Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 15th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 15th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sona tells Elena that she thinks Dev is right, they just told Ishwari about their love just now. Elena says why is Ishwari comparing their love to 2-minute noodles. Ishwari says she told lie, so Ishwari is angry. Elena says Dev told lie and not her, he is aunty’s son and should have informed auntyji. Sona says she wans Ishwari to accept her and says she is not worried as Dev is with her.

Mamaji comes to Ishwari’s room and says Radha told she is taking sleeping pills. He says he will tell her their childhood stories. She says she was child then, now she has her own children, if he noticed Dev comes late and does not have food with her, lies he ate at office. He says even Ria and Nikki eat food in their rooms, Dev is grown up and owner of a big company, he has

to meet many people and may be having food with them. She says she only has a son for him she sacrificed her life, now he is grown up and someone came in her life, so mother should sacrifice everything and go away from life or spend rest of life in one corner of room. Mamaji asks if she has gone mad, Dev is different and is obedient son. She says even she thought same until Dev lied her, time has changed, Dev does not have dinner with her anymore.

Sona goes to kitchen and cuts vegetables. Asha is surprised to see her in kitchen and says at least she can talk to her daughter now. Bejoy sees Sona in kitchen and scolds her that he did not spend so much on her education just to spend time in kitchen, she will not do anything which she does not like, he knows she is trying to learn cooking on Dev or Ishwari’s insistence, so it is better if she tries to be herself and not change for others.

Sona comes for work in the morning and sees spicy and oily breakfast on dining table and asks Bhola if so much food is for mamiji. He says it is for whole family including Dev. She asks him to remove everything and prepare poha for Dev. Ishwari comes and asks what is happening. Sona says Bhola has prepared spicy food, she is asking him to keep it back in kitchen. Ishwari says she prepared all this and Dev will have food with his sisters. She says Dev.. Ishwari says Dev is eating whatever she gives him in bowl, does not have food with family at all and does not have time for family. She yells that she is thinking of becoming Dev’s wife and not bahu, Dev has many other relationships to follow, but she is trying him to take him away from family. She talks of becoming part of family, but still does not know how to keep family united. If thread is weak, it cannot holds things together, she is a weak thread.

Asha says all daughters prepare food. He says Dev’s family is trying to change Sona and he does not want to. It is time to meet Ishwari know without informing Sona today itself and see what Sona has chosen.

Sona goes to Ishwari’s room and starts praising her. Ishwari asks why is she praising her. Sona says she wants to learn everything from her, Dev told his daadi taught her everything like a daughter. Ishwari says her mother-in-law evaluated her carefully and selected her for his son, not like Sona who forcefully selected herself without elder’s permission. Sona says she will be marrying Dev soon anyways, so she will have to teach her culture of this house willingly or unwillingly. Ishwari starts thinking.

Sona’s family comes to Dev’s house and introduces themselves. Ishwari is surprised to see them. Sona is also surprised and asks why did they come here. Bejoy asks her to go and work and let elders talk. Asha signals her everything is fine. Radha starts her taunts and says Sona selected a very rich boy and it is obvious for her parents to come and grab the opportunity before it slips. Bejoy says childrens have chosen themselves, it is time to accept their choice. Ishwari says yes, they don’t have any choice than giving blessings. Chat continues. Daadi says their family is friendly and they were taunting Sona since a long time. Ishwari asks since when this is going. Elena says Sona fell in Dev’s love, then got disheartened and was about to leave job when Dev also proposed her, in all this process, it took around 3-3-1/2 months. Ishwari is shocked and thinks Dev lied her for 3-1/2 months.

Precap: Ishwari pops in sleeping pill nervously thinking she has to sleep before Dev comes and collapses on floor.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Devga

    Thank god u updated…. Thank u too MA

  2. Varsha94

    I totally hated today’s epi.. Rudeness at its best.. God Ishwari.. She s calling Sona selfish.. Somebody make her understand..think about ur behavior first ND then scold others.. And no.Dev thruot the epi.. Disappointing..

  3. Devga

    Nothing can b done of this ish ji…. Ridiculous….

  4. Devga

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  5. Devga

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  6. woo….so fast guys…ty for not going so slow like other show…really appreciate..waiting for next episode…& plz plz upload written updates fast….i am not able to watch on tv…
    & us gkb ko to?…pagal aurat..

  7. Priya9876

    OOO!!! Maaa finally u came…

  8. Priya9876

    Uriiiiiiiiii…..Baba…….. kya episode tha………
    Yaad h last week KAPIL k show me,,,, kapil ne pucha tha, ki Garm (HOT) Tawe pe baithne pe kaisi aawaze nikalti hai 🙂 🙂 🙂 Aap imagine kar sakte ho ki kaisi aawaz niklegi….he..he..
    Bilkul waisi hi feelings aa rahi thi aaj k episode ko dekh kar…

  9. Priya9876

    Dont u think guys aaj sona ne v kuch jyada hi keh diya???

    1. Chanpreet0815

      Priya actually aaj ka episode nhi dekh paai Toh kuch kaha nhi jaa skta. But mene jo updates read kiye h usse dekh kr lagta h. Haa aaj shaayad thoda jyada kaha h sona ne. Pr bht si baate usne bht achi bhi ki.

      1. Priya9876

        Repeat telecast dekhi ya nhi??

  10. Worst episode till date!
    Not sure how many are yet to come..
    Ishwari is the reason behind all rift,negativity behind today’s episdoe.
    hate her to the core..Isko koi pagal khaane chor k aao please.

  11. Chanpreet0815

    Thnks MA for updates. Today i was not being able to watch krpkab. But this update helped me a lot.

  12. Aaru

    Today, Ishwari was really talking in a very cheap manner..chakkar chalana n all sounds really cheap..n Elena pagal h kya..koi aise bolta h kya, ki hamari ladki to kab se aapke ladke se pyaar karti h..Elena to Elena, Sona ki dadi bhi..kitne Garv se boli, ki hum to Sona ko pehle se hi chhedte the!! Arey yaar, 1% bhi kaam ban rha tha na, to wo bhi nhi banega..beda gark!! Fitte muh!!

    1. Priya9876

      Sachii yaar….,,, chakkar chalana in all that…sounds soo cheep…
      Disgusting u r ishwari ji…
      Exactly Elena ar dadi, tussi ye ki kar ditta…

  13. Horrible episode why Ishwari hating sona so much? And yet saying she doesn’t hate her but her words are very hurtful…..
    I can sense it’s going to be torture for both sona n Dev onwards!. Why is Ishwari so demanding n conan ding on Dev life it’s his choice in marriage and in parthner isn’t it? Looks like she is upset cause she didn’t get the chance to choose for Dev n what Dev to accept an arranged marriage and become unhappy what’s wrong with these parents these days seriously? Ishwari doesn’t act like a caring n considering mother but just a villian in her son life. Sorry but soap was interesting now it just hit the down charts ause script just gotten worse…….. THOUGHT N BELIEVED THAT THIS SERIES WOULD BE DIFFERENT THAN THE OTHERS

  14. Priya9876

    Dev aaj aapke darshan nhi hue…
    Mai to bas wait hi karti reh gayi aapka..

  15. I dont like the vibe these days just like so many of you.
    The promo with Ishwari committing suicide is a bit extreme, but the insecurity and the possessiveness i would say exists in real society. Turns out Neha was right about her mother being attached to Dev way more than others all along. Neha poor girl is fighting so many challenges in her marriage and Ishwari seems to be least concerned with any of that. She is not even worried about how Riya is performing at her job or if Nikki needs any advice or direction. Dev is a grown up self made man and yet she wants to feed him and stake her claim on him.. thats a pretty negative shade on her.

    BUT, i have to say that i have faith in the makers. This is the first time a father is shown protective about his daughter to the extend that he says Dev is not the right man for you if he wants you to start cooking just because you are a wife. Its the first time on indian TV that you see a father not thinking of his daughter’s marriage as her ultimate goal in life. First time that you see a female protagonist (Sona) tell her hero that she is a strong woman and can handle rejection (from Ishwari). First heroine who has the guts to slap the cheap brother of the hero for misbehaving. For all those reasons (and many more) i will watch the show and patiently wait for the story telling to take its due course 🙂

  16. Worst episode till the date…..i mean like really now….????
    I felt like grabbing ishwari’s neck and just putting it into commode…..disgusting lady yaarrr…..
    I’m saying yaar…khatri ko bulao jald se jald….he’s the best psychotherapist for ishwari….

    1. Sonal

      u just took words out of mouth Shalini…

  17. Why Ishwari you are doing like this, Dev is not child. Mama Ji is right that after grown up each wants to live their life in his/her way. Dev is your son and he will remain but now he has choices and much more.

  18. Voila!!!!! Makers have listened! Today Sona gave Ishwari a solid dose towatds the end of their interaction which was much needed! She gave it in a suave manner! Since Ishwari is not willing to accept Sona as she makes it very clear in a rude manner therefore Sona should remind her that it was her son Dev who selected her. The least she could do was respect and accept it! But it was told very deftly! That was absolutely required for that selfish rude lady!
    Sona’s dadi and Elena went overboard by talking about Dev Sona to Ishwari in a stupid manner. Have they gone nuts? Kya uthpatang bol rahe the dono???Full ” Matha Kharap” ( mad)!
    GKB ko to break up ke baad Dev should take up! Everyday we want to see in small doses Dev humiliate GKB! Then he should show the way out to her.
    Dev babu apki diagnosis and treatment dono hee sloppy raha ab tak! GKB ko nikaal dena chahiye tha ghar se fir yeh din dekhne nahi padte! Ab break up ke baad GKB ko pehle nikalo fir keep a psychiatrist for your mother and not a nutritionist ( Khatri ko ps laiye Makers) and then work on revival of relationship with Sona! We the viewers want you and Sona back together! Disgusting epi! Pura beth ke dekhneke layak nahee tha!

  19. Who is the new hero in KRPKB ??? Is it Gurmeet??? Seriously kisi achhe screen appeal wala bande ko laaye Makers!
    Viewers ko bhi thodee si chain dijiye!
    We also dont want Vicky Elena pair! Terrible . Ps get someone for Elena too!

  20. hi devga…. i need ur help for my registration in tu…. i am unable to do my registration in my phone page ( especially i am not a robot)……
    thats y i am asking your help….

    1. Devga

      Hi… Sure…

      Once u click tht link i am not a robot it wil lead to a question with 6 /9pics…

      Example :
      Q. Select all images with street numbers.

      Now u Select all images with street numbers in it…. Aftr selecting may b again sme images wil refresh and u must again click images…

      Once all images are ovr click register option below…. It wil proces…

      HOPE its useful…

      Also chk the link i hv given in abve comment to gobiavi

  21. As far as the new hero is concerned please no no more Udit….( Neil Lakhotia) !
    Well the Dehleez IPS officer Enacted by Aryan Pandit would look good onscreen but his acting capabilities i am not sure but has done some good serials! The Tamanna guy Mihir enacted by Vishal Gandhi would be better I guess! His performance was too good in Tamanna plus he has an onscreen appeal as well!
    Makers, We want to see some nice performance and onscreen appeal as well! Gurmeet is OK as compared to Udit…. But the idea is to get the TRP soaring! As the grapevine goes Dev may not renew his contract which could be a hoax ,but if this pair clicks off ,u have less worries in hand becoz people have wanted for the first time a change from regular lead! So KRPKB is following a different trend!
    I dont know whether Gurmeet will get that kind of am acceptance????
    Lets see what u have in store for us .

  22. Priya9876

    Want to thanx ??all those people ?‍?‍?‍? who stopped watching krpkab…. BCz u r guys the only reason of devakshi marriage…?? Warna makers ne to full proof plan rakha tha shadi nhi karwane ki..?..
    Soo again thanx a ton…

    1. Yeah there was no plan to get them married . But if the new pair clicks and Shaheer rethinks about his contract then u might see a different spin!
      The story never encouraged Dev Sonakshi marriage they were planning to portray todays reality but they failed to portray todays mother! Actually Supriya Pilgaokar refused to become grandmom onscreen so there was no point in getting them married and continue with the next phase that obviously would be a family. But niw the viewers demand that they get married so to keep the TRP ticking they might get them married. Dont go by the news on sbs as many times it has given us wrong info!!

  23. Aaru

    Ab to, I feel like, Dev n Sonakshi ka breakup jaldi se dikha de..kam se kam Sona ko Roz roz ke humiliation se to chhutti milegi!!

  24. Asmita...

    I think Sona is too over reacting… She herself giving Ishwari more chances to blame her…

    1. True! But she is trying her luck to convince! These moves appear to be unnecessary now but in the long run it will make Ishwari think that this girl tried her best to live up to her expectations! I think these moves help in the long run.

    2. Chanpreet0815

      Yes asmita u r right. Sona kuch jyada hi ovr acting kr rhi h. Anf i also think ki dev ki family ko nhi aana chahiye tha dev ke ghar. Ishwari or gkb ko or ek mauka mil gaya sona ko sunaane ka. Literally both are disgusting

      1. Chanpreet0815

        Sorry. By mistake sona ki jagah dev likh diya . sona ki family ko dev ke ghar nhi aana chahiye tha.

  25. Ngkrishnakumari

    Please ma update fast the bose family supers first of all dadi alert ishwari that they are very friendly
    But that b*t*h acts too much

  26. Ngkrishnakumari

    Finally ishwari going to eat several pill before dev comming because she did not want to reply dev question on behalf of sona family
    Lastly our devakshi going to separate
    I support bejoy bose in about sona impressive sentence was kya dev khana pakana sikhrahihe kya?

  27. Ishwari’s reaction was expected with her possessive attitude towards her son she will never accept Sona whom she thinks as her dushman ( Dev’s Pyar) how can anyone take Dev away from her ! this is not allowed. The break will take place Dev cannot see his mother’s condition. Sona should accept the same with grace. She should look for a job outside be far away from the family.
    For mother’s sake he will break with Sona but he can never forget Sona start losing interest in his business. Stays more and more at home becomes too quiet. His empire start collapsing.
    In the mean time Riya start her own venture to hep the family. Sona will be in different city but maintains contact with Riya and Nikki, and she should be the source of advise and help for Riya and Nikki. Importance and goodness should slowly trickle down to Ishwari.

    1. How do u know……?????

  28. Esme

    Oye Radharani apni girebaan mein jhaak kar dekh…laalchi tu hai ya sona’s family….ek jhapad kaan ke niche lagaungi na ishwari villa chod chod kar maansarovar chali jayegi….kaa*mini….saa*li…b*tch…b*oody scullf*ck….
    N ishwari ji waah waah….aapne prove kr hi diya….mera beta mera beta hai n hamesha mera beta hi rahenga..arre toh sona kaun sa bada dev ki maa banne aayi hai…pagal aurat….aapne ye saabit kar hi diya kuch logon ka status zaroor badta hai lekin soch vahi giri hui hi rehti hai….hw cheap….whatz sona’s fault ??? Why r u taunting her n her family ??? Have u forgotten hw sona supported u in d starting ??? Arre makers je jaldi se khatri ko le aao re…..
    I wanna slap Radharani n ishwari fr what they said…..sona’s mom dad r really very understanding ….hw her dad said….khud ko nat badlo n ishwari nutrition se bahu banne ka safar aasan nahi hoga….b*tch….arre had hai yaar….Ishwari neha ki fikar kar neha ki…..dev tera beta he ye yaad he teen betiyan bhi hain ye yaad nahi hai…

    Now guys u must be tired of this drama so read my FF “”Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi FF ( FUNNY AND ROMANTIC ) #8″”” have some funny n romantic moments. ..

    1. Priya9876

      Same feelings esme..meri taraf se v ek do laga dena…
      But dear cool down take chill pill

    2. Chanpreet0815

      Same feeling esme for ishwari nd gkb.

  29. Asmita...

    Sona ki family bhi full on rayta faila rahi hai… its too much… after this… Dev will only become a puppet of Ishwari

    1. Chanpreet0815

      Yes asmita u r right

  30. Subhashini

    Guys sona ki koi kalathi nahi,she just want to get close to ishwari ji because she knows how much dev loves her mom so she behaving likes that,how many times she get insulted by ishwari ji but she doesn’t tell to dev anything about that,she respect everyone
    And also no mistake when sona family came to dixit house to talk about devakshi because they r not like ishwari ji, bose family wants sona’s happiness

  31. ishawari has more inferiority complex plz….don’t seperate devakshi

  32. Esme send the link of your story!

  33. Too much tension about today’s episode
    ……Breakup hone ka time aagaya…. ????

  34. mai to sirf written updates padhungi…episodes dekhneki daringhi nahi…sonako aur rote huye aur gkb ka natak aur nahi dekh sakti….devne gkbko ek jawab dena to banta he…breakupke bad imp work to do – us gkb ko ghar bandhke do pehlejaisahi..jitna samay wo yaha rahi hai usme uska ghar bhi ho jata…& vicy ko gafi paise denese accha hai ki gharhi de de…kamse kam gharme shanti ayegi..& ishwarijiko khudka dimag laganekobhi waqt mil jayega..& then she realized….

  35. Chanpreet0815

    Hmm ganga kya kr sakte h?? Agar hamare haath me hota toh ham kya story likhte. But hmaare haath me toh kuch nhi h bas wish kr skte h that writers achi story banaae

    1. Hmm…..Am madly love with dis show….. Am not controlled my self…. ???

  36. Priya9876

    Seems like kisi ne aaj sbs segment nhi dekha…omg….truely heaven comes on earth…I M in deep dream after seeing that…

    1. Devga

      Wat happened tel me soon

      1. Sona bhadki dev pe

      2. Priya9876

        nothing happend deAR.. M TALKING about shahers new home…

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