Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 15th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 15th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Dev drops Sona back home. Sona asks when he realized he loves her. He says today. She says she will leave now. He says he will eagerly wait for the morning to meet her again. She says they will meet soon tomorrow morning and gets out of car. She then runs into her home and then room and dances in happiness saying he loves her and reminsices him proposing her. She sees Elena sound asleep, picks phone and writes I love you SMS to Dev, imagines Dev telling it is clingy to send I love you as first SMS, tries different words and sends just I by mistake. Dev calls back and says after such a long wait, she sent just 1 word. She asks if he was waiting for her SMS. He says yes. Their chat a bit and disconnect call.

Ishwari sees Dev back home and asks where was he whole night.

Radha says he is acting so relaxed after breaking engagement, she had to answer people why his engagement broke. He says he did not want to get engaged, it is simple. She says Neha and Ranveer’s engagement is about to break. Dev says Neha loves Ranveer and why will their alliance break. Radha says Ranbeer’s family is very poor and Neha will not adjust there, so it is better to call off engagement than breaking marriage afterwards.

In te morning, Sona comes to work happily thinking Dev loves her and how will people react if she calls him Dev instead of Mr. Dixit. Nikki sees her and says Dev and Natasha’s engagement got cancelled. Sona does not react. Ria comes and asks Nikki to return her earrings. Dev comes and calls her Sonakshi, then says sorry Ms. Bose and says he needs to talk to her. He takes her aside and comes closer. She gets nervous and asks him to move aside, else people will see them. He says he does not mind and asks to tell about her. She says he knows. She says he wants to know in detail. Kichu calls her, but Dev does not let her go. Their chat continues.

Dev and Sona are still engrasped in each other’s eyes. Kichu calls again and asks Sona howmuch salt he should add. Dev says go. She moves and hits head to wall. he touches her forehead and face and they both look into each other’s eyes again. She smiles and leaves. Ishtarah…tu mujhme mujhse zyada hai.song..plays in the background. Sona goes to hall and dances. Dev looks at show piece and laughs. They both are totally engrasped in each other’s newly confessed love. He comes and sits on dining table with his laptop. Tina calls him and says since he did not reach office yet, she called to explain his appointments. He asks if she can postpone appointments for 1 hour. She says she can for 2 hours. He says perfect. She asks if he is fine. He says he is feeling better and disconnects call. He then walks near Sona, smiles and leaves.

Precap: Ishwari sees Sona still at work till night and asks if she did not go home. Sona says Elena is coming to pick her. Nikki asks whom she is waiting for. Sona says Dev, then says Elena. Ishwari comes back and asks if Elena did not come yet.

Update Credit to: MA


  1. Aritri


    |Registered Member

    Still blushing!! What an epi… Seriously!!! Loved each and every thing today… I am engrasped totally in thoughts of krpkeb…!!!

  2. Ammu

    Sooo nice episode omg I m feeling at the sky new avatar of dev sooo nice I m addicted to this krpkab offfooo words r not yet to describe how I m feeling wid this serial love this from bottom of my heart

  3. Gayatri

    so so niceeeeeeeeeee…………best epi ever …… …very happy for sona & dev …… …… each and every sec / min enjoyed ……… ..Dev looked so cute while making his hair shaby …….sone was also cute ………so happy thet i cant even explain or express …….keep it up ….best jodi Dev&Sona…………..

  4. Priya

    Thanq for fast update MA..Such a wonderful episode.dev is so romantic???.i hope am first today

  5. Ngkrishnakumari

    Best epi of krpkab after proposing day epi
    Dev is mad for the love of sona
    Devakshi rocks ishwari dont become villian in devakshi life

  6. Nishi

    Dev is becoming so naughty!!!!!i was waiting to see this side of dev!!!how many of you are like really legit plucking out your hair because you are so excited!!!!?

  7. parkavi .m.s.

    What an episode… omg I can’t take my eyes frm dev sona .hi guys i new to this from chennai..

  8. simran

    awesome episode . This episode is full of romance . I love it . aaj episode ke 30 minutes kitni jaldi nikal gaye .

  9. Renu

    This episode is the best of all the dramas…. Surely i will download this epi from youtube…. Wat a love!!!! Dev in full form… Gootito c a different dev….. The way sona reminiscences proposal… MA did not write their convo….. Their convo was the best….. Full of devakshi…. Loved it… Fell in love with krpkab…. Could not get up.. Lol….

  10. Nina

    Today’s episode was justt awesome.. Dev and Sona scenes were just Omg…. I lov them both they really have a good chemistry!!????

  11. harshini

    Your updates are sooper fast!!..bt we need it in full description.since we are not familiar with the language..we want to known the dialogues wat the speak.bcoz in todays episode dev was spkng a lot tu sona..bt yu cudnt bringout the whole thng….we are from someothr language..we want to known………you same site(ek tuje ke vaste…)dat updates are sooper pefect♥…make it posaible fr ths also

    • priya

      U r wryt harshini….
      Bt I think ur new here,
      We all said a lot to MA bt nothing is changed…
      Watt to do Idk….

    • parkavi .m.s.

      We need some details in the dialogue of dev bcoz of our inconvenience in our understanding of language. I am tamilian not known clear hindi

  12. tasnia mahmod

    Omg… What a romantic episode!so much intimacy.by the way i am not commenting there for long time but after seeing this episode i cant stop me.

  13. Natasha

    Beautiful episode I watched it 5 times till now… Wonderful great job krpkab team! Every natural… Hats off guys.. Love u all krpkab team!

  14. Natasha

    M not able to control my smile while reading and watching this show! Glossh! love is in the air…. :*

  15. Meena

    The best episode was yesterday’s.till yesterday it was so boring because it was dragging on and on sonakshi only dreaming and crying and not acting like an adult,a doctor! From yesterday you want to see the show.hope they will keep up the tempo.

  16. Kritika

    Srsly wat an epi.. Love u devakshi… Like I NVR thought that Mr. Obhodro.. Lol wud be so romantic.. I just love watching them.. Best couple.. Best show.. I hope that there s live all around in all d upcoming epi…sss

  17. Kritika

    Its there in d news tht NG aka Natasha will be provoked by Gareeb ki beti.. Radha… Fr Dev.. Bt guys I just want my sona n dev.. Love love n love.. Bas
    Devakshi … Like come on I don’t think dev s so dumb tht he ll com in natasha ‘s trap…

  18. Nisha

    Fabulous awsome mind blowing Erica shaheer rocks love u both. Watching repeatedly again and again ……

  19. Mahi

    hey nic episode dev k paas ate hi sona kitna nervous horahti
    & DEV ka badla character mujhe bht pasand aya
    shayad dev late aaye ga so sona naraj hojaye gi usse manane woh ussey long drive par ley jayega & barish hogi

    awwwhhhh kitna romantic hai naa

  20. Rashi

    Hey.. Your updates are nice.. But you miss out few things.. And also the precap was wrong.. Sona tells nikki tumhare bhai ki then changes it to mere bhaiya mujhe lene aa rahe hai.. and few more things happen I don’t know to write that much..

  21. RANdomfANCreationz


    |Registered Member

    OMG OMG today’s episode is sooooooooooooooo goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood. Yesterday best episode ever I even stay awake just to watch that. Love devakshi, they are so cute. Haha dev babu ban gaya romantic babu. Pehli khafa hain time 😛 and areh ishwari aunty ji please accept sona na if u can accept nadz or ranveer why not sona?

    • Roshni

      Hey…. jo… ur here! I jus started watchin this show. First tym on this comnt sectn. N
      like anu r said ystrdy…. the proposal ws so gud..no cliches…. no flowrs chocos ( shaheer hs such a chocolate face.. hu needs mre chocos with him arnd huh.lol) or balloons… thnk god! N yeh ” like a man luvs a woman” dialogue rockd :-).

      • RANdomfANCreationz


        |Registered Member

        Hey rosh nice to see here dear I m watching this show for like 2-3 months ago, I watched it during my holidays initially i didnt see this show much but later I fell in love with this show. I m a big fan of KRPKAB n devakshi. Show is rocking and pair is also rocking

  22. Nita D

    Nita D

    |Registered Member

    Abhi abhi toh hum adhoore thhe
    Poore ho gaye tere roobaroo
    Ye bhi deekhe na
    Kahaan main khatam, kahaan tu shuru !!

    Lovely episode!!

  23. Nuts

    WOooooooooooow ???what a lovely episode.i m a silient reader,cant stop myself commenting today.shaheek shiekh and erica did justice to d emtion…..what a intimacy❤ both loooook so cute togethr.still blushing…………..sooooo romantic .time kb khtm ho gya pta hi ni chla.eagrly waitiiiing so more sch epi…sode.

  24. beth

    Blew my mind…..ooooooommmmmmgggggggggggg Dev is so intensely romantic. The part he says I have never wanted anything for myself untill u come along, and I want u all for myself. that was deep….and the part where he says I cant stay away from you and I wont let you stay away …… Pyar mein bhi Bossy how cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

  25. Sri

    Very cute couple, the episode was very romantic, I liked the husky voice of Dev, sona was surprised to see Dev being so romantic, nice to see a descent romance after a long time?

  26. prit

    The lines by dev. Me jaanta hu ki me thoda selfish hu pr aapse pehele kisi chiz ki itna chaha bhi toh nhi h “I WANT U FOR MYSELF” yaar it killed my heart. What a lines spoken by dev me aapke baare me sab kuch jaan na chahata hu. I never thought that dev will becom so romantic. Meko toh bht jealous feel krri hu sona se. Dev i love u. Ur acting awsm. Lines toh itni mast h i was blushing today so much. Jabse mene ye line suni h i need u for my self. Me fida ho gai us line pr. I will watch this episode again. Dev was jumping. Guys did love change the person till this extent i was not knowing. Jo dev kisi se jyada baat nhi krta. Kabhi hasta nhi vo itna change ho gaya h. Wow. But guys romantic scenes were super duper. Dev u are really vry cute. Aur ishaaron ishaaron me devakshi were talking. I just loved that moment. Is pr ye song bht suit hoga.
    Aankho hi aankho me yun khoye rahe khoye rahe……..
    I had never said this lines before. This is for first time i m telling this line for dev. Sona is also cute. Good actor. And so simple not having over makeup. I loved devakshi vry much. Really i m vry much excited to see devakshi romantic moments. Dev pr romatic scenes bht hi jyada suit krri thi guys. Eagerly waiting for next episode.

  27. prit

    Nita D song is vry nice. Priya, tara where’s tanya, did she gave any msg that she will not comment. Special moment pr hi bo gayab ho gai h. Really missing her. And asmita is also missing where are u all guys.

    • priya

      Hii prit, I also missing a lot all of u….
      N Tanya to Saturday se hi gayab hai bina kuch bataye hue…..
      Sb log naye hai lag hi nhi raha Ki ham sb is group k purane members hai…
      Ek new priya aayi hai, new Tara, new simran… Soo confuising….
      Tum log jyada coment nhi karte to Mai bhi nhi karti Hu….

    • Asmita...


      |Registered Member

      Hi Prit…… On the left side of the top of the page, you will find menu option. Click on that, a drop down list is there is an option “Register”. Click on this option and register yourself.

  28. priya

    Seriously mere pass to words nhi hai express karne ko….
    Dhak dhak si hoti rehti hai…kuch ar dikhayi nhi deta, kuch ar sunayi nhi deta dev aur sona k alawa…. Just blushing blushing blushing nd blushing continuously…..???

  29. Devi

    I can watch this episode over and over again…the much awaited love confession from Dev…after imagining how it would be, the screenwriters nailed it. Bravo to an excellent episode .

  30. priya

    Awesome team of krpkab
    Mind blowing actors, director n specially writer u r amazing…each n every lines r heart ❤ toching…….
    Kya aisa nhi Ho sakta me 24ghante 7too din bas aapke sath rahu awww….lovely…
    I need u for my self…..
    Jb dev sona se puchta hai aapne bataya kyu nhi Ki aap mujhse pyar krti hai?
    Sona says sorry
    Dev- it’s ok bt ek shart pe,,,,
    That time I think dev kiss ? maangne wala h…..@ hey guys aisa kiss kiss ko laga tha plz batao??????
    Bt really dev ne Jo kuch v kaha sona se that was really unexpectable……. aapk bare me sb kuch Janna chata Hu, aapse v jyada Mai aapko Janna chata Hu, taki aisa lage Ki hum ek dusre ko saalo. Se jante hai….

  31. prit

    Priya really meri bhi haalat aapke jaisi h. I also thought that dev will ask for kiss. Pr mujhe lagta h ki ye scene ko abhi time lagenga.
    Priya me comment krti hu dear but sometimes i m busy. Tab sirf aap sabke comments read kr leti hu.
    Priya aap apni feeling bht achi tarah express krte ho. I really loved it. Its my request to u. Jab bhi dev or sona ke dialogues honge ya ya romantic moments honge. Kya aap short update likhoge mere liye. hindi me bhi likh sakte ho agar aapko koi problem na ho toh. Mere liye likhoge aap. plzz. Me isliye bolri kyu ku aap bht achi tarah se express kr sakte ho puri devakshi ki lines. Becoz MA don’t write full conversation. jyada nhi sirf devakshi ke scenes ke update likh ne h. Or agar nhi bhi likh sakte toh then its okk no problem.

  32. prit

    Asmita tnks pr register nhi ho raha h vo let it be.aap btaao how r u? Aap kyu jyada comments nhi krte ho. I really miss u

  33. prit

    Mujhe toh aise lagta h jese we are doing. Whats app group chat. Our group name is devakshi fan club. And we all are group members of this groups……

  34. Krpkeb

    I saw this episode 5 times yesterday n kept on thinking about his romantic words to Sona
    He is a darling
    Soooooooooooooo cute they both look

  35. Tanya

    tara,tani,ameesha…..and all frnds..
    I’m not going to comment due to tight schedule and preparations for boards and competitive exams……hope u will all understand………..
    @ jo,asmita,angel di,nishi,shraman(Nikita) and all other ff writers……don’t get hurt if u r not receiving my comments..I will read ur ffs when I get time in weekends or months……….
    So now I m leaving this devakshi fan group………. But not krpkab…..pls grant me leave…….I’m really going to miss you all but what to do with this books….bye..bye..bye………….miss u…….

  36. Priyasha

    It was such a nice episode but can you please tell me that how can I be a registered member here….Please tell me…

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