Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 15th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 15th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sona speaks to her frend over landline and happily tries to inform her that she is pregnant. She does not hear any reaction from her friend and thinks what happened. She turns and sees Ishwari with cord and Ishwari says until 3 months, she should not reveal this good news to outsiders as she does not want anyone’s buri nazar on child. Sona says maa…Ishwari says she knows what she wants to say and says they had many differences before and now after this good news, she has changed. She is becoming grandmother, so obviously she would change. She says they have to go to temple now as Dev will not go. Sona says they will pray on Dev’s behalf also. Dev comes and says why they will go, he will go to temple and pray. They both are surprised and Ishwari in

disbelief asks if he really will go to temple. Dev says yes why not, outside it is too cold and dusty, he does not want them to go out. Sona and Ishwari get very happy.

Ishwari sits on sofa and relaxes. Asha calls her and says in bengali culture, they feed ginger to pregnant woman. Ishwari saays ginger is very warm for body and they don’t give it in early pregnancy. Asha says they give it in their culture. Ishwari says Sona is making her grandma, so she is taking care of Sona well, she need not worry, if she has any doubt, she can come here. Bejoy speaks and says he will come there and will feed bengali food to her daughter, he wants baby to have bengali qualities. Ishwari asks what and argument starts. Ishwari disconnects call. Bejoy fumes.

Dev enters temple in Amitabh’s style and confronts god that he must be happy that he is bending in fornt of him, he wanted just his wife and mother’s happiness and wanted him not to break their trust, but wants them to fall in his feet always. For him, he is just a stone always as he does not have emotions. Now, he will prove him wrong.

Ishwari sees GKB outside Vicky’s room trying to listen to Vicky and Elena’s conversation. She asks what is happening. GKB says she wants to know what her bahu thinks of her, she does not want her bahu to be like Sona. Elena comes out wearing short dress. Ishwari looks at her in a shock. GKB asks Elena to come and help her in kitchen. Elena says she is going to a spa with Vicky and will order veg food from hotel. GKB happily says she can go to spa but not forget food order.

Sona goes to Riya’s room and sees her getting ready to go out. Riya says she is going to meet Ayan and she convinced him to meet her. Sona taunts her and goes to her room. When she returns back, Riya sadlly informs that Ayan canceled date. Sona thinks Ayan is meeting Khushi today for sure and thinks of exposing them. She with fake ID messages Khushi that he could not meet her the other day and wants to meet her today. She says she has come to a restaurant to meet someone else and will meet him some other day. Sona asks restaurant’s name and Khushi replies. Sona gets ready to go out. Ishwari comes and asks where is she going, she told she is not going to work for some days. Sona says she is going to meet her friend and will not inform anyone about pregnancy. Ishwari goes to pack snacks for and when she comes out, she sees Sona has already left.

Dev meets doctor and requests her to perform Sona IVF as he needs baby at any cost. She says his wife is also a doctor and will know about procedure easily. He asks if she did not see his wife’s happiness, he cannot see her sad again, if she does not agree, he will take some other doctor’s help, but will get his done for sure. Doc agrees to help him.

Precap: Sona captures Ayan and Kushi’s video, calls Dev and tells she needs to show him something. He says he is in a meeting. While returning home in car, she sees Dev entering a hospital and thinks what is he doing here.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Manya

    Gkb ki Kya mast bezti hui???
    Vicky be pehli baar koi Sahi kaam kiya hai Elena de Shaadi karke Yahi samhaal Sakti hai Gkb ko??
    Shukar hai Aaj ke epi mein Neha nhi thi har Jagah negativity failati rehti hai??

  2. Manya

    Aaj toh Dev ne apna poora naam liya DEVRATH DIXIT!!!??
    His convo with the god was??waise Dev me kaha tha ki isne Sona and Ishwari ke saath hi Aisa kyon kiya unhone Kya kiya tha is baat mein I think wo 50% hi sahi hai bcoz Sona ne kuch nhi kiya but Ishwari…..
    I hope ki us treatment ke results positive Ho plzzzzzzzzz main Sona ka dil tudte hue nhi Dekh Sakti???
    I hope ki Sona hospital ke a far Na jaaye??

  3. Manya

    Riya ke saath Aisa kyon Kar Rahe hai isne Kya kiya hai ballot woh toh sabse achi and innocent hai??
    Bichari I feel so sad for her post Riya
    What do you think guys????
    And don’t forget to check my wall??

    1. I too feel that all this shouldn’t happen with Riya. To me, she is one of the most sensible and caring person in the Dixit family. She has always been supportive towards Sonakshi and has helped her at all times, she really doesn’t deserve such pain. I really do hope Sonakshi succeeds in showing Ayan”s truth in front of everyone.
      Also, I’ve check your wall and liked all the posts, too!???

  4. Mei fidha Ho gayi ?Shaheer?……wat an actor ur….. Ippudu don’t have words to pride u…….. ????????

    I ? d way ND his expression to challenging d God…… But don’t wat happened to d next…. ??

    Precap pe Ayaan ki bare me dekh kar mujhe acha laga…. ND at a same time Sona new Dev ko hospital meeting dekhliya na isliye mera dil kadhaa dhadkan ?????

    Hope for d little best…. Bcoz directors zyadha best bahu definitely saktha humko…… ???

    1. Sorry far d typo errors…..

  5. Devakshi is one of the best couple I’ve ever seen…. So pls don’t ruin that…..and show some God’s miracle on the serial and I really want to say that shaheer’s acting is just fantastic keep on rocking and eagerly waiting for the next one…..

  6. Ngkrishnakumari

    Im back in comment box i wish our show cross more than 500epi im scar myself after watching the promo of peshwa bajirao it may replace our best show krpkab
    Hope sona would exposed ayam & khushi relationship

    1. Priya9876

      Don’t worry Krishna it doesn’t replace wid any show….

    2. Don’t worry, dear. As far as one can say, it is for sure that KRPKAB will not be going off air. There might be other shows turning off, but KRPKAB won’t, at least.

  7. https://youtu.be/nIpKGgWS2f8

    Guys our show is not going off air….. Am happy to she dis….. ☺☺

  8. Junee

    Wow MA you are fantastic ! So prompt with the update! Deserve a clap!!!
    In today’s episode the most enjoyable part was Elena handling GKB so smoothly and deftly. Of late, I have started enjoying the interactions between Elena and GKB and Vicky doesn’t seem so ugly! GKB definitely has been an eye opener to Ishwari as far as treating ones daughter in law is concerned.
    Bijoy Bose’s interaction with Ishwari seems like an India/ Pakistan cricket test match!
    Hum kisi se kum nahee!!! With Asha as the umpire!
    However, it looks like Dev Dixit is getting himself entangled in a web with one lie leading to the other and creating that web. How will he come out of this mess I wonder? Looks like, a huge storm is on its way. I feel sad that a good soul like him will most likely have to suffer immensely after all this.
    My concern is, will Sonakshi be able to forgive Dev? My assumption is, she will, but will also like to set him free. She wouldn’t want him to suffer by not being able to become a father. In the process, she will hurt him even more and hopefully her mother Asha will make her realise that.
    Will Ishwari revert back to her original nasty mode once the truth is revealed or will she really bond with Sonakshi? If she does, that would be interesting to watch.
    However, I am pained by the thought that Dev a good human has dug his own graveyard!
    Can a smart business man like him be able to weather the storm? Seems unlikely!
    Let’s see what the makers have in mind!

    1. Your thoughts are truly worth appreciation, Junee di! I completely support them.
      Yes, I too have started enjoying the conversations between Elena and GKB. Atleast, GKB is shown her place and has someone to keep her mouth closed. Vicky, I’ve noticed, has changed a real lot. Honestly, I hadn’t been expecting such a change in him at all! Perhaps he really does love Elena, then. Earlier, I though that was only using Elena to seek revenge from Sona, but now, my assumptions have been proving wrong, lately. However, I won’t be sure of anything just yet. A character such as Vicky cannot be trusted so soon. So, for now, I’ll just be keeping my fingers crossed!
      I absolutely loved the arguments (conversations) between Bijoy and Ishwari. It seems as though he takes revenge from Ishwari for all her mean deeds towards Sona using each word of his!
      I too am very worried for Dev, looking at the current scenario. He is a pure soul and getting out of such a mess will be way more difficult than it had been to get into it. Yes, he is most likely to be suffer, maybe, but what keeps my hope alive is the possibility of Sonakshi getting pregnant after all the treatment(s).
      True, Sonakshi will forgive Dev after understanding his situation, but she will also want him to be free of all the trouble, then. Although Dev will protest against the same, Sonakshi too shall be very stubborn with her opinion.
      I am very eagerly waiting to see what the makers have to show us further ahead!

      1. Junee

        Yes Dear ! I completely agree to your predictions!
        Asmita, i have observed your thoughts gel with mine , almost all the time so far! We think alike???

      2. Junee

        Sorry its Anshita !??

  9. Priya9876

    Ishwari Nd her over possessiveness my god……….. Kavi Change nhi ho Sakti…

    Now she is obsessed with dev’s child…..n doesn’t want any kind of interruption or advise in taking care in sona’s health during pregnancy…..huhhh!!!!!
    She always thinks that she is over intelligent in each n every field……
    But don’t u worry guys our BRAVE uncle Mr. Bijoy Bose is always there….?? Yiyeeee

    1. Sonadi

      She has been wrong again even though she does not know. First on Dev’ sickness, she went against Sona’s suggestion but was proved wrong. Now this pregnancy drama..

      1. Yes, I too thought that a part of Ishwari would change after being proven wrong when Dev had been ill. But, as it is said, some people remain the same no matter what happens. I thought that this time, that is when she’d assumed Sonakshi was pregnant, Ishwari would rather try to consult a doctor too, but no. Truly, she thinks of herself to be a know-it-all!

    2. Over-possessiveness is just a trait Ishwari possess. It’s now present in her character itself. May it be her own Son or her son’s child, she shall not end showing her possessive side.
      Truly, she behaves as though she is a know-it-all! An expert in all areas and fields, according to her.
      But yes, as long as our dear Mr.Bijoy Bose is there, we need not worry much?? Bijoy Boss ki jai ho!!

      1. Sonadi

        You are right.
        The possessiveness is not going to go away. It is in her nature. We can see that now with Sona and how she talked to Asha after Asha asked her that as per Bengali tradition they want to give Sona ginger.
        He again she shows her behavior know it all.
        As parents of Sona they also have rights.
        Iswari is not going to give in. She is now more possessive of Sona.
        I think she needs a son like Vicky and daughter in law like Elina.
        She does not deserve Sona.

  10. Priya9876

    Sudden a drastic change in ISHWARI’s behavior is not going to be digest at all @Makers…..
    This is exactly looks like a fake relationship from ishwari side….
    She never be love her unconditionally…..????

    Sooo,,,, I feel very bad for u Mr.dev Dixit…Jo aap chahte ho pata nhi aisa kavi ho sakta h ya nhi……
    Agar ho gya too sabse bada miracle too yahi Hoga…..

    1. Sonadi

      I think it is not fake. Everybody Change after hearing that they are going to be dada or dadi.
      It is a reality.. I have seen it in many families.
      Iswari generally has good heart but her possessiveness for her son Mede her react like this towards Sona. She explains to Neha about wife and mother’s relationship.

      1. Priya9876

        exactly,, she explains neha after all this good news….otherwise ishwari ko to khud pata nhi ki dono pyar me kitna differnce hai…agar pata hota to itni possessive nhi hoti…..
        For me ishwari’s behaviour allways fake….

    2. Junee

      Priya even I feel that Ishwari’s behaviour is fake . Only hope is , she has been negative so long , may be they might show her in a different light. But I too feel her love is conditional and fake

      1. Sonadi

        I felt that she had really changed. But the way she explained to Neha and GKB after she could not find Sona now Iam skeptical about her feelings towards Sona. You guys may be right. She is now possessive about the child. So indirectly she is showing her affection towards Sona.
        Once she knows the truth she might revert back to original self.
        I hope we are all wrong.And Dev’s expectations come true. We can not predict what the makers are thinking.

  11. now what?what exactyly dev is trying to do?
    dev man chillax sab apne haath me lene chaloge toh sab kharab ho jayega.koi na i lik dev coz that is reality insaan teda hi hota hai.
    anyways thank god iss ayan ka sach jaldi samne lao we hav so many side tracks now
    2)neha ki ego wali shaadi
    3)sourav dada ka business
    4)vicky elena n gkb ke karname
    5)n obviously sabse main humari dev sona aur uski maa ki problem.

    waise dev ke paas sona ko bolne ke liye ek acha bahana bhi hai as we all kno starting mein dev ko hospital ka board of directors me se ek btaya gya tha toh simple uske liye meeting hai

  12. Yaaar….m not liking the track rite now…..kuch zyaada hi overacting ho raha he

  13. elena kal ke episode mein subah subah party pe gyi thi kya?
    toh woh breakfast karke aayi thi kya coz gkb n ishwari toh lunch bnane ki baat kar rhe the n din tha toh elena itna khana kaise khayegi.lol.hamare cute cvs kya kya karte hai bechari ko breakfasy mein butter chicken khila diya

    1. Priya9876

      hahaha……butttr chicken in breakefast…..
      Avi cv’s ka sara focous kahin aur hi hai,,,isliye galti hojati hai 🙂

  14. Priya9876

    Now, Sonakshi will fix another meeting with Khushi. She will get closer to her ‘unravelling the truth’ mission and would further decide to visit Ayaan’s house to fish out more fishy details.
    Sonakshi will sneak in, only to get caught by Ayaan and Khushi who will enter the house hand-in-hand.
    Meanwhile, at Dixit house, Elena (Prerna Panwar) and Vicky (Vaibhav Singh) will inform Radha Rani (Alka Mogha) about their lunch date with Bose family. As they are Brahmin and Bose family eats non-vegetarian food, Radha Rani will pack a lunch box and a water bottle for Vicky.
    This will irk Elena. However, Vicky will manage the situation.
    Furthermore, to keep an eye on her son, Radha Rani will reach Bose house. The lady will be caught by the family peeping from the window. She will be shocked to see chicken in the bowl and will faint.
    This will turn out to be fun sequence.

    1. Sonadi

      I saw the precap that Sona cought Ayan and Kushi hand in hand on video. That should be enough to show that they are not cousins.

    2. Sonadi

      May be the makers have changed their plot.She may not go to their house because she got the video from the restaurant visit.

  15. Sonadi

    I think Iswari’s love for Sona is that she is going to make her Dadi. Every relationship gets alright once a child is born in the family. Many love marriages not approved by parents becomes alright when they come to know the arrival of a child.I have seen this too many times in real life.
    That is what the makers are showing.
    As for this episode it is mainly Dev’s episode. As usual he excelled in acting as an angry man.
    The makers are doing a great job in punishing GKB through Elina.
    Through Elian’s behavior Iswari should realize how good Sona is.I feel here Dev may not be caught.He can cover it up with another lie
    It remains to be seen how the makers will show Sona goes through the procedure without knowing her condition.I think the makers will come up with some illogical plots.
    May be the God will answer his prayers through this?
    People have to take action and god will help.
    Praying to God for good things to happen is a kind of hope.
    May be that is how the miracle is going to happen.7% chance.
    I am looking forward to tomorrow’s episode
    It seems like the makers are going to cover lot of ground here to move forward

    1. ?????
      I so badly hope Dev doesn’t get caught this time, and succeeds in his plan too!

  16. Waiting for today how dev will manage

  17. Junee

    Good day to all KRPKAB ians!????

  18. Junee

    @ Shravanthi
    Fuzion prdctns Saheli has today answered many of her readers beautifully. She has explained every query so well! I was overwhelmed to see that.
    She has also replied to one my comments which You also mentioned Yesterday. Its at the end and has given her version which too is agreeable! Since you are a reader I thought this might interest you too! May be you have already seen it. If not then its out in their site. ?

    1. Sravanthi

      Hii junee thanks for remembering me & yes i have already read it…i may sound foolish but the frst thing i do in d mrng is to look for an article on our show?. I love d show to such an extent that wenever i see an article or anything on d name of krpkab i immediately have a smile on my face. And coming to yesterdays episode i was so stupid to think that dev will just sit & writh in pain till d news gets revealed but then he actually planned something to my surprise. This track is really getting interesting & worth watching

      1. exaccccttttllyyyy! the first thing in the morning i do is to check anything related to krpkab.i m sooo obsessed with this show but for good. even raat ko sone se phle bhi saare updates n comments yaa phir fb/insta pe info. check karti hoo.yaa i m that much mad for this show

      2. Junee

        Great! I know I love Saheli’s articles!
        I have always been a Sonakshi fan but the Dev now being portrayed is too good! He is too good a soul and was considered to be spineless so long but he has something up his sleeves and I just hope he executes it deftly. Though the chances of getting caught in the web is far too strong than any other option, but hope never dies! I only hope Sonakshi is reasonable enough and understands his moves .

    2. Sravanthi

      But i have a doubt if sona’s condition can be treated then y did d frst doc suggested dev with options like surrogacy & adoption???

      1. Junee

        Well, I don’t think they are still sure whether it can be treated! IVF is usually used when fertilisation is a problem but she had an inhospitable uterus which means retaining it is also a problem. However in case of inhospitable uterus conception itself could be a problem which in other words means problems with fertilisation !
        So IVF is a very common technique used. My cousin recently used this technique and is carrying now.
        They are trying a method as she has a 7 pc chance of becoming a mother!
        Surrogacy is suggested usually when unable to retain the fetus and its growth in the uterus because of the inhospitable mileu .

    3. ya actually,earliers i was lil disturbed over dev’s character n was not able to figure out that what he’s trying to do but i can say that after reading your and fuzion’s articles i feel lik i hav started adoring dev a lot.his character is yet to be explored soo much .coz he is really a difficult man to understand.but as i m pondering over what u n saheli di thinks i m lil excited to see whether cvs n writers wil also turn his character lik that.if they already kno what exactly dev is lik then i should say thisthat many of us r missing on his complexed yet brilliant personality.

      1. i think sonakshi’s character is not perfect but still idol for everyone( not perfect coz she she is missing on things which r actually related to her but not to her part time job of pleasing ishwari still there r no shades of grey) whereas dev’s character is lik what a normal person do ,he tries to mend up things all by himself so that no can be hurt though he is the one who suffers in the end.he is not idol but a motivation which helps those who r in a situation lik him.we many times don’t relate to him coz we think he should be perfect not realising that what we’hd had done if were on his place.moreover acc. to his personality he is doing very good n slowly slowly has learnt to express his feelings

      2. whenever we see or meet a good person n perfect family man we always say that banna hai toh aise bano but nobody shows the journey of that character that how he had become soo great.we just get to see a rosy picture.here also we can see that dev has soo many +ve and unique traits but that r supressed bcoz of his hasty decisions.definately cvs r going to explore his character afterall he is the main game changer of this story

  19. Neha1

    Simply Brilliant method..IVF..! This is called modern loo out of infertility….and this is happening in all over the world..People who are not married getting baby through IVF, recent example Actor Tushar Kapoor..! Finally CV’s done a great thing …
    Showing IVF as a problem solving method of infertility… exactly when scientific method is there to get rid of infertility… Then why divorce and seperation should be shown…?? Go Ahead makers to this IVF process, so that we can see Tiny KHARGOSH or Tiny OBHODRO..!.
    But No Seperation and No Divorce Track…BIG NOOOOOOOOOO

    And what a bahu GKB got???….So funny when Elena comes out wearing short dress and said she’s going to spa with Vicky and Order veg food from hotel..!?????

    1. Yes, I too think that the makers have been reasonable enough this time. Now, the only thing we should hope for is that the method turns out to be successful.
      I really do want to see a tiny khargosh or tiny Mr.Aubhodro!??

    2. Junee

      Yup !!??????

  20. Ek dusre ke saath kithana acha lagtha heina hamare lovable jodi…. ?Sharica ???


  21. Taking such major steps to help Sonakshi conceive sure is risky, but it’s definitely worth it. Dev has proved his unconditional love and concern towards Sonakshi as a husband as well as a lover, now. The fury seen in his blood while he stood in the temple explained it all. For me, Sonakshi is indeed the luckiest woman on land to get a husband like Dev. Whether Sonakshi will further ever conceive or whether Dev’s attempt will turn out to be success or not is something that hits my mind all the time now. We’ll just have to wait and see what the makers have in stock for us!

    1. Junee

      Anshita, whether they succeed or not I want them to be together and let Sonakshi realise that she has the best soulmate on earth! I want her to realise this man’s love for her! He has taken all possible risks for her happiness

      1. Neha1

        Very well said…Junee I agree with you..

      2. True, that I too want to see Sonakshi realising her man’s love for her, but at the same time, we also require Ishwari to not come in between to create a drift between the two lovers. If Sonakshi is able to conceive, firstly, half of her attention will then be paid to her grandchild and secondly, she shall also be owing Sonakshi for getting her such wonderful happiness. Moreover, things should currently be going positive in order for DevAkshi to have a safe and secure future ahead, together.

    2. Sonadi

      I think the makers are going this way to make the 7%miracle to happen

  22. Sonadi

    Can anybody give me link to fusion please

    1. Junee

      Fuzion production saheli goswami google and u will get the link

      1. Sonadi

        I already did Thanks

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