Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 14th November 2016 Written Episode Update


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 14th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sona comes home from outside and greets Ishwari. Ishwari points at flower plant and asks if she brought it. Sona says yes long go, good to see its blooming flower. Ishwari says flowers has to leave its soil to get into another pot and has to survive, same with human, one has to leave their old place and should survive in new place, so they should not think of old place often. Sona says she did not understand. Ishwari says she should not go to her parent’s house often and should concentrate on her house now. Kichu comes and says Sona her ordered swinger came. Sona happily goes and receives it from courier guys. Kichu asks where to fix it. Sona says in her room. Radha asks why there. Sona says she always dreamt of having a swinger in her room and takes it to

her room. She asks Ishwari not to inform Dev as she wants to give him a surprise.

Sona looks at her swinger and thinks how Dev will react. Dev reaches home from office. Ishwari stops him and asks if he has some time for her. He says why not. She tells that she has found an alliance for Rhea and boy’s name is Ayan. Dev says if she has found alliance, then it must be good. He goes to his room. Sona stops him at door and closing his eyes says there is a surprise for him. She shows him swinger. He gives a cold reaction. She asks if he did not like it. He says he is surprised, how much she should react then, it is just a swinger. She says it is her childhood dream to have a swinger in her room.

She goes down. Nikki asks if bhai liked swinger or not. Sona says she does not know. Nikki says only mom can tell if bhai liked it or not. She goes to Ishwari and asks if Dev liked swinger or not. Ishwari says Dev likes his room spacious, so he may have not liked the idea, may be he liked it. Dev comes and sits on dining chair. Ishwari calls everyone for dinner. Sona serves dinner. Nikki taunts Rhea about Ayan. Ishwari says Rhea will do household chores only if she likes. Sona asks what are they talking about. Radha tells Rhea’s marriage and once she is married, it is Vicky’s turn. She suggests Vicky to marry any girl except Bengali. Sona feels sad. Mamaji scolds Radha. Sona feels sad that nobody informed her.

Mamaji goes to kitchen and asks Ishwari if she called him. She gives him halwa. He asks if it is a bribe and asks what is she hiding. She says Dev calls Sona’s mother as maa. Mamaji says what else he should call, Dev is right. Ishwari jealously says yes. Mamaji asks her to take a chill pill.

Sona goes back home and Dev follows her. She asks Dev why did not he inform her about Reha’s alliance. He says even he came to know about it just some time ago. She asks if he is not excited about swinger. He says she can do any change in her room, he does not mind. She gets happy.

Next day, Dev is at office and discusses with his staff that he cannot miss today’s imporantant meeting and they should before well as they represent Ishwari communications. Ishwari calls him and says Ayan and his family are coming in the evening. He says he has important meeting. She says okay then she will handle it. Dev suggests her to take Sona’s help and asks if he should call her. She says she herself will call and disconnects call.

Precap: Sona comes home from office. Radha introduces Sona to Ayan and his family as Ishwari’s bahu. Sona asks Ishwari why did not she inform her that they are coming. Ishwari says she is handling well without Dev and her, then what is the problem.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Priya9876

    Dev babu aapki zindgi nikal jayegi,, apni maa k bakwas gusse ko samjhne me….

    ? kya mirchi lagi hui h pisswari ko . .. Shock treatmeant ki jarurart h seriouslly….?????

    Mama Ji Ab ek aap ho Jo samjh rahe ho ki aapki behna paglaaaa chuki hai…to jara treatment karwao na…. Jee bhar k????????? lagwaoo….

  2. The episode was good as usual and nikki did not say that only ishwari could tell if dev liked that swinger but neha said that. This ishwari…..??just wanna kill her. Idiot

  3. Junee

    Ishwari the Pisswari suffers from ” attention seeking syndrome” and wants to be the only attraction at home! So much is her insecurities that she refuses to include Sona in any of the family matters like Rhea’s marriage! Not only that she has ample tome to think about unproductive things like who else is her son giving attention to becoz the only thing she does is making ” phulkas and halwa”! Well this is close to teality where a possessive mother in law refuses to share any of the family matters as she considrs the Bahu an outsider and wants to have full control over all situations! The only hope for the daughter in law is to carry on in any house with her husbands love and support! So as in reality this possessiveness towatds son and indifference towards the daughter in law doesnt work in the long run, we can only hope that it will be the same way as they are trying to show incidents close to reality! It is really difficult for any Bahu to remain sane in house like Dixits with Neha expressing her jealousy and selfish mindset very much the traits of her mother Ishwari! Probably is suffering so much of her mean mindedness!
    We really dont cate about the rest so long as Dev loves and support s his wife unconditionally!! I hope Ayaan will keep Ishwari in a tough spot! The woman seriously needs to learn a lesson!! She is still torturing her son emotionally!!

  4. Arggghhhh! Missed today’s episode due to my studies! :/
    However, looking atthe update given above, doesn’t really seem as if there was much to watch…
    It seems as if the makers are back to their old ways…enough of DevAkshi scenes for them currently!
    So, if possible, could anyone tell me whether today’s episode was wroth a watch? I’d really appreciate it if you could…..

    1. Junee

      You didnt miss anything Anshita! It wasn’t as interesting as the earlier episodes

    2. Junee

      Anshita todays episode was ???!
      Good u didnt waste your time! After watching this episode everybody has come up with names for Ishwari and the show too!!??

      1. Yikes! It sure seems that all those names were well deserved by Ishwari and the show, considering the current track!
        And, thank you for your suggestion!

    3. Priya9876

      Don’t waste your data ,,,watch repeat telecast…

      1. Yes, I too think it’s best not to watch it on the internet…will follow up on the repeat telecast…
        And, thank you!

  5. Thanveer Ahmed

    Useless serial showing wrong track

  6. Junee

    Sorry for a lot of grammatical mistakes becoz androids tend to take liberties! I hope u will be able to understand the most of it!
    TU should have an option to correct the writeup or preview before sending it or even edit the preview!
    Plz TU consider having these options so that it is more user friendly!!Its very frustrating to see all the mistakes in the writeup posted!

  7. Oh god..ishu and her insecurities…

  8. Priya9876

    Bose family k sath kitna maja aa raha tha viewers ko,,,,but Fir se ishwari manshion Jo pagal mansion ban chuka h,,,,narak macha rakha h re baba……

    Itne stress to me to sach me koi banda depression me chala jaye….

    Tavi dev ulti sidhi harqatey karta h…

    Kisi ne sons k sath discuss,,, discuss to choddo inform tak nhi kiya ki riya ki ristey ki baat chal rahi hai…. Aise koi treat kare to kitna bura lagega…
    Sona u teaching me a lots of things,,, how to handle a Mental saasu maa,,, n a depressed family….

    # Nikki’s words??????? humare ghar me too Honeymoon pe Grehen lag gya hai….??????????????

    N dis witch Neha ????? Batameez ladki thodi v manner nhi hai…kavi v Tapak jati h Dev k room me,,,,, n uski sari baat Sona Bhabhi pe aakar hi khatam hoti hai.,.ufffff jee to karta h usi waqt TV me ghus kar khoon kar doon…..?????????

  9. Priya9876

    When ishwari said to GKB —- ” sonakshi ko to pata hi nhi h ki Dev ko apne kamrey me koi v Badlav pasand nhi hai” ???????

    That time smiling like kheee kheeeeee???
    Mata Ji pata to aapko nhi h ki Ab dev ko WO sab kuch pasand h Jo sona ko pasand…hahaha….

    Bada maja aata h USS waqt jab ishwari ki over confident ki Dukaan pe income tax ki raid padti h…..hahahhaahhaah

    1. Junee

      Saach mey Priya pagal aurat kya kya sochti hey !phulka aur halwa banana uske life ka moto hey! She is sick !!!

  10. Priya9876

    Today pisswari again made *Halwa* godddddddddddddd ???????

    Now name of the show is:—

    Kuch Recipe Halwe Ki Aise Bhi

    M telling u frnz ek din news flash hoga— aaj ki taza khabar kuch rang….ki team set se bahar nikal kar bhagti hui nazar aayi …… ~~N reason hoga
    ” Halwa flood in set of krpkab????

    Makers dessert name decide nhi kar pate ho to bolo I will suggest u lotssssss of names wid recipe….

    1. Junee

      Superb Priya! ????Serial ke namkaran ????

    2. Sneha1

      Priya.. Kya pata.. Ishwari ko bus halwaa banana hi aata ho.. aur koi sweet dish aati hi nahi hogi

      1. Priya9876

        Tumi akdom funny sneha…
        Suji k halwe me haldi…?????
        N WO song chulhe me …????

    3. Esme

      Ek baat batao. Halwe ka color thoda ajeeb ni hai..yellow..huh..bhai yellow halwa toh maine aaj tak ni khaya..aate ka halwa..besan ka halwa..suji ka halwa…gazar ka halwa..kisi ka bhi color itna yellow ni hota jitna iss show mein dikhta hai..hehehe..

      1. Sneha1

        ho sakta hai wo suji halwa mein haldi mix krte ho…

      2. Junee

        Kuchha besan dala hoga us Pisswari muh fulake and claims that she makes the best!Huhh????

      3. Priya9876

        Hota h Esme…

        Moong daal ka Halwa yellow hi hota hai….

    4. Waah waah ji!!!

  11. Ye manhoos aurat mar kyu nhi rhi huhhhh ?
    Or dev pagal hai gadha..
    Pure serial me sbse acha insaan sirf ek h jo smjhdar b hai mamaji.

    1. Priya9876

      ??? correct

  12. ye ishwari toh sadness, evil & cheap thoughts ki dictionary….
    sayad ishwari ki roti jitni na fulti hogi usseh zyada iska mooh fulta hai….jab v dekho gubbara

    1. Junee

      ????your comments are too good! So hilarious ???

    2. Priya9876

      24hrs fula ka fula hua…????
      Jee to karta h???????? laga du

    3. Your last line nailed it dude!!!

  13. Whenever I start thinking to watch this show again that b*t*h ishwari spoiled everything I mean which mother does this kind things these days even step mother also won’t do these kind drama n she is reall mother come on writers n makers please don’t spoil any mother’s image anymore it’s a humble request show some positivity in her character she’s a good actor n because of her role in this serial I’m compell to not like her anymore please don’t do this

  14. I could relate to this serial. Today’s episode is exactly how my mommy in law is like, specially precap

    1. Priya9876


    2. Oh shoot…. I live away from my in laws but even when we were together for sometime my mom in law was pretty cool……. and people call my husband ‘ mumma boy”…. I guess I got lucky.

    3. Junee

      Give her a ” Royal Ignore” my friend or just follow the ” non cooperation movement! It works !??

  15. Junee

    Ishwari ‘s new name ” Halwesari and Phulkeswari” ???
    Keep making fulkas and halwa merrily but plz allow Sonakshi to remain sane!
    GKB to another gutter!????
    We the fanclub members need to send some fish curry and mutton rogan josh for both Halweswari and her best mate GKB and Ms Kaw Kaw( Neha)??

    1. Ms kaw kaw……ha ha ha…….very suitable name….:-)

    2. Priya9876

      ???????? superb name…..
      N suberb idea of sending nonvage dishes…
      U make fish curry,,,, I’ll make mutton rogan josh for witchy trio….

    3. Sneha1

      GKB to itni bhukkad hai ki wo non veg dish bhi kha jayegi

  16. Junee

    Kuch rang Phulke ki aise bhi!???
    Where is Khatri? Serial chodke kyu bhaag gaya! ??????
    Hum niraash ho gaye???aur GKB? Iss mode pe chahiye!!!

    1. Esme

      I’m thinking d same thing.

    2. Sneha1

      krpkab ka initial title song tha na …
      “Chulhe mein phulke sa phule
      Yaadein jaise hawa mein jhoole
      Raat ko lori ban
      Chupke se maathe ko chhule”

      Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi………..

      ab samajh aaya ki wo chulhe mein phula hua… ishwari ke muh ka synonym tha

      1. Junee

        Wah wAh kya sayee bola tumne????

    3. Vohi to! I’m missing Khatri soooo badly! GKB ki to baat hi nahin karni chahiye! Jo kaho so kam!

      1. Junee

        Mein bhi to same soch rahee hun ki GKB gutter ko bolne se kum padta hey! Par Khatri kyu bhaga???????

  17. Typical 1950’s saas

  18. Priya9876

    Only 22 comments??????
    Sab kaha chale gye hoo?????

    Eri….Asmita….Preet….Neha….shalini….devga….subhasini….ganga…..azzu….aaru…..pothik….Tessie….shruti….many a….
    Esme tumi Fir se gayab????

    1. Priya9876

      Mere kitne sare naam kha gya TU….kitne sare names like the Maine….????

      1. Sneha1

        TU aise post ko khud edit bhi krta hai kya… I was not aware

    2. Esme

      Aa gayi bhai. Ab toh yahan aane ka bhi mann nahi karta hai..itna kaam hota hai..ye wo wo ye…eeee..missing old days of krpkab..

      1. Priya9876

        Ab shadi k baad …pre marriage jaisa to kvi nhi ho sakta….in reality bv shadi k baad life ka kachra ho jata h…ye to Fir v serial hai…

  19. Alka

    Episode me kaash ek baar Bose family k darshan ho jate toh aacha lagta
    Last week kitna maaza aaya tha ..Thursday tak …..
    Ishwari /halweshwari KO samajhna mushkil hi nahi namumkin haii …kya karti haii khud KO bhi pata nahi hota haaii ….par itna sochti haii ki aachi baate soche toh hamara duniya ka bhala ho …par nahi Pagalo ki baate sochti rehti hauii …mental ka bhi mental piece haii

  20. Iswari’s’S charecter is the worst one I have ever seen .i have never experienced or seen any charecter like this. I have seen possessive mothers but not like this.The makers are spoiling mother’s name.
    Now I see that Neha has the same attitude.She does not understand Sona’s charecter. that Sona will be happy with anything. She is not for money..Neha thinks that money is everything.
    The show makers do not have enything .That is why they are showing Iswari as a bad person again and again.

  21. Seher.f

    Thank you so much ! Due to exams I was not able to watch the episode. I am Seher btw. :)) And are you sure it is a swinger.. That means something highly inappropriate?

  22. Sneha1

    Hey.. anybody have seen the new Jhula promo

      1. Lo priya….. Jhula promo


        Ha ha ha ????

    1. Nope 🙁

  23. Sneha1

    Yaar ye log sona ko kitna lonely feel karate hai.. dinner table pr wo kitna surprisingly expression deti hai jab sab riya ki maariage ki baat kr rahe the.. Dev ne bhi use kuch nahi bataya..
    Dev ko ye dikhta hai ki maa ignore kr rahi hai.. pr ye nahi dikhta ki sona kitna hurt feel kr rahi hai.. Itni outsider wali feeling.. ppl r just ignoring her.. even on dining table.. No one including Dev, mamaji, Nikki or Ria tried to give her any details of prospective groom n family..
    so cheap..
    uss bechari ko itna isolated feel kara rahe hai…
    Aur bus jab wo naaraj ho jaye to aa jao manane….

    1. Exactly! I too feel that Sonakshi is treated nothing more than a stranger in this house! Nobody ever seems to understand her concerns! Everyone simply forces on the idea of either Sonakshi not putting her point of view ahead, or simply not even getting involved in the matters!
      Even after all those promises and confessions made by Dev so far after all their fights, at the end ofthe day, he still turns out to be the old Dev who wouldn’t even take the slightest of consideration to confide in Sonakshi and let her know about the happenings in the house, if there isn’t anyone else who does it!
      Not a single soul in the house spoke to Sonakshi about Ria’s alliance, surprisingly! Seems as if none of them remembered her to be a part of the family admist the current happening! And, what I feel is that when suffering from hard and tough times, one should take support from all fellow family members. However, in this show, when one’s life gets disturbed, they forget about their family members and at times, end up making other’s life hell too!
      Dev ko to sirf ‘sorry’ hi kahna aata hai! That’s it! Promises karna aur unhe todna to ab uski aadat si ban chuki hai!

  24. Esme

    Bahot dino baad show dekha…bahot boring ho gaya hai ye. Aisa lag rha hai zabardasti ye track drag kiya ja rha h. Bahot ho gaya. Ab ye show mai ni dekhungi.

    1. Don’t say dat dear…… Hope Aane Wale episodes pe bahuth acha scenes aane wali…… Ye baath mei nahi Our charming Hero Shaheer ne khudh bathaya SBS segment me…….

    2. Priya9876

      Ab Jo hai jaisa h dekhna to hai hi…ishwari ko gaaliyaan dete hue show dekhna padega…

      1. Junee

        ???Priya mey tumhare saath hun!! Pisswari ki halwa banaynge

  25. The best part was when Nikki teased rhea about ayaan
    Very funny ?
    Honeymoon Zara Sambhal kar jaana aisa lagta hai Ki humaare ghar Mein shraap laga hua hai

  26. Hey guys
    Can you tell me how to be a registered member of this fan club

    1. Well, to become a registered member of Telly Updates, you simply have to click on the ‘Home’ buttonat the top of the screen and select ‘Register’ from the various options that appear in the list. Over there, you have to fill in all the required fields and then, you shall be recieving a mail for verification. Once you open your mail, you shall soon be able to see the mail sent by TU.
      Hope my suggestion could help you!

  27. Kya hua yaar is TU ko….. Mera comments kaha hogayi thi….. ???

  28. Junee

    Khub jaldee GkB ki muh mey fish curry thos dungee and Priya tum Mutton rogan josh banake Halweshwari ki muh mey thos dena???
    Kaal ka episode lekin boring tha, Esme thik!
    Sona ko stranger jo treat kar rahe hey woh alsar reality mey bhi aise hi hotee hey kayee bar ????but Dev should tell her or share everything! Iska dimaag kaha rakha hota hey???
    Mujhe samajh mey nahee a raha hey as to why Supriya P is continuously portraying negative! She will get type cast after this and nobody will accept her in a good role and will have similar fate as Sanchi of Balika Badhu portrayed by Roop Durgapal! We wanted Natasha out of this show that time when she was supposed to get engaged to Dev! We just couldnt accept her becoz she is type casted with a negative image! Supriya P should insist for a positive spin in her character!
    She has become sooo repulsive as Ishwari that I don’t find anyone supporting her at present! This unwanted wickedness is just getting on our nerves!Even if they show her negative they should also show something positive about this character! Her negative shade overshadows every other shade in this serial! Its just overwhelming at times.

  29. Junee

    Aur han yeh jhula wala promo dekhke mujge laaga , “serves him right maa ka laadla” ! Aur do char bar gire aur daant tute to woh banega Mr Khargosh!! ???????
    Sonakshi ke saath Ria ki alliance kyun nahi share kiya????

    1. That’s exactly what I’d been thinking of when I’d first seen the promo! Humari pyaari Sona ne bhi Dev se badla lene ka ek naya raasta nikaal hi liya hai! Too goood Sona! Aise hi karte raho jab tak aapke patiDEV ko apni galti ka ehsas naa ho!

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