Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 13th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 13th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sona rushes to Dev as he falls down. She shouts for her brother to call the car. He complies. Ritvik’s father calls it embarrassing. How can Sona leave in between like this?

Ishwari ji is trying Dev’s number but he does not pick up. Her brother knows she is worried for her Devi. She lies to him making excuses. I will sleep once I see him. He gives up before her as she is a mother after all. I will go get him. She denies. I am not so weak to worry like this. He leaves. Ishwari ji thinks why I feel something is going wrong somewhere. Come home soon Dev. Your mother is waiting for you.

Ritvik’s sister reminds her brother of what she said to him earlier. I saw that ad in paper. How can that girl become yours? Sona’s mother apologizes on Sona’s behalf but Ritvik’s

sister talks ill about Sona. Elena asks her how she can say so. She goes quiet as there are people around. Ritvik says what happened isn’t right. What was going to happen was worse actually. Don’t blame yourself aunty. No one is at fault here, not even Sona. People do anything in and for love. Everyone stands around tensed. He picks the ring fallen on the floor. He tells Sona’s parents that he and Sona shouldn’t be together. this engagement cannot happen as Sona still cannot forget Dev. Sona’s father requests him not to say so. SOna made a mistake. There is nothing like that between them. Dev fell down and she helped him for humanity’s sake. She does not love Dev. You both have been united by God. Don’t try to break it. Ritvik says I don’t know about God. I wanted us to be happy though. We were proved wrong. It is good that we all were wrong. When one person is wrong then people mock you. It is good that we are all in this together. we will bear it together. Sona took Dev his home. It was not jsut for humanity. I would request you not to pressurise you. I would have considered myself lucky if Sona had chosen me but it wasn’t so. Sona couldn’t look away from Dev since he came here. I request you to end this matter here itself. Ritvik leaves with his family.

IShwari ji is walking in the balcony when she hears car’s horn. She is relieved but her smile disappears as soon as she notices Sona stepping out of the car. Sona helps Dev all the way inside. Ishwari ji is shocked. Dev apologizes to Sona in inebriated state as they come in together. She helps him lie down on the sofa. He holds her hand requesting her not to go anywhere. She is in tears too. I told you not to drink but you dint stop. He nods. She asks him if this is how he will take care of himself. She helps him lie nicely on the sofa and makes him drink water. He keeps crying. Please don’t go anywhere. She calms him down somehow. She gets up to go but he holds her hand again. Please don’t go away from me. Listen to me please. I only came to congratulate you and ruined everything. I hurt you very much. I am sorry. She tells him to sit but he keeps talking. Ishwari ji looks from upstairs. Dev says Ritvik was about to make you wear the ring. It hurt a lot. I felt like I will die. Why? You know everything. Why is this happening? Tell me why I felt this way? Sona says you know I cannot see you like this. I act strong before world but I cannot see you like this. Please stop it. He hits his face. I am very bad person. I have hurt you. But please don’t go away from me. I love you a lot. When you go away from me I feel like I will die. I cannot even die. I have a family and responsibilities. What should I do? Mama ji thinks to go there but Ishwari ji holds his hand. Sona tells Dev she will have to go. He requests her not to but Sourabh also calls out for Sona. Sona tries to free her hand. I left my Ma Baba and everything and came here with you. I will have to go. I ruined everything. Dev refuses to let go but Mama ji holds him. He makes Dev leave Sona’s hand with much difficulty. Sona leaves from there teary eyed. Dev continues to cry for Sona. Ishwari ji is pained to see him thus.

Sona rushes out of the house in tears. She trips and her sandal breaks. She tries to fix it and cries. Sourabh comforts her with a hug.

Everyone is waiting for Sona. Ritvik’s father asks Ritvik to come. There is nothing left to see or hear. Ritvik wants to meet Sona once. His father tries to make him understand but in vain.

Sona walks in with Sourabh. Her father scolds him for leaving her engagement for that mad man (Dev). Ritvik’s father says what the use of all this now is. You should have warned her earlier. Ritvik says I want to talk to Sona alone. Please be quiet till then. his father gives in reluctantly.

Ritvik gives water to Sona. She tells him to say anything he wants to. I am ready to hear it all. I have done a wrong thing after all. He replies that it is her turn to speak today. She thinks of his words earlier and cries. I am really very sorry. I did really wrong with all of you. I shouldn’t have left from there. I don’t know what happened to me. He asks her if she still does not know. Till when will you lie to yourself? You know why this happened? Open up. Tell me why.

Ishwari ji holds Dev who is unconscious. What are you doing to yourself son? You have to let go of what is over. Everything will be fine. Her brother asks her to look at Dev. You think your words will heal him? A mother’s aanchal covers her son but he still feels heat. What’s left in him now? You have finished everything. You have destroyed your son! She asks him what he is saying. He tells her this wont be any use. Everyone know you are the only one who isn’t looking at the truth. Look at Dev. Is he the same son who mattered to you so much once? What happened now? Dev mumbles he wont let Sona go anywhere. There is nothing left in him. His soul isn’t here. There is only body which follows your wishes, likes and dislikes and responsibilities. You have put so much pressure on him that he is finished.

Sona accepts her love for Dev. I am unable to forget our love. Ritvik nods. You were only acting till now. You got so late in telling this. She says I understand I did wrong. I am sorry. I have hurt everyone, especially you. I kept on blaming Dev when even I couldn’t move on. I did the same with you that Dev did to me. I kept on lying. I know what I did does not deserve an apology but forgive me if possible. She turns and notices that he has already left. Sona cries.

Precap: Dev tells his mother he knows she will never accept SOna or she wouldn’t have taken sleeping pills. You wanted to know who I love more? You got your answer? Why did you do this? His mother looks at him tensed.

Update Credit to: Pooja


  1. Lakshree

    seriously yaar…
    i was deeply crying when the devakshi scenes comes….
    what an emotional scenes b/w them…..
    i feel like i lost in something important in my life…..

  2. nia

    Now ishwari will go to sona and meet her family and ask for forgiveness
    But is sona toy that when she wants she can do anything

  3. Subhashini

    |Registered Member

    Guys ek baar phir sae i can’t wait for tomorrow episode,kab ayiga tomorrow 9:30 😔
    I think this is best show because we can’t wait for each episodes 😍

  4. Asmita...

    |Registered Member

    Mamaji, aapko shat shat 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻… Ishwari ko kya solid and true lecture diya hai… You cheap creature…just Go to helllllllllll…. 👿👿👿… You… You… Beep beep beep…
    Aaj mamaji ne tumhe tumhari asli jagah batayi hai aur kal Dev tumhe tumhari aaukat btayega…

    Precap is reall y CHERRY ON CAKE… 🍰🍰🍰

    Mamaji ki… jai ho… Jai ho…

    3 cheers for Mama ji… 🍺🍺🍺

  5. Devga

    |Registered Member

    Emotional episide 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

    I am not stoping crying…. Still crying seeing the love birds tears…. And rithwick hatsoff to ur understanding….

    Today and yesterday EVRYONE means evryone did the bestest acting…. Hatsoff shaheer erica and jai…. U guys NAILED IT TODAY AND YESTERDAY…

  6. Asmita...

    |Registered Member

    Jab Dev sona se baat kar rha tha tb uske hath me jo bandage bndha tha usme blood spot palm k back side nazar aa rha tha jbki glass hath me todne se wound to palm me lga hoga na… Phr jb dev ishwari ne mama k sath tha tb bandage ka red spot palm side tha…

    Lagta h dev babu k sath unke hath ka wound b talli ho kr apni marzi se aage piche ghum raha hai… 😝😝😝😜😜😜😂😂😂

  7. Subhashini

    |Registered Member

    I think ritwik is good ,samajdhar ,bhuri nai,unkiliyae bhi thoda feel kartium because without his mistake he is in pain
    I hope writers can’t change his character into negative

  8. Blink

    Todays episode was actually good! Mamaji said it all, what he should have told Pisswari long time back.
    Rittik’s character so far has been excellent and he should exit this way and not become negative. Lovely character so far!
    Dev hopefully should start being sensible and decisive here onwards.

  9. Subhashini

    |Registered Member

    Guys today i can’t speak about shaheer because no words to explain his acting yaar today also he scratched the screen
    I love love love him very much 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
    I think he can’t act ,he live the character
    Shaheer is the best

  10. neha

    OMG.!! I’m still crying seeing dev in such a bad condition….
    Dev ko Iss halat me dekh kr me shocked hu….Aj to dev ne devdas ko bhi peeche chod diya….
    Vo kitna gidgidaya…..itna phoot phoot kr roya sona k samne….
    And kya dialogue bola hai….Wah..aj to me roo padi…my eyes in full of tears seeing dev like this…abhi bhi rona aa rha hai…kal ka Mahaepisode achcha tha but aj ke episode me dev ne toh kamaal hi kr diya….kya acting ki hai…Uska rona ab mujhse dekha nhi jata or na hi sahaa jata hai….

    And the best dialogue of dev….
    When dev said to sona not to go anywhere…. not to leave him….apologize to her for ruined her engagement…
    Dev said that when Rithwik was about to make her wear a ring…it hurts him a lot….he felt like he will die….when sona go away from him he felt he will die….but he cannot even die….he have a family and responsibilities…..
    When Saurav calls out for Sona…. Dev refused to let her go…..He holds her hands and can’t free her….she’s trying hard to free her hand from dev…..Mamaji comes down and hold him….He makes Dev leaves Sona’s hand with much difficulty…. Sona leaves there from teary eyed….Dev continues to crying for Sona….
    Dev ko rota hua dekh kr aj mein bht zyada royi hu…..first time Iss show me ye scene ne mujhe rula diya….

    • Priya9876

      |Registered Member

      agar tv me ghusne ki permission hoti to mai dev n sona k palm pe fevi quick laga deti…..
      jokes a part….
      really that scene sona plz mujhe chodd k mat jao plz… sona baar baar hath chudda rahi thi but dev baar baar sona plz mat jao… sach me koi aisa kare to auhhhhhhhhhh!!! mai imagine v nhi kAR sakti kaisa feel hoga us waqt…
      Dev ko dekh kar aisa lag raha tha jaise uska operation ho raha ho bina behosh kiya… ohhhhh that pain…… really scratched my heart….

      • Ganga

        I know dat type of ppl….. Best example is me nd my husband…… I feel it is my story…… So am connected from my deep heart ♥

  11. Manya

    |Registered Member

    Awesomeeeeeeeeee episode 😘😍😭❤️💕💕💞💟💘Dev itna CUTE lag rha 😜😘😍uske dialouge Sahi awesome the ab Ishwari Ko Akal aayegi 😛Mamaji ne apne dialouge se Ishwari ki band Baja di😁😜😛
    Bichara rithik 😛Dev ki acting Mindblowing,heart touching thi 💘❤️❤️❤️💟💗💞❣can’t wait for tomorrow 😊

  12. Erina

    Emotional nd heart touching 💘💝 epi. Loved devakshi scenes nd once again sharica nailed👏👍👌 it by their acting ever i have cried seeing them crying😭😭😭. Today i also feel their pain. Truely said “aap jo chaho vo aapko mile y hamesha nhi ho skta” love u sharica 😘😘😘

  13. Priya9876

    |Registered Member

    huhh!!! i knew it…. how funny……
    Iss page ko scroll karte waqt hi pata chal jata ki MA ne nhi likha….lol……
    Weldone POOJA good job…

  14. Neha

    Precap is very interesting bcoz Dev going to burst out at Ishwari for seperating him from sonakshi…. Waiting for 2mrrow episode…. Ishwari ka band bajne wala hai kal…. Can’t wait for 2mrrow episode…

  15. archita

    I also cried very hard for specially Dev and I want to see ishwari to loose everything. I want ishwari to fail to stop dev. Dev should meet sonakhshi.

  16. Priya9876

    |Registered Member

    shameless heartless U creep lady……
    kaan band karne se kya hoga..tumne to waise hi apne hatho se sare scenses kaat kar fek diya hai too ab kaan kya band kar rahi ho…. taki wo kuch sun na ley…huhhhh!!!!!

    ab tujhe to kal pata chalega Dev ne teri kavi band nhi bajayi hai na issliye itna ghamand hai…
    kal to teri bajegi wo pure tarike se…. u creep witch lady……

  17. Priya9876

    |Registered Member

    MAkers iss waqt to aap hi humare liye PM ho i mean ( Narendra Modi Ji )
    aap hi bata sakte ho ……..

    Ab bas v karo mai aur nhi rona chahti…….plzzzzzzz i beg u plzzzzzzzzzzz

  18. Ganga

    Wah wah wah….. Mamaji Aap ishwari ko apni asliyath dikane ke liye…… Dev babu plssss ithana math rona…… Plssss…Plssss…..Plssss….
    Devakshi ki moment was heartbreaking to me….. Dev nd Sona Sofa pe neeche girgaya tha na… Thab mei bi aisa feel Kiya meine kudh girgayi…….. Ithana realistic nd natural acting math Karo yar….. We can’t see ur tears……. Kaisa Maa ho tum ishwari….. Dev ki isi halath dekh kar bi tumhara dil tutorial nahi jaya….. Ab lelo sleeping pills….. Dev directly appko martury ko le jatha…… Besharam maa 😈😈😈😈😼😼😼👽👽Heartless 💔….. Devil intension…… 💀💀💀…..Chiiiiii…… Kya ishwari abh kushi ho tum dev ko aisa dekh kar…… 😒😒😒😞preacap iss too good….. Am eagerly waiting for tomorrow’s episode…….. I think tomorrow is all fans of KRPKAB will satisfied bcoz of Dev ishwari ko Aisa answer dhe diya…… Hum expect bi nahi Kiya tha na….. It’s fantastic…… Waiting waiting waiting for tomorrow’s episode….. 👀👀👀👀👀👀👀

  19. Esme

    |Registered Member

    Me-Inna detailed update!!!All dialogues.
    Then I saw d name. POOJA….
    Good work pooja. Thank god ur updates r not like MA’s who keep skipping Devakshi memorable dialogues.
    Precap mast…
    Now agla episode chahiye….
    Fingers crossed….

  20. RANdomfANCreationz

    |Registered Member

    OMG what an episode devakshi scenes 😍😍😍👌👌👌 I felt so bad for Dev 😭And i love the fact cvs didn’t spoil rithik’a character 👍I felt bad for him ☹️ And finally ishwari gonna be positive 😊 Best character of KRPKAB is mama ji he nailed the episode 👌but idk how his Wife and Sister is so diff from him

  21. Priya9876

    |Registered Member

    ohhhhhh!!!! Shaheer / Dev / mr.obhodro aap aise aur itne saaaaaaare Hiccough k sath Ro ge to hum ladkiyon ka kya hoga???????
    Apke to hiccough v real lagte hai……….. Shaheer Shaheer Shaheer aap khud sure ho na ki aap koi show kr rahe ho,,,,, acting kar rahe ho….. baap re baap aapne to SRK sir ko v 1 station piche choodd diya……

    O Shaheer O Shaheer tum sa nhi koi Shaheer
    🙂 🙂

    • Devga

      |Registered Member

      Haan yar shaheer bool jathein hein ki wo acting kar rahey hein…… Aur issmey ham ladkiyon ko paagal bana dhethein hein …… Hamari paagal honey ka sirf aur sirf ek inssaaan hi zimeydhar….. Aur woh hey shaheer sheik

    • Neha

      Actually Priya, I’m a big SRK fan but today I completely agree with you.
      That’s why Icomment that dev ne toh devdas ko bhi peeche chod diya…Shaheer’s performance is Mindblowing…. Fantastic….

      B’wood ka no.1 Romantic actor is…SHAHRUKH KHAN
      TV Industry ka no.1 Romantic actor is…SHAHEER SHEIKH

      Both have some similarities…i.e
      Both 1st name initial is same- “S”…
      Both are Muslim….. and Both are perfect in Acting and Romancing with their Co-Star…..SRK- KAJOL and SHAHEER- ERICA…
      I’m proud to both of my favorite Stars👍👌👏…loads of love.💓💞💝😘💋

      • Priya9876

        |Registered Member

        yaaaaaaa u r soooo right
        there r soo many similarities……. waooooo
        totally Correct ——– B’wood ka no.1 Romantic actor is…SHAHRUKH KHAN
        TV Industry ka no.1 Romantic actor is…SHAHEER SHEIKH

      • Priya9876

        |Registered Member

        But 1 thing is missing.. hope in future we also see all this…
        As u know SRK is master in his kisses,, soooooo u understand na wat i wanna to say???????? hehehehee

    • Ganga

      Priya tumne notice Kiya…… Ishwari ko band bajane ke pehle our written updater MAA badalgayi……. It’s good na……varna hum sab milkar MAA ko band bajathe na…. 😉😉😉😉

  22. Priya9876

    |Registered Member

    ohh!! My Mum… 🙂 she is too much aankho me aansu lekar v funny part dhundh leti hai….
    Mum sai —– ” Engagement ka new sandle tutt gayaa….upssss

    so true…….

  23. Iswarya_santhosh

    |Registered Member

    Shaheer love u so much for this devdass acting…. Awesome yaar.. you nailed it today….
    I was crying during watching this episode and i dont know how the tears were coming Out without my knowledge…. Still im feeling devs pain…. But his mother….. such a vamp mom… Sorry guys but i can control my anger over her……. What kind of mom is she??? How could she behave like a stone after seeing her son was in a drunken state, crying and begging not to leave (sona)….. I cant tolerate this idiotic pisswari….

    • Priya9876

      |Registered Member

      nd god plz kal to ishwari ko sirf shock hi nhi balki universe k ELECTRIC POWER ka shock dena taki wo zinda hi naa bache… Badi aayi pills khane wali……..

    • Chanpreet0815

      |Registered Member

      Priya aaj ka episode miss ho gaya. but hats off to pooja. What a update. Vry nicely written. MA ke updates read krne laayak hi nhi the. Sab dialogues quit kr deti h vo

  24. Esme

    |Registered Member

    Mujhe krpkab ke funny episodes delhna bahot pasand hai. Yesterday mai wo episodes dekh rahi thi jisme Sona Dev se jhoot bolti hai Neil(fake bf) ke baare mein.

  25. Erina

    In ritvik style – “duniya m do tarah ke log hote h –
    1.jo episode dekh kr khush hote h😁, aur
    2.jo precap dkh kr exicited hote h 😂
    So guzs tell me which type u prefer to be

  26. Priya9876

    |Registered Member

    oooooriiiiiii babaaaa
    # aaj to mr. 2 tarah k pure family ne bomb fod diya Bose family pe… Actually sahi v hai real me v aisa hi hoga…… tottaly agreed…..
    # n finally aaj mr. 2 tarah k log ne aaj aapne so called 3 tarh k log wala silly eg nhi diya.
    .# Bejoy uncle aapne kya kahaaaaaaa——– WO PAGAL AADMI……… unhuuu sona k same…. apne hone wale jamai babu ko koi pagal bolta hai bhala……. AApki AASHA aapse dur jayegi naa too aapko pata chalega…

  27. Priya9876

    |Registered Member

    Mama ji aapke dilogues se to mai itni khush ho gyi ki bAS PUCHO hi matt lekin sorry ha face pe smile nhi aayi,,, bas dil ko shukun mila ki chalo aaj to aapne sachi sachi baat kahhi h………
    ” Jaan to tune le liya hai iska, ab bas sarir bach gya hai ar ye sarir v bas wahi kARTA hai jo tuu karwana chahti hai ”
    Auhhhhhhhhhhh powerful dioluges………

  28. Ngkrishnakumari

    Mamaji ki jai jai ho kamal ka basan diya apani b*t*h bahen ko dil ko thori sukun mila
    Dev acting make me cry love u devakshi
    Hat this rhitwik father

  29. Devga

    |Registered Member

    But today i really feel bad for rithwick bichara…. Uska dhil toot gaya…. Ithna acha insaan nikla yar….
    Aur aaj uska bhi aankon mein ithna dhard dhika ki…. 🙁 🙁 🙁
    Aankon sey hi kamaal ka kartha hey bandha……

  30. Shalini Senthil

    Today episode was awesome …dev and sona feelings for each other emoctions after i seen i really cry😥😣😣😥😥

  31. Ngkrishnakumari

    Tommorow epi going to be rocksss dev ro burst out at his mother for breaking his relationship with sona
    Iswari is better to die we want devakshi unite & had kids but ishwari didnot want to play the role of grandparents so its better to kill her character
    Best show & best couples ever love u lots

  32. Kokila

    OMG amazing episode. Fantastic acting by sona dev and ritwick. Mamaji u r d best of all. Nice reply frm dev to his mom. She deserve more and more. Awesome wala Pyaar. Love u devakshi😍😘💕💖💗💙💚❤💜💝💞💞💟

  33. Sonal

    Finally an awesome Devakshi scene..well acted by both the leads..
    Shaheer and Erica are brilliant.They look so real and I can totally relate to them.

    I am totally loving this redemption sequence.eagerly waiting for Ishwari confrontation.

  34. Shalini


    Goes tooooo…..

    Any guesses..???

    Ofcourse its.MR.DEVRATH DIXIT….😂😂😂😂😂😂

  35. Shalini

    And MR.DO TARAH K LOG is heartbroken….😢😢
    Bechara faaltu hi fas gaya tha devakshi k beech mein….achha hua mukt ho gya is sab se….coma me chala jaata jyaada din rehta inke beech mein to…..

    Faaltu game ho gya rithik k saath toh….😐😐

  36. Chanpreet0815

    |Registered Member

    Mamaji or dev aapki taari mai kal episode dekhne ke baad krungi. Becoz mujhe dialogues nhi pata. Aapne kya kya kaha. But puja ke updates or friends ke comments padh ne ke baad keh hi sakti hu ki. Today u both rocked. Hats off to u both. Dev agar yeh himmat pehele ki hoti toh aaj apni sona ke paas hote tum

  37. Shalini

    Aur mamaji ek jhapat bhi laga dete ishwari ji ko…..✋
    Sab sachhai ugal di mamaji ne aaj to ishwariji ke uppaar….😆😆
    Ab ishwariji ka kal nervous breakdown na ho jaaye dev ki baat sun k…..😂😂😂😂😉

  38. Aaru

    |Registered Member

    Dev Babu ki acting ne maar dala..hayee!!
    Sona ki kamar h ya kya!! Itni patli si h, aise lagta h ki pet mein digestive system ke organs h hi nhi..meko to bhayankar wala complex h Sona se, pehle Dev Babu ko leke, phir uski kamar ko leke..
    Pata h meri ek friend ke paas Dev Babu jaisa phone h n I’m so jealous of her..pehle dev ke paas jo phone tha, uska back bilkul mere phone jaisa tha..N I guess wo phone Panasonic ka tha?? Mera bhi Panasonic ka phone h..yippie!!
    Ab chahe Ishwari kaan band kre ya muh, Dev naam ka volcano phat ke rahega..
    Kal k episode ka main wait kr rhi hoon..bohot zyada wait kr rhi hu..kal Dev n mamaji mil k Ishwari ji ko aaina dikha denge..

  39. Sheikh shaheer nawaz

    Omg….shaheer acting was simply mind blowing….it really made me cry for a while….especially wen he says to sona how he felt while ritwik was abt to wear ring to her….so realistic….awesome episode and waiting for episodes after reunion.

  40. Sheikh shaheer nawaz

    Omg….shaheer acting was simply mind blowing….it really made me cry for a while….especially wen he says to sona how he felt while ritwik was abt to wear ring to her….so realistic….awesome episode and waiting for episodes after reunion.

  41. ria

    finally ritwik sona ki engagement nahi hui
    hope in upcoming episode we will hear KRPKAB title song and tu mujhme mujh se jaadaa h songs they are my favorite songs
    i m missing both songs
    dev and sona’s love sequence made those songs memorable

    News aaii h ki ishwari sona ko manaegi
    alag bhi toh uski wajah se huee thi

    • Varsha94

      |Registered Member

      But priya the he was holding Sona in the drunken state..that was not less than a hug ..dont u think soo…he wrapped his hands around her shoulder from the time SOna takes him inside DIxit mansion… but even i miss those sweet naughty romances yaar…

    • Chanpreet0815

      |Registered Member

      Mai khud yahi expect kr rahi thi priya tahat there should be an emotional hug of devakshi. But writers ka dimaag bht advance chalta h. unke mann me kya hota h, vo vhi jaane

  42. Ganga

    Mamaji ka a words sunkar Mera dil tut gayi…..
    “Vnki Aathma chali gayi…. Yr Sirf inka Sharir…. “””….I’m feeling cried badly 😭😭😭😭

    • Chanpreet0815

      |Registered Member

      Ganga. Really mamaji ke words sunkr bht acha laga mujhe. Ishwari ko akkal toh aai hogi na thodi. Or bilkul sahi kaha unhone. Dev ki aatma toh nhi h. Marr gaya h vo. Sirf sharir h jo tere hisaab se chalta h. Teri pasand na pasand ka dhyaan rkhta h. Kya lines thi really hats off to u mamaji

    • Sneha1

      |Registered Member

      But Mamaji apne yahi comments ya gyan thoda pehle de dete.. to kitne logo ki jindgi sudhar jaati..
      But der aaye durust aaye… better late than never…

  43. reena

    Hi friends I’m commented first time here but I read it daily today witting update was super pooja thankyou so much for your update

  44. kishore kumar

    Khuda kare iswari jesa ma kisi bete ko na mile..
    Barna apna guruur ke liye har bete ka pata kat degi esi maa

  45. NS

    Reading comments here made me realise why channels keep dragging their shows unnecessarily !!!
    So a wimpy mean character who can’t marry the girl and won’t let her marry any one elsr ..gets drunk and blabbers crap and it’s great acting !!
    The lady cooly humiliates her too good to be true would be fiance and his family by inviting her ex to her engagement and then soulfully staring at the ex while getting engaged. ..and then runs off in the middle of the engagement and this is great story ?

    And why in heaven’s name that mamaji fellow was sitting “apne mooh mein dahi jama ke” and not telling that unnatural mother the truth is beyond comprehension ..After all the lady was not at deaths door or something ..she is suffering only with avute obsession for her son ..dammit it !!

    This also seems to be going the nauseating ekta kapoor serial way !

    • rr

      It has been 6 months since this show started..and the story is gripping and the actors are doing a great job. So are the writers. Not everyone grows up with the luxury of a normal home (like Sonakshi’s) , some like Dev are not so fortunate and grow up with insecurities …but no one is perfect..our hero isnt..and yet like you said all the comments show so much support..:) May not make sense at all .. but whoever told you love is sensible.. lied 🙂

      • NS

        Mam my concern was for serials dragging unnecessarily, and good characters behaving in noxious ways that you lose any interest after some time as to what happens to them. ., have u seen any ekta kapoor serials? After 3 generation leaps do you really care whether a 70 year old hero with a couple of illegitimate children really finds happiness with his equally old “true love” ?

        am from the 80’s generation when serials had a finite story that didn’t change as per TRP and ended in 26, 52 or 104 episodes 😀
        If you get time some time watch trishna, farmaan, kshitiz ke us par (is hearing ji was heroine in that :)) and see what I mean !!

    • Vasunthradevi Subaramaniam

      That’s why they are called serials….not short movie…it is suppose to be dragging and going the merry go round 10 thousand time….logic does not apply here….its all about emotions and what some people do actually go through in life, unlike some fortunate ones. The switch of button is always the best solution when it gets nauseating.

      • NS

        I guess there is a difference between soap operas and serials ..but you wouldn’t know the difference if you were born in nintees or later 🙁

        I am an 80’s kid 🙂 and am really nostalgic for some good serials like framan, trishna, kshitiz ke us paar that used to come on DD, that had a finite story line that didn’t change as per TRP

    • Kalika

      This is what the masses live of, try an introduce sense into it and they rampage. These people have no brains they fail to see that through soapies they are being shown that being abused and sacrificing yourself for your idiotic mother is fine. They are showing mothers that they should be iron fisted with their sons and torture their bahus. Ekta serials are always like this evil always wins. Ekta is evil

  46. Ros

    I want to give a huge applause to the writers and actors of this serial!!! Special credit if ritwik doesnt return bak as a villain.
    I have seen such a scenerio in so many serials- a triangle… the leads get intervened by a seemingly nice guy.. but then he turns into a psycho ( edkv – adi , swaragini – sahil , tpk – druv etc etc)… but 4 the first tym im seein a perfect exit for a perfect gentleman. Ritwik is a nice guy…. the kind of guy any girl wud wana marry… but the matters of heart r not dealt with the brain- the heart wants wat it wants sona wants dev! Thats love…. that she breks off the engagemnt with an equally awesom guy coz she luvs sum1 else . I hope tht ritwk stays as a gud guy so tht krpkab can set an eg to other serials👏👏👏👏👏

  47. Sneha1

    |Registered Member

    Awesome acting by shaheer Erica… But yaar shaheer k liye kitna mushkil hoga na… Pichle ek mahine se bus roye ja raha hai har episode mein… Ya To rota hai ya upset hota hai…
    I m seriously missing the happy, smiling, cute guy… Who winked mischievously at sona… Who blushed seeing sona around

    • Neha

      Yes, Sneha…..Me too missing happy, smiling and cute dev…..You’re right…..last few months was very tough for Shaheer as dev bcoz after breakup with Sonakshi he’s upset, crying or just reminiscing their old memories…..but atleast we witnessed his acting skills with such scenes…. he’s perfect….he’s doing justice with his character…. he’s living a character of dev….which is why he gets a lots of appreciation by his fan’s and viewers of krpkab….

    • Priya9876

      |Registered Member

      Bechare ko ghar jakar v rona hi aata hoga … Dreams m v devdaas hi najar aata hoga..

      His bande ne real me Kavi drink nhi kiya usske liye sach me kitna tough rahaha hoga .. Hats off 🙋👌👌
      Superb u r 😚😚

  48. sammy

    seriouslly guys u all are absolutely correct….i feel k ab to dev atleast ek bar sona ko hug krega bt he does’nt do that….i m soooooooooooo excited for tonights episode…aaj ishwari ko uski asli jgh pta chalegi….i m very hppy for sona…i really miss those romantic moments between ”devakshi”

    • Neha

      Yes Sammy, Even I’m very excited to watch today’s episode…..Aj Ishwari ka laadla beta dev apni poojya mata ka band bajayega…😃😃
      and me too missing their romantic moments….. and title songs too….pehli dafa hai k mujhme tu chalka hai…and tu mujhme mujhse zyada hai…these are my favourite songs and really missing these songs very much in the show right now…..
      But good thing is that finally Rithwik- Sonakshi’s engagement had broken…..now soon our Devakshi reunite……eagerly waiting for such episodes….. it will be interesting how dev will get Sonakshi in his life.

  49. sammy

    i hope k ab dheere-dheere sb kuch theek ho jaye…n makers ritwik ko negative role me phir se waps nhi le aaye…..

  50. Beth

    I had the tissue box in hand…… broke my heart to see him break down like this………….felt helpless to see Sona so helplessly in love …………………her burning tears telling all that is in her heart. Lovely sence.

  51. Ramyakumar

    Awesome acting shaheer anna!!!! Semma semma semma acting !!! Amazing…you made me cry….yaar…tears were flowing out automaticallyautomatically when I saw the moments between devakshi 😢😢😢😢…hats off mamaji for punching iswari😄😄😄 and thank u rithvick for being so understanding…yes LOVE does whatever which is not under control..its uncontrollable…
    I loved the episode ao much….
    IswarIswari will b punched today waiting for today’s episode…

  52. Chanpreet0815

    |Registered Member

    Dev rocks ishwari shocks
    dev bht hi acha sawaal tha. Kyu kiya maa tune aisa. Ab akkal aai h dev me. Agar yahi pehele himmat krke pucha hota toh aaj sona dev ke paas hoti. Pr koi nhi ab toh akkal aa gai na mai bht khush hu.
    Pr tention bhi h. Sona dev ko inkaar kar deti h. Plzzz sona i know dev ne tumhe bht hurt kiya h pr tum dev ko mana mat kro.

  53. NagaraniPandiyan

    |Registered Member

    Oh God finally this engagement drama finished.

    Thank you Ritwik for understanding sona’s feelings well in short period she is not even express her love for dev, but this Iswari acting like understanding dev’s feeling and hurting him always.

    And sorry for HURTING YOU………….

    Eagerly waiting for today’s episode….

    Oh superrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Duperrrrrrrrrrr acting by Shaheer, belated wishes for bakrid, love you dear………………….

  54. Lakshree

    As Dev tells truth to Ishwari in drunken state and Ishwari witnesses Dev’s rude behavior towards her, she takes a big decision of Dev’s life. Ishwari knows that keeping Dev away from Sonakshi will also make Dev away from Ishwari. However, to get her son back, the mother decides to reunite Dev and Sonakshi again by getting them married. Ishwari will agree for marriage of Dev-Sonakshi and after showing some pamper Sonakshi too agrees for the alliance. Wondering about Ritwick? Wish Jai Soni a good luck for his future shows and movies! Are you excited for reunion of Dev and Sonakshi?

  55. Sneha1

    |Registered Member

    I just wish ki Sona Jaldi se na mane Dev ka proposal… I just want to see Dev’s all naughty, cute tactics to impress Sona… Pehli baar to asaani se propose kiya aur ladki ek baar mein maan gayi… Ab dekhenge ki dev aisa kya karega ki Sona apna gussa bhul kar usse phir pehle ki tarah pyar karne lagegi…
    Sona ka ruthna… Dev ka manana… Sona ka inkaar… Dev ka izhar-e-mohabbat baar baar…
    Dev Sona ki Takrar… Nok jhok… Chupa hua pyar…
    I want to see everything…
    Hope to see some really interesting mooments in coming episodes….

  56. Neha

    Guys today’s SBS in hot news segment of krpkab….. if reports are to be believed then Devakshi reunited as Ishwari accepts Sonakshi but after Devakshi marriage…. reports said that Sonakshi can’t conceived a child…. and we have to wait n watchwhat will be Ishwari’s reaction to heard this news…??? What will do now…?? That’s the upcoming twist of krpkab.

  57. Subhashini

    |Registered Member

    I hope after ishwari acceptance dev propose sona and she refuse so no one feel sad for that if sona refuse then only dev baar baar propose karaega,sona shanth and happy karni kiliyae ho kuch toh cute sae karega na,hum sab ko bhi dev ka cute lover boy wala avatar dekhna wala chance milega

  58. Priya9876

    |Registered Member

    💃💃 😃😊😍 after watching sbs yeeeee yipeeeee sooo happy…
    Specially hot news 👏 devakshi Ki shadi wooooo hooooooooooo ……

    But but aage Ki story— sona ma nhi ban payegi fir kaise choti sona tinny Mr. Obhodro aayega…..😓 koi nhi atleast dev sona ek sath to honge, ek dusre Ki strength bankar…..

    Oooooo ab samjh aaya ye track Supriya mam Ki wajh se hi aayega bcz she doesn’t want to play grand parents ka roll…
    But ye baad Ki baat hai….😷
    Pehle to Hume devakshi Ki married life enjoy karni hai…..
    Ohhh cant express m sooo soo happy 😊

  59. Priya9876

    |Registered Member

    Aaj to Ishwari KO sona k samne bheek mangte hue dekh Kar badi Khusi hui….finally Mata ji line pe aa gyii…. Bahut drama kiya aapne. …

    Ar dekha sab ne Mata ji KO yaha v chakkar aa rahe hai,,, ye har Kisi se apne health issues ko dikha Kar apni baat manwana chahti hai…. Jo v Ho,, kaise manana hai manao sona KO we don’t mind it😋 kyu frnds ????,
    Jarurat pade to fir se pills kha Lena…hahahahha😁
    Ohhh Mai to bhul hi gyi iss baar khane Ki nhi balki fast rakh Kar gyi thi Mata ji sona k pass.. Auhh!! Aur sona k v concern dekho fatafatt Apple 🍎 khilane lagi..😉 lol….
    Has bhayi aagya Kari nutritionist bahu Jo thehri….hahaha😃😅

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