Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 14th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 14th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Dev prays god not to take away his family and Sona’s happiness. Sona enters Ishwari’s room at night. Ishwari asks what happened, if she wants to tell her something. Sona hesitates. Ishwari says she should give her a chance to make her as 4th daughter, she should forget her inhibitions. Sona says everything happened suddenly, if they should be happy before confirming pregnancy test. Ishwari says a mother gets signal first and as an experienced mother, she can tell everything is fine, they will go to hospital tomorrow.

In the morning, Ishwari with Dev and Neha takes Sona to hospital for checkup. Dev takes Sona in while Ishwari with Neha waits in a waiting area nervously. Neha asks why she is showing so much love to Sona, she will snatch Dev completely

from her. Ishwari says nothing will happen, Sona is becoming mother and she should get all the love she deserves.

Bejoy informs Asha and Sourav that he has accepted society’s secretary post as he wants his grandchild be proud that his grandfather is a housing society secretary. Sourav says he took a right decision.

Doc takes Sona’s blood sample. Dev looks nervously. Sona asks him to relax. They both walk out. Ishwari asks if everything is fine. Doc comes behind and says yes, they will get report in 1-2 hours. Dev says he has some work nearby, so he will bring report home. Ishwari leaves with Neha and Sona.

Elena gets ready in a short dress for her youth party. Vicky taunts her. She says she is not behanji like Sona to wear full dresses, why did she become pregnant so early after marriage. He says women are born to bear children and should do same. She says so funny.

Riya gives pregnancy do and don’t list to Sona and says she downloaded it from net. Nikki mimics pregnancy with big tummy. Ishwari sees her and scolds. Sona and Riya laugh.

Dev waits in doc’s room. Doc says her husband told a man gets nervous in 2 situation, one before his wife’s pregnant test confirmation and two during his wife’s labor. Dev asks if reports came. Doc says yes and looks at report carefully. Dev nervously looks at her.

GKB with Vicky waits for Elena to return from party. Elena returns. GKB is shocked to see he wearing short dress and asks what is this. Elena says party was so rocky, Vicky should have also come, she enjoy butter chicken. GKB asks what….Elena says she cannot live without nonveg and is not a goat to eat grass. GKB asks her to take a bath soon. Elena asks why and tries to hug her. GKB asks not to inform anyone outside. Elena asks why, then says she will tell everyone that she is a grass eating animal. Vicky hits his head on sofa nervously.

Ishwari force feeds juice to Sona and says she has to make a diet chaaarat/chart now. Nikki laughs chaarat. Dev returns. Ishwari excitedly says she knows what is in report, but he should tell. Riya and Nikki ask if they are becoming aunt or not…Dev says maa according to report, she is right, Sona is pregnant. Ishwari happily hugs Sona and says she knew. Dev reminisces doc telling report is negative and Sona is not pregnant. He thinks maa thought her that a lie told to unite someone is not wrong, he does not want to break Sona and Ishwari’s new relationship. Soon truth will be out, but by then, Sona and Ishwari’s relationship will be so strong that neither him nor god will be able to break it. Ishwari says Dev that he should take care of Sona well now.

Precap: Sona tells Ishwari that they both will go and pray for even Dev. Dev says why for him, maa used to tell always that he comes between her and her god, he will go today alone and pray god. He goes to temple.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Devga

    No no this can’t happen ….. My heart is beating too fast …. Nd omg …. I cant bare this …… My heart is weak to believe this ….


    “””God plzzz for once listen to dev and rectify ur mistake by giving him back his father in form of his son “””….

  2. Dev ke life koyi kushi nahi de saktha heina bhagwan ji aapne……. ?????? @ at a time Sona ke life pe Bhi….. Jab de vo Dixith ki parivar ke Juda hu na sare pareshan aathe rahthe the…. Kya hei ye…… We all r really feeling cry…… ?????

  3. Guys I want to tell u all about one thing…….

    Hum sab milkar ek comment karna padega….. Kya hei ki “#Sona ki pregnant ka track positive karlo director ji plssss #”……,,,, I mean ye koyi galathfaim na Ho such me Sonakshi pregnant nahi Ho to Ishwari ji ko negative math dikhalo……… Plssss Sonakshi ko isi time pe Dev ND ishwari jaroor support jaroori thi….. Heina……..

    1. Kushiya baatne se badtha hei….

      Dukh baatne se kam ho jathaa hei…..

      I know Sona is very strong girl ? but ye kya duniya ka poori pareshan sirf aur sirf Devakshi ki life athe kyooo……. ?????

  4. Ayesh042

    While reading I was only praying one thing that may her reports come positive but when I read negative I was broke ??.I am so upset with this so much upset.Why why did they do this to Sona why?

  5. I’m totally upset hu……. I know everyone is here same like me……. I hav a little hope In dat hospital convo b/w Ishwari ND Neha…… Ishwari ka dialogues sunkar mujhe thoda ummed hei vo Sona ko pregnant ki negativity jaan kar kuch positively react Ho Jane ka chances…… Achcha heina ???

    I don’t know maybe my thinking is correct R not…… But am hoping aisa hotha tho humsab bahuth kush….. Heina guys……

    1. sachi ganga yaar insaan ko apni thinking power itni strong rakhni chahiye ki if somebody tries to brainwash u thn u shld stand by ur decisions n influence nhi hona chahiye.
      aaj ishwari ne bhi aise hi kiya n positively us neha ki soch ko bhi badla.this is what we want from ishwari jo phle phle sona ko genuinely pyaar karti thi n fikr hoti thi.ab i hope gkb n neha kuch bakwaas na kare but ab shayad sirf neha bolengi coz she is on jealous mode wherehas gkb busy with her gareeb bete ki patni

  6. Sravanthi

    What is this yaar…aaj ki episode mein kuch nahin hain…? Kal se mein is episd ke liye itna wait kar rahithi…thoda aur dikhadeta….

  7. I love this serial and all the characters in it..everybodys acting is exceptionally well..and the story is excellent and different.. Kudos to writers.unlike other Hindi serials it is believable.. I don’t like one thing about Hindi serials are all the time “bahus” find out everything. For eg ayans affair, Vicky’s affair etc…

  8. Priya9876

    Reports negative……Ye too hona hi tha….but Fir ek hope thi ki kuch miracle ho jaye…:-(
    But Jo v hua bohot sad hua????

    Jab sona ne ishwari ko hug Kiya that scene was sooo emotional….that time my eyes are lil bit teary??…..she (sona) is soo pure hearted girl…..

  9. meri gut feeling keh rhi thi ki jitna marzi main sachai se muh mood loon but reports -ve hi hogi,i feel lik crying
    why?why?why? hamesha ache insaano ko hi kyu problem aati hai.aisa kehte hai ki har kisi ko mukamal jahan nhi milta but if i ask ki aajtak dev ko khud ki khushi ke liye sona ke alawa mila hi kya hai?even sona ko bhi dukh ke alawa mila hi kya hai?
    whether dev is ryt or wrong idk but now i want that ishwari herself should take initative to mend her ways n become the supporting pillar of both dev n sona

  10. Akanksha bhardwaj

    Omg.. yrr….wth….my heart is paining..
    I watched the episode…nd i was crying….nd jb dev nikla car se…nd doctr k dev ki convo bhi ni dikhai thi tb tk….tbhi mujhe lg gya tha k ye jhooth bolega k sona is expecting….yrrr….:-(:-(:-(:-(:-(
    Thats nt fair…..
    Jb last episode me bhgwan wla scene dikhaya tha tb mujhe lga tha k wo hogi pregnant…bt complications hongi..
    Bt ye to….:-(:-(:-(
    Bt anyways…sona ko to pta chl hi jayga kuchh days me..
    Why god….uff i m literally crying….i m so emotionally attached to this show…
    Same happended with me in case of star plus’s show dehleez.

  11. Junee

    Today’s episode was really a treat to the viewer’s eyes! It lived up to its name by showing the various shades of love.“ ENCORE”!
    Ishwari’s powerful acting when she interacted with Sonakshi at the beginning was perhaps her best performance till date in my opinion while Dev’s performance has always been consistently good and in the present situation he has beautifully portrayed the dilemma to hide the truth!
    But the reason put forward to explain this, was just exceptional. The justification to hide the truth with an expectation that the bond between his mother and Sonakshi would grow to become so strong that in times of difficulty they would become support systems of each other was just exceptional! Truly an excellent concept.
    But will that be true Mr Dev Dixit? Will conditional love get transformed so beautifully through this love? Wouldn’t expectations and failures just flip it? We wish to see the way you hope to!
    We only wish that your unconditional love towards Sonakshi should ultimately triumph and she should be sensible enough not to hurt you later on, once the truth comes out, if she really loves you.
    Today’s episode had a blend of emotion and humour as well. It was well balanced after a long time.
    Especially, the interactions between Elena, Vicky and GKB were so adorable. Also, Bose family ’s rejoice over simple things and their will to celebrate every happy moment in life together has always been a treat to watch.
    Makers, for once I feel, it’s been worth devoting so much time on discussions concerning this serial! Just keep up this trend to be “DIFFERENT”!

  12. Priya9876

    Funny moments::–
    Nikki ????? that was damm funny…..!!!! Oomaari gayi….!!!!

    Elena…..hahaah….butter chicken….???
    Sahi ja rhi ho bachhii….
    GKB ko line pe lane k liye to exactly aisi hi bahu chaiye thi…..
    Avi tak to Vicky ko dekhkr lagta h, Banda sudhar gya hai…but who knows kavi v apne real colors dikha sakta hai…..
    BDW…. Wo dress Elena pe Sach me achi nhi lg rahi thi…..
    Kisi ko achi lag?????
    Same dress Sona ne pehna hota tooo ? Kya hot lagti sona…….n dev babu too ?????

    1. sach main aaj baaki sab kuch bhi bhot acha tha but sona ki reports ne sabko overshadow kardiya.
      n u r ryt elena pe woh dress sach mein achi nhiii lag rhi thi.vicky ko ab aise hi rehna chahiye.

  13. somebody tell me why will dev go to the temple?
    god ne toh uski baat suni hi nhi phir ab konsi baat karni hai?
    n ppl saying koi new promo aaya hai sachi? mujhe youtube pe toh nhi mila.waise bhi aajkal iss show ka koi acha promo nhi dikhate.

    1. Sonadi

      He will go to the temple to say some angry words to Shiv like deewar movie

  14. sach me cvs ne hamara popat bna diya lagta hai hamara iss show ko unique hai bolna unhone kuch zada hi serious le liye.
    yaar sachi sachi btao hum sabko yakeen tha ki reports negative hi hogi but still dev ki baghwan ke saath emotional talk sun ke hume kahi na kahi thodi hope hui thi ki baghwan melt ho jayege but nahi coz yeh show is super unique n almost close to reality issliye baghwan ne hero ki pukaar unsuna kar di.kya hai yaar main pakka bilkul cliche’ nhi bolti agar sona pregnant hoti.
    but ab dev itna risk mein kyu ji raha hai.just suppose sona ko next day hi periods aajaye toh?thn dev tu toh gya pakka

  15. ishwari n sona ka pyaar conditional hi sahi but dekhne mein maza aaraha tha but ab i m very curious to know what will happen next? this show always manages to take us through the roller coaster ride of emotions.abhi 1 week phle hum gusse mein the n 2 din phle super happy kal dar gye the n aaj dukhhhhhh mein hai n parso hum sab milke royege.
    mum was in another room when dr. said ki sorry reports -ve hai n i literally shouted shittttttt mannnn!!!!! n mama bhaagi bhaagi aayi n pucha kya hua?chot lag gyi kya? n maine mann hi man bola bhot zor ki dil pe lag gi

  16. Sonadi

    Again the the makers have goofed. I do not know where they are taking this serial. I am completely disappointed in this serial. Are they going to show that bond between mother in law and daughter in law becomes daughter and mother through this.
    They are bringing the sadness again.Everything will be revealed within few months. Once they come to know everybody will be devastated..
    And Sona does not ask Dev see the report herself. Mere stupidity and illogical.I know Sona believes Dev but as a Dr would not she be curious to look at the report.
    Vicky and Elena scenes are really good. Elena is the best Bhahu for GKB.She deserves it.
    Other than this I have second thoughts about continue to watch this serial.

  17. Yes, I too want Sonakshi is pregnant. Pl don’t cheat us. We want Deb’s father would be born to him.

  18. Sonadi

    Like all the fans I also wanted Sona’s pregnancy to be true. I was so upset about it.But even though the concept was good just like the bonding came in a minute it may go in a minute once the truth comes out. Sona will know immediately within a month. She can feel the changes. I am still hoping that Dr calls Dev and say the report was wrong and Sona is pregnant.
    May be it will come true next time.
    Neha ‘s jealousy part is unbearable. Next is that Neha and Rea ‘s marraige.
    May be those divorce rumors and Dev’s remarriage comes true.

  19. sona pregnant nhi h. Dev Mandir jaaega tab shaayad sonA ki reports Positive aae. Or dev ki hi God as naraj go bhi khatam ho jaaegi. Hope for the best. But I liked the episode. How ishu gave hug to sona. I liked it. Mean hokr hi sahi or sona ko pyar Kr rahi h. It’s sufficient

  20. And today’s episode some what matched by Asmita’s OS. H na guys

  21. I love this serial.. But there’s a big blooper about today’s episode 14th DEC.. I wonder why sonakshi being a doc not interested in checking her own report. Also, she will have to start taking her vitamin meds and yes she will have to be in touch with a doctor constantly!!! Also there is something called sonography…I hope writers won’t make a fool of themselves…lol

    1. Sonadi

      Sonography is not taken initially. Blood test is the one to find out you are pregnant or not.
      But as you had said is again blooper and illogical.
      The makers just think about one thing only.They do not go out of the box and write the story.
      This is the reason all these illogical plots happen ?I can understand any normal house wife accept her husband’s words. But in this serial it is Sona being a doctor not asking for the report especially they show that she has a fear deep inside her heart that this may not be true.

      1. I know sonography doesn’t happen initially but its a part of pregnancy, so Dev can’t hide it for long. I don’t watch Hindi serials but this one caught my attention, so I just hope writers won’t make this serial like any other shows.

  22. Junee

    Good morning All!??????Enjoy the day!

  23. Junee

    As I glide through the comments , I find most are disappointed ?!
    However, deep down we knew the truth that the report would be negative and were waiting for a miracle to happen. But this serial always wanted to focus on the various shades of love! Specially the complex love between Ishwari, Sonakshi and Dev! The changes from time to time as circumstances change that is how things too happen in real life. Things don’t always follow a set rule and the journey of life not only takes you through happiness but also makes you experience harshness in the same magnitude!
    I think the teason to show Sona not pregnant actually is to show Ishwari’s transformation! I think though we expect her to be negative ? once the truth comes into the open, she will not be! There was an indication today that she could remain positive by helping Sonakshi to tide over this difficult phase. If so, then again it would be different and worth watching! Dev too will be extremely supportive but Sonakshi will become unreasonable with this circumstance!
    Let’s see what happens! I think the miracle of becoming pregnant will happen later after showing these shades of these characters!
    Someone asked why will Dev go to the temple when God hasn’t heatd him?
    Well though his prayers were not heard he still has hope which he feels deep down that the Almighty can only create that miracle. When we loose in life do we loose hope?? No ! We keep trying expecting a miracle to happen! Though he was projected more as an Aetheist since the onset of the serial, he actually is not because in the most difficult and helpless times he has turned to the Almighty.
    Let’s see whether the Almighty will help him out ultimately.

    1. yesss very well said n when i look back i always knew that what this show is exactly about not a perfect or adventurous love story but a story about 3 individuals where dev is the common bond b/w other 2 persons.its about their relationship,their bond.so we all should keep calm n remeber that promo line ‘kya khote hai kya pate hai jab dilon ke faisle dimaag se liye jaate hai’. writers very well kno that what they r doing n how to make their viewers stick to this show. whatever is going on i m still enjoying it not as a blind fan but moreof a honest and patient fan.yaha par toh sab hi iss show pe trust karte he hai n if no then atleast they trust our smart shaheer,erica n supriyaji. jab unhe chot lagti hai do dard hume bhi hota hai iska matlab show bhot acha chal raha hai but its k apna dukh n frustration nikalna allowed hai isliye everybody keep commenting n phir wapis normal ho jao n enjoy!!!

    2. Sravanthi

      Hii junee i have read ur comment in fuzion prdctns yess u are right sonakshi shud understand that dev has done all this only for her….and at that tym my only hope wud be her mom asha who will explain her about dev s pain. This track has become much more interstng than i thought

      1. Junee

        Thanks Shravanti !

  24. Junee

    It is true that God too lets you down probably to teach you a lesson. To test your trust in him. If prayers were always answered then this world would be free from hurt, rejection failures and disappointments!

    1. I see that after watching this episode you had become philosophical.Yes after seeing lot of spiritual serials my conclusion is that destiny drives your life. Only very few people gets what they want,that too very rare. It is said that what ever good deeds you do that is what you get.
      The makers want to show some happy moments between hIswari and Sona
      The shade of love going on is not going to last long.I hope atleast Dev’s wish come true that both his Mom and wife bond together.

      1. Junee

        Well Sonadi I don’t watch serials except for this one and no way do I ever thought of watching those spiritual serials! I too believe in hard work as Dev believes in but I also believe in hope and miracles to see my dear ones happy! So I could telate why Dev was taking all these troubles! One lie leads to another true! But do we know what life has in store for us tomorrow?So I believe in relishing every moment in life and do things which could make another person happy! I am a Doctor and a Scientist so i believe very little in God! But I believe in ‘hope’ for I can see how every moment in life matters becoz destiny might just have something different in store for you tomorrow ! I am challenged with these realities everyday at my place of work!!

      2. Junee

        While I do not believe in giving false hopes but I do believe in an honest attempt to make that ” Hope” come true! Atleast keep the moments alive till the last ! Well destiny will decide but not to try or give your best shot is something not acceptable to me and for that one needs to keep ” Hope” alive!

    2. True words!

  25. Junee

    Not thought but ” think”

  26. What Dev did is wrong! how can you build a strong foundation on houseful of lies! Shouldn’t lie about things such a pregnancy! if he is up and honest, they can seek medical help and that 7% chance can turn to 95% chance to concieve. Him not telling Dr. Sonkashi her diagnosis is preventing her from seeking help to become pregnant. And what will happen when they find out,,, technically they can find out w/in the following month that she is not pregnant..then what!?? Unless the directors really are planning to pull a 6months of oh i didn;t knwo I sw was pregnant,,,hahaha

    1. Junee

      @ Kel
      I don’t think that Dev has wronged keeping the circumstances in mind!
      By the way, a lie is a lie and you cannot be selective that lie about pregnancy is unpardonable. On principle actually any lie is unpardonable.
      Let’s now assume what you suggested that Dev should have told Sona about the truth of the medical report before marriage. Suppose he would have revealed the truth then what could have happened?
      1. Sonakshi loved Dev equally as much as he loved her. So, she would have as a doctor first raised the doubt about the possibility of 7 percent never turning into a success despite treatment. That’s how you see childless couples not that they don’t try getting medical help. She would not have agreed to this marriage at all as she would think that Dev deserves a normal life so he can get married to someone else.
      2. Could Dev forgo Sonakshi under those circumstances that were shown at that point of time? Definitely No. He wasn’t even in the right frame of mind and his mother too agreed reluctantly becoz of his sad condition.
      3. Would you as a Devakshi fan accept it? No, becoz the entire fandom were looking forward to that union through marriage.
      4. Your next question what will happen now when the truth comes out becoz again he lied and Sonakshi will soon discover that?
      1. Sonakshi would again raise the first question that I pointed out in this write up. What if the 7 percent chance fails? Therefore her course of action would probably be as mentioned.
      2. Sonakshi could also realise as a sensible person the purpose of that lie. He lied becoz he loved her and didn’t want to lose her. It must have pained Dev equally to lie to his beloved one but if he has done that he has committed that crime for her. He had and has accepted her gracefully with the deficiencies. Sonakshi was and is his priority, only he couldn’t express it explicitly. She should respect him for going through this pain which is even more intense becoz it must have been equally painful for him to accept that he would never become a father, if the 7 percent chance never materialises.
      3. We often blatantly accuse a person when he or she lies and often fail to analyse the purpose of lying. What makes that person lie? Rarely do we give it a thought.
      That’s becoz we lay down rules as black and white but life is not that way it has shades of grey everywhere which we fail to realise. Very few have the compassion and patience to rationally analyse it.

      1. Exactly!????

      2. Sonadi

        Some times circumstances make a person lie to avoid unnecessary complications.And also the person hearing is not ready to hear the truth.
        In this case Dev lies even though he knows that truth will come out soon. I agree that to tell a lie is sin and unpardonable.People lie for different reasons.
        Dev did it because he did not want to loose Sona. Now he lies for another reason.
        We will have to see where the makers taking this serial.

  27. Guys anyone noted sona promoting super dancer

  28. True, that I’d been expecting the reports to result negative. However, after watching Dev pray to God, yes, a hope sure did rise inside me. I thought, perhaps there really was a miracle that would take place and change Dev and Sonakshi’s life forever. But, mustn’t I be discontented upon hearing the fatal loss of Dev and his family. It was kinda obvious. Yes, miracles do occur, but a miracle like this occurring is nothing less than a miracle itself. This show mainly deal with the different shades of love one has for his lover despite the situation. Definitely, the truth shall be revealed soon, but the pain Dev shall suffer through in the upcoming days will be unbearable. No Father, no matter how he is, would ever be delighted upon knowing that his child shall not step into the world. Now, it is all up to the lord and all we can do is wait and see, whether Dev’s wishes shall really be fulfilled.

  29. you know guys ….i know Ki dev shiv mandir jaakar kya bolega:
    DEV:aaj khush to bahut honge tum tumhari vajah se meri zindagi jhand Ho gayi hai isliye aaj khush to bahut honge tum
    SHIV:haan hoon bol kya kar lega
    Are tujhe pata hai na Ki Teri zindagi ko jhand karne Mein mujhe litna maza aata hai
    DEV:par hamesha main hi kyun??
    Mujh par koi offer nahi laga hai
    SHIV:par sabse bewakoof to tu hi hai na yaar…agar koi koi insaan apni maa ke samne aoni biwi ko defend ba kar sake to bewakoofon Ki catagory Mein hi aata hai hum bhagwanon Ki list Mein
    DEV:nirdayi log…accha hua Ki main aap logon Mein nahi maanta Varna vaise hi meri zindagi jhand hui hai jhand ho jaati
    SHIV:chal bhag…

    1. ??????

    2. Devga

      Gud yar funny…. Chal bhag …. LOL…

  30. HELLO everyone..

    honestly i dn’t like current track of this serial…especially yesterday’s episode..i really dn’t like !
    as u all know ki me pehle se hi ishwari ki favour me rahi hu..aur ab to ishwari sach me sona ke sath acchi hai..but still i dn’t like…infact i m very disappointed..bcoz first thing..dev ne jis way me bhagwanji se bat ki vo bilkul galat tha…usne bola ki es bar meri khushiya mat chinna aur sona ki pregnancy vali baat sach kar do to me sab bhul jaunga ap ne jo bhi kiya vo ..mera gurur tod do & all…

    bhagwanji ki bat hum kare to dev jis way me soch raha hai vesa bilkul bhi nahi hota hai…dev ko lagta hai ki bhagwanji ne usse bachpan me sab kuch chin liya tha..but i think NO..esa nahi hai..struggle is the part of our life..vo har kisiki life me ati hai aur har kisiko face karni padti hai.everyone in this world…to es vazah se hum bhagwanji me believe karna to nahi
    chod sakte na..bcoz struggles hi hoti hai jiske bad hum aur bhi khoobsorti se apne ap ko represent karte hai..without struggle our life is incomplete..

    now second thing bhagwanji koi soda karnevali cheez nahi hai..ki tum unse kuch mango ki..ye kardo to hi me apme believe karunga..this is so wrong concept..agar apko bhagwan ji me true faith hai to har bad aur good situation me un par vishwas hona chahiye..na ki doubt karna chahiye..
    agar ap sacche insaan ho to bhagwanji to sirf sath dete hai hamara..strength dete hai hame…par cheeze to hame hi thik karni padti hai..
    dev ko god se ye mangna chahiye tha ki pregnancy report chahe jesi bhi ho..positive ya negative ..par..sonakshi…maa ..hamari khushiya aur apne ap ko sambhalne ki strength dena bhagwanji..THIS IS TRUE FAITH IN GOD !!

    now third thing..ishwari ke behaviour me jo badlav aya hai sona ke liye..vo temporary hai..bcoz vo ek condition pe base kar raha hai…agar vo condition nahi rahegi to ishwari ka behaviour phir se change ho jayega jesa pehle tha rude vala..100% sure !!
    me bhi ye chahti thi ki sona ishwari ka abhi jesa dikha rahe vesa bond ..vesa relation ho…but me chahti thi ki..vo unconditional ho..i mean dadi banne ki khushi ki vazah se na ho..vo sona ko beti mane ..use pyar kare to..es liye nahi ki vo unhe unka pota dene vali hai..balki sona ki values..sona ke sanskaro ki vazah se vo personally sona ko beti mane dil se..
    par esa nahi hai aur me es type ke relation me believe nahi karti hu..

    & last thing dev ke decision se me completely disagree hu..i m 100 % sure ..report vali bat chupakar vo apni maa aur sona ke es achhe vale relation ko sambhal nahi raha hai balki aur bigadega jab bad ye report vali bat samne ayegi !
    dev soch raha hai ki..use sab kuch spoil nahi karna hai..but reality to ye hai ki..sab kuch spoil to hu chuka hai..dev bas use expose nahi kar raha hai….
    serial ke starting se dev ki ye major problem hai ki..vo jesi bhi situation hai use face karke khushiya nahi dhoondhta hai balki us challange ya situation ko badalke khushiya dhoondhe ki koshish karta hai..aur es liye vo hamesa fail hota hai aur es bar bhi hoga !!
    THATSIT !!
    Sorry for the big comment !

    1. Junee

      Sorry to point out an illogical thought that u mentioned. If you dont try to change the challenges that are posed to you how can you have a better tomorrow? I fail to understand that . As Doctors don’t we face challenges with certain difficult disorders that the patient suffers from? Don’t we try our best to overcome those challenges by giving our best?
      I quote u “Challenge the changes but never change the challenges? ” what are you talking about ?sorry , I find that illogical

      1. Sonadi

        How do we change the challenges. We try to solve the challenges. Every human being faces challenges everyday in their life.
        Junee , I am not saying that you believe in god and do not work hard.I see that you also believe in destiny. I am also a science person. I go to the temple to get some piece of mind. But I believe that there is a force up there . I am sure you believe in that.
        Why I mentioned spiritual serial was that they all stress the point about one’s destiny.
        And nothing can change that.
        I agree with your point about hope. Hope keeps the human being motivated. That is what all the fans expected In this serial that Sona ‘s pregnancy will come true.That is the hope everybody had.Like they say we propose but God decide,here the makers decided to go the other way.
        The makers try to be realistic . We have to see how they take this after truth is revealed.
        Dev can still not reveal Sona’s condition.

      2. Junee

        Sonadi I have already said later that one doesn’t change challenges one tries to tackle it! This reply was in context to statement made by Pankti! I was trying to explain it in her iwn words. But later i have explained it by saying you solve or tackle challenges and that can bring a change in the situation or condition.

    2. Devga

      U may b right at ur thinking … But dint feel I am opposing u …. Just giving my point of view….

      U said its wrong to not believe in God… But u r wrong to think so dear … Not all in this world believe in God …. Evryone have their own beliefs and values…. So it is nothing a new wrong concept given by makers od krpkab…. This absolutely hapens in life … Since in childhood he(dev) wholeheartedly asked God to save his dad , he was disappointed nd left belief in God….

      So Some people ( who hv disbelief in God) think ” It’s just a blind belief of people (who believe in god)in front of a stone idol …”

      It’s purely each one’s opinion abt god …

      PS: I am myself a die hard believer in god and his miracles …. But tht doesn’t mean i tel those who dont believe in god r foolish….

  31. Junee

    @ Kel
    I can see you are not a registered member therefore you wouldn’t get a notification in case of a reply to your comment. I have replied to your comment. Kindly look up the reply!

  32. @ junee di
    this is not illogical…ap ekbar dhyan se sochiye..challenge the changes..never change the challenges…es sentance me hi bahot bada logic hai !!
    es thought ka meaning hai ki…hamari life me kadam kadam pe jo changes ate hai hame use kabhi bhi change nahi karna chahiye..balki challenge karna chahiye ki..life me jo change aya hai uske samne ham tike rahenge..har nahi manege..
    i mean ..suppose ki hamari life me ek challenge aya aur hamne use change kar diya to phir to kuch matlab hi nahi hai…hame us challenge ko tackle karna hai na ki change karna hai !!
    i just hope u understand my thought !

    aur rahi baat patient jis disorder se suffer karte hai use challenge ko face karne ki to..
    ek doctor ke samne apne patient ko thik karna ..vo patient jis bhi disorder se suffer kar raha hai vo ek challenge hota hai..& mere thought ke mutabik doctor ko us challenge ko change nahi karna hai..bcoz usne change kiya to jo situation uske samne hai vo to badal jayegi..ya phir asaan ho jayegi ..to phir uska kya matlab hai..
    so doctor ko us challenge ko bina change kiye jesa hai vese hi use TACKLE karna hai !! aur tab uska asli testing hota hai ..

    & specially dev ke case me mai ye kehna chahungi ki..when you can’t control what’s happening..challenge urself to control the way u respond to what’s happening .. that’s where ur power is !!!
    dev sona ki pregnancy vali bat ko ya vo concieve nahi kar sakti ..ye jo bhi hua hai use control nahi kar sakta..but us situation ke samne jis way me vo respond kar raha hai use to control kar sakta hai na..
    lekin aj tak mene kabhi bhi dev me vo power nahi dekha hai..never !!
    sona conceive nahi kar sakti ..ye jo challenge hai dev ke samne ..dev ne to use bina tackle kiya change hi kar diya
    …i mean report hi positive kar di..! this is not done !!
    esa step kamzori ki nishani hai !!

    1. Junee

      Still find it illogical! But a good effort though!
      I don’t believe in what u said about patients! What do u mean by not changing challenges in the first place? You tackle or confront it and as u do so , you make an attempt to change the situation!
      As simple as that!
      As for Dev’s case i have already explained in my previous comments and it remains unchanged!
      Your last point on sona’s pregnancy has been answered logically in my reply to Kel! So read that probably it will bring some clarity to your thoughts!
      But we can always agree to disagree!

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