Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 15th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 15th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ishwari goes to kitchen to prepare besan halwa for Dev. Radha enters and askswhat is she doing in kitchen. Ishwari says she is preparing halwa for Dev, he loves it. Radha asks her to rest as doc advised her not to stand for long. Ishwari says she will rest after she prepares halwa for Dev, Dev does not ask anything and it is a surprise for him.

At Sona’s house, Asha and Bejoy come back from shopping holding many bags. Bejoy says he had to spend 3000 rs extra for gifts. Everyone likes gifts. Daadi says her sari is best and she will go to watch Bengali movie with everyone. Family laughs.

Bhola comes to kitchen and says he knows to prepare halwa and she should go and rest. Ishwari says she will after preparing halwa. Radha also comes and tries to convince

her, but she does not. She then waits eagerly for Dev in the evening and once she hears Dev’s car horn asks Bhola to serve it to Dev, he will be surprised to see his favorite halwa. She reminisces Dev in childhood finishing whole halwa. Dev enters and Bhola serves him halwa. He enjoys pleasant smell and is about to take a bite but stops and asks Bhola to take it away, it is high in calories with ghee, dry fruits, etc. He picks bowl again but then returns saying Miss Bose says it is unhealthy, especially at night. Ishwari hears this and feels very sad.

Dev drops Sona home in his car. On the way, Sona tells how her dad had to spend 3000 rs more to buy gift from lottery money. He starts praising her and says her hair is so soft. She says she uses shampoo. He says even he uses shampoo. She says what type. He says just shampoo. She Tina must be selecting shamphoo for him, he should marry her. He says she is looking jealous, he gets SMS. She asks whose SMS is it. He says he seems a possessive girlfriend. Their conversation continues. They both write their names on each other. Sona writes her name on Dev’s hand and Dev writes his name on Sona’s neck and says her handwriting is like doctor’s handwriting and his is crystal clear. He drops her home and returns home. Ishwari waits for Dev sitting on dining chair reminiscing Dev telling Miss Bose does not like him having high caloric food.

Dev returns home and sees Ishwari waiting for him, asks why did not she sleep yet. Ishwari says no. He brings halwa bowl and tastes it praising it. Ishwari says he does not have to eat it. He says he knows it takes a lot of effort to prepare this halwa, but his mom’s halwa is out of this world. Ishwari gets happy and goes to sleep.

Sona goes home and looks at herself in mirror. Elena comments that she has become more beautiful after falling in love, even she wants a boyfriend now to become more beautiful. she sees Dev’s name on her Sona’s neck and asks to show it. Sona resists and Elena calls Asha. Sona helplessly shows it.

Ishwari in sleep dreams about Dev rejecting her halwa and saying Miss Boss does not like him having high caloric food, Sona coming out of Dev’s room, etc…

In the morning, Sona comes to work and sees Ishwari doing household chores and asks her to rest. Ishwari ignores her. Sona says she should not hide anything with doctor. Ishwari walks out. Neha and Ranveer come home. Nikki and Ria get very happy seeing Neha and hug her. Ranveer jokes they forgot jiju. Everyone laughs. Dev and Sona look at each other and smile.

Precap: Sona asks Ishwari to let her work. Ishwari says she likes doing her work, what if someone comes and pushes her hand. Sona asks if she angry on her.

Update Credit to: MA


  1. sona

    Such a beautiful and adorable couple…ishwari’s problem is NT sona it is her own obsession with her son…
    Request to makers do not show mother in such a bad light no mother is like this for mothers children happiness is always at top priority wid no T &C..

    Don’t make ishwari d most disliked and hated character in this story….
    Feels like to stop watching dis series as it seems for devakshi fans lot of heartburn are in store

  2. pinky

    strange it is!wat kinda mother is she???forcing her son to eat a bowl of calories jus bcuz she prepared it!!!! her so called effort is more imp than her son’s health. neha k case me toh bohot sensible lagti h!!!she isnt proving herself to b a gud mother! biased possessive short-tempered judgemental n thousand more adjectives to show her grey shades…

  3. Nimmi

    Mothers can be of possessive nature… But once when a girl arrives in her son’s life, she should allow some space to her son & think of his happiness rather than thinking that she’s loosing her son to another woman

    • TejasvΓ― shahi

      Correctly…emphasizing about own happiness is not the whole…a mother should see his son’s happiness too…πŸ˜“

  4. Mahi

    lovvv DEVAKSHI scenes

    I missed 2dys episode as I m family function but gng to watch on YouTube
    @ Dev is dammm killing yaa
    thnks MA for the update

  5. Mahi

    car romance is awesome
    cant control my smile…..& also started blushing & can’t stop it ……love DEVAKSHI from bottom of heart……SHAHEER & ERICA R DND A FAAB JOB ……a simple love story wth a lot of emotions,relation & the ways of handling

    SONA’s family will arrange havan & they invite DEV & fly ishwari is sure that dev wont come as he won’t believe in havan & also don’t like wearing traditional dress for havan…but to her surprise DEV not only attend the pooja but also wear DHOTI KURTA 4 SONA

  6. Mahi

    SONA: koi zarurat nahi hai milne ki
    DEV : mujhe zarurat hain
    SONA : aab se mai aap ko Sunday’s ya holidays har hi milongi
    DEV : main INDIA GATE hoo kya

    • Priya9876

      |Registered Member

      Thanx Mahi,
      Dev ne India gate kaha tha..
      Maine us waqt samjh hi nhi aaya ki dev ne kya khaa…haha haha mai kya India gate hu kya…??
      Hadd karti ho sona tum v?

  7. Kritika

    Hi… Everyone i dun coment very often here bt do read thm all ? N i agree to u all.. Ishwari s really possessive fr her son n so doesnt noe how to react to such things bcoz acc to her she s losing Dev bcoz of Sona bt no its just that Dev s taking out tym frm his so called routine schedule … Writers dun show ishwari in bad light … Plzzz she s sweet bt not now bcoz she doesnt wan Devakshi together….

  8. Faraza

    As per the first promos of ths serial, i think dev n sona will breakup bcoz of ishwari possessive nature. But I think then the real story will start, dev will become depressed n then ishwari will realize that her son sacrificed his love for her mom n then she will reunite devakshi
    Hope so

  9. smily

    All moms are very cool… Plz dont show ishwari in jeleous charactor… Or else story becomes sas bahu type typical story

  10. varsha94

    Devakshi look so perfect for each other…innocent and sweet…makes me blush too…:*…lov them…

  11. Shaz

    Actually ishwari ne apne golden period se hi akele waqt kata hai apne bacho k liye mehnat ki specially dev to zahir see bat hai usko kuch to darr hoga ke kal dev ki shadi ke bad usko kaheen puche hi nahi zadater mothers esee hi hoty hai khasker single aur thodi old fashioned natash ki dafa bhi ishwari ese hi jealous thi per jab dev usko sab update karta tha to she know ke dev doesnt love her per sona ki dafa mein dev usko surprize kar rha hai wo wo kam kerke jo usne kabhi kiye hi nahi to as a mother uski jealousy justify hai

    • beth

      i agree with you. plus she is not rude to sona…….give her some time guys……………. she needs extra time to digest. if someone is upset they will express in some way or the other rite!????????????

    • Asmita...

      |Registered Member

      Sorry dear for not writing detailed episode… but i am supposed to shift my house and finally today i will do all shifting work…. thn i will ask someone to get Tv fixed and i require cble connection again in new house…. as all things get done i will agn be here with my detailed update…

    • Asmita...

      |Registered Member

      Sorry dear for not writing detailed episode… but i am supposed to shift my house and finally today i will do all shifting work…. thn i will ask someone to get Tv fixed and i require cble connection again in new house…. as all things get done i will agn be here with my detailed update…

      • dewi probo

        Ooo… thankyou so much Asmita .. I need you… coz I don’t understand Hindi .. from me, in Indonesia

  12. Mubeen

    Dev itna romantic kaise ho sakta hai……tht car scene was awsmmmm…….aj kal har pal krpkab h ghumta hai dil aur dimaag me

  13. subhashini

    Dev and sona rocks ,ishwari ji please dont separate them ,dev is best son because he understood mothers feeling and eat the halwa ,he is best son ,he is best brother,best boyfriend and definitely he will become best husband also

  14. Priya9876

    |Registered Member

    No words for todays episode to express my feelings….
    ufff what expression shaheer, while eating Halwa nd all over car scene…..muaaahhhh!!!
    killer expression…

  15. prit

    Awsm priya. Ur dp is amazing.
    Dev was awsm. Car scenes and devakshi dialogues were fab when sona was telling i will meet u sundays and holidays.
    Dev:- Mai INDIA GATE hu kya. I was laughing at that moment. and dev i know that u had eaten halwa made by ur mom. But u should not take name of sona in front of ishwari. Plzzz.

  16. prit

    And guys u all know that in shooting which is the ocward feeling for shaheer sheikh
    in one interview he told that. The most ocward feeling for me is to act in romantic scenes.
    But guys i should say that ki dev ko romantic scenes krna ocward lagta h but when he do that. He looks so romantic awww.

  17. Priya9876

    |Registered Member

    I must say shaheer ka face hi god ne romance karne k liye banaya hai,,,,,Aur dekho too iss bande ko romance karne me h o coward lagta hai…lol…?
    Jo v hoo lagta hai to lage.,, but hamare liye to karna hi hoga…. What say frnds????

  18. Priya9876

    |Registered Member

    ? Good morning Devakshians…?
    ? happy weekend ?
    Monday to Friday kitni jaldi nikal jata hai, ar ye sat sun nikal ta hi nhi..?

      • Esme

        |Registered Member

        Priya imdb is actually a place where movies,shows and even actors are rated.highest is 10.i don’t know lowest maybe 0.And do you know Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi is the HIGHEST rated tv show.I mean wow.

      • Esme

        |Registered Member

        whenever you search about any show if the imdb rating is high it is shown next to it.For example-KYA MAST HAI LIFE 8.5/10 imdb rating.KUCH RANG PYAR KE AISE BHI-9.3/10.thats what i was saying before it was 9.8/10 but now it has become 9.3/10.i think some psychos must have rated it less than10 by their account.

      • Esme

        |Registered Member

        Have u laughed when i wrote ” i think some psychos must have rated it less than10 by their account.”i mean i was laughing when i wrote it.plz check my new article “finally!!!new promo!!!!kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi.”

  19. prit

    Actually priya. I was watching that tatoos and some iinterview of shaheer sheikh. Their i saw a interview of anant and navya. on that time he told. U can watch priya but i don’t know the link. I will search and send u the link okk.
    but shaheer jis tarah se baatein kr rha tha. I was laughing. Vry cute. saumya seth told that he was so handsome cute charming. Etc. Shaheer ne kaha ki pehele me workout krta that abhi acha nhi dikhta. I was vry nice interview of saumya seth and shaheer sheikh.

    • Esme

      |Registered Member

      u go back to the back page.their u will be not log out.it happens with me too.I think some service of telly updates is not that good as facebook and gmail.

  20. Shalini

    Arey yaar aunty ji kya kar rhe ho aap….thoda shant rho…GKB to abhi yahi h to uski kami puri karne ki kya aawashyakta h???

  21. HarSHaN

    |Registered Member

    Sorry frndzz..for the late..Due to times of error connection in TU ,I m unable to post..n also posts r not taken for publish now,Tats Y I posted here..Hope U read n like tiz..A mythic Luv epi4
    3rd epi:
    “Granny..Granny..No one is playing out”Aara comes in her childish run..
    Dev,Sona n Grandma sees her n Dev said”Granny..I think we make the story’s remaining in stop..I’ll come Tom aftr school strts..Now Itz Aara’s time..”
    Grandma nods her head.Dev calls Aara n asked”Chocolatey..Now we r doing some magic here like in school”
    Aara asked”Really Uncle?!!”with excitement..
    Dev sees her eyes n said 3..2..1 by her empty hands…
    A Lil Teddy appears in his hand..Grandma n Sona also surprised..with Aara..
    Dev leaves aftr saying Sona n Sona’s grandma..
    Sona thinks”Maybe I’m wrong..He is gud”…with a undefined smile like Vinci’s Monalisa..
    Dev thinks”After a long struggle,I find the empty of that image..So,the image is not get in future..We made tat today artificially”..
    Loc:Dev’s house..
    Dev strted filling the image artificially in 32nd page..
    Dev thinks abt the perfect Ijo (oldDev in tribal mode) for drawing..n said in mind “Sure the hanged clown man was Ijo if the flute also there with woman as like as Granny said”..
    He closes the note n takes papers..
    N strts to try the two diff images of Ijo..-Ijo with a flute in first meet with Sono (OldSona in tribal mode)..and hanged clown faced Ijo..
    Taking the note,Dev strted drawing in new page..according to the story Grandma said..
    Hanged clown faced Ijo with a flute n the petal of the flower on his another hand..
    N with a smile with seeing Sono..
    And also by using the image in 32nd page,Dev draws also Sono’s Image..
    Sono with the flower n an eye tear like in the 32nd page n also the bird in her head..
    Aftr finishing the image,Dev sees tat..
    “I think it would be like tiz..Soon,I’ll find tiz mystery”
    Loc:Sona’s house..
    Sona thinks abt the little Ted..
    N makes Aara sleep..
    With another thinking”Y her name slightly like me..I ‘ll find tiz soon?”
    Few hours passed..
    Dev awakes frm his bed by some jerk..n sees the time..
    A voice inside in his mind says”U said U’ll find tiz soon..Tiz min the next day born..U want to turn the next page”
    By a flash in his mind,Dev opens the note n turns the next for the page in which Dev newly draws …
    Loc:Sona’s house..
    Similarly Sona also awakes aftr after seeing the magic of Dev again in her dream…
    “Idhayam Udaithu Ennai Vaazha Solgiraai”((“U said me to live with a broken heart”)(Kanimozhiye-“IrandaamUlagam”(SecondWorld)) in female voice plays in bg of Dev n Sona on their places..
    Hope U like tiz frndzz..Tanq for reading..

  22. Asmita...

    |Registered Member

    Mere new ghr me abi tk cable connect nahi hua….😩😩😩😫😫😫😩😩😩😫😫😫😩😩😩😫😫😫😩😩😩😫😫😫😩😩😩😫😫😫

      • Asmita...

        |Registered Member

        Cable wala aaya tha tb tk LED fix nai hua tha aur ab fix ho gya to cable wala nai aa rha…yahan bhot barish ho rai thi sham ko….aur din me to main office chli jati hu… 😒😒😒😒😒

      • Asmita...

        |Registered Member

        I m not abl to see evn private msgs… msg pr clk krte hi TU ka home page aa jata h….
        Really fed up with maintenance and update of this TU…. 😣😣😣😣😣

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