Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 15th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 15th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Dev is surprised to see Jatin with Suhana. Golu asks Dev if he wants to meet Suhana’s uncle. Golu says yes and send him to get one more ice cream for himself. Golu returns and says looks like Suhana’s uncle does not want to meet him. Dev says even he does not want to meet him and gets into car. He calls his employee and scolds that Jatin has a child, but he got wrong info.

Vicky asks Ishwari if she met Sona, what did she tell about Jatin. Ishwari says Sona is not dating Jatin and is also not dating anyone like Dev.

Suhana tells Jatin that Golu’s big cha gave her rose. He asks big cha. She says just like she calls him with some other name. Sona reaches school and asks Suhana if she is alright, she will complain against mischievous boy. Suhana

says she is fine. Dev gets into car and sees Sona with Jatin and Suhana. Golu says Suhana’s mom is very beautiful. Dev says she is not as she cannot..then stops.. Golu says they look perfect family. Dev says sometimes whatever is seen is not true. He drives car. Sona gets up to leave. Jatin gives pendrive and asks what is in it. She nervously says nothing and takes it.

GKB tells Vicky that she has settled their life. Vicky asks how. She shows Dev and Golu and says she has diverted Dev’s attention from Ishwari to Golu. Vicky says he heard Dev telling he will make Golu as his legal heir. GKB says yes.

Jatin asks Sona why she is looking tensed. Sona says nothing important. Jatin insists. Sona says Dev’s mother is bothering. She gave USB with their lunch date recording and says they both are dating. Jatin says anyone would think same, he even spoke to Bejoy and even Bejoy thinks they both…Sona angrily asks if baba spoke to him regarding this and walks towards car.

Devv walks into his room and seeing Ishwari and mamaji says he does not want to talk now. She says till when he will suffocate, he told he is living life his way, but is tensed. She insists him to tell that he is not happy. Dev says how can he be happy when Sona is happy with someone else and moving on. He thought Sona is suffering like him, but she has held someone else’s hand. He knows he should not feel pain, but he is in severe pain. Sona did not take 2 seconds to leave him and is holding someone else’s hand, she betrayed him. Ishwari says time does not stop like river and air, it moves and Sona is remarrying.

Sona reaches home and asks Beoy and Asha why thye think she should remarrry. Bejoy says Jatin is smart and gentleman, he will keep her happy. Sona asks why they think only marriage can get happiness, they know she cannot marry. Ishwari on the other side asks Dev to move ahead and select one path among many. If he agrees, she will get him a girl. Sonna tells Bejoy and Asha that she is happy with her daughter. Ishwari insists if Sona can move on, even he can. Dev says he will never marry, he loved Sona immensely. Sona tells parents she does not want to marry any time and that is final. Dev says same.

Dev drops Golu to school. Other student’s mothers get happy seeing him. Golu says he loves going on a ride with him. Dev says they will go again in the evening. Golu says those aunties are looking at him. Ladies leaves. Dev says they are looking at them both. Golu says girls don’t befriend him. Dev says they are afraid of him. Suhana sees Dev and runs towards him, but falls. Dev lifts her and asks if she is okay. She says okay. Dev says she should not act too smart, he will take her to medical hall. Suhana says she is perfect. He drops her down and says same. She says eve her mamma says same. He is surprised and asks mama…She says yes. Dev reminisces Sona with Suhana and Jatin. Suhana gives candy as return gift.

At Bose house, Jatin does reverse pushups. Sourav counts. He jokes with Bejoy. Topic changes to Suhana and Jatin says Suhana sat on him while doing pushups. Sourav says Suhan was testing him before ccompetition. Jatin says they won. Bejoy says he does not understand why Sona does not want to marry him. Jatin says they should respect Sona’s decision.

Golu tells Suhanana that big cha does not like candy. Dev says he likes his cute friend’s gift. Suhana asks him to call Ms. Bose, she likes it that way. Dev asks what else she likes. She starts describing. Golu fumes seeing their bonding. Dev reminisces Sona and tears roll down his eyes. Suhana asks why is he crying, he did not even fall. Dev says he fell long ago. Suhana tells him about their school function. Dev says he will attend to meet his cute friend. Suhana leaves. Golu fumes that he forgot him. Dev says how will forget his best friend. He asks what about Suhana. Dev says she is his new friend and thinks if life was going perfect, he and Sona would have a daughter like Suhana.

Precap: Sona tells Ishwari that she came to thank her for reminding because of whom she and Dev separated. Dev angrily looks at Ishwari.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Pritha

    Ishwari to everyone: Chahe koi mujhe interfaring kahe…kahne do ji kahta rahe…hum insecurity ke tuphano se ghire hain..hum kya kare.
    Dev to himself when he will know that Soha is his daughter : Dev ke naam par kehte sabhi woh to dumbo hain…Main karoon toh kya dimagke screw toh dheela hain.
    Me to Dev: Yeh Dixit haye allah kinta dimagse andha..kash iske sir pe phir se padhe kuch danda…ki dheere dheere uske dimaag khul jaaye…Soha uske beti hain use samaj aa jaaye.
    Sorry to spoiling those songs.

    1. Pritha

      Spare my Hindi..I am a Bengali…I know Hindi but I don’t get the changes in verbs due to gender..so it may contain many mistakes.

    2. Asmita...

      superbbbbb doing with those songs…. hilarious dear…

  2. Varalakshmi

    awesome episode
    happy to listen dev & sona they rejects remarriage

    ishwari kitna joot bolthi chi disgusting her
    tumhare liye miss boss wow dev remains sonakshi

    mujhe precap samj nahi aara sonakshi kyu thank you kehne aayi can any one please tell me

  3. issue-worry has some serious mental issue.. lift k paas she was thinking that agar sirf Sona ki shaadi ke baare me soch kar ye haal hai to agar wo kabhi move on kar gyi to Dev ka kya hoga?? thodi expectations thi isse ki she will tell Dev that Sona is not marrying anyone nahi meri galti ki isse kch accha expect kar lia.. what this lady wants is a mystery .. isko Dev k paas nahi Mahadev ke paas jaane ki zaroorat hai ….
    Loved it the way Devakshi said It’s final
    Devhana scenes were just splendid !!! The best on screen father-daughter duo .. but Dumbo Dixut ab CID bulaye kya tumhe itni baat samajh nhi aati ki ROY ki beti BOSE kaise ho sakti hai. GOlu ne keh dia Soha k papa nd DEv ji man gaye ..
    Goluuuu is cho cho cute .. when dev hugged him tightly he looked so cute .. GKB ki life ka one nd only accha kaam tha Elina ki pills badalna…

  4. precap looks interesting but kch keh nhi skte Dev ke dimaag ka Ishwari ki jagah Sona ko hi na bolne lage ki meri maa meri bhagwan hai mai apne bhagwan k baare me kch nhi sun sakta blah blah blah

  5. World’s best LIER award goes to. “”Mrs. ISHWARI DIXIT “”””………????????????????????????♠♠♣♣????????

  6. Varalakshmi

    ishwari chahti dev doosre shadi karna dev kaha unko kitni taklif huva sona jati ke dekh kar par ishwari tabi bhi wo aisa joot bathe kaha sonakshi doosre shadi karti tu bhi doosre shadi karna main tujhe ladki doonri ishwari abhi bhi uski marji se sab karti sirf dev ko dokha dethi main tere kushi ke liye kuch bhi kar sakti
    dev shadi karna sonakshi se nahi dev kush rehna sonakshi liye nahi how can any mother think like this even radha rani not like Vicky & elina’s marriage but she accepted her bahu but ishwari never accept sonakshi her bahu dev ki pathi kitni selfish ishwari

  7. Varalakshmi

    its confirm dev abhi bhi dumb hai unko ye samaj nahi aaya suhaan said miss boss jatin ka naam hai jatin roy

    agar soha jatin ka beti hothi to sona kya uss din school main dekha,
    school se kyu call aaya

    kab patha chaltha suhana sonakshi aur tumhari beti waiting for your reaction & tum kaise react karte aur sonakshi se gusse hothe ya pyar jyada hothe main tho yahi dekh na chathi

    golu golu golu sooo sweet of you har ghar main ye chaltha parents are shows more love to our siblings then we also asking same questions even i am also asked these type of questions

  8. gd morning

  9. I guess everyone s on anger now…. How come someone so stupid like dev? Seriously?????i know he s always been dumb when it comes to sona but today episode s way too much…. No one can be that much stupid…… Someone echoed my mind….. in one interview shaheer said in television industry boyfriends are always smart but once they get married they are the dumpest persons on this planet. ????he already predicted that…..

  10. dev kya hai yaar. tumhe konsi bimari hai? ok sonakhi jatin ki beti se milne aasakti hai use drop kar sakti hai. par soha ki batoon se tumhe samajh nahi ata. and galti golu ki bhi hai. usne jatin bolatha soha ke papa, remember. par koi kuch bolrga aur tum bishwas kar loge. dev jagoo. tumhe jagne k liye kya bucket bhaarti pani chahiye. toh bolo na hum sab ek ek bucket denge…idiot… dimaag kharab kar detehe ye writers illogical batoon se..

  11. PALLAVI2017

    Shaheer Sheikh is a power house of talent. He can act like a devoted son, passionate lover all in the same tym . And now he is acting for father character so acutely (though he doesn’t know soha is his daughter). The most attractive thing about his acting is his dialogue deliveries and changing expressions according to situation. AND UNDOUBTEDLY HE IS JAW DROPPINGLY HOT. FIFTY SHADES OF SHAHEER SHEIKH :))

    1. Priya9876


      1. PALLAVI2017


    2. U r right pallavi awesome actor. I haven’t seen a genuine actor lately.. And of course he is hotness personified

      1. PALLAVI2017

        Yep. He is.☺️☺️

  12. What a boring episode…this serial is going down???? don’t feel like watching anymore

  13. Why do you guys even watch this nowadays

  14. Priya9876

    Chill guyz chillll
    Sab ne writer’s/makers ko chane k jhaad pe chadhaya tha aaj upar se sidha niche fek Rahe ho….
    Arey! Aaj dev ne guess nhi kiya iska matlab ye nhi hai ki baki typical serials ki tarah aur 1 month tak hume ghumate rahenge…..
    1 -2 episode me sure sb kuch pata chal jayega…..
    Soo wait dear frndz thoda sa plz…..

  15. Priya9876

    Shalini yahi dosti yahi pyar….
    Breaking news ki tarah aate ho aur purane news ki tarah gayab ho jate ho???

  16. I just love the bonding between dev and Suhana ❤❤❤
    When dev will know that she his daughter ?
    HEllo to all kRPKAB ?☺

  17. Neha1

    Shivangi Verma will not be the new girl in Dev’s life as of now in KRPKAB.

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