Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 14th July 2016 Written Episode Update


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 14th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sonakshi tells Dev that she read Gujral’s file and feels guilty that Dev is losing lots of money because of her. Dev says money will come and go, but not relationships, she matters to him a lot and he does not want to lose her. She says she will not leave him even if he leaves him. He hugs her emotionally.

Ishwari reminisces Sona opening Dev’s cupboard and telling Dev asked her to open it. She gets sad thinking Dev is going away from her.

Neha feels hot at Ranveer’s house without AC or cooler and just low speed fans. Ranveer’s bhabhi comes and says she should change from sari to comfortable clothes and forcefully opens Neha’s suitcase herself. She says she will make a place for her clothes in cupboard. Neha shows her jewelry and asks

where to keep them. Bhabhi says they keep cupboard open, so she should keep jewelry at her mother’s house. Ranveer comes and bhabhi asks him to get a bank locker soon for Neha’s jewelry. Dev comes. Neha gets very happy seeing Dev. Bhabhi goes to bring tea for Dev. Neha follows her saying she will bring black coffee. Ranveer tells Dev that Neha is his wife and his responsibility, so Dev should not worry about her and come here often. Dev sadly leaves. Neha comes back and asks what happened, why did hai leave suddenly. Ranveer says he must have got some work and shows her movie tickets and says they will go for dinner after movie. Neha gets excited.

Doc comes for Ishwari’s checkup. Dev calls from his office and asks doc if mom is fine. Doc says he does not have to worry, mom is fine. He tells Ishwari that Dev is very caring and gets tensed easily regarding mom’s health. Sona enters and comments Dev like sons are unique, one in crores. Ishwari says yes. Dev comes home at night and asks Ishwari to follow doc’s instructions and not strain herself, he will take a few days’ leave from job and will take care of her. She taunts he is so much worried about her that he asked Sona to get file from his cupboard instead of her. Dev sits surprised. Ishwari says she needs his time..

At Sona’s house, in the morning, Elena gets newspaper and gathers family to check lottery results. Bejoy calls Sourav as football. Sourav comes asking what did he do now. Elena takes lotterries from him and says all numbers are matching except last 2 numbers. He says they won 5000 rs. Bejoy says it is his ticket and he will use this money. Sourav says he did not want to participate at all. Bejoy taunts him and then says he will buy sari for Asha with this money. Sona says then it is final…

Ishwari gets busy arranging gifts for Neha for pagh phera ritual and asks Bhola to arrange items under her supervision.

In the morning, Sona enters Dev’s room and sees him wearing shirt. Dev taunts she always enters when he changes clothes, if she is so fond of his body. She says she does not even watch Salman Khan’s 6 packs when other girls drool, she is not that type girl. He asks what about him. She says not even him. He comes closer and asks if her breathing increases when he comes closer or not, if she feels nervous or not. She says yes..she gets nervous and short of breath. She then gives him Neha’s marriage portrait with family. Dev gets emotional and asks when did she click them. She says via her mobile during marriage…He says it is a very precious gift for him. She says she needs return gift. He says anything she likes.. Their romance continues when Nikki calls Sona and she leaves.

Dev goes to Ishwari’s room and sees her busy arranging gifts for Neha. He scolds her not to strain herself. She says it is her right to gift her daughter.. Phone rings. She excitedly picks phone thinking it is Neha’s, but sadly keeps it. She asks Dev if he is hiding something. He says no. She asks why did he go to Neha’s house without informing him. Dev looks at her nervously. Ishwari says he must be worried about his sister, but he should not go like this anytime, he always ignores his feelings and is worried about others. He continues pampering him and he leaves. She thinks how can Dev go to Neha’s house without informing her, if he is going away from her.

Precap: Ishwari tells Radha that she is preparing besan halwa for Dev, he will barge in smelling it. Dev comes home and asks Bhola if mom prepared halwa. Bhola says yes. Dev excitely picks halwa bowl, but then returns it. Ishwari is shocked to see that.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Bad precap …. this iswari will not tolerate anymore… worried wat she wil do with this cute couple …

    Hey is ranveer so bad tht he sent dev like tht ….. no tht was really rude …. a brother has right to c his sister even aftr marriage…. one thread binding can not seperate blood connect….. poor dev felt sad ….

    But somehow the makers make me blush and smile with their romantic scenes …. lol ….

  2. Asmita...

    Superb acting Supriya mam (Ishwari)…

  3. Asmita...

    Superb acting Supriya mam (Ishwari)… wel done… really appreciable…

  4. lovely episode especially DEVAKSHI scenes hw cutely DEV ws teasing.SONA &she wsn nervous blushing
    ISHji is so possessive I think DEV has got doubt on her & I felt bad when je ws feeling guilty

  5. lovely episode especially DEVAKSHI scenes outside the house & inside the house
    hw cutely DEV ws teasing SONA

    & y ish is becoming so possessive 2wards her son

    eagerly waiting for the episode whn dev writes DEVAKSHI on sona’s neck & SONA on dev’s wrist
    aaawwwwhhhh hw cute & also romantic

  6. anyways actors & their acting is so natural in this show really love them
    every1 r jst superb & dng their part soo good that it’s really appreciating

    loving shaheer is dammm killing & also erica

  7. hey guys I read somewhere that ghar mai. havan hoga aur dev ws toooo gooood he’ll be wearing DHOTI & SONA typical bengali sari pahne gi & haa sona alwys wear sari na so ….

    anyways actors & their acting is so natural in this show really love them
    every1 r jst superb & dng their part soo good that it’s really appreciating

    loving shaheer is dammm killing & also erica …….. .’

  8. Chanpreet0815

    Devga actually its not like that. Dev has right to look after his sister but. Now its ranveer’s responsibility to look after her wife and to fullfill neha’s requirements. As he is her husband now. Dev can ask neha that she is happy or not. He can ask about her but he shouldn’t say that if she wants smthing. He can tell ranveer that plzz keep my sister happy and fullfill her requirements. Ranveer would be happy by listening all this. I know that neha is not comfortable in ranveer’s home. And she is adjusting. And if she will adjust bby not uttering a single word then ranveer will also feel that she had adusted with me and now my turn to adjust with her. This is a proper understanding btwn couples.
    And devakshi were superb today. I loved their lines.
    Jab bhi me shirtless hota hu tabhi hi aap aati h. It happens co incidentally. Or u r fond of my body Hehe i was laughing at that moment. Sona’s gift was vry nice.
    but i don’t understand one thing when dev comes close to sona why her heartbeat increases and why she is not sble to breathe. She wanys that dev should be with her. And if when he is then why she is not comfortable. I really don’t understand. Can any one clear my doubt.

  9. Ishwari aunty Ji is so irritating!!jab meri bhai ki shaadi hui thi,my mom wasn’t so possessive about it,..and ranveer,I thought he was a gentle and respectful man towards his siblings but how he could he have sent dev like that?dosent he think twice what will neha feel?

  10. Mubeen

    M in love wid dev really

    n episode was so romantic. ….tht shirt scene omg……me blush b nhi kr payee mummy the….so sad

  11. Mubeen

    Anyone notice sona says if he lb her tht time also woh dev ko nhi chodegi. ….it means dev apni maa ke liye sona se dur hoga jo promo me tha

  12. Ummm….so sad for devakshi!!!

  13. Nice

  14. As per the current track, Neha is getting married with Ranveer and Dev-Sonakshi are romancing with each other.As reported by us earlier, Neha faces difficulties in adjusting in Ranveer’s small and poor house. Neha shares problem with Dev and as a good brother he sends expensive gifts to Neha-Ranveer home. As expected, Ranveer didn’t like Neha-Dev behaviour and gets upset.In the coming episodes, Neha will get angry on Sonakshi as Sona will stop Dev from sending gifts to Ranveer house. Neha will not like Sonakshi interfering in her life, Ishwari will now doubt regarding why Dev is sharing all his problems with Sonakshi and later on Ishwari will get instigated by Mami Jee.Let’s see how Dev handles the situation

  15. If you feel that this show is best then vote for it at http://tellyexpress.com/2016/07/08/most-popular-show-on-indian-television. It is at 2nd position behind EDKV. I dont see EDKV, so I dont know whether itdeserves that position.

    1. but voting lines are closed naa??

      1. No. Last date is 15th July.

      2. And multiple voting allowed. I have voted 1000.

  16. Ngkrishnakumari

    First part was awesome love the way devakshi hug each with each other emotionally
    Hate ishwari when sona consult ishwari that she had lucky a son like dev at the time ishwari ignore sona
    Hate this over possessive type mother

  17. Ohh i got it blink thnk u so much.but i like how devakshi come close

  18. Ohh i got it blink thnk u so much. But i like it when they both are close

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