s room. Sona sees Dev and asks what is he doing. He happily says mom agreed for their marriage. She says she does not want to marry as he always thought about his and his mom’s happiness and did not even care about her. Because of him, his parents had to feel so much insult. He kicked her out of his life just because his mom rejected her and now wants to accept her because his mom wants him to marry her. She says she will not marry him and asks to go.

Sona reaches home crying. Sourav and Elena asks if she met Ritwick’s dad or someone else scolded her. She says Dev, he kicked her out of his life as his mom wanted him to and now wants her back as his mom wants her back in his life, her decision does not matter to him a tall…

Nikki and Ria eagerly wait for Dev and discuss how they will shop for Dev’s wedding. Dev returns. Ishwari asks where is Sona. Dev says she does not want to marry him.

Precap: Ishwari goes to Sona’s house and rings bell. Sona opens door and is surprised to see her.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. asmita nice comment its true .

  2. Chanpreet0815

    Ishwari aunty finally aap badal gaye ho. I m vry happy. Dev itne dino ke baad aapko khush dekh kr bht acha laga. Itne time baad aapke face pr smile aai h. Pr iska matlab ye nhi h dev ki tum utho or flowers leke sona ke cabin me chale jaao. Tum khush ho or tumhaari maa khush h. Iska matlab ye nhi h ki sona sab kuch bhul jaaegi. Sona bht acha jawaab diya aapne agar mai hoti na. Toh yehi sab bolti jo aapne kaha. or agar koi mere itna kehene pr bhi vaha se nhi jaata na. Toh guards ko bulaakar vaha se nikaal deti. dev girls are not toys. Whenever u want u can play. Aur jab mann na kare toh utha kr fake do. sona u r really vry strong girl or bht hi acha jawaab diya aapne. Or example of toy was awsm.

  3. Chanpreet0815

    Ab maja aaega. Ishwari sona ke ghar gai h. Ab kya hoga. I m vry excited for today’s episode.

    1. Saamii

      Me too soo excited . Sonas reply to Dev was true but very rude . At least she can talk little softly . Directly she said get out . I felt soo bad for dev . At least Ishwariji changed for his son . That’s relief. Hope in future he wont be mummys boy .

  4. yr i m also wan’t to register my account…plzzz tell me alao the process….plzzz gyus……


      U can go to menu and get register ur self

      1. thanks dear bt mera a/c sbhi tk register nhi ho paya…its not so simple as u said….?????

    2. Saamii

      Just go to topmost Menu click on Register n register yourself ?

      1. thanks yr for helping me…..


    I think sona did right. As she is not toy whom will dance as per dev and ishwari’s wishes. As when ishwari did not like her she asked dev to leave sona, now dev can’t handle pain so ishawari want sona to accept dev.
    But yes dev and sona will marry but with high drama after post marriage as i m sure ishwari will do something to make sona fall in eyes of dev and stupid dev will always believe her mother.

  6. ?Mr. & Mrs. MALHOTRA

    Hey everyone.. Plez listen to me calmly..
    Don’t feel bad…nd I know that u don’t need my advice..
    N I don’t wantvto b cupid…
    Leave,let’s talk like friends..
    Actually I don’t come here for any fight..as u can see my name…Mr . & Mrs. MALHOTRA…. I mean (SHRAMAN)…
    So first listen guys…
    Hey when confession was not happening in our show …how many of u criticised EDKV.. Nd during that accident scene tooo…u spread such rumors that we copied KRPKAB… Ryt??…but now tell me guys…what is happening now…
    Yeah I agree that we have no copyright on any show…
    But read this…
    1.SHRAVU’s (shrabi)scene n may b in yr special episode… Dev NE drink ki thi..
    2.love triangle like sumo ,SHRAVU nd adi
    3.Dev’s gussa like SHRAVU
    4.Dev said to sona that she should not marry to that guy
    …n in our show SHRAVU had already done..
    5.devakshi breakup..nd SHRAMAN fight..
    6.now wedding too going to happen…I mean in yr show…but hum khusnashib ki hamare me bhi ho hi gayi at lest… But see my friends we r fast ..I do agree that yr love birds were special nd accepted their feelings but in our…hehe..they r in dilemma… No problem guys..well both series has its own storyline, ryt??
    Well,I don’t come here for world war 3..but for telling u guys that we should now leave this comparison.. Every show faces ups n downs… But it is wrong to compare them…well yr sona n our sumo r good besties,
    Well I didn’t watch any of the episodes of KRPKAB… Sorrrrrry….but if u guys r here so may be this is unique…. I would like to appreciate yr show but guys u never pay respect to EDKV.. This is wrong…. Well I know..I came here like bin bulaaye mehmaan..but I have one thing…
    I heard abt devashi’s wedding…
    So congratulationnnssss…
    So r u all going or not????
    PLEZ go go….do packing…. Nd enjoy deakshi’s wedding..
    Sorry for long cmmt….nd ya once again sorry for my nonsense talks…
    But plez forgive me guys…actually I only want to tell u that we r following different shows with r different in many ways…n sometimes this happens….
    U can scold me…but plez understand my point of view….have a happy journey to my KRPKAB followers…n sorry sorry sorry
    N hip hip hurray!!!
    Go for shopping guys…hey girls…your sona is waiting for u in mehndi…nd boys,,,what r u waiting for..take dev for shopping nd PLEZ try to buy sherwaani for him of sona’s fav colour may be orange….
    Actually u will say that mujhe itna kaise pata Hai…so guys this Sony channel is really promoting yr show at high stage..n watched ads so I know…
    Plez forgive everyone…
    I apologize….
    Sorry m holding my ears…
    Please bhai nd didis …
    Dandvatt pranam…
    Happy ending to my cmmt…
    Kittu(edkv pg)

    1. Chanpreet0815

      Mr& mrs. Malhotra. I liked that u had commented on this page. and if any one had criticised edkv show. Then i m sorry for that. And plzz don’t say sorry. and u r right. Both serials have there own storylines. Nd yaa we r happy that devakshi will marry soon. And i hope that shraman will also reunite soon.

      1. kittu(Mr. nd Mrs. MALHOTRA)

        @chanpreet0815.thnx too uuu for this…actually I thought that u guys will take this in wrong way…but thnx for being so humble towards me nmy cmmt…
        Actually I had cmmted on my edkv pg too on yr cmmt as reply.. As I like to write shayari soo I have something on yr devakshi…guys m writing for the first time on devakshi..
        Bhool chuk maaf karna..
        EK SAATH CHAHIYE …(2)
        DOOR NA HO PAAYA….
        PAR YE HO NA PAYA…
        WO RANG MILKE HI….

      2. Priya9876

        really u r gr8 peet…
        love ur rply…
        warna kuch logo ko to bas sANDLE AR GALIYAN dena aata hai…
        but m very glad ki yaha pe log aise nhi hai…

    2. Chanpreet0815

      Mr. And mrs. Malhotra. We know that u had not commented to fight. And we also don’t like to fight with any one.

    3. Devga


      1. kittu(Mr. nd Mrs. MALHOTRA)

        @Devga…sorry sorry…hey u r getting furious… As for sorry WO Maine pehle hi KEH DIAA..n okay its not Sony’s problem ..okay it’s our show’s fault..but what about those who criticise us without any reason… See devga…I said SOORY in advance…calm down…just cill n relax…take it easy dear…n I m again sorry…n I don’t want to compare…if I had to then mai kar chuki hoti..n PLEZ read my commt… I had said that both shows has their own storyline… But this cmmt was for those who do comparison not for u devga…
        N one thing more…actually yr dp is awful.. I mean SOORY to say but…by seeing yr dp I can imagine yr anger…sorry for this tooo…but chill yaar,after all we all r same…one thing is different.. U r die heart fan of devakshi n m of SHRAMAN… N we can’t compare them..sorrryyyy??

      2. Devga

        I am not angry…. I am just saying u hvnt watchd thn y do u talk abt this yar… And if anyone is critizizing abt edkv tht is not at all right…. Evn i am here to fight….

        Nd abt dp IDC hw u feel abt it….

        ME inspite of watchin both shows i dont comment in edkv page coz of this reason…. Tht thr all want to hear nly gud comments abt evry episode…. So i stopd…..

        No more sry dear… And i am not al angry

      3. yes devga u r right…m agree with u….

      4. @Devga u r right….. Am also agree with u…… ?

    4. Why are you saying sorry again and again…..??
      Its your point of view and you can express it anywhere….so sorry wali koi baat hai hi nhi…
      And ha sorry if you got to read anything bad about edkv here on this page…??
      And yaa KRPKAB is very much special to all of us as edkv to you all..
      Both the serial do have some similarities but have different plots and different callibers so should not be compared in any way…..?
      And as human emotions are same like gussa, khushi, depression so same thing happens in tht so there is no BIG DEAL in it…..
      So all and all a bada wala congratulations to you for shraman marriage (as seen in the new promo..)????
      And about the promotion of our serial we r not responsible yaar kittu…????
      We wait so desperately tht i cant tell you…..the whole fandom was awake late nite just to see a glimpse of promo…..so we are damn crazy about KRPKAB….??

    5. Aaru

      Nice comment kittu..I’m bittu (nickname)..haha
      Ok, if anyone has criticized EDKV, then it’s not at all justified..even if I did so, intentionally or unintentionally, I’m sorry for dat..yeah, these shows do hv similar tracks, but dats a COINCIDENCE..I always say, KRPKAB n EDKV r like twin sisters, together always??..I’m happy dat finally Shraman r married..hashhh!!

  7. Just register with a new user name and an alternate emailID ! Its easier! Hope this helps people facing problems with registration!

  8. Chanpreet0815

    Listen SAMMY.
    see at top of this page.
    menu is written on menu side there are three small lines. Click on that.
    rgister option is there click on that.
    fill necessary information.
    Like ur name, e-mail id, email password. And after that there is option. I m not a robot.
    There is a box. Just click on that. They will ask u Some question. Ans them. As devga had told. See her comment.
    i m not a robot. In that box a green tik will come✔like this. But in green colour.
    then there will be a msg in ur Gmail a/c
    they will give u a link click on that link. Then login they will ask u email address and password. And sign in. U will be registered. If u didn’t understood any thing u can ask me.

    1. Devga

      Hey dear now u’ve become an advicer in registering… So wen i am not here u help othrs…. Do my duty …. Love u….

    2. thanks yr for advise bt i think their is a big prblm….bcz i tried many times bt my account us not registered yet ….and according to your instructions maine wha sare info. fill kite and then click on ” i m not a robo” bt uspr click ho hi nhi rha h and neeche ek register option bhi tha ”blue box ” me maine uspr bhi click krke dekha bt ek msg. aaya that this page have a prblm and plzzz load the original page” then i loads the original page from the top of this page and guess what ” their is not a singal option for registration????????????? i am trying for it several times after ur advise bt their is no result….plz help me yaar…now i m feeling so erritated….??????

      1. Same is happened to me and ganga…. we tried a lot but no result… don’t worry if we’re not registered… still we keep commenting yar…I’m also irritated… now I won’t register myself…let it be…if we’re not registered then it doesn’t mean that we’re not watching or we’re not fan’s of this show…comment to kr hi skte hai…ki farq penda hai.????

    3. I’ll tried a lot…. I m not robot….. Then some images…. After dat 5 digit ka number…… My user name nd mail…. I submitted all diz….. But no use yar….. Wat will we do….????? But Tq so much for helping to me nd neha…. ??register ho…. R na ho…..??? No prblm…. We r still commenting here… We r proud to be great fans of KRPKAB.. ??nd we had good friends here U… Priya… Devga…. Shalini… Subhashini…… We r happy with it… ☺☺am I right Neha…????

      1. yes, ganga??

  9. Chanpreet0815

    I was also not able to get register but with help of priya devga and asmita. I had registered myself

  10. Chanpreet0815

    one correction.
    tellyupdates likh h na jaha pr wha dekho three lines h. WAha pr click kro.
    there u will get register option

  11. Chanpreet0815

    i checked now. There is not register option in menu

    1. Asmita...

      Madam… There is no registration option for you coz ypu are already registered… Once just log out and thn u wl find registration option…

    2. Asmita...

      Madam… There is no registration option for you coz ypu are already registered… Once just log out and thn u wl find registration option……

  12. I dont understand this TU registration system! I am registered yet it does not display ” registered member” against my name. The icon keeps changing its colour and design on its own free will! When I try to register fresh it says u are registered with this user name and ID yet doesnt display ” registered” ! Very funny !

    1. Same here blink…. me too facing the same problem to register myself….now I give up…

      1. Subhashini

        No neha its complicated only don’t give up hope try it after register, it takes one or two days TU send u a code and confirm the code to register

      2. Neha, the easiest way is to modify your username and give an alternate email ID! If u give the same it will keep on telling u thst a user exists by that name so if u want to change this is the easiest way put! I think becoz we were alteady registered before the TU site got modified with features that is why this problem. Anyways we can still comment so no problems as such.

      3. thanx a lot Neha… i think acctually u r right bcz if we r not registered that does’nt mean that we r not the fans of the show…thanks yarrrr…tmne to meri sari tention hi khtma kr di……thanx once again…..bcz mai bht tention me aa gyi thi….and better luck next time for u and for me also….ha…hehehe…m i right???????????

    2. Devga

      Go to top most menu bar and click the login option get urseelf logined… Then only it wil b displayed…

      1. Junee

        This us Blink! Tried that! I have kept that option ” keep me signed” on! But still does not display ! Logged out and then logged in but still that problem! Sent them msg but no clarity in that response from TU! Problem still persists ! So opened another accpunt! Found that simple! Lets see whether this displays or not !

    3. Subhashini

      Blink then u do in tellyupdate menu bar there click on contact us and send msg to them ,better u contact them and ask them if any username problem they clear it

    4. Aaru

      Did u login?? If u don’t login, it’ll not show u as registered member..

  13. Finally Eshwari Aunty Accept Sona Thank God. But Bejoy Accept Tha Proposal….?

    1. Saamii

      He will actually Sona won’t but Bejoy will try to convince her n hope so she will agree . As for her parents she was saying no to Dev . If they agree then Sona will too

  14. Chanpreet0815

    Neha try one more time. Go step wise

    1. Yar, I tried a lot…but this is the limit, again and again they are showing “verification expired. check the checkbox again.”
      Don’t know what to do.? I’m fed up of this now…! you guys are lucky…meri toh bad luck bhi bht kharab hai…??

      1. It’s ok Neha….. Leave it pls… I m also give up…. I tried alot…. But we r unlucky….. ???

      2. Junee

        Neha, this is Blink! I think the fresh registration worked ! It is behaving properly so u could try the same way!

  15. New Promo | Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi | Ishwari …: http://youtu.be/eNFJGCSW1eM

    1. Priya9876

      My god again dis annoying promo….
      This lady is still pisswari….
      Wat she want yaar don’t understand…
      Confusing personality…

      Jab se break up Hua h tb se har ek promo k baad wait krti Ki ab next time sure achha wala promo aayega…. But I m fool stupid such a idiot,,?? kaise Mai aisa expect Kar sakti Hu… Har meri expectations pe ?????? firr jata hai…??

      1. Aaru

        Aisa na bolo priye!! Dev Babu ka fan kabhi pagal ho hi nhi sakta..after all wo Dev Babu aka Shaheer Sheikh ka fan h??

    2. Yes Ganga, I saw….after watching the promo….I must say Ishwari will never changed….She’s ready to accept Sonakshi only for his son’s sake….that’s why she said…dev ko sonakshi (khilona) smjh kr de dungi to apne bete ko paa lungi…
      Hum log aiwayiii khush ho rhe the..???
      Dekhte hai Devakshi ki shadi k baad kya hota hai…?

      1. Isiliye maine kaha tha k kahin ye ishwariji chocolate cake ke roop me karele ka juice na nikal jayye..??

      2. yr Neha will u plzzz tell somthing abt the new promo…actually mere se load nhi ho rha h….??????

    3. Yes…. After see dis promo am also Sad w….Sona is not a Toy….. Yesterday I told dat ishwari accept Sona not from Dil….. Only for his son….. I think she never change after marriage also maybe… Insecure nd overposessive mother……. I never nd ever hadn’t see dis type of mother….. ??

  16. Kya kahu samajh nhi aa rha??????? Kise galat kahu na sona galat h aur na nhi dev totally galat hai. Agar galat kch hai to vo situation hai aur ishwari ki insecurity hai. Na mai dev ko puri tarah galat keh skti hu kyuki life m pyaar phir se aa bhi skta h but maa kbhi nhi pr, hai dev itna to kr skta tha ki apni maa ko manaye “agar tm v na bolo ur vo v na bole to problem katam kaise hogi?????” aur sona kya kehne i just loved her kya baadi hai yaar so strong nd always correct. Bs devakshi ke lye itna hi keh skte hai –
    Pyaar tmko v hai, pyaar usko v hai
    Phir y kaise gile ho gye
    Bevafa tm nhi Bevafa vo nhi phir y kaise sile ho gye
    Chalte? chalte hm y kahan kho gye ??

    1. Priya9876

      Beautiful n perfect song…

  17. Sonakshi’s Father Had Insulted Eshwari | Kuch Ran…: http://youtu.be/Noc1HRPfL9M

    Today’s SBS segment…. Sad about ishwari….. ?

  18. Sorry bht mistake ??ho gya ???
    1*nhi – hi in 2 line ?
    2.*bandi instead of baadi?

  19. Priya9876

    Priya I know u in ? ? mode…. But just chill n Calm..

    1. Chanpreet0815

      Priya Jhagde krne ka koi faaeda nhi h. Agar koi krpkab show ke baare me kuch galat bolega toh ham sab sun paaenge kya. Nhi na. Vese hi vo log bhi edkv ke baare me nhi sun sakte. Toh unhone jo kaha hame samajh lena chahiye. its simple

  20. our poor dev feeling sad fr him

  21. RANdomfANCreationz

    I read spoilers that devakshi will get married and then there will be problems in their marital life as sona can’t conceive and all that i think these are false news

  22. anyone tell me when will devakshi reunion?

    1. Priya9876

      I also want to know……..plz….

  23. Priya9876

    @ Shalini
    Ek matrs aasra……… kyu tum kaha ho?????

    @devga @ shalini
    MA k hath pao jod lo ya Tod do wo fir v aise hi update karti rahengi……

    1. Sony nahi aa raha h TV pe….dimaag kharab kar diya h….SETUP BOX problem….ab jab lagega tab dekhungi….wese hi repeat dekhne ka time nahi milta aur ye aur uppar se sony chala gya….khoon na kardu kabhi kisi ka…..???

      MA ke baare mein kya bolu ab….?

      1. Priya9876

        Avi kuch din pehle mere ghr PE v aisa hi Hua tha… Koi v serial wana channel nhi aa rha tha…
        Sach krpab miss hona ??
        Feeling sad 4 u

  24. muje lagtha ae eshwari kabhi nahi balegi….
    watch this new promo…


  25. kittu(Mr. nd Mrs. MALHOTRA)

    @Devga…it’s okay dear…
    @Guys…omggg here tooo…I mean here too registration problem… Actually m facing the same one…I tried NY level best…but this system.. Goddddddd!!!!
    Well u guys r lucky….wow registered member..even my pg friends too helped me but this system is showing that there is no such email address which I was using… God to kahan se laoo dusra.actually I use my cousins address….agar papa ka nahi dungi to kiske phone se link click karungi.. Because mere paas to phone hote huye bhi address ni hai.Don’t know what will happen…ahh…is not there any link …means just click on link n problem solved… Ha ha soooo fast ryt???
    Could I ask one thing….
    Ye system wale kahin pagla wagla to nahi gaye Hai na…abhi tak to maine usi mail ko use kiya Hai…pata ni inko galat kyu lag raha Hai…ooofffff!!!!!!!

  26. Esme

    Kya mast dialogues maare Sona ne. Maza aa gaya. Dev ko bhi toh pata chalna chahiye rejection kya hota hai aur ye pisswari Ishwari mein badli n phir se pisswari hi reh gayi!!!

  27. Esme

    @SHALINI Yaar mai bhi prime time par nahi dekh pati hoon. Badtamizdil.net ya next day repeat hi dekhti hoon.

    @NEHA I’m not a robot ke baad questions ke answers do. Zaroor hoga. Wo thoda select karne mein problem hoti hai but try karo zaroor hoga.

  28. Devindra

    i still cant believe ishwari ithna girsakthi hai…

    hello friends watch this new promo…


    hosh udjayeghi…..

    1. Junee

      Disgusting is what we can say!
      Thanks for sharing the link

    2. I have seen this promo on TV ….from then i am also thinking that Ishwari is really a cheap women and she is treating Sona as toy for Dev……

  29. Junee

    What happened to the promo showing Dev returning Sona’s pen and then saying that he will treasure the times spent together! Some of these promos are not shown in the episodes!
    I wonder when will they show that.?

  30. Subhashini

    Mr.&Mrs malhotra u also comment here,preet and devga is right i agree both of them and we r not fight or compare with each other
    Both r gud show

  31. kittu(Mr. nd Mrs. MALHOTRA)

    @Devga…sorry for using yr pg…but PLEZ could u do me a favour..
    @Ganga ..u tooo dear..
    Please move to our I mean EDKV pg of 15 th of sept..a surprise for u nd for all is awaiting.. N ????(byeee)

    1. We don’t have time to watch r read ur stupid comments….. Okay….. But I would say onething Plsssssssssss…. “”GET WELL SOON…. Kittu (Mr &Mrs. malhotra…. “):-? ???????

  32. Yeh shalu(shalini) dear just relax koi kch v kahe usse kya farak padta h dear. Hm jante hai na ki krpkab kya hai so let it be dear. Mjhe nhi pata tha jo bandi itni funny aur bindaas hai vo itna gussa kregi. Just chillll dear, what should i say i don’t know but i just say “logo ka kya h kuch to log kahenge logo ka kaam hai kehna what u hve to do is to follow ur heart dear and ignor rest” then only u’ll be happy so be happy with us ignor rest ?????

    1. Shalu…??
      My frnz call me tht….by the way are u talking to me..??
      Because there is one more shalini on this page…and if its me then….arey nai yaar…gussa nai kar rhi thi….i was just saying to clarify everything to kittu….so sorry agar comment bura h to….aur masti toh hamari rag rag mein basi he….gussa hum karte nai..????

  33. Total bakwas???

  34. I must say mr. Malthotra thanks for shayari but some how i also don’t understand ki aap kehna kya chaa rhe ty mtlb i know ki tmhe bad feel hua jb tmhre show ko compare kiya kisi ne hmre show se but dear agar aap v to vhi kiye hmare sth. Anyways it doesn’t matter any more but phir v i’m sorry pr aap v vhi kiye. So let it be, aap khush rho aapne show se aur hm khush rhte h apne show se. Not to show who is copying whom. I hope u understand what i want to say. Anyways once again thanks for such a awesome vala shayari for our devakshi.

  35. *uupsss its not shalu its devga

    1. Haa yaar….dar gyi me toh…mera comment itna kharab….?????

  36. Aaj to registration problem ne comment box ko OVERLOAD karwa dena h….???then the comment box of talli TU will also go talli….???

  37. RituM

    guys…whenever i feel sad or annoyed..or anything like this…i just close my eyes and rememeber my love..my baby nd murmur “kuch rang pyaar ka…aise bhi….” with their rain dance and such a bigggggg smile on dev’s face while watching sona dancing in rain!!! awwww…best epi1!

  38. Firstly i say ki vo by fault shalini apka naam type ho gya tha
    And secondly yaa dear by mistake hi sahi but i call u shalu bcse i love to give short names to my frnds (wait we r not frnd?????) I think ki hm krpkab ek dusre k frnds h but if its hurt u then srryy dear i take my words back

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